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shaunnac - Friday Sep 02, 2011
(walking and eatting healthy)
Weight: 219.0

I overslept. Imagine my shock at waking just past 11am. I have been up an hour and I still am groggy feeling. Had plans of grocery shopping today but i think I will wait till the girls get out of school and do it then. My youngest needs a new pair of shoes thanks to her father agreeing to take the laces out while I was at work. oh no he threw them away I didn't find out about it till days later. She had those shoes at the end of last year so i will just replace them cause she said the laces made her feet hurt. I can't figure out anything that sounds good for dinner. Going to go cruise the google wave and look for some yummy healthy dinner ideas. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 44 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 09/02/2011:
Welcome back! I hope you have an excellent evening and weekend!

h82bfat on 09/03/2011:
Sounds like something my hubby would do!! Hope you got your grocery shopping done. I don't know why, but I don't like to grocery shop & am always putting it off to the last minute - literally!!

missdetermined on 09/04/2011:
Kraftfoods.com has some excellent low-fat recipe options, I've made some dishes on there that were really tasty, I recommend it :)

moogy on 09/04/2011:
You must have been one tired lady to sleep in so late!! Always tons of options once you start googling. I hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed your family.:)

V on 09/05/2011:
Hey girl!! I hope all is well with you...Girl was that 17yo that was posing as a PA close to where you are...To think that he was changing IV's giving exams and still would have if he wasn't trying to get access to drugs....Too crazy

shaunnac - Thursday Sep 01, 2011
(walking and eatting healthy)
Weight: 219.0

Totally beat....had a great day foodwise. Exercise wise I didn't get my walk in...however work kicked my butt. I came into work with truck on the floor and nothing had been stocked. Took me hours to get it all straight, I need a new line of work. I had like half a page written and it poofed and got errased. Blah. goodnight. OH and started the day feeling skinny, and looking at myself saying wow when did I look that skinny. tomorrow will probably be back to normal when I look in the mirror and wonder how I doubled in size. Anyone else have issues with that? I know there is a word for it...image disfunction or something..just to tired to think...night

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 44 lbs to go!

moogy on 09/02/2011:
Yes, I can see you had a frustrating day as well. I have the opposite trouble, I look in the mirror (not naked I should point out!) dressed in something that looks good and think I am looking really good. Strangely, I have always thought I looked good no matter what size I was.! Might have something to do with having a husband who told me that I was hot for thirty years! Still does by the way, he makes sure he stands at least six feet away from me at all times. Doesn't trust himself to get too close!! Men!! I hope you have a better day todayand so glad that you have your head back in the game!:)

shaunnac - Wednesday Aug 31, 2011
(walking and eatting healthy)
Weight: 219.0

First off hello. I know I have been mia. I am sorry about that I took a break and did some soul searching and some head clearing. I am ready to get back on the horse as it were. The awesome news is that I haven't gained any of the weight I lost back. The bad news is I haven't lost any more weight in awhile. I need daily goals and to do better on my food choices which involves planning. Thankfully finacial situation has improved a little so I can afford to get stuff just for me, I know that may sound twisted but I am the only one with a weight problem. I am off to go grocery shopping and going to work in a 30 min/one mile walk today as it's my day off. Foodwise I have no clue what I am doing but tomorrow is going to start out with my yummy oatbran pancakes and eggs. Lunch will be a salad, and dinner will be probably more salad. I have tried several greek yogerts and I can't do those so I will be stocking up on the dannon light and fit for snacks. Along with fresh fruit. I am off to get my day started I hope everyone has a day full of good choices and a great day.

BTW a quick update on my issues with my boss she found another job. YAY two weeks till she's gone and its a good thing cause if she hadn't I had already talked to my regional to be transfered out.

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 44 lbs to go!

V on 08/31/2011:
Ding Dong the biatch is almost gone!!! Hahah!! I am sure you are relieved...So who is replacing her?? Well I guess it doesn't matter because she was the worst of the worse...I am glad you are back...BTW I don't like the greek yogurts either...Bleck :P You should peruse this site for food ideas.. Mine is pretty much the same, but i get alot of ideas here.... Anyways welcome back and I hope you stick around :)

h82bfat on 08/31/2011:
I say great job on not gaining during your "hiatus"! I've been gone awhile myself & let's just say that I'm not getting on the scale until my pants don't feel so tight anymore! As Jack Nicholson would say: I can't handle the truth!! ;c)

shaunnac - Monday Aug 15, 2011
(walking and eatting healthy)
Weight: 219.0

Hey everyone I am still alive...haven't really been doing much. had a great time on my mini vacay in georgia. enough to think of moving up that way. ugh I really hate where we live. meth city....I dont wanna raise my girls here. not to mention the drama with the neighbor lady. sigh. pretty much blew my chances of getting assisant manager by telling my boss my hubby and I are talking about moving. did it on purpose. I know that this is the wrong time to be jobless and all that, but my place is sucking the soul out of me. another reason to move. my hubby can get a job with his brother till he finds something else, and as for me...well there is a total wine in the area or truck stops, dollar stores....idk anything but the soul sucking place I work. I don't mind hassel. but it's like I can never do enough, my boss loves to try to see how badly she can make me feel. idk. weight hasn't changed, focusing on not over eatting plans to get back on my exercise and diet plan when the girls are back in school. Well I have to be up in 5 hours for a fun truck day only 350 cases light truck with 3 of us girls and the yummy new guy they hired. eye candy YAY.

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 44 lbs to go!

shaunnac - Thursday Jul 28, 2011
(walking and eatting healthy)
Weight: 219.0

Well the girls just left for their week in Georgia. I got a little teary....and miss them already lol. My oldest and her cousin were up till like 2am and then up early so I think I am gonna go back to bed. Got like 200 cases being delivered today should be a good workout. Closing tonight then 10-6 tomorrow and 9-5 saturday YAY day shifts!! I have a yummy chicken and spinage with a light alfredo sauce I am gonna make friday. Saturday we are going out so idk what we are gonna eat but there is a japanise place that I have been dying to go to. Or maybe this really good cuban place. Plans for the weekend is off Sunday and Monday, gonna try to get my daily walks in. I miss them and I have noticed a lack of positive energy  since I quit walking. Even my night walks set the tone for the next day. ok off to nap before work

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 44 lbs to go!

V on 07/28/2011:
Daily walks sounds like a really good plan!! Have a good one!!

Em17 on 07/29/2011:
Have a great weekend and week without the girls =)

shaunnac - Tuesday Jul 26, 2011
(walking and eatting healthy)
Weight: 219.0

WOOT: two freaking pounds!!! I don't really believe it I feel so swollen as if I am gaining waterweight. Join me in a happy butt wiggle dance! Also I know most of my posts have been a lot of griping about work or other things but I am trying to not hold things in and eat as a way of relief. Emotional eatting is my downfall. So please bear with  me on the griping thanks!

Yesterday was good. Got today to get through then I am off tomorrow. However tomorrow is the anniversary of my Grandma's passing. So I will be driving the 2 hour trip to Orlando to put flowers on her grave and pay my respects. Man do I miss her. You know I was sitting here wishing just once I could hear her say "Oh Shaunna I am so happy to see you" as she wraps me in a gigantic hug. Tearing up here just thinking of it. Those hugs, I swear you could feel all of her love flow from her arms into you.  Man do I miss her, it's an understatement. Today is my sister's birthday but she lives up north so I am kindof bummed not being able to spend the day with her, On the plus side my sis in law decided to come down from Georgia tonight and is staying until Thursday when she takes my girls back with her. I soooooo can't wait for when we go up there for the weekend. I decided to take the 9th-13th off YAY. off to shower gotta go get the flowers for tomorrow and lunch/dinner before having to be at work at 1pm. I could use some coffee as well lol. have a great day everyone

Progress as of today: 9 lbs lost so far, only 44 lbs to go!

tbell1389 on 07/26/2011:
congrats on the weight loss. every pound counts!! my heart goes out to you about your grandma. i know how hard it is to lose a grandparent and miss them terribly. but it sounds like she was an amazing soul and i know like with my grandpa that their spirit lives on within all the lives they touched.

keep up the good work :)

mysterywoman100 on 07/26/2011:
2 pounds is awesome I always think about lard or butter when I lose weight, the size of 2 pounds of butter not just the weight.

V on 07/26/2011:
Congrats on the weight loss!!

Em17 on 07/27/2011:
Yay! =) Have a good day

shaunnac - Monday Jul 25, 2011
(walking and eatting healthy)
Weight: 221.0

I am having a bad day. My feet are swollen and they hurt. not looking forward to work today. had some chicken for breakfast...love leftover cold chicken. off to work to try to have a good day. gotta stop and get a yummy fruit salad for lunch/dinner. hope everyone has a great monday

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 46 lbs to go!

thinkpositive on 07/25/2011:
I just read your post from Sat. You are overworked- but you know that. Sorry that life is unfair for you right now. Hope you have a decent day.

moogy on 07/25/2011:
I wish there was something I could do to help you and everything you have to cope with. I am loving the attitude those, nice protein to start the day and fruit for lunch, nice!!!

shaunnac - Saturday Jul 23, 2011
(walking and eatting healthy)
Weight: 221.0

Am I still alive? Idk 3 nine and a half hour days back to back followed by friday...I might of died somewhere in the process. Funny enough the 9+hour days were ok. I mean yes my feet felt like hamburger at the end of each shift. But there wasn't really a lot of BS to deal with. Friday wasn't the case. I figured oh I only have a 9am to 4pm shift (LOVE closing on thrusday and opening on friday btw). It will be a cake walk...no. Have I mentioned before that my boss is the devil? ugh. I am so tired of her bs and her abuse. I say abuse because take this week. I am closing 4 of 5 shifts. Take next week when I will have no kids (my hubby works day shifts) I am closing 4 of 5 shifts while another shift manager is not closing one freaking night. There is some favoritism going on with the scheduling. I don't know if at this point holding out for the soon to be assiant manager position is worth it. My boss hates me so why would she promote me. ugh. Then I drove to Orlando to pick my mother in law up after work. Left the house around 5, had to get dinner for me and my oldest, stopped at hubby's work for a few then hit the road...in the pouring rain. It got dark and rainy as I was driving the turnpike...not fun. Got to the airport at 7:30 but because her flight got in early they sat waiting for a terminal to open for almost an hour  I have to say I was proud at how well my 7 year old was during that wait. Got home at midnight, back up at 7 to get ready for my sis in law's graduation at 10am...home to let the dogs out for a few before the party tonight. Food choices have been great this week. Today not so much. Cake...booze...speghetti and meatballs. On a postive note I love being told that others can see how I have lost weight. SUCKS that 10 pounds can make that much of a difference...Hope everyone is making good choices and have a great weekend

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 46 lbs to go!

tbell1389 on 07/23/2011:
im sorry to hear about your troubles at work. somes bosses really do just suck. stay positive i believe in karma and it sounds like youre an awesome employee so one way or another something good is waiting for you!!

10 lbs makes all the difference its crazy. so easy to gain. pain in the butt to lose. but congrats on the loss!! feels great to have people notice your hard work :)

moogy on 07/24/2011:
I was getting tired just reading about your day!! Hang in there and maybe something will happen to make your boss a little more considerate. Nice that people are noticing the weight loss, it is around the 10 pound mark that that happens. Keep up the good choices shaunna:)Thank you for your kind words:)

hollybelle on 07/24/2011:
Some bosses are terrible, but if you want more and she has the say so over who is promoted, try to play the system to get what you want. Sometimes that may mean sucking it up and doing what it takes to get your way. If you can't OR if you believe there is no way to work it out - maybe you will qualify for a assistant mgr job someplace else similar - your experience in your current position may get you in.....just some ideas. Hope it works out - life is too short to hate your job. And even in this economy employers everywhere are looking for good, reliable employees.

shaunnac - Monday Jul 18, 2011
(walking and eatting healthy)
Weight: 221.0

Well my day has been hijacked. Was going to go for a walk this morning but my neighbors wife left him for another guy the night before last, so this morning he called and asked that I come over when she came to see the kids. It's ok I don't mind helping him out he's heartbroken. I now know why she decided to stop walking with me and shut me out. Seeing the kids and how heartbroken steven is has made me realize that I am doing the right thing by trying to work on my marriage. Marriage is hard, it takes daily decisions to make it work. Marriage can't work if your selfish. Having a GREAT few days foodwise. I am really proud of the choices I have been making with food and it's fueling me to keep making good choices. Hope everyone has a great week, I have some long days ahead of me so don't know if I will make it on much this week.

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 46 lbs to go!

tbell1389 on 07/18/2011:
good for you for being there for your neighbor. i can only imagine how tough that would be. marriage is deff hard work and i think thats why so many marriages fail these days is because people tend to throw in the towel when the going gets tough. good job on your food choices!! and good luck with your upcoming week :)

V on 07/18/2011:
Sad isn't it?? Also it help you put things in perspective as far as your life...What an awesome friend you are :) Have a wonderful day my friend and conrats on healthy choices :)

thinkpositive on 07/20/2011:
Nice that you could help out. It's the children who will be hurt the most in the long run, unfortunately.

shaunnac - Friday Jul 15, 2011
(walking and eatting healthy)
Weight: 221.0

YAY it works. Ok sooo I got chinese food for lunch with the rest of my coworkers. I got Beef and Broccli with fried rice. Half way through my fried rice I came across a roach in my food. It was dead, like been cooked into my rice.   I got sent home after not being able to stay out of the bathroom. I ended up having to pull over on my way home nothing more fun than puking in a florida thunderstorm. I feel rather icky. However the silver lining in this is: I am done with ordering out. This will be a great chance for me to get back into the habit of bringing my own (roach free) food from home. ugh. I can't even keep water down. going to go lay down I am very tramatized.

Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 46 lbs to go!

nomoreforme on 07/15/2011:
gross! that would put me off Chinese food for at least... a month!

Umpqua on 07/15/2011:
Oh man, that's horrible! I've also had problems with Chinese places adding MSG, which makes me feel yucky. You really have to be careful where you order from. Hope you feel better later.

tbell1389 on 07/15/2011:
Oh my gosh thats terrrrible. im cringing just thinking about it. I would be equally as traumatized i hope you got your money back! on a positive note like you said you dont ever want to order out again!! hope you feel better

V on 07/15/2011:
:( OMG!!!That is beyond disgusting I am so sorry...

V on 07/15/2011:
I hope you plan to call that fn place today :(

moogy on 07/16/2011:
Oh yuck! No more food from that place. Cottage Pie is lean minced beef, celery, onion, celery, a little oil, one pkt dried vegie soup. Soften vegies in oil and then add mince and brown, add worcestershire sauce (1tbsp) and soup, plus 1 cup water. Simmer for half an hour. Meantime make some mashed potato. Pour meat mix into a low rectangular baking dish, top with mashed potato (I just use hot milk and white pepper in mine), top with grated cheese. Bake for 40 minutes until browned. This serves me six times. It would be plenty for a family.

h82bfat on 07/16/2011:
OMG!!! That's horrible! Almost makes me not want to ever eat out at a restaurant again either.... That woulda really thrown me for a loop too - hope you're feeling better today.

moogy on 07/16/2011:
We call it shepards pie if we use lamb (hence the shepard)and cottage if we use beef!!!

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