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mylilsista - Saturday Feb 26, 2011
(Calorie Control)
Weight: 198.0

Went to gym yesterday and did a couple miles on treadmill and then 5 miles on an exercise bike.  I spent almost an hour there and burned 300 calories.  While walking to my car, I had the realization that eating a mere candy bar could result in having to exercise at a fast pace for 40 to 60 minutes, simply to erase those calories! That seems like a LOT of work for a darn candy bar!!!

Then I considered trade offs...For example, 1 Mcdonald's sausage & biscuit is 480 calories & 31 grams of fat.  Yet, I could, instead, have a Thomas Bagel Thin with a bun-size turkey sausage (Walmart brand) for 200 calories & 7 grams of fat.  

In addition, to the bagel thin & turkey sausage, I could, if I want, add yogurt w/fresh fruit, and an egg beater omlet w/fresh veggies. and the ENTIRE meal would still be less than (420 cals & 8 grams fat) the McDonald's sausage & biscuit.  Hardly seems worth it! 

brunch : Bagel thin (110 cals) with turkey sausage patty (90 cals), 1/2 c. Egg Beaters (60 cals) scrambled with 1 Tbsp. chopped green pepper, 2 Tbsp. minced scallions, & 1 Tbsp. chopped tomato (20 cals) = 280 calories

moogy on 02/26/2011:
I know!! The cost of a small treat requires a phenomenal amount of exercise to work it off. Definitely not fair!!

mylilsista - Tuesday Feb 22, 2011
(Food Exchange/ Calorie Control)
Weight: 198.0

Last night @ the gym I spent 20 minutes on the exercise bike, peddling at 80 mph, which did a nice job of raising my heart rate.  I did a little weight training and then got on a cardio-type machine for 5 minutes.  Since I haven't exercised for a long period of time, I wondered if I might wake up this morning with a sore muscle or two.  But, thank goodness, that didn't happen.  I committed myself, via phone, to go to the gym this evening with an acquaintance.  My goal, as far as exercise, is to build up my stamina and perhaps join an aerobics class someday.  Of course, l want to achieve this goal immediately (if not sooner).  But, unfortunately, real life doesn't work that way. I have to keep reminding myself that any movement in the right direction is still progress!

Daily Calorie limit = 1800

breakfast: 3 slices of turkey bacon (75 calories) & 2 slices of french toast (2 pieces of wheat bread=70 calories; 1/2 c. egg beaters=60 calories; 1/4 c. 2% milk=33 calories); 1/2 c. Smuckers Sugar-Free Syrup (40 calories).  Total for this meal = 278

lunch: tuna (100 cals) & crackers (100 cals)

dinner: homemade personal-pan sized pizza (505 cals)

snacks: pork rinds, yogurt snack, candy (590 calories)

Calories consumed=1561; calories burned during workout today =528 Net calories for the day = 1033; calories left to use today if I want =763

V on 02/22/2011:
Keep at it! have a great day :)

chidogs on 02/22/2011:
Yeah, one step at a time. But you are doing very good! So keep it up.

moogy on 02/22/2011:
Good for you. Good job!!

waydesmommy on 02/24/2011:
Yes...any movement in the right direction is progress. Keep it up!

mylilsista - Monday Feb 21, 2011
(Food Exchange/ Calorie Control)
Weight: 198.0

I've never been a breakfast person so attempting to jumpstart my day with a healthy meal has been challenging.  However, so far, I'm managing to do it.

Daily calorie limit= 1800

breakfast:  1 Walmart brand large--bun size-- turkey sausage patty (90 calories), 1/2 c. store brand egg beaters (60 calories) scrambled with 4 Tbsp fresh chopped veggies (20 calories); 2 slices of wheat bread (80 calories), and blueberry yogurt (80 calories) mixed with 1/3 cup frozen blueberries (24 calories). Total calories for this meal=354

lunch: sandwich made with 2 slices of low fat ham (60 calories), 1 slice of fat-free swiss cheese (25 calories) on a bagel thin (110 calories); 1 cup of cheesy puff corn (57 calories), and 1 sugar free snack pack pudding with 1 Tbsp of fat-free whipped topping (90 calories).  Total calories for this meal = 342

dinner:  1 piece of baked parmesan-crusted tilapia (230 calories), 1 serving (21 sticks) of baked sweet potato fries (110 calories), and 1 cup of stir-fried fresh mixed veggies (60 calories).  Total for this meal = 400

Went to the gym for the first time in a long time...I burned 302 calories!  Definately not a professional workout but who cares? It's a step in the right direction.

Oh...that reminds me, if I don't log in and make an entry by noon tomorrow, someone come force-feed me pain reliever and pull me out of bed!!! (nervous laugh).....

tangalyn on 02/21/2011:
breakfast sounds good, ive never been much of a breakfast person either... hope u have a great day!

KathyBlue on 02/21/2011:
178 lbs, WOW that's impressive!!!!!! :) I believe you can get rid of the rest :) Don't let it overcome you again! :)

chidogs on 02/21/2011:
Mmmm turkey sausage patty. That does sound tasty. I wasn't much on breakfast until I cut back on my dinner amount and ate earlier. Now I am very hungry when I get up! Good for you.

moogy on 02/21/2011:
Well done on your breakfast, eating that meal jump starts your body and is essential to losing weight. Have a good week!

Runforfun on 02/21/2011:
lol at "nervous laugh" .. hehe... Sounds like you are doing great! :)

mylilsista - Sunday Feb 20, 2011
(Food Exchange/ Calorie Control)
Weight: 198.0

Today's theme "portion control"....I'm back to monitoring portion sizes (weighing & measuring foods) again and keeping up with the amount of calories I consume.  This worked very well for me previously but, I got careless and began guestimating portion sizes.  This evolved into exaggerating how much I was allowed and eventually, ignoring the amount of food and calories I was consuming, altogether. So, back to what was working!

Daily Calorie limit: 1800

Breakfast: Thomas Bagel Thin (110 cals);  2/3 Tbsp Country Crock (40 calories); 1/4 c. egg substitute (30 calories) scrambled with 2 Tbsp fresh scallions & red bell pepper (20 calories); 1 cup yogurt (80 calories) mixed with 1/2 c. sliced banana (67).   Total = 347 calories

1800-347=1453 calories left for the day

KathyBlue on 02/20/2011:
I have the same problem, kinda... I overestimate the calorie amount (for example a coffee with milk actually has 40-50 kcals and I count 100...), and it's not good either. I bought all sorts of measuring equipments for work and for home, too. At home it's easier and it's less embarrassing, huh?!

mylilsista - Saturday Feb 19, 2011
(Food Exchange)
Weight: 198.0

I was making progress but for whatever reason, relaxed my efforts. The results are predictable...the weight I had previously lost came back.  It's it amazing how difficult it is to lose weight and yet gaining it is effortless!  Chewing on the end of a pencil could result in my gaining two-pounds!

My exercise regiment needs to be kicked up a notch, I suspect.  Right now my routine consists of one push up (lifting myself off the mattress each morning); one stretch (reaching over and beating the alarm clock until it stops making that annoying noise); one squat (bending down to grab the morning paper); one toe-touch (tying my shoes) and several curling exercises (lifting coffee mug to & from  mouth each morning).  I do all this, mind you, WITHOUT taking a break!

Tonight I spent several hours in the grocery store reading labels & selecting healthier foods.  I came home & gathered all the calorie-packed foods from my kitchen, tossed them in a garbage bag and tied a knot.  I bowed my head and prayed earnestly that God deliver each calorie & fat gram to that thin chick in sixth-grade who use to oink at me! Bless her heart :)

So tomorrow, I'm getting back to taking care of business.  Wish me luck!


chidogs on 02/20/2011:
LOL, love your entry. I see a lot of me in your exercise routine. And I think I knew that skinny girl too! I will add an "amen" to your heartfelt blessing. :) Good luck and take care!

mylilsista - Wednesday Mar 31, 2010
(Food Exchange)
Weight: 185.0

I gained one pound but subsequently lost it since my last entry.  I've relaxed a little too much with my eating habits in the last couple weeks...But I woke up this morning determined to get back on track before I reverse the progress I've made.  Got to get busy with that adult-responsibility stuff...will add more later.  Have a wonderful day!!

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 15 lbs to go!

mylilsista - Friday Mar 19, 2010
(Food Exchange)
Weight: 185.0

I just finished finals @ school so didn't get a chance to weigh or update DD until now.  I dropped another 3 lbs since my last entry!!  I'm soooooooooooo happy!

Progress as of today: 11 lbs lost so far, only 15 lbs to go!

geevee on 03/22/2010:
Maybe the loss was due to studying for the finals. I've read that the brain uses more calories than exercise. Insteresting, isn't it? Perhaps that why weight for me never was an issue when I was in school. Anyway, keep studying!

mylilsista on 03/31/2010:
Gevee First time I've had a chance to sign on and read some posts in a while...It is interesting that using the brain burns more calories than exercising; good thing since I HAVE to study & am better at "intending" to exercise than actually doing it. Thx for your comment (hug)...Hope the weather where u are is as beautiful as the weather here in Dayton, OH!

mylilsista - Monday Mar 15, 2010
(Food Exchange)
Weight: 188.0

Breakfast: Special K cereal (220 calories, 50 g. carbs); skim milk (80 calories, 12 g. carbs)

Snack: reduced fat Pringles (130 calories; 17 g. carbs)

Totals: 350 calories & 79 g. carbs

Progress as of today: 8 lbs lost so far, only 18 lbs to go!

mylilsista - Sunday Mar 14, 2010
(Food Exchange)
Weight: 188.0

Lunch: salad w/grilled chicken; no low-cal' salad dressing available.  So this meal was about 400 calories & 30 g. carbs

Dinner: Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken & broccoli (310 calories, 38 g. carbs)

Late night grub while studying: Peanutbutter sandwich on wheat bread (180 calories; 23.5 g carbs); 1 c. chicken noodle soup (120 calories; 16 g. carbs)

Totals: 1010 calories & 107.5 g. carbs

Pretty good...think I'll have that ice cream now (180 calories & 9 g. carbs)



Progress as of today: 8 lbs lost so far, only 18 lbs to go!

mylilsista - Saturday Mar 13, 2010
(Food Exchange)
Weight: 188.0

First, I was wrong about my weight the other day.  I couldn't see the numbers clearly (I was still half asleep); but today I weighed (several times) and I'm actually 188 instead of 189!  I weighed several times to make sure the numbers were accurate and they were.  So, that additiona, precious, extra-pound did wonders for my motivation level!  So today I've officially am 8 pounds down with only 18 more to go to get to my goal weight!

I am so happy!  I knew I was going bowling last night so I planned ahead.  I ate minimal calories all day and then, last night, I got to enjoy some delicious barbecue pizza with friends.  I ate four medium-sized squares and found myself reasonably full.  I wanted more because it was delicious.  But, I asked myself, "are you seriously hungry still?"  Truth was...no, I was comfortable.  So why over-indulge?  I moved the pizza away from me and called it quits.  Then I turned my attention back to bowling.  What a great feeling to make a sensible choice about when to stop and actually follow through. 

Today when I stepped on the scale--fully awake this time--and seen the numbers, I smiled because I felt my denying my every impulse to eat was definately worth it.  Moreover, I'm beginning to see my face slim down some.  I'm not noticing a difference anywhere else (yet) but, I am noticing it in my face and that feels good; it's starting to take another shape other than round and flabby..  When I was 339 lbs, losing 8 pounds wasn't noticable at all...In fact, I had to lose 50 lbs just to visibly see a difference.  But today, those 8 lbs make a significant difference!  I'm so grateful that I am seeing results.  How motivating!


Progress as of today: 8 lbs lost so far, only 18 lbs to go!

Playmate on 03/13/2010:

geevee on 03/13/2010:
Getting the control you exerted yesterday is not easy. Good going!

Your comment about your face showing that you've lost some reminds me of my mother. Whenever she'd lose a few pounds and it didn't have to be many, she'd look like she had holes in her cheeks. The same thing happens to my daughter.

Once she commented about how loose her shoes were getting and was so annoyed. "Yeah. I really need to lose weight in my feet!"

mylilsista on 03/13/2010:
LOL...I'm not sure I'd complain about losing weight anywhere except my boobs!

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