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thinkpositive - Wednesday Jul 13, 2016
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


Completed the week & stayed on track for the entire week which I have to say is rare for me. Normally I would have given myself permission to have a weekend glass of wine or dessert but stayed with my plan for the week . And so lost 4 pounds this week. I know that is not normal and about half probably water weight but it does give me hope that I can follow through. I did have some treats- almonds, squares of chocolate & fruit .

Not planning any exercise today.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/13/2016:
you lost the weight because you put in the effort :-) keep going and you will continue to be successful! way to go. i'm rooting for you. stay focused!

thinkpositive on 07/14/2016:
Thanks for the support!

puddles on 07/13/2016:
Congrats... keep it up. I posted the recipe last night for the salad. You will just have to go back and check out my postings for yesterday. Have a great day.

thinkpositive on 07/14/2016:
Thanks, I 'll try the recipe.

OhioRaven on 07/14/2016:
It's good to hear from you, TP.

thinkpositive on 07/14/2016:
Always good to hear from you. You are always right on target.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/14/2016:
always here for supporting you!

thinkpositive - Tuesday Jul 12, 2016
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Hi- Keeping to my plan. Yesterday at breakfast the restaurant brought a pastry for the table which I didn't even sample. Then after golf I had water instead of a beer. All victories for me.

Staying with the same breakfast & lunch. Last night had a salad with chicken for dinner, tonight a chicken stir fry.

No meals out today which makes life easier

Exercise- today an hour of Zumba followed by an hour of yoga at the gym.

Tomorrow will be one week of following this plan of around 1300 calories & watching my carbs. Also no wine or alcohol.

puddles on 07/12/2016:
Very good.

Horn_of_plenty on 07/12/2016:
chicken stir fry sounds GREAT. i always preferred hot veggies to cold ones!

thinkpositive - Monday Jul 11, 2016
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


Made it 5 days in a row !! This morning will be eating breakfast out with friends so need to stick with eggs & will have some bacon but no bread. Did not exercise at all this weekend except for some small gardening chores. Will be golfing today so a good 2 mile walk involved with that.

Hope everyone has a good Monday.

grannyannie on 07/11/2016:
Well done!!

puddles on 07/11/2016:

OhioRaven on 07/11/2016:

Horn_of_plenty on 07/12/2016:
Glad to hear you are doing so well...seems like you needed something new and a stimulus to help you to lose the weight. Proud of you. Keep us updated on your plan and feel free to ask questions. I used to do low carb quite often.

enjoy your day with friends and golfing.

thinkpositive - Sunday Jul 10, 2016
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Hi- An overcast day which is fine with me for a change of pace.

Now at 4 straight days of healthy eating & quite proud of myself if I may so say so. Always makes me wonder why sometimes it is so easy to keep on track. So- more for me as a reminder of what works- this is my formula B- wilted spinach with an egg cooked in 2 t olive oil L- a Joseph's tortilla wrap with either some avocado or 2 t of mayo with 2 oz of turkey &lettuce & tomato if I have it. D- salmon, about 4-5 oz cooked in some olive oil, with various steamed vegetables, - or may substitute chicken breast or a veggie burger Snacks- almonds- trying to watch my numbers, & fruit- blueberries, or apple or peach , yogurt, plain Greek , almond milk frozen fruit & yogurt smoothie, 2 squares of chocolate Lots of water or tea No alcohol

So with eating this way- no cravings, feeling satisfied. A bit hungry at times but usually an apple or peach or a few almonds will solve this. I've been here before & then go back to my old way of eating which is what gets me into trouble. So, now hoping to continue knowing that this does work for me and I'm not really sacrificing anything. That's it for now.

puddles on 07/10/2016:
I find that also when I eat properly I am usually not hungry or have no cravings. I have given up on with the yoyo eating and find myself far more happy with everything around me. Have a great day.

Donkey on 07/10/2016:
Well done! They say that if you can carry a new behavior for 3 consecutive days, it has a good chance of becoming a habit. Keep up the good work!

thinkpositive - Saturday Jul 09, 2016
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


Have had 3 perfect days- around 1200 calories, 100 or so carbs, healthy eating , no wine & a decent amount of exercise. Of course weight loss is water weight I guess but anyway it makes me happy that I can follow a healthy plan & see some progress.

Have been doing some gardening. Yesterday dug up a small tree stump that turned out to be a bit harder than I had planned . Did some pruning, planted some beans & weeded the vegetable garden. Always something to do around my yard. This weekend- plant a shrub that I just purchased, do more pruning.

Hoping to keep to my plan & see more progress. Have a great weekend.

puddles on 07/09/2016:
Congrats on your 3 perfect days. Enjoy your garden work.

OhioRaven on 07/10/2016:
Yep ! Following a Healthy plan/lifestyle does make us feel better inside and out. I'm really glad to hear that you didn't give up on the tree stump. You sound as stubborn as me.

thinkpositive - Thursday Jul 07, 2016
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


Just checking in to say hi . Didn't make a lot of progress with WW but have to say that they have a good plan. When I think back to the old days of WW- such a difference but then we know so much more now about weight loss and healthy eating as well as how to motivate people. I did the online version with coaching and found the coaches to be very good as far as their approach.

Now I am on my own version of healthy eating with the goal of losing 10 lbs. My version is to stay with around 1200 calories & watch carbs. Not going overboard with exercise , just trying to do some form of exercise each day.

Hope everyone is doing well. I'll check in with an update on my progress.

OhioRaven on 07/08/2016:
Good to hear from you again, TP. I remember WW and the point system. Its a useful tool.

thinkpositive - Thursday Mar 31, 2016
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

It's Thursday ! Not sure where the week went. Anyway, I think I am on track again. Quite frankly it was getting a bit scary that I couldn't string a few good days together except when I was on the detox diet. It really is quite simple to follow a healthy diet But it does mean avoiding sweets and snacks. Trying hard to stay with 1400 calories and keep up on exercise.

Hope all is well with everyone.

hollybelle on 03/31/2016:
I find it difficult to be moderate on sweets - the only answer is stay completely away from them. I am working on good choices one meal one snack at a time.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/01/2016:
You know, sometimes when we place to many restrictions / rules, the diet becomes so much harder and backfires. It always happens to me. That's why I didn't change my diet around for this wedding. I couldn't bear the thought of not feeling good because of limiting things too much when the wedding is over & no time to recover. I was beginning to think i'd be bingeing and everything, so, I just stuck to my normal, with some extra salty foods & seltzer thrown into the mix.

1400 cals is good for weightloss. I can go usually as high as 1700 to almost 1800 & lose. 1800 usually though seems more my maintenance amount.

thinkpositive - Tuesday Mar 29, 2016
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Good morning-

I did end up eating too much candy on Easter & then yesterday as well. Ok- well, that's over so on to Tuesday. Need to get back to counting carbs. That does seem to be an important component to my weight loss. Today will go back to my Lose It app to track calories & try to stay around 1400.

Just finished an hour of Zumba . Always enjoy the class and the hour goes by so fast.

Meals planned for the day- B- eng muffin w/ almond butter, L- turkey wrap , Apple, D- fish , broccoli , small potatoe, snacks- almond milk, strawberry smoothie,

Starting to get excited about golf season & gardening. I've ordered some used, but in good condition clubs which I should get tomorrow. Planning some gardening projects . Activities to keep me busy for Spring & Summer. Today is chilly & windy so a good day for planning.

Hope everyone is off to a good week.

grannyannie on 03/29/2016:
Good job on the Zumba. Menu sounds good.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/29/2016:
how excited regarding nice gardening projects & golf for the nicer weather. If you stay around 1400, you'll lose. I think most women, staying even at 1500/day lose. I certainly do! So no worries there. Sometimes you need a higher cal day(s) and then it can be a good break & almost forces you back on track faster. you can do it, don't worry about what happened on the weekend, I know you are going to forge ahead & make progress! Food sounds good & satisfying, especially the fish!

hollybelle on 03/30/2016:
Zumba is so much fun - I wish I knees thought so!! Keep us posted on the gardening projects. I love to hear about that. Good exercise, too.

thinkpositive - Friday Mar 25, 2016
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


Finished the 3 day detox with a 4 lb loss which was good . I know that it won't hold , as much was water weight but it was a good way to kick off healthier eating- fewer & better snacking, & watching portions. If I do both of those I will be successful. Think positive, right?

Easter is two days away & Easter means chocolate & jelly beans. Jelly beans I have to stay away from! I will have some chocolate though

Easter dinner will be at my house so I have planned an menu that I can handle including strawberry shortcake. I can live without whipped cream so will have a small portion.

Today exercise was house cleaning. Hoping for a walk tomorrow.

Good to read your latest posts.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/26/2016:
As you mention the 3-day detox, I want to mention I bought something called a "3-day Refresh" from an online company called "Beachbody." I'm so happy about it. I plan to use it actually in a couple weeks or so - after the wedding I have and after my trip to Atlantic City ;) Sometime then. Or maybe even later, haven't decided. But,i do think a nice change for a few days with a cleansing program is a good idea & good break from typical eating if not anything else! Going forward, I plan to encorporate refreshes like the one I bought every so often. I like the change from what I normally do. :) so, I think what you did is great.

Enjoy Easter, after all it's only 1x per year! But yeah, nothing great on jelly beans. Someone at work gave me a Jelly Bean gift actually for Easter even though I don't celebrate, I took the gift of course! It's on my desk at work, I left it there bc it's a cute decoration :) I may eat the jelly beans little by little I am thinking, as a nice sugar source before gym workouts. But yeah, not gonna eat them all at once. They are just a sugar rush to cause extra hunger later....but good with some caffeine before an intense workout LOL. I don't like throwing things out (but who knows, maybe I will throw them out! - it's quite possible, actually!)...

Strawberry shortcake! We just had that for a coworker's bday !

thinkpositive - Thursday Mar 24, 2016
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


The end of day 3 on the detox diet. Basically vegetable and fruit smoothies. I know it's 1/2 water weight but it was a 3 lb loss as of this morning. I've tried this before & it's a good jumpstart to healthier eating.

1/2 hour on the treadmill this morning.

The challenge will be tomorrow.

hollybelle on 03/24/2016:
I like good jumpstarts! Good deal.

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