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thinkpositive - Wednesday Jan 25, 2012
(counting calories, exercise)
Weight: 173.0



Well  I can relax a bit and stop rehearsing my script for museum guiding. It seems that I passed and will do my official tour in February. My mentor gave me a few ideas for my tour- one is that I need to add on a few minutes which is not a problem as I had been told that if it went over an hour we wouldn't pass.

Had a good day yesterday & seem to be on track today. Had my usual breakfast & tuna on salad greens for lunch & a quick chicken burger for dinner with a vegetable. Snacks- grapes, carrots with hummus and yogurt.

Will get out for a walk this afternoon.

Thanks for all of your encouraging comments!

Progress as of today: 18 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/26/2012:
Yeah for official tour! Good meals yesterday. Well done.

sweetpea1977 on 01/26/2012:

Great job on the foods too. :)

Umpqua on 01/26/2012:
Yay, congratulations!! RYC, that black ice is scary, I fell on it last year. I was very very happy to get all the slush off my driveway!

hollybelle on 01/26/2012:
Congratulations on passing the guide exam. Where will you be guiding people through? I missed that, I guess. I think that would be a great job. I'd like to do that as I like to speak in front of people, hold over from my days in sales, I think. Have a good day!

Maria7 on 01/26/2012:
Congrats on passing your guide exam...sounds like an interesting work. :-D

moogy on 01/26/2012:
Excellent on both fronts thinkpositive:) Yay for passing your 'tour test' and it also sounds like you have got yourself back on track with your eating. Well done:)

thinkpositive - Wednesday Jan 25, 2012
(counting calories, exercise)
Weight: 173.0



Well it seems three steps forward & then three steps back. I'm making no progress but can't waste time thinking about it or be discouraged. Basically just losing site  of my goal & getting into sloppy habits again... There's this excuse & that excuse & no sense going into all of my excuses...

So today- sunflower toast / p.b, for breakfast, an egg with 1/2 piece toast for lunch, one piece of a local gelatin dessert, grapes, dinner will be a salad with chicken & vegetables & 1/2 eng muffin, yogurt later for snack.

It's been Chinese New Year here so various celebrations & dinners out.

Have been walking - yesterday probably 3-4 miles, today maybe a mile and 35 min at the gym.

Tomorrow I have my trial run- giving a tour- at the museum with my mentor to see if I'm ready to be released on the public. If I am I have my real test on Feb 6. I tried it out on my husband yesterday & he survived. I'm a little nervous but think I'll do okay.



Progress as of today: 18 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/25/2012:
Everybody gets off track sometimes. All that matters is getting back on track and never quitting, which I know you wouldn't do. Well done on the walking. Anxious to see how your trial run at the museum goes. :-) RYC: thanks!

supercheese on 01/25/2012:
I've gotten off track a LOT, which has stopped my weightloss....so I'm just taking it one day at a time and if yesterday was bad, today will be even better. Good luck with the trial run!! Im sure you'll do great

V on 01/25/2012:
How exciting I am sure you will be ready to do this on your own :) have a good day <3

Umpqua on 01/25/2012:
Very exciting that you'll be a working docent very soon, I'm sure you'll do great. And yes, yesterday was wonderfully warm and I took full advantage of it since temps are supposed to turn chilly again by the weekend. Have a good one!

WII on 01/25/2012:
Keep on keeping on! You will get through this!

moogy on 01/25/2012:
Love Chinese New Year, love yum cha!!! Hard to resist when it is easy to shop for or just pop into a resturant or on the street. I am confident that you will be a relaxed and competent tour guide. I am so proud of you:)

thinkpositive - Friday Jan 20, 2012
(counting calories, exercise)
Weight: 173.0



just a short post -

 calories today- probably over my  goal- dinner was beef  sukiyaki- so maybe 600 or so for that- anyway- somewhat over 1400. oh  and the kitkat candy bar probably didn't help the total

exercise- not really- was going to walk home from museum but had a monsoon like rain so took a bus home after getting soaked on the way to the bus- but I did run for the bus, does that count?

no wine though- only a little splash earlier this week.

More this weekend...

Progress as of today: 18 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/20/2012:
Running for the bus does count! :-) Have a great weekend.

greengirl on 01/20/2012:
Our weather sounds similar. It has been torrential at times here in the UK. I wore my waterproofs and walked as usual but it's cold around the ears!! Have a good weekend :-)

WII on 01/20/2012:
Stay dry! Have a great weekend!

Maria7 on 01/20/2012:
Don't feel bad about the candy bar...sometimes I believe that can be a GOOD thing. :-D

supercheese on 01/20/2012:
LOl i agree with annie. Running to the bus does count!

Umpqua on 01/20/2012:
That dinner sounds great, and any type of running counts!

V on 01/20/2012:
Have a wonderful weekend <3

moogy on 01/22/2012:
LOL, yes, running for the bus counts!!! Just read your last couple of days entries, sounds like you are moving in the right direction, with only slight meanderings, good for you thinkpositive:)

thinkpositive - Thursday Jan 19, 2012
(counting calories, exercise)
Weight: 173.0



Having a good day although I did just have 2 cookies - the result of not having enough for lunch & then diving in to my husband's cookies- usually he know to put forbidden foods on the top shelf where i can't reach them!

So no more cereal- had my favorite sunflower bread & 2 t. of p.b for breakfast which keeps me satisfied until lunch. The had yogurt & a banana which just didn't do it for me. Dinner will be stir fried ckicken with asparagus & rice.

Exercise was 9 holes of golf this morning & then a short swim in the afternoon. A beautiful day here - sunny with a light breeze & lower than normal humidity which makes all of the difference.

Enjoyed my walk after dinner last night so may do the same tonight depending on what time dinner is served- meaning what time my husband gets home.

Weight was down a few ounces - getting closer...

Progress as of today: 18 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/19/2012:
RYC: still getting tired in the evenings but not as much.

I'm trying to resist the urge to eat some of my oatmeal raisin cookies. Saving one for tonight. Your menu sounds good.

Sounds like a very nice day for you! :-)

Kati on 01/19/2012:
hehe, the cereals... I remembered today morning to weigh my dose of cereals. It seems that I eat 20-25 grams of cereals. But as I said, I mix it with pieces of fruit (a kiwi, a small banana/apple/pear cut into small pieces) and I pour 200 gr plain, LF yogurt on top. And my cereals are roasted or plain wholemeal oat flakes, without added sugar, etc. This works for me. The cereal + milk combo wouldn't be enough for me either. That's not food for me. :) I need to use my teeth to grind and my throat to swallow - solid food is my thing.

V on 01/19/2012:
OOh I bet you enjoyed your golf outing this morning :) Have a good afternoon(probably evening there now?)

Kati on 01/19/2012:
2 cookies are not many cookies ;-) When binge hits me, I normally devour 1-2 whole packs of cookies. :(

Umpqua on 01/19/2012:
Golf and a sunny day sounds so great - it was 10 here this morning when I dropped the boys off!

grannyannie on 01/20/2012:
RYC: my birthday trip is the end of Feb to Morocco for 10 days. :-)

thinkpositive - Wednesday Jan 18, 2012
(counting calories, exercise)
Weight: 173.0


And now two days of following my plan. :) Happy about that. It gets easier the more good days I can string together.

Yesterday was a bit strange as I kind of missed lunch but had a mango milk shake- but not the thick kind we have in the States, but thinner with more ice & not much milk- anyway held me for a while. All in all I kept calories to around 1400 again and saw just a bit of movement down on the scale.

Remind me not to bother buying cereal again. I think it's just a waste of calories for me & too many carbs. I'd just as soon keep to my whole grain bread & have a little peanut butter. The cereal I bought- some fibre rich Nestle product was like 180 calories for 40 grams- well 40 grams might be enough for a child but for me I need about 100 grams which is about 3/4 of a decent size bowl.

When I went to the agency for my India visa yesterday I had all of the paper work in my hand which had taken a bit of time to complete- father's name, place of birth , name where I've traveled in last 10 years, etc. Anyway I get to the desk, all excited because they were serving # 180 & I was #181 & get to the desk to hear the clerk say that they are only taking online applications - which i had already tried filling out & just couldn't figure out how to get it to save. Well I'm normally a pretty laid back person but not at that moment- I didn't totally lose it but close... Gathered myself up & waited & filled it our online in their office ( which they charged me for!) and then went back later to complete the transaction.Grrrr.... Hate wasting my time on paperwork.

Today, choir- nice group of women & new term so good to see everyone. I was one of three altos today & every other section had 8-10 & I'm the weakest of the three, but oh well I'll get better.

Exercise- 30 min in the gym today & will try to get out for a walk after dinner.


Progress as of today: 18 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/18/2012:
Cereal doesn't stick with me at all, not like porridge or pb on whole grain toast. I bought some Bran Flakes because they were on sale but still haven't opened the box - maybe a night time snack.

RYC: Scotland will never vote for independence, it would be an economic disaster. In a romantic Braveheart kind of way I would like it, but that's just not practical. They wouldn't even dump the monarchy. It would be nice though to have people stop saying I live in 'England' when they mean GB!

Kati on 01/18/2012:
humm, did you read the label correctly? Sometimes the calories are for a dose aka. 200 ml of MF milk + 40gr cereals. Funny, I cannot imagine eating 100 gr of cereals. I normally eat around 30-40 gramms, but always with a fruit in it (a kiwi for example or a smaller pear/apple), and never w/ milk but LF yogurt or soy yogurt. This works for me. I tend to overeat breads. So we're working quite on the contrary in this aspect :)

Kati on 01/18/2012:
In Hungary they never ask for the father's name. Here in Portugal they have it written on the Identity card. Which leads me to some serious problems when trying applying for sg official...

Umpqua on 01/18/2012:
I've been saving cereal for snacks, I find I burn through it too quickly if I have it for breakfast. I realized you had asked for a good calorie counting app for the iPad - I use MyFitnessPal and it's great. I have a desktop account and I can just access that on my phone and all my info is there. I'm not currently counting calories but I still use it to calculate recipes....I used Fitday for a long time and much prefer MyFitnessPal, it's easier and there's more foods/data. Great job staying on track!

WII on 01/18/2012:
Totally agree about cereal! Have a great day!

V on 01/18/2012:
I am so not a fan of cereal either..It is alot easier for me because I am not a milk drinker(it's a texture thing)Anyhoo great job on seeing a downward movement on the scale :)

thinkpositive - Monday Jan 16, 2012
(counting calories, exercise)
Weight: 173.0



Ok, one good day behind me & more to come. I kept calories to around 1400 & saw some progress on the scale. And yes I did have just a splash of wine in some sparkling water- didn't hurt.

Off to get my visa to India today. Hoping I have all necessary documents with me & then hair appointment.  Will do a bit of walking , my exercise for the day.

Yes, Moogy will bring a healthy snack with me so as not to be tempted by the cute little desserts!  And here is the story- on Sat in a cafe w/ husband we were going to share a piece of cake , but the desserts came 3 for 12 dollars so in a moment of weakness we ordered the three - kind of 4 bites each & the rest is history...

 And let me tell you, you can't walk far without seeing bakeries, shops with Asian  & Western foods- and they love to put the most tempting foods right out front.  Not for me though- and why- because I am staying on track & hoping to get at least within close reach of my goal by my birthday- May 1. I will concentrate on the great fruits & vegetables here.

Bye for now.....

Progress as of today: 18 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

V on 01/16/2012:
You can do it!! I am sure you will get to your goal by your Bday <3 Have a good one :) Oh BTW my client had a really good fight(I watched it on You Tube) It was a close one but unfortunately she lost :( She put up a really good fight but at least that fight taught her the importance of fueling up with proper fuel(her intake was far too low)..This now gives me a chance to help her with proper nutrition..

grannyannie on 01/17/2012:
Good job! You WILL reach your goal by your birthday! When is your trip to India?

RYC: no, I'm definitely not elderly! :-)

sweetpea1977 on 01/17/2012:
You can do it!! 13 pounds in 4.5 months is totally doable! Thats about 3 lbs per month! :)

Umpqua on 01/17/2012:
India, so exciting! Great work and good job avoiding the bakeries, living in a city can be so tempting. You are doing this!

legcramps on 01/17/2012:
So many exciting things happening!

moogy on 01/17/2012:
Good for you thinkpositive, that's my girl:) Focused and ready for any suprise sighting of tempting treats. India has some wonderful heathy foods, just stay away from anything that looks like a dessert, they are absolutely soaked in sugar:) OK, so now you sound as if you really are serious about getting to your goal weight, that should help you make good decisions. Have a great day thinkpositive:)

thinkpositive - Sunday Jan 15, 2012
(counting calories, exercise)
Weight: 173.0



Conversation with self- Ok you've been back for 3 days time to get back on track. Self- Right , maybe tomorrow.

Now it's Monday & I'm gioing to be perfect today. No excuses. Started the day with a high fiber cereal & skim milk, banana & apple for a snack. Going to the gym & will have soup for lunch & maybe a 1/2 piece of sunflower bread. Dinner will be salmon over greens- a new recipe. No wine,, I repeat no wine today. :)

I got an IPad- finally after holding out on Apple products but my daughters convinced me that they would do face to face on the IPad. So in looking at apps I found  100's of calorie apps. Does anyone have a recommendation for an easy to use app?

My exercise has been good- lots of walking over the weekend. But not so good on the eating- ice cream, cute little desserts at a museum cafe, pasta- well you get the picture. No harm done but no progress on getting back to posted weight. Mad at myself for not putting the brakes on.

Will read & respond to entries later today.

Progress as of today: 18 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/16/2012:
I'm thinking baking may not be a good idea. I could easily have eaten 6 of those cookies! Better stick with the usual night time snacks.

Sounds like a great plan for today!

V on 01/16/2012:
I am of no use when it comes to the phone apps, sorry!! I hope you get back in the groove with getting healthier, even if it is starting with small changes..You can do this!! Have a wonderful day <3

Umpqua on 01/16/2012:
We're pretty much exclusively Apple here, laptops, iphones and hubby has an iPad. Tons of great apps, have fun with it! I hope you have a great week of eating and exercise!!

moogy on 01/16/2012:
Conversation with you, remember the conversation you had with yourself and don't sabotage yourself!!! Keep a healthy snack in your bag just in case those 'cute little desserts' call your name. You know it's worse when you are hungry. You know my saying " A hungry woman can resit until she sees those 'cute little desserts". Ha Good Luck thinkpositive:)

biscottibody59 on 01/16/2012:
I've got the oldest (non-app-type) cellphone in the known universe:-)

I wish you well getting back to it all! Cheers!

To your comment, I used to think that way--I wouldn't have been caught dead doing a challenge a few years ago. Just didn't think it would work in my favor. It helps me to do something simple and doable like a realistic amount of exercise plus water intake for instance and make it short-term. Just to get a boost of confidence!

thinkpositive - Thursday Jan 12, 2012
(counting calories, exercise)
Weight: 173.0


Hi -

I had great flights, no problems or concerns besides the length of the flight and not much that can be done about that- except maybe a faster jet.Oh yes the reason I may sound pretty mellow is that I was upgraded to Business on the longest leg of the trip- it makes all of the difference.  Not going to say much about eating on the plane except that pretty much I ate what was put in front of me.

So after unpacking I got to the gym for 40 min- 25 on the elliptical & then some machine weights & stretching.

See that number that is posted- my weight that is? - I'm giving myself until the end of the month to get back there or else will repost the number. It's more of an incentive for me to get back to the number than to repost.

Right now am feeling pretty good- no feeling of jet lag but will see how I'm doing at the end of the day.

Going out to the museum to see what is new & start getting ready for my dry run tour at the end f the month.

Progress as of today: 18 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

moogy on 01/13/2012:
I have only flown business class once. The difference is incredible isn't it? I am doing the same as you, working of unposted weight:) Glad you are 'home' safe and sound:)

grannyannie on 01/13/2012:
Glad your flights were good. I've upgraded to business class 4 times now. What a huge difference!! Well done on getting to gym while you still had to be very jetlagged.

You'll get motivated again after you settle back in. I'm just very determined not to gain the weight back as it feels too good not to have excess weight.

Umpqua on 01/13/2012:
I've never had business class for a transatlantic flight, let alone flying halfway around the world. I'm sure it makes a huge difference! Great job getting in exercise, I'm sure you'll get right back on track now that you're back.

V on 01/13/2012:
Happy to hear you made it home safe :) WTG with getting back to your routine! I is amazing the things that come out of the inebriated..It is much like dealing with 5 yo that are slightly altered ;) hahaha All in a days work...Have a good one!!

liza36 on 01/13/2012:
Glad to hear the trip went well. I'm impressed you got right back in thy gym. Have a great day!

hollybelle on 01/13/2012:
Welcome home. Good idea waiting until end of month and incentive not to have to repost weight. Great!

thinkpositive - Tuesday Jan 10, 2012
(counting calories, exercise)
Weight: 173.0


Hi all,

Today is cleanup   & packing day. I have most of the day to take care of things so no pressure. Also a trip to the dentist for routine cleaning & a trip to the mall for a purchase that won't require muuch time.

Eating will be out of the refrigerator & freezer & everything there is healthy because I've been cleaning out & giving away food. May have time for a walk depending on how tired I am from cleaning.

Leaving early tomorrow so will get back in touch when I arrive.

Bye for now....

Progress as of today: 18 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

V on 01/10/2012:
Safe travels back! Oh I just left a message yesterday's entry..OOps ;)

liza36 on 01/10/2012:
Have a good trip back.

hollybelle on 01/10/2012:
Happy trails to you!

supercheese on 01/10/2012:
ooo have fun at the dentist. I HATE the dentist! haha

legcramps on 01/10/2012:
Have a safe trip back :)

Umpqua on 01/10/2012:
Sounds like a good plan, happy and safe travels to you!

grannyannie on 01/10/2012:
Have a good trip back!

moogy on 01/10/2012:
Oh nice, the dentist! Just when you are in the middle of excitement, exhaustion and discombobulation:) Hang in there it will all be good in the end:)

Maria7 on 01/10/2012:
Hope you have a nice trip...sounds like you are so energized! :-)

WII on 01/12/2012:
Busy day! Have a great trip!

moogy on 01/12/2012:
Hello, just dropping by to let you know I was thinking about you:)

thinkpositive - Monday Jan 09, 2012
(counting calories, exercise)
Weight: 173.0

Update- Food for today- B- 300, L- had Thai lettuce wraps- more calories than I thought- approx 700? dinner- 400, snack- 200- around 1600-1700 for the day..



Thanks for your comments. I said good byes to the grandchildren & son inlaw although I leave on Wed morning, the goodbyes are hard & it seemed like the right thing t do even though I would like to see them again. it's not about me- it's hard on them as well. My daughter will drive me to the airport so I'll see her again. I sometimes wonder why I'm doing this- living on the other side of the world but then I remember that I'm doing it for  my husband. It is an adventure & all of that but it is hard being away for so long.  I do have things to get back for - including my husband of course- and people who I like but it's not the same as being here in my hometown with good friends. I wish I could forward to five or ten years from now & see how I look back on this move.

I do feel like I'm closer to getting my eating under control. I finished the 100 calorie packages of  reduced fat Cape Cod chips- which of course I had purchased for the grandchildren. I'm hoping today to be closer to my 1400 cal goal. I'm eating out at the Cheesecake factory for lunch & can order a lunch size salad with dressing on theside so I'm not worried about that.

Going out for a walk now & will post food later.

Progress as of today: 18 lbs lost so far, only 13 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 01/09/2012:
Enjoy your trip to India. I'd like to visit but hubby isn't interested. :-( I know it's hard to say goodbye, especially to grandkids. Do you Skype them? The hardest part of our living in Uganda was that the internet was too slow to Skype.

moogy on 01/09/2012:
I think it is natural to want to see how things work out with the decisions we make. Hindsight would be so much more useful if it was available as foresight:) Glad to read that you are starting to feel more in control, with the rollercoaster you are on at the moment you are doing well:)

V on 01/09/2012:
Oh i didn't realize that hubby didn't come with :( I bet you miss him! I am sure that you will make the most of the last few days in the states :) <3

V on 01/10/2012:
I hear that you are going to India :) You must send me some pics!!

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