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thinkpositive - Friday Oct 02, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Hi- Yesterday was not the best- not the worst day I've ever had but a good reminder of what to stay away from- crackers, pretzels. most everything with white flour and sugar. Out at a restaurant for lunch- ordered a salad - huge with chicken salad and a whole avocado, didn't get through 1/2 the salad- hoping it stayed good for today's lunch. Didn't order or have any dessert even though most at the table had some. Okay , so far so good. But then got home & had a few pretzels & then crackers with butternut soup. At book club I happened to be sitting next to the Trader Joe thin chocolate crisp cookies. A big mistake to try one. Then on to the chocolate covered something or other... .. Ok, you get the picture.

Today- no breakfast, not hungry so far just an apple with almond butter, L- plan on having the leftover salad Dinner- better come up with a plan soon.

Exercise- 1/2 hr on the treadmill Not my favorite but it's raining so no walk & I missed all of the classes I would be interested in at the gym.

grannyannie on 10/02/2015:
Sounds exactly like what I do! Try to be good then give in and snack. And one cookie is never enough!

hollybelle on 10/03/2015:
I can't eat just one of Anything apparently! Today is another day!

Umpqua on 10/05/2015:
Trader Joe cookies are evil haha. You've been doing great overall so don't sweat it!

horn_of_plenty on 10/05/2015:
Hello you sound to be making good food choices! When everyone orders dessert, you can always order fruit and/or tea / coffee if you need something to occupy your mouth & hands! I always do...!

thinkpositive - Thursday Oct 01, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


Good to know that I'm holding on to the ten lb loss.

Yesterday's food- B- my usual egg with spinach, L- salad with brussel sprouts & shavings of cheese D- fish soup Snacks- one small shortbread cookie, yogurt, apple w/ almond butter Fish soup was very good with tomato base & white fish & shrimp & nice spices. Husband made it so extra good! Somewhere around 1300 calories. Lunch was at a restaurant so a bit hard to figure calories.

No exercise

puddles on 10/01/2015:
Your food sound good. Your call are right on. Have a great day.

Umpqua on 10/01/2015:
Yummy food choices and congratulations on your 10-lb loss!!

ohioraven on 10/01/2015:
Sounds Great !

biscottibody59 on 10/01/2015:
Congrats on the 10#--excellent! Just gotta be vigilant while moving onto the next milestone--you can do it!

thinkpositive - Wednesday Sep 30, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


Yes, finally got to my 10 lb loss !!! Happy about that but also need to hold onto it and to start working on the next 10 lbs.

Not proud of the fact that I did have a carrot cake cupcake yesterday. Was going to have a taste but that was not going to happen when I tasted it . So I poured myself some coffee, sat down and enjoyed every bite of it.

Tried to make up for it by going for an hour walk.

Yesterday about 1500 calories, carbs up over what I like .

Torrential rain here right now. We need the rain .

Maria7 on 09/30/2015:
Congratulations to you on your 10! What is good is that you only gave in to '1' cupcake and that you made sure you ENJOYED it with a nice cup of coffee! And you walked for an hour which probably more than made up for it. It's really not just the goal but enjoying the JOURNEY, too! :-D Have a good day.

thinkpositive on 09/30/2015:
Thanks Maria. a good way to look at it!

puddles on 09/30/2015:
Don't beat yourself up over a cupcake. You have done good. Have a great day.

thinkpositive on 09/30/2015:
Thanks. I'm glad that I was able to eat just one- it was good but seemed super sweet after avoiding sugary foods for a while.

ohioraven on 09/30/2015:

thinkpositive on 09/30/2015:
Thank you !!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/30/2015:
It is ok to enjoy less healthy foods...everything in moderation is the best way. I used to eat less carbs, now I eat more - I still struggle sometimes feeling like I could have had more carbs, actually - I am very used to eating on the lower side and having lower energy in my opinion because maybe not enough carbs...anyways, don't place to much emphasis on carbs. Really weightloss is more calories and a balance. I am sure you u know this well - take in less calories than you burn and you have weight loss. More calories than you burn results in gain. and same calories as you burn would result in maintenance...

But seriously that's a great goal. You should be very proud. Most weight I've lost in the past 3 years or maybe even much more than that is 5 lbs! So you did good. My ultimate goal this year is really just 5 lbs more or so...I like small goals, as they are easier to achieve than a big one. Keep doing your thing, you have a good approach. and please, never give up. It's ok to eat things that aren't great choices, just be mindful and choose something better at the next meal. Try to balance out your choices. You don't need to be perfect, nobody on this earth is.

Maybe rejoice in the fact you've achieved a ten pound goal and live a little in the moment with that...then, when you feel ready, continue on in your successful journey!

thinkpositive on 09/30/2015:
Thanks for your thoughtful reply!

thinkpositive - Tuesday Sep 29, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Good morning

Yesterday a mostly healthy day.

B- fruit smoothie, L- salad w/ turkey & o & V, D- swordfish, broccoli, snacks- almonds, biscotti, almond butter

Exercise- hr walk at a good pace, some gardening

Definitely have to cur back on my nuts ! Although I did just buy some almond butter & had to do some sampling of that.... I won't buy more almonds this week.

Having a meeting here this morning & have various baked goodies in the house. I'll send some home with folks or toss them out after the meeting. I was going to bake but decided that was too dangerous. I would be too tempted to eat a piece of cake that I baked.

puddles on 09/29/2015:
Yes getting it out of the house will be good. Wishing you a great day.

ohioraven on 09/29/2015:
I have a small can of almonds in my locker. I nosh on one or two if I'm feeling peckish. Yes, a lot of nuts could be a bad thing but a couple of them are just fine.

thinkpositive on 09/30/2015:
Good for you if you can hold to a few! I need to find some crunchy snacks.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/30/2015:
Other crunchy snacks that may work, not sure, are: baby carrots?, celery...although not sure you want the veggies. I don't partially enjoy snacking on them. Also, perhaps some kinds of puffed snacks that are lower in calories. I've found veggie chips, although not that nutritious, at the supermarket and I can eat around 40 chips for 130 calories, according to the label...if you are just looking for low cal foods, well, the chips isle in fancy food stores sometimes has some chips that are low cal and you can eat a lot of them. And they may have fiber as well....not the best snack. Oh, also, fruit?

I am just giving examples of low cal foods, not necessarily what you are looking for...just my take on it for now :)

thinkpositive - Sunday Sep 27, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


Didn't realize that I haven't posted for 4 days! No particular reason.

Still working on the last 1/2 lb to my first ten lb goal. Yesterday felt like having a margarita so why just have one , right- so I made it 2. Overall though I have cut down on my wine & rarely have other alcoholic drinks.

Today- B- egg, spinach,; L- salad with turkey, o & v ; dinner- at Chilli's grilled chicken salad , cup of chilli Snacks- apple, almonds, wedge of chocolate

Maybe I was hungry or just hit Chilli's on the right day but I have to say that the Grilled Chicken Salad was delicious. Fresh ingredients, tasty & 430 calories

Exercise- golf - riding in a cart so not exactly alot of exercise. I did par one hole though so feeling decent about my game today!

Umpqua on 09/28/2015:
It sounds like you're being sensible overall and great news on your golf game!

horn_of_plenty on 09/28/2015:
You are doing great. Cutting down on alcohol and sugary drinks will end up making you feel better and weight loss will def be faster. Congrats on being so close to your goal. 10lbs is amazing ! That is my goal for this year also.

Even just being outside in the sun playing golf is better than being home on the couch all day, lol, like I did yesterday!....but sometimes it's what we need :)

thinkpositive - Wednesday Sep 23, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Good mornign & happy Fall!

Oh how I hate to see summer go but I do enjoy somewhat cooler weather .


B- egg& spinach, L- salad w/ turkey & o & v; D- salmon, geen beans Snacks- almonds, apple & pb, yogurt somewhat lower calories & carbs

Exercise- Zumba

Umpqua on 09/23/2015:
I'm really enjoying these cooler temps and the foliage is just starting to turn here. Your foods look fantastic!

puddles on 09/23/2015:
I also enjoy the Fall weather. Good job on food and exercise.

horn_of_plenty on 09/23/2015:
Thanks so much for your support :) yes the fall temps are just wonderful here too :) I feel like I can do so much more outside during fall - but now just resting my legs for a few days.

biscottibody59 on 09/24/2015:
Still in the throes of heat for the foreseeable future here--cooler mornings, but that's little consolation:-)

Hope you're enjoying your day!

thinkpositive - Monday Sep 21, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Good morning,

Ok the weekend is over. Always a struggle. However I am going to be working on solidifying a 10 lb loss. The 3 day detox that I started on Aug 8 got this started so I guess that's not too bad. Then on to the next ten lbs. No celebrating yet though....Maybe by Thursday? Looking more & more like fall. The leaves aren't changing yet- except for a few early changing maples-but the weather is cooler & the squirrels are very busy. Off on an excursion today which includes lunch but I'll stay with a salad with dressing on the side.

Have a great day!

ohioraven on 09/21/2015:
Hang in there, TP.

puddles on 09/21/2015:
Keep working at it. Have a great day.

biscottibody59 on 09/22/2015:
Ten isn't something to celebrate? Yes it is!


thinkpositive on 09/22/2015:
Oh definitely, just not quite there yet!

thinkpositive - Sunday Sep 20, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Yesterday was fairly good with a few indulgences. Went to an event with food trucks. Had 2 veggie tacos- how bad can that be? Seemed pretty healthy & I was starving. Avoided all the other over the top fried food.

B- egg with spinach & 1/2 piece of bacon; L- 2 veggie tacos; D- steak 4-6 oz, small amount of mashed potatoes, peas, mushrooms , wine Snacks- almonds, piece of chocolate, beer I figured about 1500-1600 calories

Exercise- just walking around the event- maybe 2 miles

Today? not sure . I love having an open calendar!

hollybelle on 09/20/2015:
Veggie tacos sounds food to me! Good exercise!

Umpqua on 09/21/2015:
Your foods sound wonderful and I hope you had a nice relaxing Sunday!

thinkpositive - Friday Sep 18, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Good Morning-

Beautiful late summer days here in New England. Warm yesterday- mid 80's.

Exercise was golf- 9 holes walking with a cart.

Food- B- egg w spinach L-smoothie w/ soy milk, avocado, spinach & strawberries, D- at a restaurant - salmon, wild rice, vegetables, wine; Snacks- yogurt, blueberries, almonds, chocolate chips - about 1400 calories, 110 carbs

Umpqua on 09/18/2015:
Sounds like a lovely day yesterday and great choices at the restaurant!

puddles on 09/19/2015:
Golf a wonderful exercise. Hope you enjoyed yourself.

Maria7 on 09/19/2015:
Sounds like you had a wonderful time playing golf. Hope you are having a good day. :-D

thinkpositive - Thursday Sep 17, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

A good but exhausting day. Spent about 4-5 hours doing yardwork. Dug up some shrubs & reeplanted them. Planted around 15 mums as a community project. Way over did it & was bone tired.

B- yogurt with peach and threw in a few chocolate chips; L- chicken , tomato, o & v; D- tilapia, rice & grilled vegetables Snacks- beer, almonds, yogurt, blueberries

Around 1400 calories, carbs a bit high

Umpqua on 09/17/2015:
Excellent, gardening is such great exercise. We want to plant some fruit trees but it's been so warm out that we're holding off a few weeks. Fall weather has to come around soon, right? :)

thinkpositive on 09/17/2015:
Yes, hot again today but taking it easy this afternoon.

livinglight on 09/17/2015:
Sounds like a lovely day!

hollybelle on 09/17/2015:
That is a lot of yard work. Good for you on the community project, though! Great menus!

hollybelle on 09/17/2015:
That is a lot of yard work. Good for you on the community project, though! Great menus!

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