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thinkpositive - Friday Jun 17, 2011
(counting calories, exercise)
Weight: 184.0



Able to update weight today- with a 1 lb loss. Now starting to get excited for the day that I'll weigh less than 180. I realize that this is the slow road but I'll take it. I'lm not feeling deprived & for me that is the key.

So- plan for today-

Br-   egg & sunflower bread w/ lt butter

sn.- lf yogurt

lunch- turkey & cranb.wrap

sn.- strawberries

dinner- tilapia, veg

sn- 1/2 ice cream sand.

Raining here today so will do 1/2 hr of treadmill  & yoga.

Wishing everyone a great weekend. 







































Progress as of today: 7 lbs lost so far, only 24 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 06/17/2011:
Great job on the loss!

Em17 on 06/17/2011:
Have a great day =)

h82bfat on 06/18/2011:
Congrats on the loss!

thinkpositive - Wednesday Jun 15, 2011
(counting calories, exercise)
Weight: 185.0

Hi all DD friends,

Settling in feeling better about being home although miss my husband - won't see him now for another month and half.

Today is a beautiful day. Got out & did more yardwork , This afternoon going to a reception for a friend so getting prepared to skip the unhealthy goodies & may just have a glass of perrier with a slice of lemon & skip the wine .

Trying to stick to around 1400 calories.  But seriously boring- need to get to the market!

Br- egg w/ sunflower bread w/ some butter

lunch- lf.cottage cheese, tom soup, 1/2 eng muff

dinner- TBD

Have a great day!



Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 25 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 06/15/2011:
Sounds like a good plan for the day!

thinkpositive - Tuesday Jun 14, 2011
(counting calories, exercise)
Weight: 185.0


OK, back on track & no harm done.I guess the snack attack was just mindless eating . Wouldn't it be nice to say lesson learned but I don't promise that but will try to be more discriminating.

Did get on the treadmill today for 30 sweaty minutes so feel good about that.

Today- Br- sunflower toast w/ a bit of butter

            snack- greek yogurt

           lunch- tomato herb soup w/ eng muff (1/2)

           dinner- not sure- restaurant meal- fish I hope.

      The nice thing about DD is the response from DD friends. I know that not I can't respond to everyone & don't every day but it's great to get a couple of responses & it's helpful.

So thank you! And that's why I think I can stay with this plan that I'm on. WW didn't work for me. I was always thinking about weigh in day & would eat with that in mind- which of course was my own fault but a habit that I got into.

Ok- will try mindful eating at dinner tonight!

Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 25 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 06/14/2011:
It sounds like you are back on track and snack attacks get to all of us on occasion. As long as we set ourselves back on the good path we can't do too much damage. Have a good one!

violet11 on 06/14/2011:
Mindful eating is a very good idea- hope you're having a good day

thinkpositive - Monday Jun 13, 2011
(counting calories, exercise)
Weight: 185.0


How is it that I can be doing very well and then my brain goes on vacation & I eat a couple of handfulls of potato chips, some gummy bears, a piece of cake,a handfull of nuts.... well you get the picture. One good thing is that the junk food is not at my house. But I hate to think that the only way I can avoid junk food is that I can't have it around. Although that seems to be what works for me. So today I went over my allotted 1400 calories!

Other than that I have been doing well. Have to get into a better exercise pattern. Today's exercise was yard work again. Once I get the yard looking decent I can get out for a bike ride or go for a long walk.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 25 lbs to go!

KathyBlue on 06/14/2011:
Think positive, thinkpositive! :)

hollybelle on 06/14/2011:
When I go over calorie goal, if its not by much, 200-400 cals for example, I figure it's a hungry day. I don't keep junk around, either or I am tempted to eat it. It is good practice to turn it down when we do elsewhere. Eating is a social activity, sometimes, too. Just chalk yesterday up to being one day that was not so good and go forward.

h82bfat on 06/14/2011:
Oh my!! I have days like that too! Just shake it off & keep looking forward. ONE yesterday of nibbling is... well - just one day. However, the tomorrows are plentifull!

V on 06/14/2011:
Hang in there girl you can do this :) I hope the day brings you joy ;)

thinkpositive - Saturday Jun 11, 2011
(counting calories, exercise)
Weight: 185.0

Hi all-

Getting myself settled-mostly over jet lag. Visited with children & grandchildren which was great.Busy getting my house back to normal & exercise consists of yard work which is fine for now. Since it's just me for now I decide what is in the refrigerator, freezer & pantry & it's pretty bare. I'm so used to shopping every day or every other day. Eating out  for a few meals & have handled it well. Last night at a retirement dinner loaded up on salad with chicken & small potato & skipped the cake- & just one glass of wine. So either this scale is nicer to me than my Asian scale or-thinking positive- I have lost a lb.- I'm going with the lost lb.Nice to fit into some clothes that were a bit too t ight .Hoping to lose 5 lbs by mid July which is not unrealistic. I will start writing down my food again.

Br-egg with t. butter & one of those skinny sand rolls

am snack- l.f. yogurt

lunch- ch. breast on salad w/l.f dressing

dinner- ? grandchildren's dining out choice

Take care- I'll have more time to read posts now that my life is somewhat back to normal.

Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 25 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 06/11/2011:
Yes, this is realistic thinking and good planning and good choices at the party. Isn't this better than being regretful after poor choices? I think that is one big thing I am realizing - I am just sick and tired of regrets about food. I am ready for good memories about food choices! Hope your week goes well and you get rested up!

V on 06/12/2011:
Hey a big congrats for knocking the weight off..Have fun reuniting with your loved ones :)

thinkpositive - Tuesday Jun 07, 2011
(counting calories, exercise)
Weight: 186.5

Hi -

Back In USA! 

Travel was fine-long but no problems. Did well with meals- slept through one so that's one way to cut calories. Plane food wasn't great anyway which also helped & I stayed away from all of the extras. So maintained my weight despite no real exercise in the last few days.

I was asked what I'm doing in Singapore. My husband is working there & I'm on my own during the day to explore, meet other "trailing spouses" get involved in life there. We've been there for 1yr. & will be there another 2- we'll see... I come back twice a year so will stay now for 3 months. I've had some amazing travel opportunities. It has had its challenges & there have been many days when I wondered what the heck I was doing on the other side of the world, but we're glad we made the move & know we can always return. It's difficult to be overweight in Asia. I often feel like the largest person walking down the street & forget about buying clothes. Except  for a store from the UK, it's impossible.

So this week I'm trying to watch my food choices & portions. I don't know about exercise because I'm busy settling in & getting the house in order.

May not get to read your posts right away but will soon.

Progress as of today: 4.5 lbs lost so far, only 26.5 lbs to go!

liza36 on 06/07/2011:
Glad you made it safely to the US. Traveling is always tough on the diet, but sounds like you did well. Have a great day!

~Moody~ on 06/07/2011:
Welcome back to the states! Traveling can throw you out of your routine, but sounds like you did a good job.

Hope you have a great day!

hollybelle on 06/07/2011:
Welcome back to the USA! Interesting comments about the clothes and being larger than most people. I never thought of it that way. Thanks for sharing.

moogy on 06/07/2011:
It must be lovely to be back in your own home. Look after yourself and good job on maintaining through out the last few weeks. Good job:)

Umpqua on 06/08/2011:
Welcome back to the States and great job with staying healthy during your travel! I hope you have an excellent stay here!

moogy on 06/08/2011:
Thanks for stopping by my diary. I hope that you have a good day thinkpositive:)

thinkpositive - Friday Jun 03, 2011
(counting calories, exercise)
Weight: 186.5


Update Sat. am.

Just updating my weight! Slow but steady  and I'm okay with that. Thanks for the comments! Decided to give 2 of the neclaces for gifts so not feeling guilty about the purchases!


Just want to say sorry about the whining ( I think it was the wine) about going for my procedure.  Part of my frustration was living in a foreign country , not knowing the Dr., not knowing if the procedure would be covered by insurance. But things went well and I even stopped for lunch on the way home & went shopping. On the discharge paperwork they mention no driving, no heavy lift etc. But I think they should add - no shopping. I bought 3 necklaces - nothing planned- just saw them , liked them & plunked dwn the charge card. I think I was under the sedation spell.

Won't post my pre- prodcedure weight. Wish I could but know it's not my true weight.  The nurse who took my b.p & vitals said 'You must be exercising." My heart rate was very good. That was nice to see.


So I get a free day , right? Anyway not particularly counting the calories. Had a small carrot muffin, pumpkin soup, some fruit & then just had a craving for a fast food burger. My husband picked it up & I thought it was a Jr whopper but no it was a full fledged whopper with french fries. Oh well. No wine though! I'll go out for a walk to walk off a few of the french fries!

One more day here in Singapore & then I head for the US- yeah!! Then I'll be back in Sept. Be back on DD when I get to the US & get myself organized.

Thanks for the support.

Progress as of today: 4.5 lbs lost so far, only 26.5 lbs to go!

KathyBlue on 06/03/2011:
Ahhh, home sweet home soon?! Great!!! :D Have a nice journey! ;-)

legcramps on 06/03/2011:
Glad the procedure went well - love you mentioning being under the sedation spell when you bought those necklaces!!! Wear them with pride!

FitAmbitions on 06/03/2011:
TY for your comment! Ah shopping, just did some myself including an inexpensive necklace at Hallmark you can add charms to, so now I have all my kiddos birthstones in a clear locket... love it! Sounds like you are doing well, even the occasional whopper or ine isn't a bad thing. I would think Singapore is lovely, but it is also great hearing you are heading back stateside. Safe travels and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

hollybelle on 06/03/2011:
Well, glad that's over. Good job. Also, don't worry - I didn't think you were whining. It's stressful to have that in front of you - a big relief afterwards to be sure! So how long were you in Singapore? Were you there for work. Do you go back and forth all year? Must be kind of interesting.....but have it's drawbacks, too. Interesting to me.

moogy on 06/05/2011:
I am glad that you are OK and did minimal damage to the credit card, good grif woman you should have purchased something fabulous for yourself whilst drug affected!!!! LOL I hope you have a good week ahead of you and get home safely:)

selina on 06/06/2011:
Shopping in a foreign country sounds GREAT! Why not?

thinkpositive - Thursday Jun 02, 2011
(counting calories, exercise)
Weight: 187.5


Well today was different! My post yesterday said that i had it allunder control, blah, blah, blah... Today I had a Dr. Appt & which led to a colonoscopy scheduled for tomorrow- my Friday. No fruit, veget., meat, rice... Fine I say to myself I'll eat whatever I want as long as it's not on the no-no list. So I had a bagel with real butter, eng. muffin w/ butter, 4 glasses of wine, ( yes, that's right) and an extra large serving of pasta. And in the end ( unintended pun)  the calorie total isn't bad. I really had visions of eating cake. pastry. etc. but I was too busy with other things. I really cursed my father( God rest his soul)  because he had colon cancer which requires me to have a regular procedure to get checked out. I know that I shouldn't complain- this is just preventative medicine and it is important. Just getting it off my chest.

Looking forward to tomorrow afternoon when I can eat the nice fruit that I bought.

Take care-

Progress as of today: 3.5 lbs lost so far, only 27.5 lbs to go!

getmebackto150 on 06/02/2011:
at least your calories were not too high... Good luck on the colonoscopy tomorrow!

hollybelle on 06/02/2011:
My dad is being treated for recurrent colon cancer right now. Have you had this procedure before? I just had one a few weeks ago. It really wasn't bad. I kind of liked the sleep - LOL! from all the drugs. The docs I went to put you right OUT! Thank goodness no problems found - I have to go every 5 years at this point......not too bad when you consider the alternative.

YellowDress on 06/02/2011:
I hope there wont be anything for you to worry.Good luck on the test! And bazaar is a big fres vegetable and fruit market:)

V on 06/02/2011:
Good luck with your testing...I think my menue would read- Wine wine and more wine if I were in your shoes...LOl keep us updated! Sending love and positive vibes your way :)

moogy on 06/02/2011:
Eeeew yuk! That has to be one of the worst procedures! I had to have one once, and once was enough!! Grit your teeth and think of your Dad. I will grit my teeth this end (no pun intended!!) if that helps:)

thinkpositive - Tuesday May 31, 2011
(counting calories, exercise)
Weight: 187.5


Hmm... lost my posting- not sure what happened, just disappeared.

Having a good week. Keeping my caloreis around 1400 which is good for me. Went to the gym & walked Mon & Tues & today played golf so will skip the gym & walk later.

By staying away from sweets I don't really have any cravings & same with salty foods. I know if I got started on a can of nuts that I would eat too many. The almonds that I snack on are not salted so no problem. I should cut down on the almonds. I need to buy some fruit.

Did drop 1/2 lb so feel good about that. It all counts, right?

Watched a program on tv on tips for losing weight. They measured the calories of a woman on 2 different days. One day she followed her normal pattern & the next day they had her moving all of the time- no sitting but just walking in place or swinging her arms as she was working & they measured 200 extra calories from just adding more movement to her day. Not a surprise but interesting. another tip was to have dairy products- they showed that dairy helped in losing fat.

So I feel like I'm in the groove right now & content with what I'm doing.

Posting & reading other entries is helpful.

Hope you all have a good day!

Progress as of today: 3.5 lbs lost so far, only 27.5 lbs to go!

V on 06/01/2011:
So true any extra movement will help burn a few more calories :) Congrats on your loss and also for finding your groove!! :)

liza36 on 06/01/2011:
Congrats on the loss - of course every bit counts! Interesting tips. I've heard that dairy helps lose weight or fat, but not sure how. I'll have to google that. Have a good one.

Umpqua on 06/01/2011:
Every bit counts, sounds like you're doing great!

YellowDress on 06/01/2011:
It must be true,i've also seen this experiment on "10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight",available on youtube ;)Cheers for great exercising!

hollybelle on 06/01/2011:
Ah, isn't it great to be in that zone where we don't have those sweete or salty cravings! I'm glad you are there. Posting and readying DOES help. 1/2 lb is a wonderful loss. Keep up the good work TP!

selina on 06/02/2011:
Sounds like you are having an amzing week! Keep it up.

fish soup - it's from an old italian recipe book. Delish!

thinkpositive - Monday May 30, 2011
(counting calories, exercise)
Weight: 188.0


Hi DD friends,

My weekends are not the best. Not a total disaster but not stellar so can't expect much progress unless I can string a whole week together with lower calories & exercise.Friday , Sat & Sunday were more in the 1800 calorie range- not where I need to be. Friday had some ice cream, Saturday had an amazing gourmet dinner with 2 glasses of wine & shared a dessert . And yesterday had our version of a Memorial day cook out where I had a few too many potato chips.

OK ,well looking ahead. Started the day fine- breakfast- egg w/ toast, lunch- tomato soup, snack- almonds. Dinner will be a shrimp dish with veg. & rice.Exercise- 45 min in the gym - treadmill, elliptical & some upper body weights. Hope to go for a walk later today when it cools off.Have anice mango for a snack later on.

Dr. diagnosis of my  tired  feeling - microplasma- so 2 weeks of antibiotics should clear that up.

My last week here in SE Asia until Sept. Heading back to US for the summer to reconnect with friends & family. So trying to sort through stuff to figure out what to bring home .

On a brighter note- my clothes are fitting better- that feels good.

Goal for the week - no high calorie treats, no wine.And I mean it!!   :)  


Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 28 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 05/30/2011:
Were you diagnosed with pneumonia? I've had it and it's no fun. Take it easy and feel better!

legcramps on 05/30/2011:
Have a great day today!

mcwoo40 on 05/30/2011:
Just popping by to say have a good week :)

V on 05/30/2011:
I hope all is well with your health! I know you are pretty excited to come back to the states :)

loveray on 05/31/2011:
all things considered, it sounds like you had a great holiday weekend and were very moderate with your splurges. hope you have a great week and feel better soon! xo

Umpqua on 05/31/2011:
I just posted the recipes! I love Cooking Light magazine, and most of their recipes are also available on their website.

shell2418 on 05/31/2011:
Thanks for the advice! My house is fairly clean when it comes to having junk food...the "treat" food we do have is really for the kids! It's not so much what I eat as it is, I just want to keep eating and eating. Having children is incredibly challenging when you are trying to work on improving yourself too!!! But they won't be little forever. :o)

V on 05/31/2011:
:) Yes I have my moments where I am slightly entertaining...LOL Have a good evening :)

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