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thinkpositive - Monday Jan 11, 2016
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

HI ALL- I've been absent . Holidays, transitioning to my winter vacation place, etc..... I will try to check in on a regualar basis.

Today will get back to logging my food on my app. Will get on the scale as well but do expect that there will be a gaiin. Not going to beat myself up about it.

Exercise has been a bit off as I don't belong to a gym here & haven't been walking as much as I had planned. Today I plan to try a fitness class at a local community center.

Will catch up on your posts today.

grannyannie on 01/11/2016:
Welcome back. All you can do is get back on track, something I'm always doing. :/

puddles on 01/11/2016:
Welcome back good to hear from you.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/11/2016:
Welcome back, so happy to have you!

You sound like you are definitely motivated and ready to be on track! good for you!

thinkpositive - Wednesday Dec 09, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Having an okay week. Every day for the next two weeks I have some event that includes food so it will be challenging. Today it was a lunch out. I tried everything on my plate but left a good amount Did have a glass of wine though which I normally don't do at lunch.

B- cheerios w/ almond milk, snack- 1/2 banana L- filet of sole with stuffing, vegetables, small potoatoes, wine, 2 cookies D- salad Went to a Zumba class today- also yesterday. Good exercise!

Hope everyone is having a good week.

puddles on 12/09/2015:
You will do ok just be aware of your situation.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/09/2015:
that is def tough having to go out for all those meals. try to order extra veggies - at least that's what i'd do when I could...

grannyannie on 12/10/2015:
Eating out is a challenge, but you can handle it.

thinkpositive - Monday Dec 07, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Happy Monday,,

Today= B- egg, spinach, cheese Coffee & treats- small scone, small piece of egg strata, fruit mid afternoon- pear, 2 oz of cheese Dinner- husband said he bought some ground beef but I don't see any signs of it so who knows what we'll have If all else fails it will be a cup of soup

So sort of a crazy day for food.

Exercise- walk with grand dog

I had great plans for the day and all isn't lost but not the best.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/08/2015:
It's ok to have a treat now & then. I'm trying to do the right thing until April because my sister is getting married :-D and I have to wear a dress....but after that, i'm celebrating with a day of probably cake, fries & pizza!

thinkpositive - Wednesday Dec 02, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

A cloudy, rainy kind of gloomy day. Fine with me , I like a rainy day once in a while. My day to guide at the museum. Two groups & enjoyed giving them a nice tour. The museum is decorated for the holidays so that brightened things up a bit. Unless I change my mind , this will be a non exercise day. I seem to be on a exercise every other day sort of routine. I fugure if I exercise about 4 hours a week I'm doing okay.

Food today- B- fruit smoothie, L- turkey & cheese salad, D- plan a chicken curry with rice Snacks- banana, small amount of pretzels, apple, wine

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/03/2015:
You are more than OK with exercise 4x per week.

I basically do weights, 3x per week. Hardly any cardio bc of injury...I want to do more down the road, especially adding in more cardio, but the amount of exercise you are doing is at least what's required :)

Wow...we must have two museum ladies here! you and Museumgirl unless you are both the same person & I missed that!? if so, i'm so sorry!!!

and with all the guiding / walking you are doing at the museum, i'm sure it counts as some cardio or at least it's far better than sitting at a desk job :-)

great meals and calories as well!

very healthy snacks :)

puddles on 12/04/2015:
Your doing good.

biscottibody59 on 12/05/2015:
Enjoy your weekend!

thinkpositive - Tuesday Dec 01, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

A nice day. Didn't log my calories but staying with pretty healthy choices.

Zumba this morning. It's not really like exercise- more like a dance party. A dance party at 8:30 in the morning ! Exercise should be fun.

Have a physical on Friday & will not be happy with my weight. Oh well, keep trying, right?

Today- B- my usual egg & spinach dish, L- at a restaurant a salad with figs, poached pear, prosciutto, oh & a delicious piece of bread D- leftover squash soup Snacks- pretzels, chocolate, wine, olives

Wow December 1 - 3 weeks & I leave for my winter home. Lots to do before then

OhioRaven on 12/02/2015:
If I was a girl, I would probably Zoomba.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/02/2015:
Don't worry about your weight at the physical. You are a work in progress. weight will not change drastically overnight or in a week or two. It takes months. Just work at it - and be proud of your determination and progress as it happens. Don't worry about the physical because it's only a measure of how you are at the moment, not of the changes you are making along the way....you can do this, don't give up, and everyone & anyone can make the changes they want if they are determined. Keep at it...yes, keep trying & you will surely be successful, I can promise you that!

thinkpositive - Monday Nov 30, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Hi all-

Post Thanksgiving - planning for a good week.

Plan for the day- B- almond milk, yogurt, fruit smoothis, L- salad with turkey, Dinner- squash soup Snacks- yogurt, popcorn, chocolate

exercise- haven't decided - maybe a walk.

Hope it's a good day for you!

OhioRaven on 11/30/2015:
Have a Good day TP.

museumgirl on 12/01/2015:
Squash soup sounds yummy. Have a good day.

biscottibody59 on 12/01/2015:
Looks good--enjoy the rest of your day!

thinkpositive - Wednesday Nov 25, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

After years of raking & hauling leaves, we are having that work done by others. I've got to say that is a job that I don't miss . Just had our last clean up & I'm sitting by the window enjoying the look of the yard. Taking the afternoon off- reading catching up on emails. Prepared a few dishes for tomorrow so it will be an easy day. Husband is roasting the turkey &making gravy. Daughter will bring dessert.

Ok- today a better day. Went to Zumba , & being smart about what I'm eating. Having pizza at daughter's tonight so will try to limit what I eat.

Yesterday was a disaster as far as food. Just a matter of bad choices. We went to NYC- traffic was terrible- but what can you expect on a heavy travel day. So basically spent 7 hours in the car & 5 hours in the city. Did alot of walking & did enjoy ourselves . Sorry that the tree on Rockefeller plaza wasn't decorated yet. Did see other holiday displays.

Hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving. I'm grateful for the support of my DD friends.

OhioRaven on 11/25/2015:
Have a nice holday too, TP.

biscottibody59 on 11/25/2015:
Sounds good--Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes--the support is invaluable as always!

museumgirl on 11/25/2015:
Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your family.

thinkpositive - Tuesday Nov 24, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Stuck in traffic with a brownie, large chocolate bar & beef jerky....not good

Sitting at a long lunch with husband who didn't eat his french fires... I'm not even a huge fan of french fries but they seemed to disappear

I'll do better tomorrow.

OhioRaven on 11/25/2015:
Oh, Dear Lord !

thinkpositive - Wednesday Nov 18, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Happy Wednesday,

No progress this week. Kind of bored with my food & routine. Back to eating bread, pasta & just watching calories. Not overdoing it with carbs but not avoiding also.

No exercise yesterday or today but will go to a Zumba class tomorrow.

For some reason really craving chocolate... Had a piece of chocolate after lunch, after dinner & again for a snack. Back to tracking my calories starting tomorrow.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/19/2015:
in terms of diet, calories are what I watch most as well. sometimes the increase a little bit in carbs actually helps me not to binge.

grannyannie on 11/19/2015:
Craving chocolate is very understandable!

thinkpositive - Monday Nov 16, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

A decent weekend. Again- just maintaining although I'd prefer to be on the losing side!

Went a bit over in calories yesterday - had a dessert- first just a tiny portion & then said "that was go good, I'm serving myself another portion" Not a good idea. That's why I try to avoid sweets altogether.

Good exercise- Saturday - 30 min on the treadmill & yesterday- a good 2 mile walk. Today- abs & weights class at the gym.

Food today- B- Vitamuffin; L- 1/2 egg salad sandwich, one ginger cookie Snack- almonds Dinner- nothing planned yet- leftover roast beef & green beans

grannyannie on 11/16/2015:
Maintaining is better than gaining! I'm the same with sweets, a little is never enough. Good workouts.

OhioRaven on 11/17/2015:
I'm with Annie. Maintaining is Good. I can't go around sweets either. It's like giving an alcoholic a drink.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/18/2015:
same here, I don't like doing desserts bc I find it hard to be moderate. The sweet tastes are too overwhelming for me & they mess with my ability to control my intake of them. I prefer only some fruit / tea / coffee for dessert bc I always feel better overall after the meal is done.

Desserts do NOTHING for me either.

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