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mylilsista - Tuesday Mar 02, 2010
(Balanced diet)
Weight: 192.0

Finding out that I lost two additional pounds seemed to really motivate me.  Now that I see some weight coming off, I 'm starting to feel hopeful.  After class today, I went to the grocery store and replaced the food in my kitchen with fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats, healthy snacks and no-calorie drinks. 

Since I hate eating breakfast I bought Slim Fast to consume in the morning.  One of the issues I've had for some time now is skipping breakfast and being famished by the time I do finally get around to eating.  Of course, then I'd over-eat.  So, no more skipping breakfast! I'll have at least a Slim Fast, at a minimum. 

Today's snack: pretzels

Lunch: Slim Fast

Dinner: Baked pork chop, 1/2 c. mashed potatoes, 1/3 c. corn

Calories thus far=992;     Carb' grams=83g

mylilsista - Tuesday Mar 02, 2010
(Balanced diet)
Weight: 192.0

I finally got around to weighing in today and was shocked to see I'd dropped two more pounds!!!  This hasn't been easy because I swear, I have to fight the compulsion to eat when I'm not the least bit hungry, a situation that arises often....(grrrr!)  Yet, I also realize that behavior is exactly what put me in this position. 

I have classes today and I planned a strategy to keep me away from the vending machines.  I packed pretzels and a piece of fruit.

4 lbs down and 22 lbs to go! Funny...these last 2 lbs really motivated me to stay on track; perhaps because I didn't think I was making much progress only to learn my efforts had in fact paid off!

Checked the mail today...still haven't heard from my son.  I hope he's okay.  I have a visitation scheduled for Sunday with him.  But when I'm anxious about his well-being,  Sunday seems soooo far away. 

Have a great day!


nosetwitch on 03/02/2010:
Wow, great job!

legcramps on 03/02/2010:
That's great!

mylilsista - Monday Mar 01, 2010
(Balanced diet)
Weight: 194.0

Today was somewhat of a battle...As I said in my previous entry, I've been monitoring my eating habits and identified a pattern of eating when  my hunger level is zero!

Today I was stressed out because I had so much work to do. At least four times I found myself wanting to eat when I wasn't the least bit hungry.  I diverted my attention and drank water, which seemed to help. Since I am a coffee and diet Coke freak, my drinking water is almost unheard of yet, it's a habit I need to adopt.   

At lunch I had a healthy wrap (turkey, carrots, little cheese and lettuce), small serving of chips and diet soda.  Drank another glass of water...(that's 2 today). 

Dinner was a lean pocket. and nothing more; I wasn't very hungry. 

Later, I felt a pang of fear because I hadn't heard from my son, who is schizophrenic and in prison, for a while.  I usually get mail from him once a week.  Yet, I haven't heard from him in several weeks.  With his being sick and in prison, my fear drags my imagination from one worst-case-scenaro to another.  In the midst of those fearful thoughts, I suddenly got an overwhelming urge to eat!  I rated my hunger and it was an absolute zero!

So, I'm sitting here making a diary entry and drinking a glass of water (which makes 3 today)... My eating out of boredom, stress and fear is one of the primary reasons I'm having a weight issue.  Today is the first day that I was able to make it through all those compulsions to eat without actually giving in, even a little!


legcramps on 03/02/2010:
Good for you! I still haven't found an alternative way to deal with stress eating - I still do it, I just haven't had as much stress in my life lately!

mylilsista on 03/02/2010:
It's a battle not eating to cope with the stress but I SEE and FEEL the effects of it...weighed in today and was shocked to find I'd dropped 2 lbs!!!

mylilsista - Sunday Feb 28, 2010
(Balanced diet)
Weight: 194.0

Ok, I finally had a chance to weigh and I weighed 6 lbs less than I anticipated.  Still, I'm 24 lbs heavier than I use to be.  I have been trying to rate my hunger before I eat.  I've gotten into a habit of eating without being hungry at all...Out of boredom? habit? stress?  Regardless of why, it has to STOP and I'm working on progress in that area.

I also noticed I've gotten lazy about cooking...reaching, instead, for something quick even if it's unhealthy.  Since I don't live alone, I can't rid the house of all unhealthy foods.  However, I can work on staying out of them and cooking healthier meals or having healthy snacks. 

Amazing!  I lost 167lbs years ago; I gained 30 lbs back during the last two years.  When I gained 5 lbs I thought, no big deal...I'll lose it "later".  Then that graduated to a 10 pound gain; I sighed and again thought, I'll address this "later"...Now, 24 lbs "later" I'm realizing if I don't actually do something about this NOW I'm going to balloon back up to where I once was (337 lbs).  I didn't get to 337 lbs over-night, those pounds came on gradually too and, back then, I vividly remember thinking "I'll lose it later".  By the time I took it seriously, I was so heavy that I was utterly overwhelmed.  

With that in mind, I'm seriously motivated this time! Instead of thinking of losing 24 lbs, I'm focusing on 3 lb increments.  So within the next three-weeks I hope to lose 3 lbs; that seems reasonable. 

Tonight's dinner: 2 crusted salmon patties, 2 slices of wheat toast, 1 serving of chips and diet Coke. 

legcramps on 03/01/2010:
Good for you! Have a wonderful day today :)

KathyBlue on 03/01/2010:
6lbs less!!!! Great!

mylilsista - Sunday Feb 21, 2010
(Diabetic Exchange)
Weight: 190.0

Ok, I've had enough of wallowing in self-pity and making excuses for myself!  My weight, which was once steady and between 166 to 170 (comfortable for me) has now ballooned up somewhere near 200!  I'll post my weight later, when I get an opportunity to weigh.

I went up a size in jeans this past year and now even those are getting tight on me.  I realized I've become an "emotional" and "convenience" eater.  When I'm upset or bored, food becomes the drug-of-choice to soothe me.  When I'm busy or doing homework, I eat anything effortless (chips, cookies, cereal) because they're quick.  Because of my job/school, I've become sedatary and have used the weather to justify not getting out and exercising (even a mere walk around the block). 

Went to bed last night convinced that today, when I woke up, I need to do things differently.  I'm not going to diet.  But, what I am going to do is eat healthier, incorporate more lean meats and veggies into my diet, less bread and junk food, and more exercise--even if it's nothing more than walking around the block. 

Lunch today:  thin pork steak browned in Pam, potato w/onion sauted in olive oil and a small salad. 

Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 20 lbs to go!

4meandmegan on 02/21/2010:
sounds like a good plan. healthy is always the way to go, we are all here for support so good luck.

mylilsista - Thursday Aug 27, 2009
(Balanced diet)
Weight: 183.0

Wow...it's been years since I've been active on this site.  I weighed 337 lbs but lost 80 lbs on the Diabetic Diet and another 98 subsequent to having gastic bypass--the total loss was 178 lbs. 

Right before having surgery, my marriage which had been crumbling for years, ended.  I had surgery anyway and several years later, met and married what I thought was a wonderful man...only to learn he was a serial philanderer.  I left him and tried to adjust, once again, to a solo life.  I maintained my weight until two years ago when something overwhelming tragic unfolded...My adult son, who is schizophrenic went into full-blown psychosis and murdered someone.  I had no idea how to handle the tornado of emotions that evoked so I ate my way through that ordeal.  He went to prison and I went into a deep depression. 

I gained some weight and lost some weight through all this .  Recently however, I was forced to go out and buy new pants (size 14) because the sizes I had once worn with ease (12 & 13) would no longer fit me.  This week I went through all my clothes and was going to throw away or donate all the small, mediums, 12s and 13s that no longer fit me.  It was as if I had resigned myself once again, to a fate of being overweight (as if there was absolutely nothing I could do about the problem).

I got on the scales and weighed in at 183...Then I realized, I only need to lose 13 to 17 lbs to get back to where I once was.  It IS possible that those clothes will one day fit me again.  So instead of throwing away or donating all my clothes that no longer fit me, I instead, put them in two large storage containers and decided to quit feeling sorry for myself and become a part of the solution.

There's so many things in my life that I can't do anything about...but this, I can.  You guys provided me with hope and encouragement years ago when this journey began; I could sure use some hope and encouragement now.  Back then, I looked forward to your entries, reading your diaries and exchanging feedback with one another. 

I don't know why bad things happen...but they do.  The goal I suppose is to learn to live in spite of them and not only live, but live well.

God Bless,


lafemme_loca on 08/27/2009:
Thanks Lisa... Yeah... it is hard... I went down to 172 and back to 190 is a heartbreak... but I understand. You and I both can do it !!! :-) Have a good one and look forward to reading more from you. Cheers! "The other Lisa"

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/27/2009:
hey, welcome to DD. The human body definitely needs to eat to work the way it should and i don't usually eat as low as 1200 calories. It is generally not enough for me to function right at all. I am happy when I don't eat more than 2,000 calories but basically my uppermost limit, unless I binge and have 3,000-5,000 calories which i am not happy doing, I prefer to eat 1500-2200 calories. Anything in that range, I can say is a good day. When I eat below 1500, I sometimes have very little energy and I overeat the next day or binge. But I don't believe it's healthy to be eating 1200 calories, too low, on a daily basis. At least it's not healthy for me. :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/27/2009:
oh, I've been counting calories for 7 years.

mskitty on 08/28/2009:
Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall. (Confucius)

You and me are in the same weight range... by a pound actually! Lets do this together. I want to take control of this part of my life as well. Hopefully with some support and words of wisdom from the women on this site we can keep going.

Welcome back Lisa....I'm coming back to this place too.

loveray on 08/28/2009:
thank you so much, welcome back! much love to you!

Donkey on 08/28/2009:
I don't know you from your previous time here on DD, but it sounds like you have been through a lot. One point you make that is very good to note is that while we can't necessarily change all the negatives out there, we can do something positive for ourselves by maintaining a healthy lifestyle/weight.

So I don't know why I can't do that for myself.

mylilsista - Friday Sep 30, 2005
(gastric bypass, counting carbs)
Weight: 164.0

I just realized today that it has been a very LONG time since I've made an entry. I weighed yesterday but I have not taken my measurements for a while. Therefore, I know they are somewhat smaller (though not much).

Wow...things have really changed a lot in my life since I initially opened this diary. Divorce, weight loss, college graduation, my oldest son left home and now...next month, I'm getting remarried.

I'm very excited. This time instead of a JOP marriage I'm having a beautiful renaissance wedding complete with costumes, customized wedding cake in the shape of a castle, a carriage ride, photographer, videographer, family, friends, and the works. I'm so in love and things in my life are great right now. Hectic, but great.

I'm still in school; working toward my bachelor of arts in psychology. But I'm both thrilled and humbled by my ability to keep the weight off (though it is challenging). I'm so grateful to be able to fit into a wedding dress that small; I never thought it was possible!

God in good, life is good and it's not so much about the weight loss (though it helps), but it is more about restructuring my attitude. I deserved so much more than I had (low self-esteem, a cheating husband who was mentally abusive, and a bitter outlook on life).

Hope things are going well for you all (hugs)!

Love, Lisa

kelly2112 on 09/30/2005:
Wow! How wonderful that you're so happy and keeping your weight off and so much excitement about the future. Congrats on you're upcoming wedding - sounds like a dream.


geevee on 10/01/2005:
Yeah! It's been a long time since you've had an entry. Well, it's good to have you back and especially good to hear all of your good news! Your wedding sounds so perfect!

breakaway on 11/18/2005:
OH my gosh I am SO proud of you! I rememeber your first days here on DD and You were one of my favorites. I knew you would do something with the weight loss thing and NOW look at you! School, remarried, Great wedding, weight loss! WOW I am so happy for you. I SO enjoy seeing your entries here and when I'm gone for a while your one of the ones I look for when I come back on. And if I don't see you I will hunt your name down and read the entries I have missed. I look forward to seeing another entry . I am now working toward a lose again after the baby whos already a year old! I hope to see you again soon!!

mylilsista - Wednesday Jan 12, 2005
(gastric bypass, counting carbs)
Weight: 170.5

Thanks for the comments in my diary. Glad to hear from you again breakaway (hugs)! As far as how long it took me, well...I was 304 when I went into surgery on June 17th of 2003. I had managed to lose some, before the surgery, but not enough to make an impact on my health woes. In any events, it has been about a year and a half and I feel great. Mother...tell your brother that I wish him success. I know it's a terrifying but exciting road (the surgery). The most important thing to remember is this surgery is ONLY A TOOL that you use to help you get to the point where you can train yourself to eat healthy and workout regulary. I know people who have had the surgery, refused to work out, and stretched out their stomaches. As a result, they're gaining it back. I have a cousin who had the surgery and within a two-year window, she gained all the weight back PLUS more. I wish I could have done this the "old fashioned" way. I tried, but my health dictated that I needed something more extreme and quicker. I was terrified then. But looking back, I would have done it again...a million times over. I plan on making my membership at the gym official today. Wish me luck!

God Bless! Lisa

QT on 01/12/2005:
Thanks for your info about the surgury. Good Luck. You can make it to the gym.

breakaway on 02/07/2005:
I can't tell you how happy I am for you! It seems so strange to see your weight at 170! It's awesome! Good for you. Keep us informed at how your doing ok! I have some news for you also later through email. Watch for it!

mylilsista - Saturday Jan 08, 2005
(gastric bypass, counting carbs)
Weight: 170.5

Wow...it's been a really long time since I've made an entry. Life gets so darn busy! I thought I'd gained but to my surprise, this morning when I stepped on the scales, I'd lost. That's always a nice surprise! Haven't taken my measurements for a while (can't find measuring tape); so I'm not sure if I have lost inches or not. I'm joining a gym and plan to start working out at least three times a week. I definately need to tone up. As of today, I have lost 156.5 lbs. I'm really not interested in losing weight anymore, I'm more interested in toning up.

Happy New Year! Lisa

breakaway on 01/08/2005:
just saying hi to one of my favorites here!~ WOW you have gotten so thin girl! Way to go! Just think if i would have worked at it I could have been where you are today :( You have given me lots of encouragement when I read your entries and I always knew you would be one of the winners here at DD! I think you should be the feature diary this year :) Great job and a BIG HI to ya!

TheMother on 01/10/2005:
What a fabulous weight loss. How long did it take to lose all of the weight? My brother just had gastric bypass last Thursday so he is just starting his weight loss journey. He'd like to lose about 130 lbs. It seems so many people are having it done nowadays. My boss had it done last year and has lost about 90 lbs. She also works out with a personal trainer and looks great. I'm happy for those who are finding success going that route but for me, I'm doing it the "old-fashioned" way. So far 27 down 51 to go.

Keep up the good work.


mylilsista - Saturday Oct 09, 2004
(gastric bypass, counting carbs)
Weight: 177.0

It's been a while since I've updated my information here. I haven't taken my measurements lately so I'm sure they're somewhat lower. However, my weight has stablized at 177. Yes yes yes...I would like to see those numbers decrease but at the same time, I suppose I'm also content being where I am right now. I'm in size 12-13 in pants, med-lg in tops and I like these particular sizes. If I knew where my tape measure was I'd do my measurements but I don't and I'm simply too tired to get out of this chair at the moment and search for it.

God Bless! Lisa

skinnyjill on 10/09/2004:
Welcome Back!

breakaway on 10/11/2004:
wow! you are doing fantastic! I was SO happy for your when I seen your new weight! It must be wonderful to be down to a size 12 pant now. Keep up the great work.

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