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slimb4 - Wednesday Jan 19, 2011
(TOPS program Water 80 plus oz daily exercise)
Weight: 213.6

Hi everyone


I'm going to start again! wish me well.

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 23.6 lbs to go!

just42day on 01/19/2011:
Good luck to you! :)

tangalyn on 01/19/2011:
hello :) wishing u all the best of luck on ur journey :) hope u have a great day

V on 01/19/2011:
Welcome back, good luck!

emmy'smom-mom on 01/19/2011:
good luck!

hotflash45 on 01/19/2011:
Welcome, good luck to you!

legcramps on 01/19/2011:

chidogs on 01/19/2011:
Best of luck!

moogy on 01/19/2011:
Good luck to you!!

slimb4 - Wednesday Mar 29, 2006
(TOPS program Water 80 plus oz daily)
Weight: 199.0

Hi All

Second entry for this month, getting better! Today is my Tops day again. I have not been focused. so I don't expect any good news at weighin. I did start my 30M stretch/resistance band routine this week; I intent to add a daily 30M on my stationary bike. I think in the evenings a couple of hours before bed would be good. I've drank 40oz of water and had a fruit smoothie and coffee this morning. Plan lunch with friends, a salad with raisin toast and more water seems reasonable. Have a skinny day


slimb4 - Saturday Mar 18, 2006
(TOPS program Water 80 plus oz daily)
Weight: 199.0

Hi All

I've been off my diary for close to a year and gained 10lbs since last Nov. I just got back under 200lbs again! Wheeez. I've been wanting to get to the 180 range for several years but just won't knuckle down like I should. Me-self signing off for now. D

slimb4 - Friday Apr 15, 2005
(TOPS program Water 80 plus oz daily)
Weight: 197.0

Hi All, it's been a while since I reported in sooo thought I'd report I finally lost a whole lb. I'm trying not to get any negative notations in my weight passbook this month. Its the fifth week of no gain for me thats a milestone. I'm still into my water and physical routine. I'm going to eat more raw fruits and steamed veggies this week. Hope everyone has a Skinny day! Lov Ya D

jolt on 04/15/2005:
Yeah! Keep up the excellent work! I can't wait until I am 200 lbs (yippie 7 lbs to 199) Congrats,



slimb4 - Friday Apr 08, 2005
(TOPS program Water 80 plus oz daily)
Weight: 198.0

Good Morning all, had another 1/4lb loss sooo it beats a gain. I was installed as leader of our TOPS group Wed. We had a little ceremony & afterward a healthy brunch of fruits & veggie pizza made lite cream cheese. I've gotta do better than 1/4lb a week next Wed. However, I did get an award for 4weeks of consecutive losses ($2bucks) A first for this yo-yo. I'm exercising daily 1hr 30mins but still not eating skinny like I should. Ok! lets have a skinny one today! Lov Ya D

smiles75 on 04/08/2005:
Good job! a loss is a loss. Rejoice it that!!! We are around the same weight currently and I know we can meet our goals.

What is your goal?

jolt on 04/08/2005:
Congrats on your loss, any loss is agreat! Contrats on being a leader. You are doing great, keep up the awsume work.

Skinny thoughts to you


slimb4 - Sunday Apr 03, 2005
(TOPS program Water 80 plus oz daily)
Weight: 198.3

Good Morning Friends, Hope your day is great. We are having beautiful weather today. I've had a little stretch/wBands & a little coffee thus far. It's a day made for the garden. (clean up) ughh! but it pays off later; just like pushing away from the plate. I ate like a piggy yesterday so I'm getting back on course today. Cyndi our tops group lost over 25lbs last month so we're doing pretty good for now. You all have a skinny day right! Lov Ya D

Jennifer68 on 04/03/2005:
Good morning back 'atcha ;o) I've had cofee-- but have NOT moved my big 'ol butt yet, except to take the dogs out to go potty. We have 5 or 6 inches of heavy snow. Won't be ANY gardening going on here in Buffalo for quite some time. 'Have a skinny day'-- I LOVE THAT!(smiles)

jolt on 04/03/2005:
I love working in my garden, unfortunatly its the rainy season for me so I don';t get much done yet. My daffidils are happy though, and the tulips.

"Have a skinny day!" I love that!

Best of luck on your journey

Pat (aka jolt)

slimb4 - Friday Apr 01, 2005
(TOPS program Water 80 plus oz daily)
Weight: 198.3

Hi Friends, thanks muchco for the lov & support recieved. I only had a loss of 3/4lb Wed. but I'll take it with some grace. I try not to get disappointed & beat up on myself; hey friends thats 3 sticks of butter. I'm staying with the stretching/bands & my bike, on the days I don't go linedancing I ride 10miles after the floor exercises. Got to stay active. Have a skinny day! Lov Ya D

cynthia on 04/01/2005:
You'd better NOT beat up on yourself, 3/4 pounds is nothing to turn your nose up at!!!! We are proud of you .. how is your TOPS group going? xoxo Cyntha

slimb4 - Wednesday Mar 30, 2005
(TOPS program Water 80 plus oz daily)
Weight: 199.0

Hi Friends, I was up early to stretch/wBands & did 10miles on the bike; hope it helps out! I will be leting you know. Have a skinny day Lov Ya D

Jennifer68 on 03/30/2005:
WTG on the bike! You are doing great and should be proud! :) Jen

cynthia on 03/30/2005:
You go Missy ... you're in the zone for getting this weight off!!!! Cynthia

slimb4 - Tuesday Mar 29, 2005
(TOPS program Water 80 plus oz daily)
Weight: 199.0

Hi Friends, I'm drinking more H2O (80oz) Worked the yard today; its about 70 degrees here. I also did my regular exercise routine, you know the drill; stretch/w/bands, bike, linedance. Spend about 2hrs in the yard. Ate an orange, microwaved bacon & poached eggs with low calorie toast. I've got spinach & beet salad planted for dinner. TOPS tomorrow people. Lov Ya D

slimb4 - Sunday Mar 27, 2005
(TOPS program Water 60 plus oz daily)
Weight: 199.0

Happy Easter Friends, hoping everyone has a wonderful day. I'm on the case! Today did 30min on the mat w bands and 5miles on bike.(20)m. I took it easy and slow; needed to reflect and plan my day. well sort of because you know the best laid plans are subject to change. I'm having brunch with my daughter & grandson today so I must focus on fruits, salad & lean meats. I'll let u know how it works out OK! Lov Ya D

inmorning on 03/27/2005:
Thanks for the input on the bands. I saw those and thought they looked like they would be a good workout but wondered if they were just a gimick. I am thinking about getting some myself.

Soon2BThin on 03/27/2005:
Thanks for the advice on the line dancing. I'll check it out. It sounds like a lot of fun and great exercise. You have a good day and you're doing great!

Maria7 on 03/27/2005:
Happy Easter. Have a nice day!

Cynthia on 03/27/2005:
Hope you had a great visit with your daughter and grandson! Fruits and veggies ... lean meats ... that'll get you there! xoxo Cynthia

Jennifer68 on 03/28/2005:
Woohoo! Go YOU!!! jEN

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