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skinnygrlwithin - Monday May 11, 2015
(Unprocessed Foods & Working Out)
Weight: 141.6

Good morning everyone!

It's been awhile... about a month I think... my work schedule has just been really hectic. It's still pretty busy but I wanted to make a bit more time for this part of my life, ya know give myself more of an opportunity to focus on myself. I've been doing pretty well I think... still haven't really lost any weight, or inches for that matter haha.. but I have noticed some minor changes in my physical apperance, strength and endurance so I'm happy with that. 

With my wedding (9/19/15) and my good friend's wedding (6/27/15) quickly approaching I've decided it's time to be a bit more strict with myself and really bring it home strong. I'm still not happy with how I look in pictures and I don't want to have to worry about that for these up coming weddings. So... GAME ON!

My goal as far as here is to record EVERYTHING I eat as I eat it...same goes for exercise. Any support and encouragement you can provide is always helpful. 

I'm also trying to avoid the scale, it makes me too emotional - so I've just been sticking with measurements and pictures - I'll be recording my measurements once every two weeks.

My Wedding Countodown: 131 days

Friend's Wedding Countdown: 46 days

Measurements: Legs: 24" Hips: 40" Waist around belly button: 34" Natural waist: 30" Chest: 36"


Breakfast: Large unsweetened iced tea and 1/2 cup oatmeal: 150 calories

Snack: apple: 60 calories

Lunch: 2 grilled chicken drum sticks with homemade BBQ sauce and a 1/2 cup of homemade black bean salad (black beans, carrots, bell peppers, onion, parsley, feta and homemade dressing): 360 calories

Snack: mixed nuts: 160 calories

Snack: 1/2 cup cottage cheese and a side salad with celery tomatoes carrots, cranberries and cheese: 150 calories

GOAL: Under 1300


30 minute ab circuit - in between each set (I do 3 sets of 15 of whatever the workout is) I do 10 burpees using a bosu ball so I end up doing 100+ burpes throughout the circuit.

Progress as of today: 5.8 lbs lost so far, only 21.6 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 05/11/2015:
Our anniversary is 9/18, good time of year for a wedding :) We are really close on our weights and measurements and I've also been trying to focus less on the scale and more on strength and tone. Very healthy approach!

skinnygrlwithin on 05/11/2015:
Yes.. I'm excited and hoping we'll have nice weather! Thank you! It definitely just seems like a better way to track progress.

OhioRaven on 05/11/2015:
Use a Calorie Calculator.

skinnygrlwithin on 05/11/2015:
Thank you! Yea I forgot to mention I also record everything on myfitnesspal ... however I don't record all the little things, so I agree... tracking calories will be very helpful.

puddles on 05/11/2015:
Welcome back good to hear from you. Good luck

skinnygrlwithin on 05/11/2015:
Thank you!!

grannyannie on 05/11/2015:
Welcome back and good luck.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/11/2015:
oh boy how weddings suck lol...this is one thing I hate about weddings! my sister gets married next year, 4/2 and I am actually planning many days off before so I can get my act together! haha and days off in winter for exercise...all for her wedding. I hope to have my act more together than I do now....and hope my ankles and legs will be strong for dancing...I think so :)

skinnygrlwithin - Thursday Apr 09, 2015
(Unprocessed Foods & Working Out)
Weight: 141.6

Hey everyone!

So I had a very frustrating experience with scales this morning... I got on the scale at the gym, which is normally about 1-2 pounds different than my scale at home, makes sense because I'm wearing clothes at the gym when I get on the scale. So this morning I got on the scale at the gym and it said I was 140... so exciting right? WRONG... when I got home and got on my scale it said I weight 146... 146!!!! I am very confused about the huge discrepency in the numbers. My scale is digital which I've never really liked... but either way it was so frustrating because I started off my morning really good, at the gym, got a good workout in, loved the number I saw on the scale, it made sense, a small downward trend from my recorded weight, but a downward trend none the less...and then I get home and it says I'm 6 pounds heavier!!! 

I'm trying not to think about it and just go on with my day...

So like I said I got a good workout in this morning and my food and water have also been pretty good. Looking for another strong positive day tomorrow too... trying to get into the morning workout thing again.

I hope everyone has a happy healthy and productive day!


Breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal: 150 calories

Snack: Banana: 100 calories

Lunch: Homemade ramen (homemade dashi, bok choy, carrots, onions, mushrooms, shallots, clams, and udon noodles.): 350 calories

Snack: 1/2 cup cottage cheese: 80 calories

Snack: 1/2 cup trail mix (nuts, seeds, raisins): 130 calories

Snack: carrots and celery: FREE

Dinner: TBD


40 minutes on the stair stepper

Progress as of today: 5.8 lbs lost so far, only 21.6 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 04/13/2015:
I don't weigh on any other scales than the one I started my journey with. If I do, I'll obsess too much.

Maria7 on 04/14/2015:
Best to stick with one scale...any others are usually higher or lower...the doctor's office scale is usually higher, I've found. Maybe change the batteries in your digital, just to be sure??? cause digitals will sometimes not weigh correctly if the batteries need changing...just a suggestion... :-)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/18/2015:
I agree with maria...but also, don't you see how the scale is what determined your moods!?!? that's why I HARDLY use the scale. more often, I judge my weight on how my clothing fits. I neglect to use the scale for exactly the reason above, I can't let it always impact how I feel...not worth it.

skinnygrlwithin - Wednesday Apr 08, 2015
(Unprocessed Foods & Working Out)
Weight: 141.6

Good morning everyone!

I had such a good day yesterday... I ended just around 1300 calories and the day in generally was definitely very motivating! I had a good spin class and a delicious dinner (pan seared halibut in butter, parsley and shallots, brussel sprouts, whole grain rice with parsley and sliced tomatoes.) 

I'm hoping today is just as successful. The plan is to sign up for another spin class and finish up making my homemade ramen. 

I hope everyone has a happy healthy and productive day!


Breakfast: I went to our local co-op and got a broccoli and cheddar fritatta and sauteed mushrooms - I'm not totally sure on calories so I'm going to estimate it at 500 calories in all? Might be a little high, but I'd rather be too high than too low.

Snack: fresh berry smoothie (strawberries, blueberries, bananas and apple cider): 200 calories

Lunch: TBD - probably a salad

Snack: 1/2 cup cottage cheese: 80 calories

Snack: celery and carrots: FREE

Dinner: Homemade ramen - it has bok choy, onions, shallots, carrots, udon noodles and maybe clams or soft boiled eggs.

GOAL: 1200-1400 calories


 Spin class

Progress as of today: 5.8 lbs lost so far, only 21.6 lbs to go!

puddles on 04/08/2015:
Congrats on your great day what a good feeling. Wishing you another good one today.

Umpqua on 04/08/2015:
Great work and your menu looks fantastic!

skinnygrlwithin - Tuesday Apr 07, 2015
(Unprocessed Foods & Working Out)
Weight: 141.6

Good morning everyone!

Yesterday went pretty well...but not according to plan. I wanted to make that soup that I mentioned yesterday, but I forgot to grab the recipe when I left work and when I got to the grocery store the website was down! I came in around 1400 calories for the day though... a bit higher than I'd like  I also decided to run errands instead of working out ... I don't do well with staying on track with my workouts or eating well if I don't feel organized.

Today I'll be heading to the gym after work for spin class... I LOVE spin class. It'll probably kick my a** too since I haven't been to the gym in awhile. YIKES!

Also I'm setting a mini goal for myself... by the weekend of April 17th my goal is to be down in the 139 range... I think that's pretty reasonable. 

Well I hope everyone has a happy healthy and productive day!


Breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal: 150 calories

Snack: banana: 100 calories

Lunch: We're ordering out at this local italian place for a co-worker's birthday... I think I did pretty good. I went with a greek salad, no feta, dressing on the side... should be right in line with my new ground rules: 230 calories

Snack: celery and carrots: FREE

Snack: cottage cheese: 80 calories

Dinner: TBD but I think I'll be making halibut tonight - will estimate calories later

GOAL: 1200-1400


Spin class


Progress as of today: 5.8 lbs lost so far, only 21.6 lbs to go!

puddles on 04/07/2015:
There is a lot to be said about being organize I also need a organized day and that is why I always have my todo list with me or I forget something. Your doing good have a great day.

thinnside40 on 04/07/2015:
Hope you enjoyed your day!

skinnygrlwithin - Monday Apr 06, 2015
(Unprocessed Foods & Working Out)
Weight: 141.6

Good morning everyone!

Well my busy season is finally over and it's time to refocus on me!! I'm excited to continue down this unprocessed path I've been following and now that I have more time, I'd really like to put more effort into making this a priority for me...it needs to not just be a diet that I can flip on and off it needs to be a permanent lifestyle change. With that in mind I've established some ground rules for myself and I look foward to the challenges ahead. 

With the race coming up I've also been trying to establish a rigirous yet reasonable workout schedule... but I definitely know that I need to be working out about 5-6 days a week, at least 2 of which should be dedicated toward training for the race.

Well that's really everything... I hope everyone has a happy healthy and productive day!


Breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal: 150 calories

Snack: 2 kiwi and a handful of grapes: 170 calories

Lunch: Salad with hummus, black beans, walnuts, wasabi peas, cucumbers, carrots, raw onions and a splash of balasmic vinegarette: 

Snack: 1/2 cup cottage cheese: 80 calories

Snack: Green pepper and carrots: FREE (I won't be counting calories from vegetables)

Dinner:  I found this great ramen noodle recipe on mynewroots.org so I'll be making that tonight. How delicious does that look????

Amen Ramen // My New Roots

GOAL: 1200-1400 calories 


It'll depend on the weather - if it's not raining I'll probably go do my 6.65 mile loop again (run/walk) - if it is I'll go to the gym and do a combination of cardio and upper body. I also should add today is my first day with my brand new standing desk!! So that'll be a bit of a workout too!



Progress as of today: 5.8 lbs lost so far, only 21.6 lbs to go!

puddles on 04/06/2015:
I definitely hear determination. Have a great day.

Umpqua on 04/06/2015:
Very exciting that you're training for a race. Your workout schedule sounds aggressive and I'm sure you'll get the job done! My husband has a standing desk at work and loves it, he has trouble sitting all day.

skinnygrlwithin - Tuesday Mar 31, 2015
(Unprocessed Foods & Working Out)
Weight: 141.6

 Good morning everyone!

It's been a long time since I've been on to post... my busy season is just finishing up at work... thank goodness... I'm in desperate need of a really long nap! I just wanted to pop in quickly to say hello and update my weight. I've managed, despite 16+ hour days and no opportunity to work out, to continue to drop about 1/2 a pound a week just by controlling my eating. Saturday when all is said and done I will start my workouts again. I should be rested up by then and feeling more like myself. I signed up for a 15k in July, I thought it would be really good motivation for me to really push my workouts... and it will also be a check off on my bucket list! 

Well I hope everyone is doing well... I'll be back next week to start my regular posting again. Until then... I hope everyone has a happy, healthy and productive rest of your week. 

Progress as of today: 5.8 lbs lost so far, only 21.6 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 03/31/2015:
Sounds great. You're losing and that's good! A race is good motivation for getting back to training.

puddles on 03/31/2015:
Congrats and wishing you a great week.

thinnside40 on 03/31/2015:
GOod job!

Umpqua on 04/01/2015:
Great work and I'm glad the madness is almost over for you!

skinnygrlwithin - Wednesday Feb 18, 2015
(Unprocessed Foods & Working Out)
Weight: 143.8

Hey everyone!

I know it's been a long time but I want you to know that I've been continuing on with my weightloss/getting healthy journey.  It's been about a month and a half now of consistenly hitting my calorie goals every week (1200 net - i.e. sometimes I eat my extra workout calories) and working out at the gym about 4-5 times a week. I'm sorry I haven't been on in awhile, I've just been so busy at work - but like I said, I have been keeping track on myfitnesspal every day.

I jumped on today quickly because I was hoping I could get some advice or opinions... so like I said I've been consistent for the last month and a half now but despite the consistency I've seen almost no weight loss (as you see by the numbers below - the current recorded weight isn't even current, it's just the lowest I've seen so far), no inches loss, and my clothes aren't fitting any differently... so basically what I'm saying is I've seen no change what so ever.

I'm thinking I'm going to have to get ridiculously strict - maybe try it out for two weeks and cut everything out (even though in all honesty I think I'm eating good right now). I eat around 1200-1500 calories a day of almost completely clean unprocessed foods (no sugar, white flour etc.) with some higher calorie intake over the weekend. I'm thinking of maintaining the calories at this level but apply it to every single day (weekends too), and add an extra day or two of workouts in there. I don't know what else to do. Anyone else been this consistenly good for this long and seen absolutely no results?

Progress as of today: 3.6 lbs lost so far, only 28.8 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 02/18/2015:
Good job on continuing on track. I've had long plateaus which are frustrating. Usually I juggle calories - high and low on different days, change workout, and often it works.

Umpqua on 02/18/2015:
Hey, it's good to see a post from you! You've got your work cut out for you on the FB front (I have similar types of family members and I really try to limit my FB interaction with them to keep my blood pressure in check LOL).

It sounds to me like you're already being pretty strict with the calories and the workouts. That's pretty much the range I do, except I go slightly higher, maybe 1,600 on workout days. On weekends I try to keep it under 1,800 although I'm trying to cut that back a bit. Have you tried zigzagging like Annie suggests? Maybe go higher on some days to shake up your metabolism a bit? It's possible your calories are too low overall and your body is being stubborn and holding on to every bit of weight. I know I'd have trouble being so strict 7 days a week and it would end up backfiring, but that's just me.

nenak on 02/18/2015:
You need to shake up.your routine food and exercise as.it.sound s like your bodies got into a.pattern and needs a shake up x

skinnygrlwithin - Tuesday Jan 27, 2015
(Unprocessed Foods & Working Out)
Weight: 144.0

Good morning everyone!

Just checking in ... we didn't get hit nearly as hard as they said that we would so I easily made it into work today. I'm sad though because I assumed that we were going to hit hard so I didn't set my alarm to even see if I could make it to the gym so I didn't make in there today. Oh well.. I did say 6 days at the gym, so today will just have to be my day off. 

Lots to do at work so I have to go... but I hope everyone has a happy healthy productive safe and warm day! 

Progress as of today: 3.4 lbs lost so far, only 29 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/27/2015:
Glad to hear that it was not has bad as you expected. Wishing a great day.

thinkpositive on 01/27/2015:
I guess the blizzard hit the coast. Not sorry to have been spared as well.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/27/2015:
glad you are ok and were able to make it into work. My office was closed today.

thinnside40 on 01/27/2015:
I always fear when they predict like they have that it won't happen and everybody ready for it.. But then, sometimes it's later than anticipated and/or no warning... Glad your o.k.!

skinnygrlwithin - Monday Jan 26, 2015
(Unprocessed Foods & Working Out)
Weight: 144.0

Good morning everyone!

Well today is technically my offical weigh in day but I had some salty stuff over the weekend my weight was up a little bit from my recorded weight. I'm not worried about it... I ended last week with an extra 800 calories for the week and I've been hitting the gym faithfully so I'm not going to let that number affect me. 

This weekend is superbowl and we're heading to getmeback's house for a superbowl party...WOOHOO! Now... to ensure I don't feel too guilty about my endulgences this week I will stay at 1200 every day and get at least 6 days of solid workouts in. Then I won't feel so bad about potato chips and pizza. The northeast is getting hit with a big storm starting this afternoon so I'll decide whether I go to the gym tomorrow morning or do some smaller at home workout. The gym is only about a quarter mile from my house so I'm hoping I'll be able to make it.

I hope everyone has a happy healthy and productive day...and if you live in the Northeast...STAY SAFE AND WARM!


15 minutes real stair stepper level 5 up hill program

30 minute arc trainer level 10 up hill program


Breakfast: 3 oz of fresh squeezed oj (my parents sent me oranges from FL YAY!), 2 eggs scambled in butter, half slice of whole wheat toast with butter, 1/2 sausage patty and 1/6 of a pancake - I had a little stuff left over from my breakfast on Sunday so I'm eating it up slowly: 345 calories

Snack: 3 hard boiled egg whites: 50 calories

Lunch: A mexican abundance bowl: 1/2 cup brown rice, 1/2 cup red beans, about 3-4 oz of chicken breast, pickled cabbage, massaged kale, tomatoes and peppers in olive oil and hot sauce: 405 calories

Snack: 1/2 cup cottage cheese

Dinner: If I'm at work late - chicken soup - if not I'm not sure.

GOAL: 1200 

Progress as of today: 3.4 lbs lost so far, only 29 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 01/26/2015:
Please be careful if you venture out tomorrow, around here they're telling us not to leave home. Your foods sound clean and healthy today!

puddles on 01/26/2015:
Your right it might be safer to stay in and not venture out to the gym tomorrow. It really sounds like it will be bad. Have a great day.

nenak on 01/26/2015:
Hope your safe and warm take care x

museumgirl on 01/26/2015:
fresh oranges, what a treat! stay safe!

thinnside40 on 01/26/2015:
Bought my Super Bowl t-shirt today... :)

skinnygrlwithin - Friday Jan 23, 2015
(Unprocessed Foods & Working Out)
Weight: 144.0

Good morning everyone...

Lots to do at work so I just wanted to log in quickly to say hello... I'm alive...and update my weight. I jumped on the scale this morning just to see where I'm at... definitely not expecting to have lost anything because it's my TOM... BUT low and behold I'm down a pound and a half from my weight this Monday... reaching the goal I set for myself on Monday! Woot woot!! I will try and get down another half pound by my offical weigh in this monday!

Have a nice weekend everyone!!! 

Progress as of today: 3.4 lbs lost so far, only 29 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/23/2015:
Congrats - good job keep it up. Have a great day.

thinnside40 on 01/23/2015:

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