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nita51 - Monday Jan 11, 2010
(Prayer, eating healthy & taking 1 day at a time)
Weight: 301.0

Hello All,   

 We'll, slowly but surely I'm getting better,  Did I ever tell you guys how I got my cold?......From weightlossyoyo,,,,,through cyber-space. Ha Ha Ha,,,just having fun.

I've been a bad girl  ,,, it is 1:35 mountain time, & I still haven't had my breakfast.  Don't you all jump on me at once.  Just don't know any real good breakfast meals.  So I usually slow around wondering, what I should eat. Cant do milk,,fats,,,,or too much starch. I have gallstones & diabetes, so that doesnt leave me many choices for a slamming breakfast.

Anyway I better go find something, my head is hurting....bye  for now. 



Progress as of today: 59 lbs lost so far, only 126 lbs to go!

legcramps on 01/11/2010:
Hope you feel better soon!

panda22 on 01/11/2010:
Your entries always make me laugh! lol Glad to hear your cold is going away! Hmmmm breakfast....most important meal! All I will say =P. As for ideas, I enjoy oatmeal in the morning. If you like breakfast sandwiches you could get some whole grain english muffins and some low sodium turkey bacon, and an egg ((not sure if you can eat eggs???)) and make a healthy lowfat sandwich. I also like protein shakes as well. And bananas! Hope you keep feeling better! HAve a nice evening! Am praying for a nice loss on Friday for you =)

MoodyMe on 01/11/2010:
Glad that you're feeling better~And find something to eat wouldja???LOL

Hope you had a great day!!

weightlossyoyo on 01/11/2010:
Sorry for passing my cold along, but you left some of it with me. Do you mind coming to pick up whats left?....LOL. Breakfast could be : 1 whole egg w. 1 egg white mixed with lowfat cheese or wrapped in a low carb tortilla will picante sauce OR made into an omelet with spinach and mushrooms. Or you can make mini quiche w/o the crust in muffin pans ahead of time and eat them a few days in a row so all you have to do is a quick heat in the microwave. If you feel like you have to have the crust you can use mini pie crust and do it that way.

nita51 - Sunday Jan 10, 2010
(Prayer, eating healthy & taking 1 day at a time)
Weight: 301.0

  Got a little bit of a cold, over the week-end.  so I enjoyed a bowl of Select ( light ) vege soup I added some tomato sauce to it, because I love tomatoey soups.  I'm popping sugar free Halls to help my sore throat, & drinking hot tea for comfort.

It's funny, but even in sunny warm  Arizona  WE STILL GET COLDS!

I should be getting pretty close to 1st goal,,,,don't want to get on the scales to see,,, well.....I guess I'll wait until Monday of next week, somethings got to give by then,,,,,,you think?

Hope everybody had a super week-end and I'll be chatting with ya later.  Bye for now

Progress as of today: 59 lbs lost so far, only 126 lbs to go!

weightlossyoyo on 01/10/2010:
Very awesome choices! Hope you feel better soon.

underpreshur on 01/11/2010:
Thank you for amazing welcome and I hope you feel better soon its not nice to feel poorly

panda22 on 01/11/2010:
Hey there! Hope you are feeling better! Colds are the worst no matter what weather! You've been doing really well, so I'm sure you will see results next weigh in =) Have a good day!

legcramps on 01/11/2010:
Have a great day!

nita51 - Friday Jan 08, 2010
(Prayer, eating healthy & taking 1 day at a time)
Weight: 301.0



Doesn't this look Great?

       Have a Healthy & Happy Week End.



Progress as of today: 59 lbs lost so far, only 126 lbs to go!

sundropgurl on 01/08/2010:
Ooooh it all looks very yummy! Have a GREAT weekend as well (( Hugs ) ~Angie

panda22 on 01/08/2010:
Fantastic picture =) I love every one of the fruits and veggies shown! Have a nice evening!

nenak on 01/09/2010:
it does look great. have a great weekend x

panda22 on 01/09/2010:
Got 3 sweet potatoes at the store last night. Had my first one today microwaved with some cinnamon...DEVINE! New favorite!!! Hope your Saturday is going well! =D

MoodyMe on 01/09/2010:
hahaha...yesss it looks GREAT!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!!

nita51 - Thursday Jan 07, 2010
(Prayer, eating healthy & taking 1 day at a time)
Weight: 301.0

Had so much fun today.  weather was about 73 degrees I guess you know  where I live,,,  Yep  you got it,,,,"it's called the  " Valley of the Sun" 

Anyway .... I went to a store called Sprouts, It 's a health food super market.  I found some great foods in which,  will make this journey easier.  I don't really list my foods, because my foods are repetitious and nothing to write home about,, but it works for me.  Don't you just  love the flavor of a yam (sweet potato)  I  micro wave mine, comes out as good as baked.  Well got to fix my dinner,  trying not to eat too late.   I LOVE THIS SITE!   .........And it's free!  






Progress as of today: 59 lbs lost so far, only 126 lbs to go!

MoodyMe on 01/07/2010:
Woweee~we must be on opposite sides of the country! Snowing and a high of 27 today...high of 20 tomorrow and more snow!! LOL

I live in a very small town~6 stop lights~no specialty stores here, so I am very jealous that you have access to a Health Food Store!!

Keep up the great job~ =)

nenak on 01/08/2010:
I love baked sweet potatos expecially with baked beans youm! enjoy

legcramps on 01/08/2010:
It's sunny here, but that's about as close as i'm ever going to get to what your weather must be like! I don't list my foods either because they're very repetitious, but I find that works best for me. Good luck today!

panda22 on 01/08/2010:
LOL @ your joke! Brought a smile to my face =D. Awesome that you have a health food store nearby. Wish I did! Love sweet potatoes but for some reason I don't ever buy them....IDK why, I guess I just always forget about them when I'm picking up so many other things for the week. Will have to get some this week! Happy Friday! Had snow here last night...missing the sun right about now!

KatrinaDawn on 01/09/2010:
Keep up the great work!! We are in this journey together!! Have a great weekend!!

nita51 - Wednesday Jan 06, 2010
(Prayer, eating healthy & taking 1 day at a time)
Weight: 301.0

THANK YOU ALL,,,,,,For getting me out of the purple funk,  I was in.  I really take to heart each and every one of your comments,,,,, Why?..... because we're all in this together.  You guys may not be as large as I am, but  I  know you feel my  pain.  We all want and desire good health &  happiness for one another.   What would I do without you guys?  Not worried anymore about the time it takes to reach these goals,,, just happy to be blessed with a new day,,each day,,, to keep on  trying.      Love Ya Lots!

Progress as of today: 59 lbs lost so far, only 126 lbs to go!

panda22 on 01/06/2010:
Glad to hear you are feeling better =D Sometimes it just takes stopping for a moment and thinking about the long road we've traveled to make us realize that the road ahead is not as ominous as it seems! Have a good evening =)

loveray on 01/07/2010:
hi lovely, you ARE doing it because you are aware and present to what you want to happen. i try to repeat this to myself when i believe i have "failed" with a choice or an attitude about food. as long as i stay aware and conscious of my goals just for TODAY things will be okay:) RE: greek yogurt: it has much less sugar and much more protein (some containers have as much as 25 grams) to keep you full...it feels like a really decadent treat. most are only around 100 cals and provide calcium, probiotics, potassium and a lot of muscle building protein. it's an awesome breakfast, snack, or alternative to sour cream and other fattening dip products:) enjoy!

nenak on 01/07/2010:
one day at a time!

legcramps on 01/07/2010:
Glad to hear of your positive attitude! Can you bottle it and send it out to the rest of us?!!! Have a great day today!

nita51 - Tuesday Jan 05, 2010
(Prayer, eating healthy & taking 1 day at a time)
Weight: 301.0

Sure taking a long time to reach my 1st goal.  I can't walk very well or exercise due to my severe arthritis,  My knees & joints are very bad,  but on a positive note,, I do plan to start  just moving more once I get around 250 lbs.  How did I ever let myself get so obese?   My main focus in life now,  is to get healthy,,,,,,but  why did I wait years & years, waisted much of my youth,  living in a prison of  miserable,  horrifying  &  ugly fat!     WHY!  WHY!  WHY!    for years, I actually thought  I  was cute. (LOL)  How sad, I only hurt myself.  I guess sometimes  we go through life with blinders on. 

I admire any body  who has the courage & wisdom,, to take care of them selves before they reach a matured age like myself.  To all that read this ........JUST DO IT! don't  let  family, friends, or anything get in your way,  I hope God will forgive me for not taking care of his precious  temple,  earlier in my life.  All I can do now,  is  keep on keeping on,  This  will be my way  of expressing  my  gratitude  to God ,  for keeping me here on this earth,  long enough to,.....  finally    GET IT RIGHT.      Take Care.

Progress as of today: 59 lbs lost so far, only 126 lbs to go!

nenak on 01/06/2010:
come on lets get a positive attitude here and look forward and not back! every little helps! and time does not matter! the only way is positivity!

panda22 on 01/06/2010:
Don't be so down on yourself! Most people go through life and don't decide to make a change at all! YOU are making one! Look how far you've already come! Getting down to 301 from 360...that's a BIG accomplishment! Not to mention the fact that you've lost 6 pounds since December 20th! That's 6 pounds in 2 and 1/2 weeks, making it a loss of at least 2 pounds a week average, which is FANTASTIC! Slow and steady wins the race! You will be at your first goal soon enough, and even if that's not for another week, just remember, the longer it takes to lose the weight with you working hard, the longer it will stay off in the end! Have a great day and stick with it, you will see the results in the way you feel!

legcramps on 01/06/2010:
I've always found that consistency is key in losing weight. If you keep at it on a constant and regular basis, eventually the weight HAS NO CHOICE - it has to come off. Best of luck to you!

geevee on 01/06/2010:
Don't beat yourself up! My mother was always overweight yet she felt great so she didn't go to a doctor for over 20 yrs. At the suggestion of a friend she had her blood pressure checked at the fire station and they urged her to go directly to the hospital before she had a stroke or heart attack. She felt so good, though! She had no idea of how sick she was! Turned out she had breast cancer and heart trouble. Being overweight was just a small part of her problems.

There is no positive to excess weight. It just makes matters worse. The important thing is that you're doing something about it.Keep up the good work and think positively.

nita51 - Monday Jan 04, 2010
(Prayer, low fat & taking 1 day at a time)
Weight: 301.0

Wonderful day today.   I sure appreciate all the kind words & thoughtfulness of all my DD's  family.  Before I  joined  this site,  I was going to try &  spend money to join "another" costly weight program.  It would have been financially  hard to do this, but  I knew I needed to do something to aid myself  while on this journey.  Since  I've  become a member of DD's  I have been made to feel so welcomed.  Just writing & hearing from you all. has given me SO much strength, each day.  All  I need is God, self determination,  & all of you .     I feel confident that we all will make it.


Progress as of today: 59 lbs lost so far, only 126 lbs to go!

panda22 on 01/04/2010:
Glad you had a wonderful New Year! Your last entry was awesome! You are right about this site, it is really a gift...a place to come for support, and it's free to top it off! Your motivation is great! Keep it up! You can reach your first major goal!! Have a nice day =)

geevee on 01/04/2010:
A 59 lb. loss is wonderful! You know what to do, that's for sure.

nenak on 01/04/2010:
your on the right track just need to keep posting and believeing x

legcramps on 01/04/2010:
Have a good day today!

nita51 - Friday Jan 01, 2010
(Prayer, low fat & taking 1 day at a time)
Weight: 301.0

    I FEEL SO GOOD!   TODAY IS A NEW YEAR;   I  have lost  59 lbs BUT, I'm going full throttle!  gun ho!   with all the power of God in me, ,,,, to reach as many of my goals as possible.  This year is truly dedicated to the health of my body, soul, & mind. NO FEAR,  NO  LETTING PAST MISTAKES HOLD ME BACK, 

NO DEALING WITH  PEOPLE WHO ZAP THE ENERGY OUT OF ME.  UNHEALTHY  FOODS HAVE NO PLACE IN MY 2010 LIFESTYLE.  I've got a job to do,,,,(saving my life) and I'm going to do it, at any cost.   I need  my DD's  family by my side.  250lbs  HERE I COME! my journey is a long one so I have to  break up my goals. My 1st major goals are  299,  250.  199,  175  &  This WILL happen.  1 day at a time.   Peace!!! 

Progress as of today: 59 lbs lost so far, only 126 lbs to go!

mcwoo40 on 01/01/2010:
A good posive entry,well done for the weight you have lost so far.A happy 2010 to you.

kzirkle on 01/01/2010:
I like that! We'll be 10's in 2010. :)

MoodyMe on 01/01/2010:
Wonderful attitude!! Attitude is so important in everything we do..and losing weight is 100% mental~Keep up the positive spirit and the sky is the limit for you!!

Happy New Year!!

sundropgurl on 01/01/2010:
You sound so positive you are an encouragement to me! Yes you can do this! I'm right here cheering you on :) Hugs & Prayers ~Angie

iteach on 01/01/2010:
Have a great weekend!

weightlossyoyo on 01/03/2010:
You are doing awesome!! Love the attitude!

nita51 - Thursday Dec 31, 2009
(Prayer, low fat & taking 1 day at a time)
Weight: 301.0

Boy, The  DR. Oz  show is scary!  I mean it's good to know how to protect our health, but  when he describes symptoms of illnesses, do u ever feel like  hey,,," I been feeling that way"  whew!   scary stuff. am I the only one that feels like that?   Well for the new year,,, I  will  give it my all to be fearless.  Anyway, the Lord wants us to put our trust in him.  Totally, AND NOT BE FEARFUL.    

Waited too long to eat,, out  taking care of business so when I did eat,  I ate  a lot,,,,,,but  I had  ground  turkey & veges. again ( my favorite meal ) well getting  ready to count down the New Year - Happy New Year to all my DD family. Peace!

Progress as of today: 59 lbs lost so far, only 126 lbs to go!

nenak on 01/01/2010:
good luck for the new year

kzirkle on 01/01/2010:
Happy New Year :)

KatrinaDawn on 01/03/2010:
OK so the Dr. Oz thing I totally get!! In fact when it first started I watched it and had like every illness he talked about...lol. My husband has told me I'm not allowed to watch it anymore...lol. I'm proud of you and your successes with your weight loss...keep up the good life style!

nita51 - Wednesday Dec 30, 2009
(Prayer, low fat & taking 1 day at a time)
Weight: 301.0

Thank you Lord Jesus. I Love You.  

Progress as of today: 59 lbs lost so far, only 126 lbs to go!

nenak on 12/31/2009:
have a great new year

legcramps on 12/31/2009:
Happy New Year!

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