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pinklatte - Monday Oct 15, 2018
Weight: 251.0

I spent most of yesterday watching tv, catching up on some shows, watching cartoons. I ordered a costume online and that was the most demanding thing I did until late in the evening. I offically ran out of hair cream, so I had to go to the mall, but I felt so awkward and anti-social. I had trouble looking at the clerk in the face as I paid for my expensive hair products. I did a bit of searching for things I know I need to buy soon, but I just wanted get out of there. I honestly need a day of seclusion to recover from work. And shopping was just too demanding.

That said, today was better. I didn't feel hungry this morning, which is good because I had no time to make breakfast. I still ate something though. Lunch was not all that delicious. But I actually got stuff done.

I drew a picture at work. That means I'm only 8 drawings behind. :D ... It's of a skull with a pencil embedded in it. I think my subconscious is telling me something.

The costume I ordered came in, and it... just might be a child's size? That's a joke. It's a couple of sizes too small. Which... okay, I had a feeling it would be. I was going to use it as a pattern template anyway. It just means something else I have to do later.

Breakfast (Sunday)
mixed vegetables

coffee (120)
Red Bull (85)
chocolate (112)

Lunch rice
carameled sweet potato fries
1/2 pork cutlet
ground chicken and taro root
miso soup
Snacks cake (340)
hot chocolate (51)
chocolates (400)
hot cocoa with milk
cocoa/coffee mix with milk
chocolates (250)
Dinner rice
spring roll
fried chicken
omelet (1 egg, fried chicken, spinach)
cottage cheese

Tomorrow, work until 7pm. Tonight, I cleaned some while waiting for the order :). I will work on at least two more drawings. I think I should go to the store before it closes.

That's the other thing. I feel a little bit guilty that I didn't take the time yesterday to do some sort of meal prep for the rest of this week. And I know me. I don't like cooking after work at all. The only reason I cooked tonight was because I had to come home early for the delivery. Problem is, I still don't really have a plan.

I will work on that during my downtime tomorrow. I'm afraid that it'll involve a lot less chocolate.

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 91 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/15/2018:
omg...i get so nervous when i'm low on hair product!

your meals are cool...varied and healthy ...they are a good mix of food. just watch portions...like with the fried chicken/rice/spring roll because that's a lot at once. but your other meals are quite healthy. nice job.

the omelette with rice and cottage cheese sounds tasty.

pinklatte on 10/16/2018:
Yeah, I overdid meals Sunday.

Oh, I'm not good with figuring out was a portion looks like. I'll do that this week, see if I'm over- or under-judging my servings. :)

BearCountryGG on 10/16/2018:
If you have to force yourself to draw and then worry about it when you don't meet that expectation maybe you need to lessen the number of drawings per week......sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves and it may not be worth it in the end.

pinklatte on 10/16/2018:
I don't feel forced. Like, part of me wants to draw as much as possible, but I think that after spending last month doing a similar challenge, I don't feel pressured to keep to it. I doodle and if something comes out of it, lovely. I'm just pretty exhausted in general, and that was what I ended up putting down on paper.

happy-1 on 10/17/2018:
What's the costume?

pinklatte on 10/18/2018:
Harry Potter. It's school friendly, I have a gray sweater, and I already wear glasses on the regular. Draw on my face and I'm already halfway there. :)

pinklatte - Saturday Oct 13, 2018
Weight: 251.0

Zoned out last night.

Breakfast (Friday)
can of tuna, cottage cheese, olives, mayo
instant coffee

can of tuna, cottage cheese, olives, mayo
Greek yogurt
instant cocoa

Lunch ramen with soy sauce soup
mini fried bread covered in cocoa powder
salad (carrot, corn, cucumber, cabbage)
mixed vegetables (brocolli, carrot, string bean, cauliflower)
Snacks instant coffee x 4
chocolates x 3
cheese bread
chocolates x 4
Red Bull x 2
weiner and bolognese sauce burrito
Dinner rice
mixed vegetables (brocolli, carrot, string bean, cauliflower)
Greek yogurt
1/2 fried pork cutlet

I had work today. I was stressed out over it for the past week, but it went well. I'll start stressing about next weekend's work on Monday.    

I drank a Red Bull before work and another one after. I shouldn't have even bothered with the second one. Not 30 minutes afterwards, I was in bed and slept for 3 and a half hours. I did not mean to sleep that much. I'm still very droggy.

Tomorrow's a day off. I'm working 13 days straight from Monday, so I want to go out and do something fun on my day off. But I also want to veg out. It'll be my only chance in a while to sit around and do nothing.

Tonight... It's already 10pm. I'm thinking of going back to bed in a minute. I should draw, I'm very behind on that drawing challange, but that'll just have to wait until tomorrow, too.

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 91 lbs to go!

Donkey on 10/13/2018:
Rest and quality sleep are so important. Take care of yourself!

pinklatte on 10/15/2018:
I'll try!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/13/2018:
whenever i read all those veggies in a meal... i start to salivate for it wanting to eat these satisfying meals myself!

sorry you had to work so much...sometimes rest is more important than doing active projects, like Donkey says.

Sleep helps us be most productive, i suggest you also try to sleep well and then you will do better with your projects at home like drawing!

pinklatte on 10/15/2018:
Sleep is something I just never get enough of. :)

BearCountryGG on 10/13/2018:
Looks like a good mixture of foods...….definitely rest.

pinklatte on 10/15/2018:
I will :)

pinklatte - Thursday Oct 11, 2018
Weight: 251.0

I slept well last night, and work was fine. But I think I pinpointed the main cause of my work stress. It was a bit like pointing out water while in the deep end of a pool.

Breakfast raisin butterscotch pastry thing
Lunch cellophane noodles and shrimp ball soup
kimchi pork
nori seaweed
Snacks coffee with milk
hot cocoa with milk x2
piece of chocolate
Dinner cheese bread (270)
steamed bun
flavored coffee

I didn't make dinner, but I did buy groceries. Half credit is better than none.

I like kimchi pork a lot. I'm going to make some for myself tomorrow. Which is good, because I can put some of it aside for Saturday lunch. Planning for Saturday work is slowly driving me mad. And I don't want to plan any more.

Tomorrow, work. I have a work evaluation in the afternoon. Might wear something nice for it.

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 91 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 10/11/2018:
Kimchi is pickled veggies? Thar could be very tasty with pork...sounds good.

pinklatte on 10/13/2018:
Yeah, the most common type is spicy pickled cabbage. It's a good combo.

graindart on 10/11/2018:
Really enjoy kimchi too, but don't have it too often. Get it occasionally from a local korean restaurant, but it's kind of out of my normal path. Have tried a grocery store version before and wasn't impressed at all.

pinklatte on 10/13/2018:
I don't have it often either. Mostly because I'm a bit weak against spicy foods. I'm always afraid of it being too spicy.

horn_of_plenty on 10/11/2018:
healthy mixed with some tasty treats...your lunches are amazing.

pinklatte on 10/13/2018:
Now if only I can bring all that amazingness into the rest of my meals. :)

pinklatte - Wednesday Oct 10, 2018
Weight: 250.0

I'm so tired right now.

Breakfast can of tuna, cottage cheese, olives, mayo
Lunch soup
twisted bread
minced meat cutlet
cabbage salad with carrots, cucumbers, konjak
crepe with cream
Snacks pear wedges
apple wedge
coffee x 3
chocolate wafers x 2
Dinner chili dog
steamed bun
Red Bull

I need to finish a lot of things, I still have a lot of work to do. But I'm definitely crashing. The caffeine is no longer working, the coward. It's probably a better idea to just go to bed now at 9:30 instead of trying to push through.

Tomorrow, I get home at a nice hour. I will buy groceries and make dinner.

Progress as of today: 10 lbs lost so far, only 90 lbs to go!

horn_of_plenty on 10/10/2018:
Chilli dog sounds wonderful! yum! Good eats today!!!

everything is looking great and i forgot i had bought this, but i have a packaged snack crepe here in my desk drawer also!

pinklatte on 10/11/2018:
Snack crepe!

BearCountryGG on 10/10/2018:
It seems like a lot of us are tired right now......What is in the steamed bun?

pinklatte on 10/11/2018:
It's probably the change in seasons? Tomato sauce and cheese.

pinklatte - Tuesday Oct 09, 2018
Weight: 251.0

Work was fine. Just long.

Breakfast can of tuna, mayo, olives, cottage cheese
Lunch cream stew with potatoes, onions, carrots
salad: cabbage, cucumber, dressing some other stuff, I forgot
two slices of bread with margarine/maple syrup
apple wedge
Dinner steamed bun
rice ball

I really need to get back to cooking somehow. Thursday, I will make something nice for myself. Probably chicken.

I thought of going to the mall tonight after work, but I forgot that I have to write a book recommendation for work tomorrow. In Japanese. Oh man. This is going to take ages. FYI, I'm torn between recommending "Island of the Blue Dolphins" and "Harry Potter". HP is in the school library, but I was in love with Island back in 5th grade. Well, I better decide quick. I need to write it now.

As soon as I got home I wanted a shower, but then I realize I should take a walk before that. So, I went for a walk. I still need to get my eating in order, but a little exercise is good.

I don't think I'll be going to bed at a decent hour tonight. Maybe 12am. Depends on how difficult I make things for myself.

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 91 lbs to go!

Donkey on 10/09/2018:
I vote, Island of the Blue Dolphins. :)

pinklatte on 10/11/2018:
Good choice! :)

BearCountryGG on 10/09/2018:
When Harry Potter first came out my daughter in law mentioned that the boys wanted to read that.....I surprised them by having the whole set sent to their house...…..she got so wrapped up in those books that they had 3 different bookmarks going in them at all times....they were so absorbed in them.....I never did read them and I've never heard of your other book.....but I vote for whichever one you can get the most excited about....because it will be the most interesting because you love it the most.

pinklatte on 10/11/2018:
My sister (then 10 or so) wanted to read it when the 3rd book made the news, and I heard about it from her. I bought her one of the earlier ones, read them too, and got hooked bad. They both honestly get me excited in their own way, but most people know Harry Potter. So I wrote about the other one. :)

horn_of_plenty on 10/09/2018:
both breakfast and lunch sound AWESOME! so healthy nice mixes! really cool breakfast you've got going on!

i guess you wanted sweets for dinner...maybe you didn't have a lot of food at home? it looks good just more on the sweet side!

pinklatte on 10/11/2018:
I con't have much food at home at the moment, which will be my downfall. :)

happy-1 on 10/09/2018:
Lots and lots of simple carbs here. They drain your energy for sure.

pinklatte on 10/11/2018:
I feel it. :/

pinklatte - Monday Oct 08, 2018
Weight: 250.0

I think I would have felt better if I had work today. I kind of bounced on and off the computer, doing little. Work would be draining but it does bring some sort of focus.

I needed to go shopping, but I just didn't feel like spending money? I left the house earlier for something, but going grocery shopping feels a bit more troublesome.

Breakfast can of tuna, cottage cheese, mayo, olives
Lunch English muffin x3
cottage cheese
Dinner steamed bun (230)
cake (340)
bottled coffee (160)
rice ball (260)

I also need to go to the mall for hair conditioner. I'm down to maybe a day's worth. But I don't feel like driving the half hour out there either. I'm severely debating to postponing it until tomorrow after work. Or do without. ... It closes in a couple of hours. I might as well go now.

Progress as of today: 10 lbs lost so far, only 90 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/08/2018:
i've been trying to save money too...and splurged on buying bakeware items lol when all i want to bake are brownies but i even bought a new mixing bowl and a couple new cupcake tins and cake tins :) now whenever i need to bake, i've got the products at home and don't need to buy them again...never did have much for baking purposes before ...so it's a good splurge, but i always seem to be looking for more money these days!...

i like english muffins too :)

pinklatte on 10/09/2018:
At least you have them. :) I've never made brownies or cupcakes before. I hope that they come out delicious. I can't remember the last time I splurged on something like that, maybe the last time I bought a ton of fabric or art supplies.

Donkey on 10/08/2018:
Today's menu looks quite agreeable! (Not like last night's dinner disaster?)

pinklatte on 10/09/2018:
Definitely more edible. :)

pinklatte - Sunday Oct 07, 2018
Weight: 250.0

Took a nap in the middle of the day. That's honestly the best and the worst part of a day off. It was a good nap, though.


2 boiled eggs
cottage cheese
English muffin with butter

Lunch chocolates
Dinner carbonara sauce with chicken, frozen veg
flavored water

My landlord gave me a couple of cans of spaghetti sauce. And the carbonara resulted into the most disgusting thing. Like. vomitous. Canned sauce, gross. Frozen precooked chicken, gross. Frozen veg, not as gross but wasted in the gross.

Tomorrow's a day off. Tonight, I'm going to push to finish tonight's drawing, but whether I'm done or not, I will go for a walk at 9pm. Reward? It feels like it.

Progress as of today: 10 lbs lost so far, only 90 lbs to go!

graindart on 10/07/2018:
Love english muffins. Toasted with salted butter or toasted with peanut butter. Unfortunately I'm avoiding them right now because I rarely stop at eating just one.

Frozen veggies are the one thing I can't stand. Like fresh, don't mind canned, but despise frozen.

pinklatte on 10/08/2018:
What is it about buttered toast? Catch me in a certain mood, and I'm the same, not stopping at one.

Canned tomatoes are okay, and I have no serious problem with frozen veggies. I find them easier to handle than fresh ones. Fresh is... a bit scary.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/08/2018:
Will you be able to sleep tonight with a the nap during the afternoon? lately, i'm sleeping TONS! and if feels GREAT! tomorrow will be a wake up call when i finally have to use my alarm to wake up again after 3 nice days of very late wake-ups!

your landloard seems nice to have given the food to you, despite it being so bad! lol strange scenario here!!

pinklatte on 10/09/2018:
Actually, no. I had a restless night's sleep. I definitely slept too much during the day. :)

I think it's a cultural thing. They always give me something when I give them my rent money. Sometimes food from their garden, sometimes snacks.

pinklatte - Saturday Oct 06, 2018
Weight: 250.0

It's midmorning here, but I've been away for a while. Since the site's back up (yay), I figured I should write up a long entry.

Wednesday: Right away, I fell behind on the Inktober challenge thing (drawing a picture a day) because I put proper limits on what I can draw. And the drawing had gotten complicated. I didn't want to spend 30 minutes typing out what I ate when I could use those minutes and 2.5 hours more finishing the drawing. On the down side to that day, I ate a lot of food.

Thursday: Shame kept me away from thinking about what I've been eating. I spent the night doing some shopping errands, and I ate more food than usual. Not as much as Wednesday, but I did have a second steamed bun.

Friday: There was a cockroach crawling around the penstand by my computer the night before, crawling around the rent money I was keeping there at the time. I sprayed some bug spray on it, but I was throroughly annoyed, so I bought some bug bombs and fumigated my house the second thing I got home. (First thing was paying rent.) I spent the time out of the house at a local department store, 2.5 hours. I ate a couple of KFC twisters for dinner and drew. I rarely draw in public, but I am still severely behind. I was facing the wall, so I have no clue if anyone stared at my screen. And no one bothered me. I went home afterwards, but I should have stayed out an hour longer, probably. I was coughing like crazy while I opened the windows to ventilate.

Saturday: A reset day. In that, I relaxed and let my body rest. I finished picture number three, finally, and took a nap in the middle of the day. I walked to the store in the evening. I ate some junk, but not a lot of food in general.

Today: I had plans to go to an event in Tokyo. But when the time came to go, I just didn't feel like it. I don't know why. It was going to be a full day: the event, then shopping, then a visit to the karaoke bar I like. There's even a steampunk event I visited and enjoyed last year happening again this weekend. This is the only weekend this month I'll have any free time to go down there, but pfffft.

I might feel up for it tomorrow, but I'm staying home. For now. I need to buy some fancy Lush products this weekend. I'm running out of conditioner.

I'll post my food intake later. :)

Progress as of today: 10 lbs lost so far, only 90 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/08/2018:
Are these Asian style steamed buns that are more like big rounds of dough filled with either meat or veggies???

So sorry about the roach encounter! this is just no good! we have water bugs in my apartment near the downstairs by the laundry room, luckily none in my apartment, but they cause me to freak out tons when i see one! they get very long. as big as almost 2 inches.

that is sooo cool with the steampunk events! we had a circus show by me with those sort of cool steampunk effects! it is rather cool to watch.

wow, you have lush by you? i think it's cool they are natural, but the prices are just outrageous. i had bought some products by them, but no more! they had a cool spray for the face. a hydrating spray that i bought but then never used, still in my closet after several years. i should pour it out and throw out the plastic bottles finally!

pinklatte on 10/09/2018:
Yeah, they're like dumplings, only big and fluffy. With meat filling. No veg that I see. :( They also sell some with sweet bean paste or chocolate sauce.

AHH! I don't know if I've ever run into a water bug. And I don't want to freak you out too much, but the cockroach that day was a good inch and a half long....

I like steampunk a lot. The costumes look so cool.

I bought some of their hair products a couple months ago to try out, and I really like the leave-in conditioner. The price is really high, yeah, but it does smell nice.

pinklatte - Tuesday Oct 02, 2018
Weight: 250.0

I'm tired, but I'm trying to stay positive. Is it really only Tuesday?

Breakfast 1 egg, bell peppers, chicken, olives
Lunch sauced fried noodles, with carrot, onion
butter roll
fish paste with corn
brocolli and Japanese radish with sesame dressing
Snacks, Dinner cake
pizze steamed bun

Nothing special happened today. I wonder if I will hold steady at 250 for the rest of the week. That would be cool.

Here's some blather: Inktober started yesterday. This is the 4th year I... participate is the right word, right? The 4th year I try to draw with ink everyday. There's so many "blahblah-ber" "challenges. I spent all last month sketching, never knowing "Sketchtember" is a thing? Maybe my subconscious knew. And NaNoWriMo's next month.

All these challenges are exhausting. By the time December rolls around, I'm going to be drained of all energy.

I still haven't drawn tonight's entry. I should get started.

Progress as of today: 10 lbs lost so far, only 90 lbs to go!

BearCountryGG on 10/02/2018:
Fish paste......I can't get past that.

pinklatte on 10/02/2018:
Well... it’s kind of hard to describe so that’s what I went with? It was a hard-ish squishy patty? that’s made from fish. ... it’s good. It’s similar to imitation crab meat.

horn_of_plenty on 10/02/2018:
lately i am craving pizza and carbs too...i bought some frozen pizza meals to satisfy my cravings :)

pinklatte on 10/06/2018:
Pizza! So delicious.

Donkey on 10/02/2018:
That doesn't sound good, to be drained by December :(

pinklatte on 10/06/2018:
I'll probably burn out by the beginning of November and just give up in time for Thanksgiving. :0

graindart on 10/04/2018:

pinklatte on 10/06/2018:

pinklatte - Monday Oct 01, 2018
Weight: 252.0


Breakfast 2 eggs, bell peppers, chicken, olives
bread roll
instant coffee
Lunch rice
cabbage with sesame
pork soup
(I don't have the menu on me, so I forgot what exactly was in what)
Snacks sweet potato sweet
instant coffee
Dinner pizza steamed bun
drinkable yogurt
flavored coffee

This month is going to be rough. My calendar told me so.

I'm still working on, and not succeeding in, food management or whatever I should call it. Cooking dinner just doesn't seem fun right now. I really only know how to make two things, and that's boring.

I bought some frozen veg and frozen chicken. The chicken was a weird impulse.

Tomorrow: I'll go back to just one egg in the morning. I still can't commit to a plan for after-work eating. Do rewards even work? If I can stay out of the comvenience store for the rest of the week, shall I treat myself to a movie next Monday?

Tonight, there's a whole checklist of stuff I have to do. I have to get started.

Progress as of today: 8 lbs lost so far, only 92 lbs to go!

graindart on 10/01/2018:
Everyone's different and you obviously have to find something you can live with for dinner right now.

If it were me, I'd consider one of two initial paths for dinner right now. Don't know what type of selection is available in your country, but when I've had portion control issues I've sometimes resorted to frozen prepared dinners. Lean Cuisine here has some pretty decent tasting frozen meals that are mostly in the 250-400 calorie range each. I don't suggest eating them for the rest of your life, but might be an option for 1 or 2 weeks just to get things moving in the right direction.

Another option I'd consider for myself would be to choose a low-carb option that I could live with and make the same exact thing every night for a week at a time. Seasoned grilled chicken breast, broccoli / cauliflower with cheese. Looking at your day's menu, you might be like me and love the carbs. While I love carbs, eating them makes it much harder for me to control my eating impulses.

For me, having a plan for a set period of time works well. It's boring, but I can eat the same basic stuff for 7 days in a row as long as I know that at the end of that time period I'll be changing it up. But you've got to find some type of plan that works for you.

pinklatte on 10/02/2018:
This is all stuff I must work on later this week. I’m okay at planning but terrible at sticking to it. Thank you for the advice. :)

Horn_of_plenty on 10/01/2018:
You do not have to cook. you can buy food out. I do this ...why not!?

can you buy a few meals worth of food and keep it in the fridge to eat when you are home and hungry? i do this. i do not cook each night, NO WAY.

Can you take some of the food from lunch home? i'm guessing it's probably a no, but i thought might as well ask you!? i know that probably is not an option...

You buy food now, so why not plan to buy some healthier food options to have at home on the weekend buy them, and have them for some parts of the work week. so you have things just to pull outta the fridge :)

pinklatte on 10/02/2018:
I decided the first step was to eat more home cooked food. I don’t like that I can’t keep it up.

I can buy a few precooked foods. I’ll see if anything catches my eye.

I can take home food that was prepackaged: bread, noodles, milk and the occasional dessert. If there’s a lot left over, they tend to put the extra out for people to take home.

I definitely need to learn to plan ahead. I’ve gotten into the habit of buying food for only a coiple of days. Meal prep isn’t something I do automatically yet. :)

happy-1 on 10/01/2018:
I’m on a budget for food that is pretty strict. Meal prep is pretty much how I handle $/eating out. Try googling “no cook meal prep”. https://www.beachbodyondemand.com/blog/no-cook-meal-prep

pinklatte on 10/02/2018:
I’ll take a look at that tomorrow morning, thank you. :)

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