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sleepyRN - Saturday Jul 13, 2013
(calorie counting)
Weight: 230.0

So far I'm at 1180 cals for the day. Dinner will be grilled chicken sandwich and fruit and yogurt parfait from MacDonalds bringing my days end calories to my goal of 1600 :)

On another note, I got the job!!! Training starts the 22nd. I'll have pretty much the same schedule as my husband. That is so important to me. Also, we picked an apartment and will be moving out if my MILs house August 29th. I'm so excited. I feel I've worked for this for so long. My MIL is already crying to my husband about him leaving. Trying to guilt trip us. I'm not an M.D. but I am a nurse with a great deal of experience with psychiatric patients, and I am absolutely convinced she has Histrionic Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It has been very trying living with a MIL with such severe mental issues who blames me for "stealing" her son from her. The man is 35. Anyway, I will soon no longer have to deal with it anymore. Except if/when we have kids.

Well, I'm happy I stuck with my goals today. I hope you all did too.

Progress as of today: 25 lbs lost so far, only 55 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 07/13/2013:
Congratulations on getting the position that you wanted. I am very happy for you! Good job on goals today. Whew - MIL sounds like a "doozy". I understand mothers teasing about DIL "stealing" baby boy, etc....but 35 and all, geez. Glad you will be moving out and become mistress of your own house!

sleepyRN on 07/13/2013:
Thank you so much for your reply. My MIL literally burst into tears anytime we talked about moving out. Obe time she stomped by my door and screamed at the door F'in B$#@&!!! Completely out of nowhere. She simply gad heard from her daughter that my husband and I were making plans to get our own place. It sure made me eat out of stress lol

V on 07/15/2013:
Congrats on the position even more exciting getting your own place you MIL sounds like a nightmare! Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

sleepyRN - Tuesday Jul 09, 2013
(calorie counting)
Weight: 230.0

I ended the day well with my goal of 1600 cals. I did an hour and a half of leisurely walking (aka shopping). My legs are sore from the sandles I was wearing.

So I had my phone interview today for a nurse case management position. I need to go in Thursday for some testing, like questions on medications.) Then Ill meet with the manager, and she has the final say. So, fingers crossed! :)

Progress as of today: 25 lbs lost so far, only 55 lbs to go!

desertrose on 07/10/2013:
I think shopping might be my favourite form of exercise! Good luck with the job.

Umpqua on 07/10/2013:
I hope all goes well with the new job. Keep up the great work!

legcramps on 07/10/2013:
Awesome, great job! I'm crossing my fingers for you :)

biscottibody59 on 07/11/2013:
Thanks for your comments--hope you're doing well today!

sleepyRN - Sunday Jul 07, 2013
(calorie counting)
Weight: 230.0

Starting the day off great with oat flakes cereal for breakfast, now Im sippin on my low cal nonfat Chai Latte. One of my favorite things to do, expecially when Im stressing about something, is grabbing a good book and reading at Starbucks. I spent over an hour at home fretting about my next career move and researching jobs. I realized the anxiety and frustration were building, so I decided to give it a rest just for the time being, and come here to relax my mind.

Speaking of: Yesterday I was here for over an hour, reading and texting my friend. The ENTIRE time there was a creepy looking guy, perhaps late 50's (Im 31, look about 23) just staring at me. It really gave me the creeps. I watch a lot of reality murder type shows, so in texting with my friend I told her, mostly jokingly (we do that a lot) "If my body is found murdered, this wacko probably did it." My friend told me to try to get a pic of him on my phone so I actually did. It is the creepiest picture. I was able to capture him tilting his head up peering over someone's shoulder staring at me. And there's no way he could tell I was taking a picture. The angle was perfect so it just looked as if I were texting. I need to lay off on Investigation Discover LOL.

Progress as of today: 25 lbs lost so far, only 55 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 07/07/2013:
Hi ya', Sleep ! Sauerkraut is actually my BEST diet food. Don't let the Creeper get ya.

michgal on 07/07/2013:
I remember you as starlight as well! please ask feeleebubs to give an update over here, it's been so many years and she was so successful at losing weight! was she able to maintain her loss? yes, she was very inspiring!! =)

V on 07/08/2013:
Yikes on the creepy guy, happy to hear you made it out of Starbucks in one piece..LOL Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

hollybelle on 07/08/2013:
Yes, watch out for the weirdos!!

MrsD on 07/09/2013:
LOL I take sneak peaks of weirdos too, just in case LOL. Such a nice treat to sit and enjoy a latte and a book! Have a great day!

sleepyRN - Saturday Jul 06, 2013
(calorie counting)
Weight: 230.0

Great day so far. Got some cute low price sandals, found a pretty bra that fits (that never happens, Im a 44 DDD) and the straps look cute with my summer tops I recently bought. Right now Im waiting to get my eyebrows done, then im going to make lunch and go tanning for the first time in months. Im so pasty. And severely vitamin D deficient which I still have a month left to go of taking my Vit D prescription. Then afterwards Ill do my walk away the pounds DVD:)

Ive had anxiety lately over what to do with my career. Ive been obsessing today, going back and forth on 2 options. Do I want to go back to bedside nursing or do case management? Im so confused. So I decided to get out of my head and get out of the house. Hence the shopping, tee hee. But hey, I only spent 30 bucks including the eyebrow wax Im about to have done. Have a great day all! Keep up the good work OR get back on track, whichever applies to you.

Progress as of today: 25 lbs lost so far, only 55 lbs to go!

sleepyRN - Friday Jul 05, 2013
(calorie counting)
Weight: 230.0

Good afternoon all. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday :) I had a nice relaxing day with my husband. I made salad with low fat blue cheese dressing with dinner. After dinner I peeled an apple and put it on the skillet and sprinkled cinnamon over the slices. It was delicious. I remember I used to like to freeze a banana and then put just a tad of chocolate syrup over it. Great snack. Its like a sundae without the ice cream. The banana is filling enough, so no ice cream needed :)

I took a nice walk today. I still have to do my walk away the pounds DVD later. Ill check in later. Have a great day!

Progress as of today: 25 lbs lost so far, only 55 lbs to go!

V on 07/05/2013:
Hope you had a good Independence Day :)

Umpqua on 07/06/2013:
The apple and banana desserts both sound yummy. Hope you have a good one!

sleepyRN - Thursday Jul 04, 2013
(calorie counting)
Weight: 230.0

Going grocery shopping today. I need to buy some light, low carb snacks to keep my blood sugar steady throughout the day. It helps so much with cravings and keeping hunger away. Low fat yogurt and apples are great. I used to like to cut up apples and put them on the skillet and sprinkle with cinnamon. Great healthy snack. Im having kung pao chicken for lunch. Ok in cals, crappy in cholesterol and sodium :/. Just need to keep it light the rest of the day.

Progress as of today: 25 lbs lost so far, only 55 lbs to go!

Transformation on 07/04/2013:
Great snack idea with the yougurt, apples and cinnamon. I'll have to try that .... it sounds yummy! Have a great day!

sleepyRN - Wednesday Jul 03, 2013
(calorie counting)
Weight: 230.0

So my goal weight for January 1st is 175. To lose 2 pounds a week at my current weight, I can consume around 16-1700 cals with moderate exercise. Of course as I continue to lose, that number will drop. Since Ive changed my goals mid day and have already consumed many calories today (due to my caramel macchiato :) I will end today around 2250 calories. (At least its still under my daily weight maintenance) Tomorrow starts my first day of my goal to stay under 1700 cals (peferably 1600.) Im feeling confident about this because for many months now, overeating has not been an issue. Exercise is my main issue. So my goal is to get moderate exercise in most of the week. (5-6 days)

Off to make lunch now. Good luck to everyone :)

Progress as of today: 25 lbs lost so far, only 55 lbs to go!

Tangalyn~ on 07/03/2013:
best of luck with ur plans :) u can do this!! have a wonderful day

sleepyRN on 07/03/2013:
Thank you :)

V on 07/03/2013:
Sound like a good plan and i am sure you will succeed! Have a good evening :)

legcramps on 07/04/2013:
Great plan! Have an awesome day today :)

sleepyRN - Sunday Mar 31, 2013
(calorie counting)
Weight: 239.0

Of course I lost my entire post. I always did end up doing that here. Anyway, I've been a member since 2001, throughout the years, sometimes going 2 years without a post. Changed my name a few times. I'm back after almost a year. If you read my last post, that still sums up my life now. Except....my husband and I WILL be moving by at the latest end of summer. More like in 2 months hopefully. Yea! I will have a kitchen! I will be able to cook! One more exciting news. My little sister is getting married in December, and I'm her Matron of Honor. I'm looking forward to looking pretty in a beautiful dress, right next to my beautiful sister. I'm very much looking forward to being at that goal weight. (not the one on my meter, that's my ultimate goal weight) I'm going to go in and get some basic labs done. Lipid profile and whatnot to see where I stand starting off this journey (again). This time with the knowledge of being a nurse :) My blood glucose is good,so no diabetes. Heart rate and BP good. Catching it all in the nick of time. I'm almost positive my lipids are high though. So I'll work on that. Off for now, just wanted to update.

Progress as of today: 16 lbs lost so far, only 89 lbs to go!

Puddles on 03/31/2013:
Welcome back - I am new here and look forward to your posts. Good luck.

OhioRaven on 03/31/2013:
Yes, Welcome back. I'm new here too. This place has been really good to me.

hollybelle on 03/31/2013:
Welcome back!

sleepyRN on 03/31/2013:
Thanks :) I remember you.

V on 04/01/2013:
Welcome Back!!

sleepyRN - Monday Jul 16, 2012
(calorie counting)
Weight: 239.0

So I ended yesterday around 1650. As for today, it's way too hot outside to walk. I think ill do my walk away the pounds DVD I haven't exercised in almost a year. I attempted 10 minutes of Jillian Michael's 30 day shred, which is what my sister is doing. At my current weight and complete lack of endurance WATP is good enough for me. It gets my heart rate up enough and incorporates strength building. I don't like Jillian Michael's attitude. She comes across mean to me, not encouraging. Food remains a problem. I don't have a kitchen to cook bc my MIL is always in there (we have issues) Our power goes out whenever someone uses the microwave and doesn't make sure all the airconditioners are off. My MIL 's husband is Moody so a lot of the time I don't like asking him to turn his air off while I use the microwave. So I sit here starving until my husband gets home from work and every single day we get fast food. Let me tell you, plain grilled chicken sandwiches get old FAST. I can't wait to move out. My husband is 34 and my MIL cries every time we talk about moving. Craziness. I don't know what to eat : / ill try to find some cereal

Update: chicken salad, lots of veggies - onions, peppers, carrots, radish. Cals so far: 850

Progress as of today: 16 lbs lost so far, only 89 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 07/16/2012:
Welcome back to the DD! That's a tough predicament you are in with not really being able to cook. Salads and maybe those pre-cooked rotisserie chickens would work for at home meals? Good luck with your DVD - walking is a great way to get back into an exercise routine.

V on 07/16/2012:
Wow i can't imagine not being able to cook at home..I am sorry that you are going through this,it has to be pretty tough :( Hang in there, I hope you guys are able to move out soon

moogy on 07/17/2012:
It sounds complicated:( I hope you can figure out a way to feed yourself healthy food without having hassles:)

Kati on 07/18/2012:
Are you looking for additional support, motivation, and inspiration? Are you interested in getting to know us on a more personal level? If so, I have just the thing for you. The Diet Diaries Facebook group is a completely secret group that allows members to be more involved with individuals by participating in challenges and ongoing discussions about mental and physical health (as well as some fun non-health topics). Are you concerned about privacy? No worries, I created this group to be completely secret so your FB friends will NOT be able to see that you are a member of this group or the posts you leave on the group page. Its totally confidential!

If you want to join, all you need is a Facebook account! Just send a message to dietdiaries@ymail.com that includes your facebook page (go to your profile page and copy the web address that shows up in your browser into the email) and your DD name. Then, one of the three FB group administrators will answer your request with a FB friend request. Once you accept the friendship request, we will invite you to the group! :)

Hope to see you there!

sleepyRN - Sunday Jul 15, 2012
(calorie counting)
Weight: 239.0

Thank you all for the welcome back to DD. It has been many years! So I'm back from an unintentional week off of calorie counting. My sister is the one who got me back into losing weight. She inspired me. I'm 30, she's 21. She's always been just slightly overweight for her build. She's muscular like me. Well this last year she got up to about 215. But she took control of it in good time and is doing great back under 200. I've always had a hard time losing bc of a medical condition, but I've been on medication for it for almost a year now. I immediately lost 15 pounds then maintained without any change in eating habits for a year. If I weren't on the Med, I would have just continued to gain the weight. So this will be my first time trying to lose weight without the hormonal imbalance. I did lose 75 pounds once before and kept most if it off for about 2 years. Then I had a complete change in lifestyle and became very sedentary when I moved in with my then boyfriend (now husband) I don't know how today will go foodwise. Cramps are making me feel sick and all I want is my coffee. I hope I don't throw up : / The heat just makes it worse. I only have air-conditioning in my bedroom which is where I will just be resting all day. But as soon as I step into the hot bathroom (which I have to do frequently) I get so nauseous. Lots of cold water today. Update: thank God, I found left over pain meds from dental work. Bye bye cramps. Now, what to eat.....

Progress as of today: 16 lbs lost so far, only 89 lbs to go!

V on 07/15/2012:
Happy to hear that the cramps are gone :) Oh RYC Almond Breeze is great with the whey protein..I always get the unsweetened, coconut, it is deelish :P Hope the rest of the weekend is a good one for you :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/15/2012:
yeah, i cannot believe myself! I made myself so sick, I'm just glad I am home and relaxing :)

motivation is great, it's good to have a partner like your sister to lose weight and inspire you!

hollybelle on 07/16/2012:
Hope you feel better. Have a good one today!

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