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puddles - Tuesday Aug 12, 2014
(Healthy Eating)
Weight: 277.0

Hi Guys

I am back.  I did sell my condo and relocated and I am finally settled in.

Happy to be back.



Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 87 lbs to go!

legcramps on 08/13/2014:
Welcome back!

puddles - Wednesday Jul 03, 2013
Weight: 253.9

Good morning

I am back home for a few days.  I did a lot of painting and the job is moving along well but came home to get a little bit of rest.  It is always better to recope at home in your own bed. 

All is good not much to report.  Will probably have more for tomorrows post.  Glad to see all seem to be doing well. 


Have a great day



Progress as of today: 26.1 lbs lost so far, only 63.9 lbs to go!

supercheese on 07/03/2013:
Have a great day puddles!

OhioRaven on 07/03/2013:
Mornin', Puddy !

Umpqua on 07/03/2013:
Have a good one!

V on 07/03/2013:
Hi there! Sound like you got alot accomplished! Hope ya got to kick back and relax today :)

puddles - Saturday Jun 29, 2013
Weight: 253.9

Good morning

I am off again to do more painting.

Nothing new since yesterday.

Have a great weekend.




Progress as of today: 26.1 lbs lost so far, only 63.9 lbs to go!

selina on 06/30/2013:
Hi puddles! Thanks for checking in my diary, I appreciate it!

painting: what kind of painting? I do watercolors and oils... Have a great sunday!

puddles - Friday Jun 28, 2013
Weight: 253.9

Good morning all

Yesterday was on track because of my busy day.  I tried to find how much calories I would knock off with the up and down and the arm exercise but could not figure it out - but my calorie intake yesterday was below 1000 so I really don't have to figure out how much the exercise was.  I was way below normal anyway. 

Today is a more relax day - I have a little bit of house cleaning to do since the place is still for sale.  The mandatory upkeep is a must.  I also have to do a little bit of laundry before I have too much of it.

Food for today will definitely be easy stuff no big cooking job.  Some leftover bean soup and salad and fruit and yogurt  and another protein somewhere in there.  Not going to worry to much about it today.  I am planning a nice nap for this afternoon. 

Wishing you all a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.  Hope we will have nice weather and the humidity will ease off a bit.


PS  - My brother-in-law made it to see the birth of his first grandchild.  I am so happy for him.  The new parents will be going over to their place in a few days to bring the baby to see his grandfather.  8 pds 11 ounces baby boy - ouch - lol  Jacob will be his name and his middle name will be the great grandfathers name Jerome. 

Progress as of today: 26.1 lbs lost so far, only 63.9 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 06/28/2013:
You are doing so well! Congratulations to brother - wow that's a big baby! I like both names!

puddles on 06/28/2013:
Thank you - we are so glad he made it to the birth. He was really worried he would never get to see him.

OhioRaven on 06/28/2013:
Puddy, I am so glad to hear about your brother in law and the birth of Jacob. I hope all is well with them and their family.

puddles on 06/28/2013:
Thanks Raven. He is just over the moon with joy. I think this is what he was wait for and holding on.

Umpqua on 06/28/2013:
Great news about your BIL. My older is named Jacob, excellent choice of name :)

legcramps on 06/28/2013:
Enjoy your day today!

V on 06/28/2013:
Awesome news about your BIL :) Congrats and i am sure it brightened his day <3

RYC yes it was so uncomfortable in my house so thankful that I can afford the luxury of getting it repaired..Have a great weekend Fran <3

Mskitty on 06/28/2013:
Have a good weekend- take care.

puddles - Thursday Jun 27, 2013
Weight: 253.9

Good evening everyone

Late check in but left early this a.m. and went over to my friends place to do a little bit of painting again.  Just got back and all is good.  It was a great day of exercise up and down and a lot of arm movements.  I am definitely going to have a good night of sleep.

A lot of coffee today and I usually dont eat while I work so I will now have a bit to eat and run through the shower and go to bed.  I will be returning for more painting on Saturday.  I have worked out my schedule with one day in two days out.  I find it is hard on my knee and do not want it to become soar again.  This schedule allows me to recoupe for two days and the knee agrees with the schedule and my friend really does not care how I go about getting it done.

Water is low but food I would say is definitely on track.

Will talk again tomorrow since I will be home.

Have a good evening



Progress as of today: 26.1 lbs lost so far, only 63.9 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 06/27/2013:
G'night, Puddy.

hollybelle on 06/27/2013:
Good job on painting again and all that activity! Way to go accomodating the knee! Hang in there. LOL-thinking about you "running through" the shower - be careful not to fall! (Just kidding)

puddles - Wednesday Jun 26, 2013
Weight: 253.9

Good morning

Yesterday was OK not perfect.  Water was real low.  Food was off by about 200 calories.  My project for today is to improve on yesterday. 

Still have the humidity here.  We were expecting a storm yesterday but it never came.  It might have cooled things down a bit.  Maybe today.  LOL

I did a part of the walking exercise yesterday in my living room and that was good.  Expect to do it again today. 

I am also planning to make my bean soup today (broth, diced tomatoes, beans, onions, one can of campbell tomatoe soup).   Great protein and high fiber.  

Ok that is about all for me for today, if anything majorily interesting happens I will post.

Have a good day.



Progress as of today: 26.1 lbs lost so far, only 63.9 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 06/26/2013:
Mornin', Puddy. Why is everyone complaining about the weather ? I can remember not long ago we couldn't stay outside cause it was too cold ! You live in CANADA ! ! ! Just joking with ya :v) Enjoy your soup.

puddles on 06/26/2013:
I hear ya. I love hot but the humidity causes me problem with my breathing that is why I gave up the cigarettes in Dec/2012. Yes Canada and cold do go together lol but not right now. lol I don't need my snowshoes this week. lol

Umpqua on 06/26/2013:
We got your storm and it cooled things down here a tiny bit ;) Good work on the exercise, keep it up!

skinnygrlwithin on 06/26/2013:
For awhile I always thought...how can you really get any exercise walking/running in place? And then I bought the wii, and obviously almost all the exercises are in place...and let me tell you...that thing always got me sweating! So keep up the great workouts...inside or out!! :)

Keep up the great workout!!

michgal on 06/26/2013:
the humidity here in MI is terrible. to top it all off my AC broke yesterday and the repairman won't be here til tonight or tomorrow... :-/

V on 06/26/2013:
Yeah it is pretty wickedly hot and humid here too..I miss winter..LOL Hey great job getting your workout in..Have a good evening Fran :)

Tangalyn~ on 06/26/2013:
we had a bad storm yesterday and i was without electric for 6 yrs.. that stunk.. hope u r enjoying ur night :)

Tangalyn~ on 06/26/2013:
haha 6 hours not 6 years :P

legcramps on 06/27/2013:
It feels like we're going to get something here too in terms of storm! Great job on your walking exercise :) keep it up :)

puddles - Tuesday Jun 25, 2013
Weight: 253.9

Good morning


Glad to be back.   I did accomplish the outside painting job but I still have some of the inside to do.  I could not believe the 4 coats of paint to cover up the bleu that had been put on all the outside doors and the garage door.  

We have been having really hot and muggy weather here.  The humidex adds to the heat and makes it almost impossible for me to breath on days like this.  One more week and  it will be cooler next weekend. 

So back to the grind.  | will have to go back and read all your posts and see how everyone is doing. 

Have a great day and will talk to you later.


Progress as of today: 26.1 lbs lost so far, only 63.9 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 06/25/2013:
Good morning, Puddy. Hope you get cooled off soon.

Umpqua on 06/25/2013:
Welcome back! Hubby started painting our deck this weekend and it was hot and humid. Still is, and we will need to put 1 or 2 more coats on it. No way can I work out there in this weather, I'm waiting for it to cool down!

skinnygrlwithin on 06/25/2013:
Welcome back... glad to hear there is progress with your painting job!! I also hate this kind of weather, where you walk out the door and instantly start sweating... it would feel great if I could just relax by the pool or something but that hasn't been an option as of yet.

michgal on 06/25/2013:
very humid here too! it's hard for me to get my outside exercise in, ugh...

V on 06/25/2013:
Welcome Back!!!

hollybelle on 06/26/2013:
Hi Puddles. Welcome back and congrats on the paint job. We need to paint our garage door due to having to replace the bottom panel because of vandalism last fall. We are very humid here, too. Same projection for the weekend, a bit cooler and less humid - come on weekend!! I only have to work 3 days next week. YAY!

puddles - Monday Jun 24, 2013
Weight: 253.9

Good evening guys

I am back just to check in - will update my days away tomorrow.  I was bad again.

Talk to you tomorrow.



Progress as of today: 26.1 lbs lost so far, only 63.9 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 06/24/2013:
If you enjoyed yourself, don't worry so much about your time away - you're BACK and ready for action now!!

Tangalyn~ on 06/24/2013:
good to see ya! ull get things back under control :) enjoy ur evening.

OhioRaven on 06/24/2013:
Yahhhh! Puddy's Back !

puddles - Tuesday Jun 18, 2013
Weight: 253.9

Good morming


All is good water and food.


I will be away again going to my friends place for a few days -  will be painting garage door and house doors plus all the baseboards and doors and trim inside - all the white stuff. 


Will be doing something useful for the next few days.


Have a great day.



Progress as of today: 26.1 lbs lost so far, only 63.9 lbs to go!

skinnygrlwithin on 06/18/2013:
Enjoy your time spent with your friend and have fun painting!! :)

OhioRaven on 06/18/2013:
More painting ehhhh ??? I hope this "Friend" isn't taking advantage of you :v) Have a Great Day, Puddy.

puddles on 06/18/2013:
This is the friend that I travel to Myrtle Beach in Winter time. He will be helping me move when the time comes. I will get it back in spades.LOL LOL

Umpqua on 06/18/2013:
Painting is great exercise. I hope you have a fun visit!

legcramps on 06/18/2013:
Have a great time!

hollybelle on 06/21/2013:
I drank 64 oz of water yesterday! That's big for me! I wish I had a friend to come and help me paint woodwork! I'd pay, even!

puddles - Monday Jun 17, 2013
Weight: 253.9

Good morning

Water good and food good


I did loose .5 but certainly would have been better had not had my ice cream attack. I am disappointed.


I really have nothing else going on today another rain day.  I will have to do some housework and that is about all.


Talk to you all later.



Progress as of today: 26.1 lbs lost so far, only 63.9 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 06/17/2013:
We all do things we regret. We are far from perfect. I think you are doing great on your water. It really helps me stay feeling full. A loss IS a loss. Take it ! Hope you are good, Puddy.

Umpqua on 06/17/2013:
A loss is a good thing, congrats!

skinnygrlwithin on 06/17/2013:
Any loss is something to be proud of, and you should also remind yourself that one meal that you're unhappy with is ok... while I understand you wish you hadn't ate it, you are doing great!

supercheese on 06/17/2013:
a loss is a loss! Its a good thing. Means somethings happening :)

V on 06/17/2013:
Congrats on your loss Fran!

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