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thinkpositive - Wednesday Aug 19, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


A good day.

B- smoothie w/almond milk, blueberries & banana, L- large salad w/ turkey & o & v, D- shrimp, peppers, tomato, broccoli, sprayed w olive oil & cooked on the grill Snacks, hummus, veg, a few spoonfuls of ice cream - under 1200 calories

Exercise- went to the gym - 20 min treadmill 20 bike -got my heart rate up, felt good

Scale dropped a bit which makes me happy. Glad that I'm able to keep on track.

Umpqua on 08/20/2015:
Your foods look fantastic, well done all around!

thinkpositive - Tuesday Aug 18, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Hi all,

Another warm day. Spent the morning & early afternoon with grandchildren at a pond. They pretty much do their thing & I swim & read. Very pleasant.

Today- B. smoothie made with almond mik, fruit & flaxseed, L- large salad with turkey , avocado, o & v, Dinner to be determined - maybe leftover chicken with vegetables Snacks, yogurt, almonds , grapes

grannyannie on 08/18/2015:
Sounds like a lovely day! Good menu!

puddles on 08/19/2015:
Nice to be with the kids.

thinkpositive - Monday Aug 17, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Another decent day. Down a half pound. B- out with friends scramled eggs w/ bacon & fruit, L- salad w/ chicken & olive oil & vin, grapes, F=Dinner- chicken sweet potato, tomato glass of red wine, snack- almonds

Exercise- swimming & golf ( riding)

Nice day but warm

Again - no problem following this plan. Satisfied with the food & not hungry.

ohioraven on 08/18/2015:
Sounds good, TP.

grannyannie on 08/18/2015:
Well done!

Umpqua on 08/18/2015:
I'm glad things are going well with the Paleo diet. I think sometimes we need to switch things up to jumpstart our metabolisms. I've gone low carb (and extreme low carb) many times and it does get the scale moving for sure. I think if nothing else, it has made me more mindful of the types of carbs and how many I'm eating on the regular, which it sounds like the Paleo will do as well. I hope you are staying cool with our hot temps!

thinkpositive - Sunday Aug 16, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


Successful day of eating Paleo. A little concerned about carbohydrates being too low. I'd like to have the number around 100 but today closer to 60.

B- spinach, 1/4 avocado, a few grapes 2 scrambed eggs, L- 3 oz turkey with spinach, lettuce kohlrabi D- 1/2 chicken breast, salad, grapes Snacks- almonds, glass of wine

Exercise- 4 mile walk, a little swimming

So the outcome from my 3 day detox last week where I lost 5 lbs in 3 days . I knew it wasn't a true loss so not at all surprised to gain 2 lbs back. But I'll take the 3 lbs . Now hope to build on that with this low carbohydrate diet. I don't think it's unhealthy & I plan to tweak it a bit. The Dr Oz version suggests adding some grains & greek yogurt which I plan to do once I get to the store tomorrow. Meanwhile I feel satisfied & no cravings.

hollybelle on 08/17/2015:
Satisfied with no cravings sounds good! Great walk and swimming must have felt good after that!

puddles on 08/17/2015:
Yes those carbs are hard to control. Good luck with your new plan to try Paleo. Have a great day.

grannyannie on 08/17/2015:
Good luck with your new plan. Curious to see how you like it.

thinkpositive - Saturday Aug 15, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


Dinner party went well. I did indulge a bit- some nuts, a few cheeses & crackers, a portion of the blueberry dessert & ice cream & a glass of wine. There you go.

Today has been fine. Now considering the Paleo diet. Any thoughts? . I read Dr Oz's rendition of the plan & I think it will work for me. I will miss bread though.. And then always new ingredients to buy which I can't - or rather don't want to- do today. Basically, protein & vegetables with some fruit. I can handle that.

Tired from all of the preparations for the party. Being a slug today. Reading & maybe some pool time & a picnic & concert tonight.

Maria7 on 08/15/2015:
I do Paleo off and on and it helps. I think it is one of the best ones. :-)

grannyannie on 08/15/2015:
I don't trust anything Dr Oz endorses. Personally, I'm suspicious of any of these special diets. I just eat healthy.

thinkpositive on 08/15/2015:
I liked the three day detox and it beats going the Nutrisystem route.

grannyannie on 08/15/2015:
The only time I did any diet other than calories and healthy eating was about 6 months on Weight Watchers.

biscottibody59 on 08/15/2015:
I know very little about the paleo diet, but I did hear an interview with the guy that kind of set it in motion. I think it's a fad and anyone who has any kind of inflammatory issues; high cholesterol, high hsCRP, T2 diabetes or autoimmune disease will probably not see it healing them in the long run. Perhaps numbers look goo in the short-term.

The best diet for inflammation is a healing diet free of added salt, oil and sugar (SOS)--eating as close to unprocessed as possible. It's also the one with the biggest learning curve and challenge to the brain/tastebuds. But once you lose the taste for SOS, you're home free:-) It will never be adopted on any grand scale.

Good luck with the new thing--I think it's good to try new things and shake things up!

thinkpositive on 08/15/2015:
Thanks. Right , something new & something I can handle. Also have been extremely tired in the afternoon. Like to see if this improves my energy.

ohioraven on 08/15/2015:
My buddies say I eat like a Cave Man sometimes.

thinkpositive on 08/15/2015:
Ha ! Then you qualify as Paleo.

thinkpositive - Friday Aug 14, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


Doing well this last week. Staying away from bad snacks, no wine, limiting my portions. Staying within 1400 calories.

Today will be more challenging as I'm having a dinner party. The good part is that I can limit my portions & make a non alcoholic drink. I will want to try my blueberry dessert with lemon flavored ice cream though.... Just a small portion. Main meal is cold salmon with a tarragon sauce .

Will try to get a walk in at some point today.

Have a great day!

grannyannie on 08/14/2015:
Well done! Dinner parties are a big challenge!

Umpqua on 08/14/2015:
Your dinner party sounds lovely, enjoy!

Maria7 on 08/15/2015:
Hope you are having a wonderful day. :-)

thinkpositive - Thursday Aug 13, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


Another perfect day!

Food is a bit scattered- B- healthnut bread w almond butter, L- a protein bar while I was shopping, got home & had a few slices of turkey pepperoni, then a 1/2 ham sandwich. D- planning on lamb chop and corn. Have to eat the corn from my garden! Snacks- apple, hummus with vegetables, peach

Exercise today- 9 holes of golf , walking with a cart., maybe a little water exercise in the pool

thinkpositive - Wednesday Aug 12, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


Having a good day. Sunny & dry with a nice breeze. perfect summer day.

Glad to see that the scale didn't go up after the 3 day detox. Hoping to maintain that loss but we'll see. Today- B- toast w/ almond butter, L- almond milk w/ fruit + some turkey Snacks- plum, more almond milk, tomato Dinner- plan to have chicken , squash, corn & potato

Exercise- 3 mile walk

ohioraven on 08/12/2015:
Nice !

puddles on 08/12/2015:
We all love those Summer days. Congrats on the scale not going up. Have a great evening.

biscottibody59 on 08/12/2015:
Looks like a filling and tasty dinner:-)

hollybelle on 08/13/2015:
Good news on your recent loss. I love your dinner plan meal! keep up the good work!

Umpqua on 08/13/2015:
Wonderful food choices and good going on the walk!

thinkpositive - Tuesday Aug 11, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Good morning,

Why did I make an 8 am dentist appt. ? Too early to sit & to have hands in my mouth & tools poking & prodding & grinding away. Did I leave out the water & suction? Anyway, I survived.

It is so nice to see the scale move down by 5 lbs in 3 days. I realze that it's not a true loss but just feels good to see the scale move. So now that the 3 day detoz is over, now what? I need to come up with a plan to build on this & not watch the scale move back up by 5 lbs. I was toying with the idea of going the Nutrisystem route. I did it about 20 yrs ago & was successful but hated the sight of the food at the end. I don't think I'll do it because of the processed food. That's not the direction I'm going in so it doesn't make any sense. I just need to break a few bad habits. the after 4 o'clock snacking is #1. Having a glass or two wine every night- a waste of calories. and then more snacks after dinner- #3. If I can work on those 3 areas I'll save about 300-400 calories of calories with no nutritional benefit.

Things to ponder today... Raining here- lovely- we need it.

puddles on 08/11/2015:
I am sure you will find the balance in a healthy eating plan. A life change. Have a great day and congrats on the detox.

grannyannie on 08/11/2015:
Agree it's nice to see the scale move even though you know some is fluid. I did a processed food diet about 20 years ago. Lost the weight but it really was not healthy food.

ohioraven on 08/11/2015:
How about some sort of exercise in your future plan ?

thinkpositive on 08/11/2015:
Good point.

biscottibody59 on 08/11/2015:
Plan looks like a winner!

Umpqua on 08/12/2015:
Yes, the rain was so nice. I agree with you about not doing processed food, I feel much better when I eat real, whole foods. Good point about getting some exercise in and maybe even subbing out healthier snacks at night or having them on hand if you do get hungry?

thinkpositive - Sunday Aug 09, 2015
(Eating healthy, watching carbs, exercise)
Weight: 0.0


Second day of detox. I'm not doing it for the detox but to lose a couple of lbs because I need to see the scale move and to break some bad habits. Mainly snacking after dinner which didn't used to be a problem but somehow has become one.

No problem with the veg/fruit smoothies. They are filling and taste good. Calories are about 1100 .

Hope everyone is doing well.

ohioraven on 08/09/2015:
Hi, TP. My night time snack is cottage cheese with fruit. Sometimes a LOT of it. Have a good day.

puddles on 08/09/2015:
I have never had any of these things called smoothies. Might just have to try that out at one point. Yes breaking a habit can be hard once we start. You seem to be doing good keep at it.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/09/2015:
good cals, I am sure you'll see the scale move!

biscottibody59 on 08/09/2015:
Sounds like a great plan!

Mistyrose on 08/10/2015:
A detox can help with the scale and help break the night time eating pattern.

Umpqua on 08/11/2015:
The detox sounds interesting, keep us posted on how things are going!

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