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thinkpositive - Sunday Feb 28, 2021
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


Sticking with Intermittent Fasting for now. Not a quick weight loss program for me. It does give me greater control to what I'm eating and I'm not eating any junk- or at least severely limited.

Basically skipping breakfast and stop eating after 8 , limited sugar, only wine a few times a week.

Will give it another month & reevaluate. 
Hope everyone is having a super day!

grannyannie on 02/28/2021:
How do you feel about fasting? Difficult or not?

thinkpositive on 02/28/2021:
I don’t think I will ever go for long fasts but the science makes sense. Not really convinced that my 16 hour fasts get me into what they refer to as period of fat burning. Some people really get into it with 24 hour fasts and also eating just one meal a day.

Donkey on 02/28/2021:
If you can do IF, I say go for it! There are a lot of benefits to having an IF schedule. If I could do it, I would.

horn_of_plenty on 03/02/2021:
yes, def let us know how it is going for you. eating works in different ways for different people, for sure :)

Maria7 on 03/02/2021:
We all have different things that work best for us. Hope you are having a good day.

thinkpositive - Saturday Feb 20, 2021
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0



Ok, I'm just a week and a half into intermittent fasting.  It is a new way of eating because for me I'm skipping breakfast. Stopping eating about 7 pm and then have lunch around noon dinner around 6. Trying to stick with no sugar, flour , potatoes, white rice  for my meals. Ideally I would be just eating two meals with no snacks but I've had trouble sticking with this part.  

I first read The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung. He mentioned intermittent fasting which led me to reading Fast, Feast, Repeat by Gin Stephens. There are all kinds of YouTube videos about intermittent fasting. And many types of fasting.

The reason I decided to try it was the research around insulin. I was one that was continually grazing. A few crackers, an handful of almonds, an apple with peanut butter, etc.  According to what I read I wasn't giving my body a chance to get into any kind of fat burning mode. 

Don't ask me why but the experts say that it could take weeks for this to start working. I've managed to lose a couple of pounds which is fine with me. 

The interesting thing is that I don't feel hungry. Yes some hunger pangs but they go away pretty quickly. 

Still new to me so -can I keep this up? We'll see . Doing it for now. 

Donkey on 02/20/2021:
If it works for you, DO IT! Yay!!!! I think it's an ideal way, but it just does not work for me, at least for where I'm at right now. I really admire your ability to make this schedule work! :-)

thinkpositive on 02/20/2021:
No, it’s not for everybody.

Jacky82020 on 02/20/2021:
I am familiar with Dr. Fung and admire him.

grannyannie on 02/20/2021:
Do what works for you. Fasting wouldn't be for me but I know it works for many.

thinkpositive on 02/20/2021:
I’ve tried so many diets with not much success so figured this seemed sound & it’s not difficult so I’ll give it a month or so to see if it’s for me.

Jacky82020 on 02/20/2021:
Was shocked to see N95’s at Lowe’s. Went there to get glass cut to frame a watercolor. Right next to the cutting area, with hard hats and many types of masks. 5 for $20, what I paid, only I got 20 for $80

thinkpositive on 02/20/2021:
Good to know!

Horn_of_plenty on 02/21/2021:
i agree with all of the above. for some people, IF works great with their bodies and then it should be continued! :) for me, like Bear and Donkey, i cannot do it, unfortunately :(

thinkpositive - Wednesday Feb 17, 2021
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0



Trying something different. Sorry, probably could read everyone's posts to get this information- is anyone doing Intermittent Fasting? I read about it, sounded like it was worth a try. Just on my first week and according to what I read, it might take a month for this to kick in for weight loss. Basically just not eating breakfast and stop eating about 7 pm. I started reading about the whole insulin connection and that sounded right to me. I was constantly eating- well grazing I called it- but it was preventing weight loss. So with Intermittent Fasting I am allowing my body to get rid of some of my fat storage.  That is the theory anyway. I'll report back after giving it a few weeks. It's not that hard so far and I am not just ravenous, some hunger pangs but they go away. And while eating trying to avoid added sugar. 

grannyannie on 02/17/2021:
Welcome back. No, I don't do fasting but good luck with it.

bearcountrygg on 02/17/2021:
I've done intermittent fasting briefly...off and on...but never for very long.....I have done liquids only for as much as 5 days though and had good results to jusm start things ( always had at least 1,200 cals a day doing that)

Maria7 on 02/17/2021:
Hope it works out well for you. Take care.

Horn_of_plenty on 02/17/2021:
let us know how the intermittent fasting is going..someone here, jacky, was doing it.

Donkey on 02/18/2021:
I've tried IF, when I was doing keto, but I can't sustain it at work. I could do a 14 hour fast, but that was about it. This only works if I can eat at my desk at work, and now that I wear a mask pretty much all the time, that doesn't work well.

Jacky82020 on 02/18/2021:
I’ve been doing IF since 8/20. Try not to eat until 4-5 PM, but will sometimes eat a hardboiled egg or two earlier if I’m famished, Also add small amount of chocolate protein to my morning coffee. I am into the book The Switch by James Clement.

Thinkpositive on 02/20/2021:
I’m new to this. Just trying 16:8. And eating whole food during my eating time. Only a week 1/2 into it but seems doable. I’ll check out the book

Jacky82020 on 02/20/2021:
Stumbled across The Switch ebook at the Brooklyn Library. They offer out of state cards for $50/yr. Best $50 I ever spent! Have since purchased both the ebook & a print copy. I do the 16/8 too, usually. Occasionally worse and occasional better.

thinkpositive - Wednesday Feb 17, 2021
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0



Trying something different. Sorry, probably could read everyone's posts to get this information- is anyone doing Intermittent Fasting? I read about it, sounded like it was worth a try. Just on my first week and according to what I read, it might take a month for this to kick in for weight loss. Basically just not eating breakfast and stop eating about 7 pm. I started reading about the whole insulin connection and that sounded right to me. I was constantly eating- well grazing I called it- but it was preventing weight loss. So with Intermittent Fasting I am allowing my body to get rid of some of my fat storage.  That is the theory anyway. I'll report back after giving it a few weeks. It's not that hard so far and I am not just ravenous, some hunger pangs but they go away. And while eating trying to avoid added sugar. 

thinkpositive - Tuesday Nov 17, 2020
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0



Sorry not being more consistent  with posting.

Having a good few days. I know what it takes - just have to be motivated to follow what I know to work. using an app to track my food that includes carbs. Trying to keep around 1200 calories & around 100 carbs . 

Today tried a new exercise video that was easy and kept my heart rate up as well as good stretching.  

We had a nice string of warm weather but now it feels like November. Had to happen!

I went shopping which was very strange. Not grocery shopping but actually shopping for a gift. It felt entirely safe, few people in the store. 

Husband is through with his treatments & doing well so we are hopeful. 

Hope all is well with everyone

Jacky82020 on 11/17/2020:
Those exercise videos sound terrific! We went from summer to winter in the blink of an eye, Snow!

grannyannie on 11/18/2020:
Glad to hear your husband is doing well.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/18/2020:
Hi Think! so good to hear from you!

Sounds like you are doing everything to help you reach your goals, wonderful.

We also had a string of warm weather and it was SO WONDERFUL. Felt again like september but in november! now we are back to colder weather too! it was nice while it lasted :)

Best wishes to your Husband!

Donkey on 11/19/2020:
Sounds like you've in a good place right now, eating right, exercising well, husband doing ok. I'm quite happy for you!

legcramps on 11/19/2020:
All the best to hubby! Glad to see you are doing well :)

Maria7 on 11/26/2020:
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family.

thinkpositive - Monday Nov 02, 2020
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


Halloween- not going to be a problem, right? Wrong! Even though I didn't buy any candy, we had two candy deliveries - one from a neighbor & the other family. And when the candy size is called "junior" and "fun size" they can't br that bad for me , right??!  :) 

And now the weather has been COLD & today blustery so I haven't been outside for a few days. I have been good about exercise though. I have been doing exercise tapes about 5 days a week so at least I'm getting some cardio & weight exercise.

And then there is the election! It's tense out there. Stores are going to board up their stores! People are crazy!

And then there is Covid. Is it safe to get together with family members if we are all wearing masks? That is what we have been doing.  And then worry about it.

And my husband is very ill. Going in for radiation this week. 

And so if I am not always making the best decisions about food, I am not going to be too hard on myself. 


Jacky82020 on 11/02/2020:
This will be the very first year in eons that I will not stock up on discounted Halloween candy!

Jacky82020 on 11/02/2020:
Prayers for your husband. May he do as well as possible under the circumstances

Horn_of_plenty on 11/02/2020:
gotta say, i love the junior and fun size candy just because it IS a better option! i love it when i go on long walks or i'm doing something really active outside and need a lol sumthin!

I am really sorry that your husband is ill. i do not think i had known that before reading your entry today.

I wish the very best for your hubby, especially that he is not in pain. that can be so hard for you to have to deal with, seeing him uncomfortable. that must be the hardest thing of all. stay strong.

Horn_of_plenty on 11/02/2020:
and you just reminded me, i need to look for halloween candy discounts.

grannyannie on 11/03/2020:
Sorry about your husband. :(

Yes, election day!

Donkey on 11/03/2020:
You're doing so well with exercise!!! Way to go!!!

Doesn't it feel like all of the stress is a lot to carry? As if it weren't hard enough to deal with one issue in itself, then pile on the rest of it.

Even more reason to keep exercising if you can. It really does help manage stress. (((hugs)))

Horn_of_plenty on 11/05/2020:
donkey also lives with someone who needs her care...

thinkpositive - Sunday Oct 25, 2020
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


My will power goes out the door when  I am under stress. I always think that I handle stress well but evidently that isn't the case if you look at my constant snacking. Upset with myself.

BUT it is always a new day and I can change those bad habits. Right? For me I can't have any sweet or salty treats because I never stop at one or a few. So snacks today will be a almond milk, yogurt, fruit shake, carrots & hummus, 2 rice cakes with a little cream cheese, clementine- I can choose from this list & be satisfied. 

Just went out for a brisk walk. I say brisk because the weather today  is about 20 degrees cooler than it was yesterday. 

Hope you are having a nice Sunday.

jacky82020 on 10/25/2020:
Same here! Stress eating is so difficult to avoid. I no longer purchase certain foods. I can resist everything except temptation.

thinkpositive on 11/02/2020:
Ha! Good description!

grannyannie on 10/25/2020:
Same as me - stress eating. And if there is anything sweet or salty around the house to snack on I'm in big trouble.

Donkey on 10/25/2020:
That's a really good idea to have a list to draw from for stress eating.

I struggle with this too, so I want to give you a BIG hug. It's SO hard. And the struggle is REAL. I struggle with it mostly at work, but I also deal with it at home too.

thinkpositive on 11/02/2020:
Thank you!

Horn_of_plenty on 10/26/2020:
Don't be too upset with yourself. I have been there hundreds of times along with you. Been there, done that. It's the hardest cycle to change.

i also used to not be able to stop at 1...and also couldn't have any snacks that caused indulgence. I have gotten much better with this over the past few years and am able to indulge as long as I can have a drink or something to fill me along with the snack .

legcramps on 10/26/2020:
Those are great snacks to choose from!

Maria7 on 10/26/2020:
Stress is a trigger to eat for me, too.

Maria7 on 11/02/2020:
Hope you are doing well and having a good day.

Jacky82020 on 11/02/2020:
I borrowed that line from Oscar Wilde!

thinkpositive - Friday Oct 16, 2020
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0



Sort of a lousy week. Just out of sorts. Medical stuff with husband and just grouchy . Which doesn't add up to a healthy week either. Although today wasn't awful.

today I had a bone density scan & then my mammogram. t the bone density scan the technician asked me to get on the scale. I said I wouldn't be getting on the scale today. This is the second time at a medical exam that I refused to weigh in. It made me feel good .  :)  

The mammogram- I arrived early for a 10:00 appointment. I sat for one hour and twenty minutes with nothing to read, & I had left my phone at home. I watched the same short video for about 100 times about the mammogram technology. I lodged a complaint with the front desk about lack of communication and the wait time.

Like I said - grouchy

And it's raining today. All day. We do need the rain though.

And it's 5:00 pm & I have no plans for dinner. Maybe something delivered. 

The sun will come out tomorrow.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/16/2020:
sorry about your wait-time. It can be very frustrating how medical offices double and triple book patients!

Donkey on 10/17/2020:
Bad weeks - I've had them too, although I call mine crabby, not grouchy (lol).

Hopefully next week will be better.

legcramps on 10/21/2020:
Wait times are horrible in Canada too. I know that doesn't make you feel any better though; sorry you are having a lousy week.

thinkpositive - Sunday Oct 11, 2020
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


Couldn't sleep- woke up at 4. Ugh....

Saturday- Exercised to a Silver Sneakers Zoom video. Thought I'd give it a try & was happy I did. About 40 minutes of cardio & weights. Cleaned out that closet that I've been looking at all summer. No big deal- turned out to take about a half hour. Went out for a lovely ride with husband & sat on a park bench with him overlooking a lake. Beautiful warm sunny day. Went out for dinner- outside with a friend- had 2 drinks, halibut for dinner. Brought dinner home for husband who is a good sport about me getting out occasionally.

No real plans for today except some family visits. Maybe another ride with husband.  

grannyannie on 10/11/2020:
Sounds like a lovely day!

I'm going to look at some more online videos for ideas of workouts when I'm fully healed. Anxious for using dumbbells!

bearcountrygg on 10/11/2020:
Isn't it funny how much time we waste putting off chores...avoiding them etc...when it comes right down to it.....it wasn't difficult to do? I rent so much space in my head to putting things off for another day when just getting it over with would be so much easier.....

Donkey on 10/11/2020:
It's good to get out. And your outing with the husband sounds lovely. Also, I'm glad he's OK with you going out on your own, from time to time.

Glad you found a good exercise video!

Maria7 on 10/11/2020:
Wow, you got your closet cleaned out very quickly. Congrats on getting that done. I've got 2 to do.

Horn_of_plenty on 10/11/2020:
zoom silver sneakers sounds good....and dinner sounds GREAT!

i'm glad you can go out a bit without hubby being a poor sport about it!!

happy-1 on 10/15/2020:
I like the virtual online fitness classes too

thinkpositive - Saturday Oct 10, 2020
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


A so-so week. I didn't meet my goals but at least I was more aware of foods that are my downfall. Others have suggested that I eliminate trigger foods from my house but that isn't possible as I am responsible for my husband's food ( his is disabled, not well) and he has to build up his calories which includes ice cream and other snacks. A friend brought over a home baked blueberry pie and you can imagine that I sampled that when I served a piece for my husband. ( it was so good..)

My exercise is fine- or so I thought until I read an article that said that although 10.000 steps aren't necessary, 7,500 steps are. I often go over 5000 but rarely hit 7, 500. Not a bad number to aim for though. Yesterday was an over 10000 day but that involved a walk and then later golf. My feet hurt at the end of the day but I tell myself that they wouldn't hurt if I wasn't carrying this extra weight.  

My new breakfast is one egg plus 2-3 pieces of bacon. I know that bacon isn't a great food in general but I have to say that my breakfast keeps me satisfied through the morning.

It's the weekend & no particular plans. Maybe a visit from granddaughters. Probably a drive to view the fall foliage. 

Hope your weekend is superb!

Jacky82020 on 10/10/2020:
I think the more steps one can do the better, but every bit helps. I used to get up to 8000 at my big weekly Walmart excursion, but I’m ordering online now and picking up. This is the only way I can get 5% off on the Walmart Capitol One card. For the first years, you could buy inside. Don’t understand why they’re pushing pickup, but it worked out well in that a few items I could never find in the store were available for pickup.

thinkpositive on 10/11/2020:
5 % is worth the trip for pick up. I’m still an in store shopper but should be doing pickup.

grannyannie on 10/10/2020:
That's a dilemma when your husband needs to calories and you have to try to resist.

That would be nice to have your granddaughters visit. I have two across the ocean from me.

thinkpositive on 10/11/2020:
I need to work on just serving him his treats & not taking a mini portion!

Donkey on 10/10/2020:
I call it "progress" and that's a win in my opinion :-)

I think the more you can be active, the better. Rather than focusing on a specific number, perhaps think of it in goal tiers (levels)? For example, aim for 7,500 steps, but if you reach that goal, don't necessarily stop moving.

Actually, I find the opposite happens with me. Does this ever happen to you: You're almost at a new level so you walk a few more steps to reach that number? For example, if I'm at 8,900 steps, and I see that, I'll actually get up and walk a little bit just so that I can see 9,000 on my Fitbit.

You're doing great!

thinkpositive on 10/11/2020:
Next week’s goal is to increase steps , a little at a time

thinkpositive on 10/11/2020:
Next week’s goal is to increase steps , a little at a time

Donkey on 10/10/2020:
Also, I can empathize with having to struggle with delicious foods around. It's really hard. Dedication, focus, commitment to goals, discipline, self-denial -- easier said than done.

bearcountrygg on 10/10/2020:
We have a similar problem...D is diabetic and I'm low blood sugar and the only thing that raises my numbers is sugar......so the things I have here for mine tempt D....and keeping them out of the house causes mine to dip too low......We help settle it a bit by having our own snack cupboards....( I stay out of his....but he tends to snack out of mine.).....but if your husband needs that stuff than it's necessary....

Horn_of_plenty on 10/10/2020:
i also do not eliminate foods...i feel restricted when i do!

i rarely walk over 3 miles per day....almost never the recommened 5mi....do what you can to start!

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