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sweetpea1977 - Friday Mar 29, 2013
(Train Mean, Eat Clean, Live Lean!)
Weight: 167.0

Hey Y'all,

Just checking in. We had another round of illnesses hit our house. Mason was diagnosed with strep the day before his 2nd birthday. Then I started showing signs of illness so I was tested for strep. Thankfully it was negative. Then, Ethan got sick, but only got diagnosed with an ear infection. Mason lost a lot of weight since his 18 month check up, so he is now on a high fat diet to hopefully get back on track with his growth curve. He has gained 2lbs in 9 days, so its working. The boys got better and then I came down with severe digestive problems that made me lose 3lbs over night. I thought it was stomach flu, but it turned out to be severe reaction to a topical medicine for my face. A few days later, I suddenly developed a very high fever of 103.7. My husband rushed me and the boys to urgent care and I spent two hours laying on the exam table. I was tested for flu, but it was negative. They didnt know what it specifically was so they just called it a flu-like virus and gave me a really strong prescription to give me some relief in my sinuses and cough. I finally felt better after 3 days of rest. 

Im back up to my posted weight and I feel great. My gym sessions are going well and Im still practicing moderation when it comes to food and drink. Im proud of myself for maintaining my weight for so long. It would be nice to see a lower number (167 sounds so heavy to me), but I have to keep reminding myself that my body composition is completely different now. I much more muscular than I was 6 months ago! So, as long as my clothes still fit, Im going to try not to worry about the number asssociated with my body. 

As for hubby, he is trying to be healthier. He is going on hikes now, but still struggles with food and drink choices. But, I will take what I can get from him! 

I hope all is well with all of you. I will catch up with you soon! 

Progress as of today: 15 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

getmebackto150 on 03/29/2013:
Glad to hear from you! Boy have had a ROUGH winter... Hope things go better for you now! Yay for maintaining your weight loss!!!! Have a great day:)

Puddles on 03/29/2013:
After all of this it is bound to be on its way up to better things. Have a great weekend.

hollybelle on 03/29/2013:
Good to see your post! What a rough few months you guys have had. When it rains it pours - but hopefully it will be spring soon and no more raining - only blooming with health at your house! SO glad to hear you feel great NOW!

OhioRaven on 03/29/2013:
Wow ! Sounds like a real rough time with the illnesses. Hope everyone is good now. Thanks for checking in.

grannyannie on 03/29/2013:
Good to see you back but sorry you've had it so rough for so long! Hope things continue to improve with you! Have a good weekend. <3

Tangalyn~ on 03/29/2013:
its good to hear from u! im sure glad everybody is feeling better, sounds like some tough times.. hope u have a wonderful day!

V on 03/29/2013:
You already know what i am going to say about healthy and fit vs number on the scale.. Healthy and Fit WINS hands down! Good to see a post from you <3

liza36 on 04/01/2013:
Glad to hear from you and just know I am routing for your success! I'm sorry about all the sickness so here's to hoping that's all that's over with!

sweetpea1977 - Monday Mar 04, 2013
(Train Mean, Eat Clean, Live Lean!)
Weight: 167.0

Hi everyone,

Long time, no write. I apologize for that. A LOT has been going on with my personal life these last few months. In December, I developed a really ugly skin rash on my face. My home treatments only made it worse, so I finally got the nerve to set an appointment with a dermatologist. I was diagnosed with periorial and periorbital dermatitis and given prescriptions for minocycline and somt sort of topical gel. My insurance didnt want to cover the gel, because it was $327 per tube. So, I used organic face creams to help moisturize the skin. They stung at first, but slowly I healed. I finished off the antibiotics a few days ago, so fingers crossed that the rash is a one time thing. In the meantime, I had horrible PMS followed by a terrible period. It was so painful, unlike any other TOM I ever had in my life. The PMS signs seemed like early pregnancy symptoms and the TOM itself felt identical to the miscarriages I had right before I found out about Ethan and right before I found out about Mason. I never found out for sure if I was indeed pregnant, which Im thankful for because a part of me wanted another baby pretty badly. If I was, the baby wouldnt have survived anyway because of the strong derm meds I was put on shortly before the bleeding began. 

Speaking of babies, Ethan turned 5 in January is doing great in school. I worry how he is going to react when he graduates from Pre-K and has to stay home every single day in the summer, lol. Mason is turning 2 on Friday. I cant believe it! We're doing a small Sesame Street themed party with his cousins, aunt, and uncle on Saturday. His current obessions are toy cars, Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse, singing, and copying big brother. 

Weight wise, Im doing ok. I've been holding steady at this weight for a while by eating in moderation most days of the week (still struggling on some weekends) and keeping up with my intense gym workouts 3x/week. My personal training contract will end in September and my personal trainer is very interested is making me his workout buddy because I am a great motivator to him. This means, he wants to train me for free, which would be awesome because that would save me $280/month and I dont have to stick to a limited workout schedule! Plus, it would be super-nice to have an actual workout buddy who likes to work hard alongside me since my own husband refuses to do anything about his weight and blood pressure problems. 

Yea, he is back to his old ways again, even after the health scare In October. I've opened up about how scared I am for him and our future. He always brushes it off as a damn joke, which pisses me off big time. I know it has to be him who wants the change, but Im kinda sick of waiting for it to happen. It has been almost 6 years now and Im so unhappy with how he has let himself go. I work my ass off to be good looking for him and it makes me sad that he doesnt want to do the same for me. There is more to that story, but I'll keep that to myself because its really too emotional and personal to discuss on here. 

So thats why I've been away. I just feel like Im getting nowhere in my life and there is no point writing about the same stuff over and over again. 

Thanks to those who have thought about me while I was away. I hope get back to posting regularly when I get my own life back together! 

Take care of yourselves! 


Progress as of today: 15 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

lolla on 03/04/2013:
So glad you are back!!!! I remember your posts from before and I loved them. I can't believe your baby is 2 already, so happy they are doing great. Super welcome back, we have a group of really amazing people here right now. Good job keeping your weight and exercising!

sweetpea1977 on 03/05/2013:
Thank you so much!!

michgal on 03/04/2013:
Good to see you back... Don't wait too long next time! =)

sweetpea1977 on 03/05/2013:
Thanks! I'll try my best! :)

Puddles on 03/04/2013:
Hang in there. You are a strong person. Have a good day.

sweetpea1977 on 03/05/2013:
Thank you!

V on 03/04/2013:
I am so happy that you posted :) Thinking of you always, hope that all is sorted out soon <3

sweetpea1977 on 03/05/2013:
Girl, thanks for always having my back! <3

getmebackto150 on 03/04/2013:
So Happy to see a post from you! It brought a smile to my face... I hope things get better for you... Thinking of you!!!

sweetpea1977 on 03/05/2013:
aww, thanks girl!! :)

supercheese on 03/04/2013:
Girlll hang in there! You are one of the strongest people I know and have been my motivation to change my lifestyle. I can understand the husband being stubborn about changing his diet...hell see one day when he cant keep up with mason and ethan when there playing. Men are stubborn and it sucks. Thats amazing though about the personal training I bet you do look like a million dollars! Were all hear for you - hugs - !

sweetpea1977 on 03/05/2013:
Thanks sweetie!! That means so much to me!!

Yes, men are so stubborn. The ironic thing is that its SO much easier for them to drop the unwanted weight. I just dont get it!!

Umpqua on 03/04/2013:
You know how happy I am to see a post from you. And you know I can relate to a lot of the health issues you're dealing with on the hubby front. I'm not sure what the answer is there - mine tries stuff but ultimately doesn't stick to it. He has high cholesterol and his family has all kinds of health problems. He knows he has to change but changing daily habits is tough......Just thinking off the top of my head, but J is slowly making his way through Push and one of his Push goals is to lower his cholesterol. Would A be open to a book like that? Chalene can be very motivational ;) Hope to see many more posts from you. Sometimes writing things out in a public forum can be useful - you never know what kind of feedback or response you may get!

sweetpea1977 on 03/05/2013:
Thanks honey! Its so nice to have someone to share this problem with. I am so happy that J is joining you on your new food adventure.

A listens to downloaded books from Audible, so Im wondering if she has hers available on there? His main goal for 2013 is getting one of his boardgames published (he's getting close!). So, I could try convincing him to get it for that purpose...and maybe the healthy lifestyle thing will happen too.

Umpqua on 03/04/2013:
P.S. Our webmaster has made some improvements so now we can reply to comments on our own entries "in line" - in more of a forum format. Very cool!

sweetpea1977 on 03/05/2013:

OhioRaven on 03/05/2013:
Praying for you.Take care, we miss you !

sweetpea1977 on 03/05/2013:
Thank you I will try not to be a stranger!

legcramps on 03/06/2013:
Sweety i'm so sorry you're going through such a tough time right now. I do hope that hubby wises up soon and you can move on and forward to bigger and better things! Life can get so damn overwhelming sometimes. Hang in there, tough girl :)

sweetpea1977 on 03/06/2013:
Thanks girl!

sweetpea1977 - Tuesday Jan 15, 2013
(Train Mean, Eat Clean, Live Lean!)
Weight: 167.0

I've been away dealing with a family emergency since last Wednesday. Im emotionally drained and exhausted. I have lost my appetite and interest in doing anything. I was basically forcing myself to get basic nutrition in and my exercise done, because my body needs these things. However, last night, things hopefully changed for the better, so hopefully I can find a way to get excited about my own life again. My little family needs their happy loving wife/mommy  back.   

Exercise was going well until last night, when I had to cancel my gym appointment. I was just too exhausted to go. I havent slept well in a week and havent been able to eat much in the last 48 hours so I've been running on fumes. I went to bed early last night and feel a tiny bit better today. Im going to take it easy with exercise today and focus on getting more calories in so I can regain my strength. Tomorrow is leg day at the gym (my favorite day of exercise!) and I want to have a good workout. 

I swear, it feels like I've had nothing but obstacles to deal with for the last several months. I miss my  boring, stable, happy life! 

Progress as of today: 15 lbs lost so far, only 9 lbs to go!

Tangalyn~ on 01/15/2013:
sorry things have been rough.. hoping everything improves for u soon, have a good day :)

OhioRaven on 01/15/2013:
Praying things get better for you. Keep your spirits up. Take care.

Umpqua on 01/15/2013:
Please take care of yourself, that's most important right now. I think once you get to eating and feeling more like yourself you will find your way back to your "boring" regular life ;) Hugs to you!

supercheese on 01/15/2013:
oh no be happy!!! hope things are going your way soon! remember to breathe! :)

V on 01/15/2013:
Hopefully your "boring"(NOT) life resumes soon my friend..Please take care of yourself..P.S. Tomorrow is my leg day too :) You better fuel the machine so you can beast up my friend <3 Love you!!

IndependentEm93 on 01/15/2013:
Sorry things aren't going good.

legcramps on 01/16/2013:
Hope things are improving :)

liza36 on 01/16/2013:
Definitely take care of yourself, and I hope things improve soon. Hang in there, as I know you will!

sweetpea1977 - Tuesday Jan 08, 2013
(Train Mean, Eat Clean, Live Lean!)
Weight: 168.0

Despite the lack of scale movement, I have been doing well with calorie intake.  I've been dealing with TOM for a few days now, so Im sure some of the lack of movement is due to TOM bloat. 

Gym is going well. I broke my leg press record on Saturday. I have been pressing a max of 553lbs for the last couple weeks and Horace thought it was time to add to it. Horace tested me with 603lbs and I breezed through them pretty easily so he bumped me up to 12 plates, which is 643lbs. I did one set for legs and a set for calves. Yay! I am still his strongest female client. Double yay! He thinks I will be pressing 800 in two months. Triple Yay! :) Anyway, at the end of my workout, he told me that I was an inspiration to him. How cool that my trainer finds me inspirational? I love it!  

In my previous entry, I promised myself that I would resume my at home workouts. Even though I had forgotten that yesterday was a teacher workday, I still got a workout in. We did some calisthenics together. He loved it. :) Last night, I had a great chest, shoulders, and triceps workout with my trainer and ended with an hour of forward and backward intervals on the elliptical. 

Today, I will do some cardio and core work during Mason's nap. 

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 10 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 01/08/2013:
Excellent work with Horace and you do realize you're his prized pupil, right? ;) I hope you have a great day!

getmebackto150 on 01/08/2013:
Your gym progress is AMAZING!!! Good job getting in the at home workouts too! Have a great day:)

IndependentEm93 on 01/08/2013:
Have a great day!

OhioRaven on 01/08/2013:
You're a Tough Girl. I pity the fool that meets you in a dark alley.

supercheese on 01/08/2013:
holy 603 lbs? GEEZ woman thats amazing!!!

Kati on 01/08/2013:
603 LBS??? WOW, that's some serious weight, girl! You'll have Rambo legs, hahahah :=) Keep on! I want to see this Horace guy, pic pic pic pic!!!!!!! :D Of course you're his strongest female client, we're so well educated and take this very seriously (here and Facebook)... Call us obsessed, but certainly we're NOT afraid of putting on weight, as long as it's putting on the machine and not on our temples aka bodies, heheheh... About the CrossFit pics: This Saturday event was CrossFit, outdoors. Very interesting. It's good and demanding until a certain point, because there are limits - I guess if everyone would be a professional weightlifter, it wouldn't be easy to satisfy the demands on weight. In this case, the coach brings a few bars and some weights to put on, 2x 22 lbs, 4x 11 lbs, 4x 5,5 lbs... etc. etc. and a couple of heavier kettlebells. The "real deal" CrossFitters lift like 100+ lbs sooooo... I don't think it would be possible outdoors, not for teams though. I did CrossFit indoor too, and I have to say, it's not for me. It's not for someone who has implants in her spine... Weep Weep... but true. I'm so jealous of people who are in good health (and on the pic all the girls are mothers except me!) and can do it freely... CrossFit also requires to know the exercise basics, if not, injuries can be achieved easily... I know many who got injured on CrossFit classes. It's because it's very demanding and it's a "game of limits" : the most (!!!) reps, the most (!!!) weight, the least (!!!) time. We won by time (11 minutes) but the other team won because of the more weight. :P Who understands this? :D Well, this Saturday's program is the following:

FIGHT GONE BAD In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. We've used this in 3 and 5 round versions. The stations are:

. Wallball Shots: 20 pound ball, 10 ft target. (Reps) . Sumo Deadlift High-Pull: 75 pounds (Reps) . Box Jump: 20" box (Reps) . Push Press: 75 pounds (Reps) . Row: calories (Calories)

The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. On call of "rotate," the athlete/s must move to next station immediately for good score. One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point.

V on 01/08/2013:
Said it before and I'll say it again, you are a BEAST my friend!I am sure Horace is super duper proud of you! TOM arrived Sunday for me :( I feel your pain. Hope you had a stellar day :)

selina on 01/08/2013:
Hi Sweetpea! it's great to know you are doing well! Your legs are really strong!

nunnermack on 01/08/2013:
Errrr...WOW!! You are one strong lady!!! You go girl!!!

thenewMLE on 01/09/2013:
I'm always amazed at your strength and determination! congrats on getting the home workout in also. I enjoyed your eating healthy and budget post. You, my friend, are a fit momma!!

legcramps on 01/09/2013:
Way to go lady!

liza36 on 01/10/2013:
I've always been impressed with you, and hearing how much you lift - doubly impressed!! You are ROCK solid!

sweetpea1977 - Wednesday Jan 02, 2013
(Train Mean, Eat Clean, Live Lean!)
Weight: 168.0

Happy New Year! 

Ugh, what a mess I have made of myself these last few months. I did great with working out at the gym, but thats about it. I've done a lot of emotional eating and been super-lazy with formal exercise at home. Then the holidays hit and I went crazy around the sweets at Christmastime. I felt my pants get tighter around the waist, but it didnt stop me. Thankfully, I stopped the madness on New Years Eve. 

I weighed myself on NYE and was very depressed when I saw 169.2. Since that morning, I bumped up the protein intake and reduced my bread/sugar intake without changing my exercise routine. Im glad to see Im already down a pound. At the same time, Im not exactly sure how many pounds of fat I've gained because at the same time I've gotten drastically stronger at the gym ever since my sessions went from 1x/week to 3x/week. I think I will leave it a mystery for now because the number will probably just depress me.

Once Ethan returns to school on Monday, I WILL resume my at-home workouts. Thankfully, there wont be as many holiday breaks this semester so I'll be getting a lot of exercise in at home during the week for the rest of the school year.  Im not sure if I'll follow a specific at-home program since Im scared to death that doing so will hinder my 3x/week strength training performance at the gym, but I need to do something to undo this damage. I have 2 brand new Tony Horton programs that are begging to be used so I will find a way to add his classes to my packed gym schedule. I just have to be extra careful that these dvd workouts dont cause any harm to my weight training journey. 

As for food, I will be limiting grains (Im very addicted to them!) and alcohol as well as increase my intake of raw/steamed/sauteed veggies and fresh fruits,  lean proteins, and MUFAs.  I will enter my foods into my Bodymedia armband program to ensure Im getting enough protein for muscle growth, healthy carbs for energy, and healthy fats for a healthy heart. 

My main health goals for 2013 are to lose the extra fat pounds I've gained, to improve my cardio endurance, to improve my overall strength, to tighten my core, to continue decreasing my body fat percent, and to post more often on this wonderful website!

Progress as of today: 14 lbs lost so far, only 10 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 01/02/2013:
Great to see an entry from you! I'm basically planning the same thing as you with eating. I was going to try for an Atkins-esque 2-week low carb deal but I know that's not really the healthiest option and I'd be doing it to lose weight quickly. I'd rather focus on clean and lean eating! Have a good one!

supercheese on 01/02/2013:
Yay to see such a positive entry!!! Im gonna try the same as you. No more bread for me!!! Hope 2013 is great for you!!

getmebackto150 on 01/02/2013:
Yay, happy to hear from you:) I have been in the same boat as you lately, keeping up with some amazing strength workouts, but not so great with everything else... I too am going for the fact that my weight gain is at least in PART due to gained muscle... I'd like to tell myself its all muscle, but thats not QUITE true. Happy New Year:)

V on 01/02/2013:
Thanks for the hearty welcome back <3 Love your goals and I am sure you will reach them cause you rock! Have a great evening, Go Gators :)

hollybelle on 01/02/2013:
Well, your eating plans sound a lot like mine - limit grains and increase protein. I will addI haven't even done well with exercise! I gotta do better on that, for sure!

thenewMLE on 01/04/2013:
Happy New Year!!! Love your inspiring entry! You need to post more often. It's this type of plan that encourages people to get healthy for the right reasons - not just a number on the scale. I wish I was more interested in weight training, but right now I am looking to be more lean. My job is so sedentary I think that I would just bore those muscles to death!!! Have a great weekend!!

sailingeagle on 01/07/2013:
Hey there Sweetpea! Hope you have a wonderful New Year! It sounds like you have a wonderful plan! :)

sweetpea1977 - Wednesday Nov 28, 2012
(Train Mean, Eat Clean, Live Lean!)
Weight: 160.0


Long time, no write. Sorry about that!

I've been busy dealing with real life. We had a couple financial setbacks so I've been trying to cope with that as well as help my entire family recover  from a horrible flu-like illness that we caught right before Thanksgiving. We're all finally better after lots of rest and hydration. Thanksgiving went well. I did great with portions and avoided making any sort of dessert. I thawed out 4 thin slices of pre-made cheesecake that hubby bought from some neighborhood kid and we each enjoyed a slice. It was ok, but I think I make a much tastier cheesecake. :) 

Exercise at home has slacked a bit, mainly due to being so worn out from all the health and financial drama.  The good news is that I've been going to the gym and working hard with my trainer. He is constantly impressed by my strength. He knew my legs were strong, but lately my upper body has been catching up. I think splitting the upper workouts into two has really improved my back,  chest, and arms.  I will be sad when I have go back down to two sessions per week. I guess that means I should try to write up own workouts in advance so I can continue to get stronger. 

Mason is doing good. He is teething like crazy. I think I've seen 4 new teeth come in since Halloween. He is a notoriously picky eater now and Im constantly wondering how he lives off one real meal per day. He also seems to be entering the terrible 2's much earlier than when his brother did (2.5 yeas old). 

Ethan is doing well in school. He has been on a lot of school breaks since Halloween, but it hasnt seem to affect his behavior at school. He will be on Winter Break starting on Dec 20. This will be his longest break from school, but he will be plenty busy helping me with Christmas preparations, his dental appt, Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years Day, college football bowl games (my one loss Florida Gators are predicted to play in the Sugar Bowl!!!), and his 5th birthday on January 4th. 

So, with all the school breaks, I havent put forth much an effort to exercise at home. I feel so guilty about working out while he is at home now. I didnt feel this way before he started school in August. He has grown up a bunch since the first day of school and I worry that I will miss something when he is at home with me. So, instead of working out, we do activities together, mainly art projects and writing stories together. I love it! 

Anyway, once he gets back into school in January, Im thinking of doing a scaled down version of P90X+ Leans. I will not be following the program's schedule, since I like to keep my weekends spontaneous. Instead, I will prioritize the classes and make them work with my gym schedule. I need to do something to get myself over this plateau!

Progress as of today: 22 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

liza36 on 11/28/2012:
I'm sorry you've all had the flu - no fun, and financial issues - double no fun! It sounds though that you are coping as best you can. It's great to hear about your boys and nice to know they are doing well. Have a good one!

V on 11/28/2012:
I don't blame you for wanting to spend your free time with the kids.Your plan of action as far as doing your fave P90 classes in January..Wow can you believe how fast fall went by?? Have a great evening <3

Umpqua on 11/29/2012:
I'm happy to hear everyone is feeling better there and it sounds like you did really well over Thanksgiving. Good exercise plan moving forward in the new year!

sweetpea1977 - Monday Nov 12, 2012
(Train Mean, Eat Clean, Live Lean!)
Weight: 160.0

Hi Everyone,

A lot has happened since my last post. Some good, some bad. I'll spare you the bad news, but the good news is that I've been doing well with eating and exercise. I havent done much at-home exercise, but I have really increased my time at the gym. Most of my spare time at home has been devoted on finding ways to save money, researching no-salt diet recipes for my husband (Im enjoying the benefits from this change too!), and preparing for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Ethan's 5th birthday. Some other good news is that I became an aunt to two boys on Oct 19th. My baby nephew is so precious! Lastly, I turned 35 years old on Nov 7th which hasnt been easy for me to accept, lol. 

Anyway, I apologize for being away so much this fall. Its been a rough season for me so it hasnt been easy to come here and write about it. Fingers crossed I'll be back to posting regularly because I miss y'all a lot. Plus, this is the time of year that always ruins all my hard work, so posting here often will help me stay accountable. I dont expect to lose weight, but I am going to make it my mission to not gain weight during the next  7 weeks! 

Progress as of today: 22 lbs lost so far, only 2 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 11/12/2012:
Congrats, Auntie! 35 is still very young! Glad you're back.

RYC only trip I've been on recently was 4 days in Birmingham for a 60th birthday party for a friend. Great trip. Next trip is Uganda in January.

V on 11/12/2012:
Welcome back!! Don't be a stranger..RYC, girl I am not graceful either and BTW Danielle messaged me about barefoot fit test..She says it def helps with her speed with the drills so I am taking off the shoes for my FT Saturday..Yes i will let ya know how it goes ;) LOL Have a good workout tonight <3

getmebackto150 on 11/13/2012:
So happy to hear from you:) You are always such a positive and inspiring force! Look forward to more posts from you soon!

liza36 on 11/14/2012:
I'm glad you're back, and happy belated birthday! I had a recent birthday too and not happy about it either!

The changes your husband is making are exciting and you are such a great support system for him. Hope it continues to go well.

panda22 on 11/14/2012:
Hey I meant to ask you earlier, can you add me back to the FB group pretty please? Thanks!

thenewmle on 11/18/2012:
Congrats on being an aunt AND having a birthday! 35 is a wonderful time so embrace and enjoy it! I like your attitude about the holidays to not expect a loss but maintain your progress. I am going to try the same and even cut myself a little slack and enjoy a yeast roll again! I'm cooking for a smaller crowd but looking forward to it. Hope you had a great week!

sweetpea1977 - Thursday Oct 18, 2012
(Train Mean, Eat Clean, Live Lean!)
Weight: 161.0

I have been on a very turbulent roller coaster since Saturday. I've been dealing with lots of anger, frustration, and sadness concerning a loved one so I decided to take a few days off of this site. Thankfully, after a lot of talking and thinking, Im back on the path to happiness and I have a reason to post again. :) 

I have been doing well with my at-home workouts and eating but I havent been to the gym all week. My S-I-L has been dealing with labor pains and bleeding all week, so I went ahead and cancelled my 2 gym sessions for the week since I will be the one to care for her son (my energetic loud 3 year old nephew)  while she is in the hospital. If she doesnt have the baby on her own today, he will be delivered via c-section tomorrow morning. Yay! 

Some more exciting news - after years of pleas and hints to lose weight, my husband was finally convinced to make that change. He had a scary check-up on Monday and the doctor told him to make some changes, particulary his diet. He was instructed to do a very low sodium diet to lower his hypertensive blood pressure. So, I said to him that I would make all his meals and portion them out for him. He will no longer rely on pre-packaged meals, sodas, and fast food. I also said that he needs to eat a good breakfast at home, instead of waiting until lunchtime to eat (or sneaking fast food on the way to work). He is doing well with his intake - sticking to one serving, eating slowly, and drinking water (flavored and plain) with all his meals. He is still doing his hikes too. The best part of all this is that I think he is sleeping better and has more energy. He has been doing this for 4 days and his clothes are looking a little big on him already. Im so proud of him for finally taking charge of his health! 

Both of us also decided to cut way back on our alcohol intake. We were probably having a serving or two of alcohol most days of the week. Now we are going to try to reserve it only for the weekends and special occasions. 

Speaking of special occasions, our 7th wedding anniversary is on Monday. We're staying home since we dont have a babysitter as well as trying to save money. My original plan was to cook up a few tapas, but now that we have to watch our salt intake (our favorite tapas  are chorizo stuffed medjool dates wrapped with bacon and toasted manchego bagette slices!) , I will need to come up with a new plan. We want to have some red wine that night, so it will have to be something that goes with that. :)

Well, I need to get back to cleaning house. I hope to catch up with y'all next week when things are less crazy!


Progress as of today: 21 lbs lost so far, only 3 lbs to go!

IndependentEm93 on 10/18/2012:
C;mon baby! That's good that your hubby has changed his diet. My mother is on high blood pressure pills and cholesterol. Was he on any meds?

thenewMLE on 10/18/2012:
That's exciting that hubby is doing well with the change and that now you can do it together! It's amazing how fast guys lose weight. Those dates sound fantastic!! I like a Dubliner cheese and grapes with my red wine. Good luck to your SIL and I am glad to see you back!

Umpqua on 10/18/2012:
Excellent new on the hubby! Fruit and cheese with your wine is a great suggestion, or maybe some lower-salt tapas? Good to see an entry from you!

V on 10/18/2012:
I am so happy that you are back :) That is such wonderful news that your hubby is taking this serious :) Yeah I know all about how easy it is to over do it with the vino intake.. No more on "school nights" for me..Man all this talk of tapas, queso and vino is really making me want all of the above! LOL Have a good evening <3

hollybelle on 11/01/2012:
Glad your joy is seeping back in!!! Sometimes it takes a big wake up call from the doc to make a person realize they can't keep on the path they are on. I am sure your husband will not regret the changes and how fortunate he is to have an expert like you to help him. That's half the battle right there!

hollybelle on 11/01/2012:
P.S. And as you may remember - I made the decision to severely limit alcohol a LONG time ago and have been "on the wagon" for the most part for around 20 years!

sweetpea1977 - Wednesday Oct 10, 2012
(Train Mean, Eat Clean, Live Lean!)
Weight: 163.0

Happy Wednesday!

My 8 week challenge is going well. I finally feel like I have my groove back!

Monday's exercise was awesome. I did the 30 minute video from the 8 week challenge. Then at the gym I did chest, shoulders, triceps, core, and a little bit of back by accident. Horace and I are still trying to get used to the idea of working out 3 times per week. I ended the session with a 30 minute "rolling hills" speed walk on the treadmill and 30 minutes of backward and forward intervals on the elliptical. 

Yesterday, I did a 1 hour strolle walk, 30 minutes on the elliptical, and 1 hour of chasing 4 boys (neighbors kids and my kids) outside. 

Today, is the same 30 minute video from the 8 week challenge, a stroller walk with Mason, and gym. We're working on legs tonight, which is always the toughest workout so I'll probably do a lower intensity cardio workout afterward just to get my 10K steps in for the day. 

Eating is going really well. I changed my daily calorie intake goal to 2000 even and it seems to be working great. I've focused on lots of produce, lean proteins, one whey protein shake/day, only water and coffee (no beer or alcohol since Saturday), and cut way back on grains. I've only had 1.5 cups of cereal and 2 slices of bread for my grain intake this week, which is quite a change. :)

Im gonna try to keep this method of eating up until my wedding anniversary on the 22nd. We'll be celebrating at home due to my 2nd nephew being born the same weekend (we'll be watching our 1st nephew at that time), so Im gonna make it a special night involving homemade Spanish tapas, Spanish wine, and dessert. I will not be counting calories that day so I have to make sure all the days leading up to our anniversary are flawless, lol. Then I HAVE to get back on track the day after and stay on course because my 35th birthday is taking place 16 days later. Im sure that I wont be counting calories that day either. Then, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years will be here. I have to be on top of my game because I am an awesome holiday foods chef! :) 

Progress as of today: 19 lbs lost so far, only 5 lbs to go!

inmorning on 10/10/2012:
The anniversary plan sounds really nice. Have a great day.

Umpqua on 10/10/2012:
I have thought about trying your challenge or parts of it since I've put on a few pounds and need to rein it in. I'm going to try my usual food listing and see where I'm at by the end of next week, but if I get frustrated I may try it. Your anniversary plans sound wonderful!

liza36 on 10/10/2012:
So glad the exercise groove is going well. And it sounds like your adjustment in calories and foods is working for you. Lots of good events in the near future!

grannyannie on 10/10/2012:
Awesome exercise! Glad you're back on track.

RYC thanks!!

V on 10/10/2012:
Your Anniversary dinner plans sounds YUMMO :P..Keep up the awesome job Sweetpea, you rock out loud <3

legcramps on 10/11/2012:
Sounds like you're going to be busy for awhile! I love your anniversary dinner plans; yum!

Have a great day today :)

sweetpea1977 - Monday Oct 08, 2012
(Train Mean, Eat Clean, Live Lean!)
Weight: 164.0

I am finally seeing the end of my severe head cold. I think I had it for two weeks straight!

Things are going ok. I am really enjoying my 3 weight training sessions each week. Its nice to be able to break up that upper body workout into two workouts as well as being able to add some extra core work to the plan.

A few days ago, I got an email regarding an 8 week slim down challenge and decided to try it out as my at home workout. Its basically 30 minutes of various types of exercise each day and it gets more challenge as each week passes. I will have to modify their schedule so it will fit better into my weight training schedule. I just finished their week 1's video workout and enjoyed it very much! 

I took a big long break from counting calories and have gotten off track with my eating. So, I am starting it back up today and will be trying to limit myself to 1900 calories/day to encourage a some pounds to fall  back off. I have been doing a ton of weight lifting for the last several weeks, so I am unsure of how much of it is a true gain. All I know is that my arms, shoulders, butt, and thighs look great and feel stronger than ever so Im going to try my best not to stress about the number on the scale. I just need to focus on gaining better control of my eating habits so that my body is properly fueled. :) 


Progress as of today: 18 lbs lost so far, only 6 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 10/08/2012:
Glad you're finally feeling better. Your challenge sounds great.

liza36 on 10/08/2012:
Sounds like you are experiencing great side effects from all the workouts and weight lifting. That's awesome. I know it's hard to focus on so much at once (eating, exercise, kids and life) but I know you'll bounce back to better eating habits.

grannyannie on 10/08/2012:
Might just treat ourselves to the lodge. $305/night including all meals (gourmet). Also a park entrance fee of $35/each per day. But I do so love that place!

V on 10/08/2012:
I am sure you will succeed in anything you set out to do Sweetpea! I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better after being ill for 2 weeks..Hope that Horace has a nice pushup marathon in store tonight! have a great evening :)

thenewmle on 10/08/2012:
Glad you are feeling better! With the type of training you are doing I'm sure your muscle mass has increased but is also defined. It's always good to do a calorie check once in awhile to make sure you have developed the right instincts. How are the boys?

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