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nsbratt - Wednesday Dec 25, 2002

Weight: 219.0

MERRY CHRISTMAS.hope it is a safe and happy one !!!!!!

Beth 201 on 12/27/2002:
Happy New Year...You have a good and safe one. I'll see you on DD often I hope. Beth :)

nsbratt - Monday Dec 16, 2002

Weight: 219.0

Good morning all.Just popped in to try and catch up here, I've been extra busy these days and nights.I'm working from 10 pm to 7:30/8 am 6 nights a week at the store, we hope to be able to open by mid to late January.Right now we're stocking shelves and all that.The first few nights I wasn't so sure I'd be able to handle it but I guess I've pretty much worked out all the kinks, lol.It's been 10 years since I've worked in a store and being on my feet on those hard cement floors was hard on the back,feet and legs but I do like the work and the people I'm working with.The one young lady I thought I'd have a problem with has been transfered to another department at the other end of the store.I had nothing to do with it she was downing me and telling someone how I was too fat to do the job right and should have stayed retired,she was really nasty and it turned out that the one she was mouthing off to was one of the store managers.She was given a warning and then they asked me if I wanted her sent elsewhere,I told them that it was up to them that I was willing to try working with her if she wanted to stay where she was, but John said he didn't think that was a good idea(thank Heaven)and sent her elsewhere.I was told later that she's complaing there too,and that she's been caught goofing off already.I sure hope for her sake that she can get her act together and soon.

I'm also still babysitting the grandkids 3 days a week until they can find a new sitter or get the baby in a good day care system as they can just up Bailey's days in preschool if need be and he'll be starting school in the fall anyway.I know everyone keeps telling me that as long as I keep doing it they'll never find someone but as soon as the store opens I'll be working days and they have no choice, and yes I do worry about who they'll get to look after my babies, you hear so many stories about child abuse you can't help but worry, but I need to let go and get on with my life and do things for me.

Speaking of which all this extra exercise and changes in my sleeping and eating times is starting to work,I can feel a difference in my clothes but I'm not getting weighted until I'm off the night shift and past the holidays and then I see what the scale has to say.

Well gotta go see if I can get caught up in a little house work then go to bed and get rested up for tonight.

I'll try to get on again soon and if I don't I want to wish everyone a very HAPPY AND SAFE Holiday season.

kyrin on 12/16/2002:
I wondered where you had gotten to... Glad to see that you're out there having some fun and staying busy. CONGRATS on the job...and on the looser clothing too!



nsbratt - Saturday Nov 23, 2002

Weight: 219.0

We had a really bad scare on Thursday, my oldest grandson (he's 8) and his little sister (5) were getting off the bus and as it drove away a strange man grabbed them, Tyler had a hold of Katie's hand and kept trying to pull her away from him, their mother was watching out the window for them as she always does and ran out and chased the guy,she did scare him off and took the kids inside and called her husband and the police.Her husband caught the guy. The cops said if Tyler had let go of his sister's hand the guy probably would have let him go and tried to run with her as she's the one he was after it appears he has been watching them for a few days now.I just don't get it he knew where they lived and that they were only one driveway away from home, he knows the father and had to have known he would get caught.Thank God for watching over those kids and thank Tyler for not letting go of Katie.(Tyler's father is my oldest son but he lives with his mom and step-dad)

On a happier note I lost a pound, not a lot but a start in the right direction.Then again if I had gained it the 1 pound would have seemed like a lot.Why is that? lol

My thought for today: Hug those little ones close and pray God to keep them ALL safe.

pastagal on 11/23/2002:
OMG,reading this just gives me knots in my stomach,i think that is my greatest fear is having someone take one of my grandkids and not knowing where they are :{,i am so thankful your situation came out ok,but i can only imagine what the kids mother is going through right now and how this will change her life for ever.

Indievegan on 11/23/2002:
Wow that's really scary. My sister was almost adbucted when we were children and I always wonder how different her life would be if that had happened or whether she would have even lived through it. Make sure you appreciate the disaster so narrowly missed. Things could have turned out a lot differently.

nsbratt - Wednesday Nov 20, 2002

Weight: 220.0

Well I went in yesterday for the first orintation and I'll have 3 people working under me in the department and they all seem pretty okay so far, one of the ladies may prove to be a problem as she gave me the impression that she felt that since she's younger, thinner and in her own mind prettier she should have got my job,now I wasn't the only one who noticed this as the other two also pointed this out to me,but what she doesn't know is thatI get to do a one on one interview with each of them and decided if I want them on my crew.I will give her evey oppertunity to prove me wrong in my concept of her and hopefully she'll learn to like me enough to work with me,if not I'll recamend she be transfered to another department where she'll be happier.

As for my diet eyc. everything is on track at this point and time, doing great with the food intake and have the water under control also and I'm walking as much as I can possibly find time for as I'm still babysitting the grand kids 3 days a week and trying to get all my cleaning and Christmas decorations up so if we do start setting things up at the store I won't be too rushed to get things done here.

Well that's enough rambling for today.Thanks for all the nice comments and words of encouragement and I wish you all a nice successful day :~)

My thought for today: Try living in the solution not the problem!

BandMom on 11/20/2002:
Hi nsbratt! Thank you for your address! My is Rosalind King 713 S. Goyer Rd. Kokomo, Ind.46901 Bandmom

Indievegan on 11/20/2002:
I think its important to remember that when people say things like your "younger, thinner" coworker did, they usually say them out of jealousy or insecurity. It probably has very little to do with you personally. Have a great day.

nsbratt - Saturday Nov 16, 2002

Weight: 220.0

Hi all, it has been a hextic couple of weeks and I haven't had the right sate of mind to get on. I've been doing ok most of the time,getting my walking in and food hasn't been a problem,water, well that's another story, lol

I put my name into the new Wal-Mart near here that's set to open sometime after Christmas,I applied for a postion on their shelf stocking crew, it's from 11 at night to 7:30 in the morning 6 nights a week,but at my final interview they offered me an assistant manager postion with my own departments needless to say I was surprised and didn't need to think twice about taking it,I start training on the 6th. of December and as I will be working in the eye of the public I need more than ever to get this extra weight under control.I'm scared and excited and nervice all rolled into one big jelly roll.I have been trying to keep myself under control so I don't have an ulcer attack, but since it's a good kinda nervous I think I'll be okay.

Then my dr. called it's time for my bi-monthly exam, uktasound the works,so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that if there are any changes they are for the better,I really don't need to go through all that again, but my surgeon said if no changes in 6 months he'd operate and it's only been 1 month and they have to run 2 more ultasounds before I go back to him(not counting this one)

Oh well , life goes on.

I'm still making the daily promises to myself and keeping my journal up to date, but I'm going to try extra hard to keep this one up to date also,I WILL POST ATLEAST TWICE A WEEK. I hope to get back into the routine of posting daily, but time will tell.

My thought for today: Try to see yourself as others see you, you could be in for a really pleasant surprise. (I was)

rosewood on 11/16/2002:
Congratulations on the new job, that's fabulous!

cynthie on 11/16/2002:
Hey Missy you hang in there. Sounds like you've got a plan to succeed in all aspects of your life, with that I wish you success in all of your plans! God bless you. ~Cynthia

BandMom on 11/16/2002:
HI and congrats on the new job.I want you to know I missed you.Hugs and smiles.Bandmom

kyrin on 11/16/2002:
Hey! The new position sounds exciting. Congrats!

nsbratt - Thursday Oct 31, 2002

Weight: 220.0

Good morning.Well my DIL is back to work and I'm back to babysitting,took the bus out yesterday and got my walk in before I went to the house it was windy and cold but nice walking,I got 3.5 miles in and then 1 mile back to the bus after my son got home, that's pretty good.Food wise I didn't do too too bad I did give in to my graveings and had 1/2 cup of ice cream,but I'm back to doing the WW points and my points were in the high 20's but still in range.

Today I've got to run around paying bills( ughhh!!!) and get grocries etc.plus pick up the candy for tonight's trick or treaters, I've left that for the last minute so I wouldn't be tempted,lol...I pray that all the kids have a safe and happy Halloween.Mine and yours and that all of you have a no gainer of a Halloween :~)

My thought for today: For your costumes tonight try to put on a suit of armour to help you fight the temptations in your children's goody bags.And Smile!!!!

kyrin on 10/31/2002:
<font color=#ff9900> <img src="http://cjgilliscollectibles.com/pumpkin_sm2.gif"> Happy Halloween! I like your idea about costuming yourself in armor to fight temptations. Good for you!

Have a Boo-tiful day!


rosewood on 10/31/2002:
I'm waiting till the last minute to get the trick or treat candy too! Picking it up on my way home from work. Excellent idea about the suit of armour!!!

nsbratt - Tuesday Oct 29, 2002

Weight: 220.0

Been keeping busy, and so far this diet the dr. has me on isn't too bad to follow.And the best part is no flare ups with the ulcers, yet.

Hope everyone had a great day today and an even better day tomorrow.

nsbratt - Sunday Oct 27, 2002

Weight: 220.0

Had a good day yesterday, kept busy and out of the kitchen and away from food.I decided since I couldn't go for a walk as it was raining and cold I do something constructive so I give the living room a good cleaning and dusting. I collec teddy bear and angel ornaments and have a lot of guitar items so there was lots to dust,and I took some time to sort out the papers in my filing cabinet next to the cpmputer.It is raining again today so I'm going to tackle the attic closets and see what memories await me there.I saved a lot of the kids school drawings and report cards and so on,might be interesting?

I promise myself that today I WILL ride my bike and get some form of exercise and to drink lots and lots of water.I will also stick to the food plan my dr. set up.(so far it's been pretty good)

My thought for today: Success breeds success!

nsbratt - Saturday Oct 26, 2002

Weight: 220.0

It's been one of those weeks, the kind you'd just as soon forget real fast.I did ok at my family docs on Monday,the worst thing there was he's sending me to get my flu shot, no biggy,on Tuesday we left for the city early to do some shopping first, had a pretty good time and we all got a bit of our Christmas shopping done.Then we went for lunch, did good there had soup and a glass of ice water,then on to the hospital for my apointment, rather than have them all sitting around getting bored I sent them on to the last mall on their list and from the sounds of them all after they had a pretty good time there,as for me well I didn't have too long a wait to get in to see the dr. in fact I was seen by 4 doctors before the one I was booked to see so I sorta got my second apinions first.Anyway when he finally came in to see me he had already talked to the others, they all said the same thing...operate... I did get him to wait a while, so he is giving me 6 months to get things under control with the new meds and if no real changes it's cutting time.I'm on a really strict diet, no carbonated drinks.no fried or fatty foods, no processed meats of any kind, no cafine,no spices with the exception of very little salt,no gassy foods and only skim milk what ever's left that I can have I have to eat 6 times a day.He didn't mention my weight but I figue if I don't lose on this diet I will never lose, lol.

But on a happier note,the grand daughter did good at her dr's appointment, no major changes in her heart.Dad has to go back to his heart dr on Monday.

My promise to myself today is to keep busy and stick to food plan.

My thought for today:If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

nsbratt - Monday Oct 21, 2002

Weight: 220.0

I did pretty good over the weekend,got my room done and I did get to out for the evening.I like sitting and listening to the music,it's just a few local people who take turns singing and all anyone can go up and do a couple of numbers if they want to.It sometime amazes me at how good some of these people really are.They do everything from bluegrass/country to folk and rocK,and it's a really cheap evening out unles you drink a lot,I don't drink at all and stick to ice water(free)so all I usually spend for the evening is a couple bucks on the 50/50 draw.

I've got a doctor's appointment with my family doc this morning and then tomorrow I'm off to the city to see my surgeon to find out what's in the works for me,if he's going to try new meds or book me, either way is fine with me, I've decided not to worry about it,he's a great doc and he's pulled me through this twice before and 3rd. times a charm right.lol. The thing is I know something has to be done before the ulcers get as bad as they were the first time so whatever he suggests I know it will be the thing to do.

I have no promises today and tomorrow except to try and relax and not worry.My Mom and my daughter are going to the city with me and we're going to make it a day and hit all the malls and go out for lunch etc. should be a pretty good day all concidered.

Well gotta go shower and get ready to go,I think I'll walk,it's only a mile and it's a beautiful day outside.

Hope you all have a great day :~)

My thought for today: Try and make healthy choices, you'll be glad you did!

SoccerMom on 10/21/2002:
Sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend. Good luck at the doctor's. Let us know how it goes.

Have a wonderful time at the malls!

Crittermama on 10/22/2002:
XP is something to get used to but I haven't had any problems with it yet.

Sounds like it was karoke night!! Good luck with both doctor's and have fun with your mom and daughter!!

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