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thinnside40 - Monday Jun 01, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 208.0

1 step forward,2-3-4-5+ steps backward, but NEVER going to stop trying to reach that goal.


Friday ~ Finally gave the evergreens, perennials & such a decent burial after having them go begging for over a month.... Busy day with hubby home & watching kids ...Stressed how much I DID NOT want to be doing the Relay for Life for 2 hours worth of walking in the 95+ temps on Saturday..My body, nor attitude fair well with the super hotness...

Saturday ~ Went to Walmart to get bark & lava rock...Got home just in time to swallow a quick sandwich, lather on the sunscreen & head out the door... We all had on t-shirts to match.. The kids walked almost the whole 2 hours with us.... NOT a gripe!!!!.. Before going, I did apologize for my stinky attitude about participating and told myself that I would remember to have hubby schedule us to walk next time maybe a 3 hour stint, but at a much earlier or later time. It is for a super good cause......We did have free refreshments and hubby's place of employment had 2 tents for shade..We walked 2-4 p.m. then stuck around to walk with a couple people who had families that didn't come with them for few laps each.....I would say that we walked a good 4-5 miles with stopping to let the kids take a break while we kept walking and such...When we got home after picking up a few groceries my legs were very swollen and broke out in a horrible rash from the swelling...Before dark set in, I wanted to see so badly how the bark/rock was going to look around my newly planted things that the kids & I began to "landscape" and not just plant annuals for the first time.... We had fun and it smells/looks so good....

Sunday ~ Attended church service, came home to eat & rest a bit with the legs/feet elevated.. Had a phone conversation with my dad about some of my mom's meds, then couldn't rest... Sat at the computer to do some research & print off some info for him to question the Dr. & pharmacist (one of mom's docs (psych & not very cooperative with a G.P.) had given samples of Cymbalta, so the drug interactions with her other meds /side effects that could have something to do with her rapid decline with memory wasn't "caught" by anybody ~ I didn't even know she was on it)....Before I knew it, I hadn't rested, nor had my legs up for very long and it was time to go to music practice....Came home in the evening to feel lazy, but it necessary for me to just sit to elevate & veg out.....Went to bed with a wedge pillow to keep the elevation thing going on...

Monday ~ I'm sluggish,munchy,cranky,moody & have done little to nothing to really speak of most of the day... I was anticipating this sort of day was going to come on Saturday & another reason I wasn't in all that much of a happy person about walking so much & in the hot weather...I have done nothing other than watch & feed the kids, take a nap when R was @ school & the baby asleep....My feet/legs look much better after renigging to being "lazy"...  Weather is still in the 90's here @ 5:00 p.m.... We did buy 2 window air conditioners off of Craigs List on Friday and that sure helps when the sun starts to set on the West side of the house (our bedrooms get so HOT @ about 3:30-4:00)... Have done a bit of laundry & getting ready to finish the pile on the couch before setting supper on the BBQ & doing some more laying of bark/lava rock when it cools down some...

Feeling like I'm not on top of my game in the healthy eating & exercising ( I do count the working in the yard & such as exercise though) very much this last few days. Have been thinking a lot about it today and determined to get back to feeling more energized & ready to work at this harder than ever.... Saturday's eating was toast, scrambled egg for breakfast.... 1/2 pbj for dinner (before walking).... 2 small carnberry oatmeal cookies for on the go snack & supper was BBQ turkey breast burgers, coleslaw & lil' bit of baked beans...BUT this healthyish day didn't come til after the Friday late night pizza (poor excuse that I had been working outside most of the afternoon & I was tired...The kids/hubby said "just order pizza ?!?!?"...O.K.!) & me eating one of each of the kid's lunchbox goodies throughout that carbolishous day.... Sun(day) was better, but after p.m. church service a bunch of us went to the D.Q. to eat/visit with the pastor that will have his last Sunday @ the church next Sunday... I had a Chicken Wrap, small Fry, few O.rings & then a blizzard..... Today started off with Banana, Cereal, Toast & Coffee...Handful of Plain Roasted Almonds for a.m. snack went to a 1/2 PBJ & Apple for dinner to Popcorn for p.m. snack....Sat out some Tuna & Salmon steaks to fix for supper....I will accompany the fish with a nice green salad & maybe some steamed brocolli.... Now, that I have written what I have eaten today, it doesn't sound/look all that bad (breakfast could of been much better) or at least it is much better than Friday. Veggies & Fruit JERRI!!!!!!

Progress as of today: 29 lbs lost so far, only 53 lbs to go!

grumpy on 06/01/2009:
Hey girl, I loveeee your message to never give up! I am with you, but I may add, I am so tired of my steps back!!! I really wanna go back to me a year or so ago!!! I will too! I will try to be good in Brazil, moderation! This time i am going for vacations and family time, no work at all! Yay. 6 full days of mom, dad, sisters, nephews! xo

thinnside40 - Wednesday May 27, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 208.0


My brain is still on a regular week and cannot believe it is Wednesday already... Yesterday was so busy I missed DD.. Had a Dr. appointment and finally able to get my blood draw done... Doc said I was looking much better than 2 weeks ago and agreed that it was best for me to not take the Rx she prescribed with the horrible effects it was having on me... We are going with acute care basis with only as needed meds instead for any anxiety attacks that may be in the future (hopefully none, but prepared) and not with any daily meds (that makes me so happy )..My b.p. was much better this appointment as well..She was pleased with how I was looking & how I was standing my ground with taking some charge of my care (I was feeling abit of the kick-back from the drug company for prescribing the "new" drug that was given to me was taking place too)...The potential side-effects when it came down to it were some or near all other issues we had been trying to combat with me for the last 2 years...High B.P., Higher Triglycerides/Cholesterol, Increased Anxiety @ first, etc.... I don't want to treat one thing to add to the other troubles..Not worth it!...I have worked too hard to lower the B.P., Cholesterol, etc to revert back to fighting.

Meg & I spent Saturday most of the day alone with dad/mom & Monday we all spent most of the day with them... Still sorting/cleaning/organizing... Mom did FINALLY agree to go to Goodwill with me. Dad wants to buy her some summer clothing and taking her to Goodwill was a trial run for when I may take her to department stores in the near future... She is declining fast with the dementia. It seems so wrong for me to be telling her what to do (especially the subject(s) of what it is she "needs" to be doing as everyday basics) and when to do it....I told hubby I knew I would be doing some of the things I'm doing, but just not as quick as I have been placed into that position... It has been a quick adjustment for me in just knowing what is to come and being forced into it much quicker than anticipated by us all... Harder days are ahead, but I will say again..1 day @ a time and sometimes a minute by minute day in the process... Unconditional love from her family is all she has asked for and she has it 1,000,000,000+%..It has helped me tremendously that my dad is coming around in allowing me to do some things to help out.

Now, onto the good stuff...FOOD!!!!! It has been tasting mighty good....Ha Ha!!!! Naw, really eating has been satisfactory over the weekend, but keeping busy and on the go every day has been a good counteractive. This morning I have made a 9-cup (approx.) coleslaw that I could eat all day long... Dad had made a batch of it and we ate it with BBQ sandwiches..I grabbed his recipe folder and jotted the recipe down... Making healthier substitutes with the dressing tastes just as good... I am back at eating veggies/fruit like last week!!!! Plenty water and going to fit in at least 30 minutes of walking a day...

I am feeling much better.I thank you for support during my "poopoo on" phase(s). Life is what it is and how this last couple months has been is something I've never felt before with the anxiety attacks & reacting to life circumstances like I never thought I would or really how it has "whopped" me up side the head...To find out that I'm a different person that I thought I would be in a certain situation has been a bit odd..It is all new to me, but I'm trudging through & will perservere with the Good Lord's help & guidance no matter...

Menu & Activities


Scrambled Egg/Egg Whites,1 sl.Toast

Cauliflower,Cucumber 10 Roasted Plain Almonds

1/2 PBJ,1 c. Coleslaw,Apple




H20 = 100-120 oz.

Coleslaw Recipe

Mix/Beat Together ~ 1/3c.Sugar, 1/2tsp. Salt, 1/8tsp.Pepper,1/4c. Milk ( I used skim), 1/4c.Buttermilk,1/2c. Mayonnaise ( I used Best Foods made w/Olive Oil), 2&1/2 TBS.Lemon Juice,  1 & 1/2TBS.White Vinegar...Set aside.....

Finely Chop 8 cups Cabbage & Grate/Chop 1/4 c. Carrots ( I used more)....

Pour the dressing over the cabbage/carrots...Mix well & refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving... It tastes just fine when not chilled, but does add a bit more flavor when "merged" together.... YUMMERS!!!!!  With the ratio of veggies vs. dressing I don't think this is a bad recipe for fat/calories... May add a tiny bit of bell pepper next time...

Progress as of today: 29 lbs lost so far, only 53 lbs to go!

selina on 05/28/2009:
That recipe sounds so delicious! Thanks for sharing!

So sorry to hear about your mom's declining health... hang in there. She and your dad are so lucky to have you around...


selina on 05/28/2009:
Yeah, the south beach diet is actually a lifestyle after you overcome the first phase. It's been good so far...

grumpy on 05/28/2009:
So glad you are doing better and in good spirits. Walking will put you in a better mood and give you energy. xoxo

biscottibody59 on 05/29/2009:
Hope you have a good weekend!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/29/2009:
you sound 100% better. glad to hear your results went much better than a couple weeks ago or so. keeping active on the weekend i've found is one of the best therapies. keep it up, thinn! :)

thinnside40 - Friday May 22, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 208.0

Eating has been good...Keeping busy & taking one day @ a time in all areas of life.... No real big plans for the long weekend...Spend time with family mostly.....Off to make beds, then go out on the front porch to watch R play with Tonkas & drink something refreshing while the baby sleeps....Got on the scale this morning and it pegged right @ 208 (whew )....Not that I'm super happy about that number, but to not be any higher is a wonderful thing...

Early ~ Banana, Coffee

Regular time ~1 Egg/3 Egg Whites, 1 sl. Health Nut Toast

15 Roasted Unsalted Almonds, 1/6th serv. xtra dk. Choc.

1/2 PBJ, Apple, D. Pepsi

Carrots & Hummus

Salmon Chunk, Green Salad


H20 = 100-120 oz.

Safe ~ Happy ~ Successful ~ Full of Love Weekend to YOU!

Progress as of today: 29 lbs lost so far, only 53 lbs to go!

breakaway on 05/22/2009:
SOunds like a great menu :D I have always wanted to try Hummus but never have. I'm wondering, how good can it really be if it's good for you? LOL

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/22/2009:
=) thanks thinn! you're doing a good job too!

grumpy on 05/22/2009:
yes, girl, not gaining is great! i am still waiting on our combined reaction. i changed my starting weight to my current weight, i think that will give me more motivation to lose more. xo

nenak on 05/25/2009:
sounds like your in a comfortable place! no hurt in taking 1 day at a time!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/25/2009:
hey thinn!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love reading all the tasty and healthy things you eat!

Maria7 on 05/25/2009:
Hope you're having a nice day today!

loveray on 05/26/2009:
hope you had a wonderful memorial day. love you! xoxo

selina on 05/27/2009:
Hi Thinny! how are you? hope you had a great memorial day holiday!

thinnside40 - Wednesday May 20, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 208.0

Went grocery shopping last night and stocked up on fresh fruits & veggies again.... Been trying this week to incorporate more of the raw items.....  It is a bit more costly than I like, but I can feel the positive difference overall and more satisfied in fullness when I eat a variety of "fresh".... 

Very happy with the progress made so far in my housecleaning & catching up on laundry this week... My energy level has increased for the time being...Hubby didn't say anything in detail last night, but in my passing him to put a bag of groceries on the counter, he stopped me and just said "I love you"...It was one of him being able to tell I had been working hard to achieve my personal goals and he knows what a tough time I have been having lately...I love the fact that I can get so much out of just those 3 words and the look in his eyes..... Plan is to go work @ my parent's again Saturday and I want my house in order to be able to come home and just relax in comfort to read or do whatever feels good to unwind...

Menu & Activities


1 Egg/3 Egg Whites,Apple Cinnamon EM,Coffee


1/2 PBJ Sandwich(Smart Balance PB,Health Nut Bread), Apple, Stretch Island 100% Fruit Strip

Cucumber, Hummus

After realizing we were out of milk & hubby had been able to come home early from work (already worked 10 hours by 3:00 p.m.)...Asked him if we could go to Costco before church time.. We headed out and so my supper I had planned changed to:

Costco Turkey Wrap (no mayo,stripped of the havarti Whole Wheat Tortilla that I ridded of the excess..Just Turkey Breast,Tomato & Lettuce on a bit of tilla), Lite Lemonade

Small bowl of Multi-Cheerios

H20 = 100-120oz.

I would like to know one thing for sure........




I'm missing a lot of people around here!!!! Even if you aren't posting daily, let us know what yer up to and how yer doing once and a while....PLEASE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?    Miss ya!


Progress as of today: 29 lbs lost so far, only 53 lbs to go!

breakaway on 05/20/2009:
LOL I felt like I was reading my own journal when coming here reading yours. I also got fresh veggies and fruit and thought it was way to expensive but worth it IF we eat them that is. Back in the day they would sit on the counter and waste away and get dumped in the compost pile :( Now were eating more of them! Sounds like a great shopping day for you :D Good job :D

MizSasha on 05/20/2009:
I feel like I should go shopping and just go get veggies fruit are way too sugarized but I need to go get healthy food so I can look in the pantry and actually seeing healthy food

loveray on 05/20/2009:
haha, i know! i was thinking the same thing- where is everyone? i think for a lot of people, this time of year is hard with graduations/vacations/holidays etc. i miss you and hope all is well. xoxo

Maria7 on 05/20/2009:
Good to have fresh fruits and veggies...I had some pineapple tonite for a snack...was good.

Sounds like you're doing real well in getting your housework done as well as helping your folks out, too.

Hope you and your family are having a nice evening.

thinnside40 - Tuesday May 19, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 208.0

Not much going on today, other than the usual daily tasks..Ben stayed home from school not feeling well....Keeping an eye on him to keep him comfy & fluidated ( I know that's not a word, I just make words up)... 

I kept busy until about 9:00 p.m. last night.... Hubby helped with dishes while I finished up laundry..On the go all day...Mid-day I had an episode of a nasty side-effect of the long-term 24 hr. med (1 every day) the doc put me on and I don't care to go through that ever again...I researched the med further and found that it is something that isn't pleasant to get off of when comes time to do so after taking it for several weeks or months... I plan to stick with the acute anxiety attack shorter lived  meds (can use 3 times a day, but only have taken 1 a day on a day it was needed) & use only as needed instead.It does what I need it to just fine.... I have a phone call into the office to discuss it with them before my next appointment (26th) to know how to go about weaning off after just 7 days.... Being desperate to feel better, I just asked about side-effects and was told "not really" by the pharmacist & doc both.... Ya right!...I should of done my in depth reasearch first as I tell everyone else of course and this is a learning lesson for sure to listen to my own advice...... So, with that I hope to not have any "episodes" today that leave me feeling drained, but eager to get things done....Keep pluggin' along! I'm happy to be alive and taking it one day at a time in dealing with what life has to offer.....

Menu & Activities


Few Green Grapes,Cantelope Slice

1/2 PBJ,Apple



H20 = 100-120oz.


Progress as of today: 29 lbs lost so far, only 53 lbs to go!

biscottibody59 on 05/19/2009:
Happy Belated Birthday--Rock On!

As for the sun tea, you may want to read these articles:



The bacteria mentioned is in city/treated tap water--but the heat apparently multiplies it to where the level could make one sick. If you have well water there may be other bacteria. Of course if you all don't have any ill effects after drinking sun tea it may not matter one way or the other!

Maria7 on 05/20/2009:
It is a very breezy cool morning here. I hope you are having a nice day.

Hope your son is feeling better.

thinnside40 - Monday May 18, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 208.0

Looking for record breaking highs today, like yesterday was.... 88-90 degrees they say...UGH!.... It is so nice to have the sunshine & pleasant smells of lilac blooms breezing through the windows.....

Busy day of playing catch-up in the house from being gone most of the weekend... R will be getting on the pre-school bus soon and then I will have a couple hours of quiet work time while the baby sleeps....

This week looks to be less hectic than the last 2 have been & I look forward to keeping busy on the homefront in our free-time for a change of pace......I won't know what to do with being able to spend time @ our own yard/house doing things that have been pushed aside....Ahhhhh!!!!!

Menu & Activities

Grits,Fresh Strawberries,Banana, Coffee

Cauliflower,Cucumber (plain)

Been folding a mountain of laundry, sorting through mail & little things as I see them jump out at me being need of caring for...

1/2 PBJ,Apple

Green Grapes,NF Yogurt

Boys went home, I will continue to clean, but not til after I get my jammies on to relax while I putter and bring in my freshly 8-hour brewed sun tea....


Salad (Lettuce,Tomato,1/2 Avocado,Chix,Grilled Onion, Lite Ranch)

Square of 71% Cocoa Chocolate (1/4 serving)

H20 = 100-120 oz.

Much Love ~ Happiness ~ Success to You!

Progress as of today: 29 lbs lost so far, only 53 lbs to go!

nenak on 05/19/2009:
you soun positive today. keep smiling

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/19/2009:
...make sure to get healthy fats in?? lol, i was in the mood to leave advice.

on another note, i tried a broken gazelle the other day....not sure if i like it. lol, it had no resistance so maybe when it's actually in working order it wouldn't be so bad!

thinnside40 - Saturday May 16, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 208.0

Feeling better today than I have in over a month....Nerves seem way more settled and I feel as normal as I can be for me (Lord knows I'm far from "normal", depends upon what that definition is I guess)... It is hubby's birthday...I have a lemon supreme cake in the oven that he wanted to have today..... We were able to go shopping together last night alone, as Meg had a birthday party til 9:00 p.m. and Ben had went to play guitar @ a nursing home with another man in the church..... Even though it was shopping @ WalMart, it felt good to be just the 2 of us a short time..

The guys are out mowing the lawns, I'm putting away groceries & cleaning what I can before we head out to my parent's house... Finally got out of my dad what he has been talking about wanting to get done around the house and just not able to get it done in taking care of their yard, household misc & my grandma's yard (goes there 2-3 times a day to change sprinklers around) and having mom to keep track of.....So, we will be cleaning, organizing & boxing up yard sale items from one of their storage houses dad built years ago..It holds home & store bought canned goods,a freezer full of who knows what, misc overflow of household items, etc..... My own house looks like a pit again, but I will do what I can before we head out..... Put supper in the crock-pot and look forward to sitting down when the work is done or what of it we can get done for today....

I will say that I know my weight has gone up a bit more, but I am not going to step on the scales just yet in hopes that I can feel better about getting on them by the end of next week... I haven't been eating a lot, just the wrong things... I am keeping active and not just laying around at least.... Better days are ahead......


Progress as of today: 29 lbs lost so far, only 53 lbs to go!

loveray on 05/16/2009:
hi honey! so sorry i missed telling you happy bday. hope that you are having a great day and i love you mucho. xoxo

nenak on 05/17/2009:
you'll get there just! think positive

Maria7 on 05/17/2009:
That is nice that you and your Hubby got to spend some quality time alone together shopping. Mine likes for us to go looking at Home Depot sometimes when we are out and about.

Sounds like you're real busy with all the yard work. Daylilies (orange, my fav) have begun blooming in the yard here. So pretty.

Hope you're having a wonderful day!

lola_da_showgur on 05/17/2009:
how do you post photos? I wanna keep a before, during and after pictorial!

congrats on the progress thus far! I just joined, I could use the help

selina on 05/18/2009:
Aww... Happy birthday to your Hubby as well! Hang in there, Thin... as you said, better days are ahead!

thinnside40 - Thursday May 14, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 208.0

What I wouldn't give for a disguisting cherry chip cake baked by my mom for me on this day.... I can't stand cherry flavored foods, but mom always swore that I would learn to like cherry chip cake every year she made me one when I was home... I'm not going to make this a sad day, but a day of remembering those times she at least knew it was my birthday and never failed to celebrate it by baking that cherry chip cake with like frosting....... Til this year.... Dad had her call me I know, cause he had already called earlier this morning and she just said "happy birthday, do you want to talk to your dad?" when she called a few moments ago.... Dad wants to take hubby & I out to supper tomorrow evening, cause it falls between both our birthdays..Hubby will be 49 on Saturday (shhhh).... I told him we don't need to "go out" to eat, just get together to visit and spend time together in love, not feeding our faces....Plus Ben is going to a nursing home to play guitar with a couple men in the church tomorrow evening...I look for us to go out on Sunday afternoon with my parents at any rate in relentedness of not wanting to hurt my dad's feelings... Our kids are planning on baking a cake for both of us tomorrow, so there is just "one" cake....

This is a day that I am thankful for being alive and having what I do have, as others in this world are in much worse shape than we are in many circumstances of just the way life is......Being thankful to the Heavenly Father for what I do have in love, health, happiness, family and for the privelage of being allowed to turn 41 years old.... I am dealing with anxiety issues & my heart rate/b.p. have been way too high this last week, causing excrutiating headaches & shakiness especially at the end of the day...Dr. put me on meds on Monday and I go back in 2 weeks to see how I'm doing....  She told me that it was the best idea for me to quit the childcare business as I plan to at least help relieve what stress I do have there, cause the situation with my mom is going to take a lot of patience, love & understanding and I need to be as healthy mentally, as well as physically in these how many ever days/weeks/months my mom at least remembers who we as her family members and to make the best of each day with her (which we should all do that regardless).... Plan is to spend a couple/few days a week this summer at my parent's house with our kids to maybe get mom occupied and involved in sorting through her dolls, sewing things, etc... Right now she sits all day petting her dog or following my dad around.. He tries his best to get her to be active to no avail... Even Saturday, he couldn't be out of her sight, for she was looking for him.... Counseling/support group will be sought for my dad, brother & myself very soon...I will be going to her next Dr. appointment in June with them....She is deteriorating rapidly, moreso than we thought she would....  Enough of that...

I will be happy for this day is a day to celebrate, be joyful & take life as it deals me it's punches..... I will never have too much on my plate, for God won't give me more than I can handle...It is a growing process for some reason and I anticipate when that plan (whatever it may be) comes to fruition that it will reveal itself as the blessing that it is intended to be..... I feel a weakling in the process of taking meds to calm my anxiety, but also realize that I'm human, not superhuman and to ignore it is killing me slowly....Maybe faster if I don't admit it...

I hate to be a poopooer of sorts here on DD, but know that I am staying positive as I can and taking each day as it comes in doing my best to stay in the healthy path of taking care of myself and if I don't comment or come here everyday, you are in my thoughts regardless and I do cheer you on everyday....... I wish I could come here everyday cheery & bubbly like I used to be despite what was going on, but reality has set in and it feels ugly at times with this situation. It is like a pre-death grieving process I feel I'm going through right now and I feel that is natural to feel in such cases...So, I'm going with it and know that I will come out the blindingly brighter side of things one of these days.... In God's time..Not mine....


Progress as of today: 29 lbs lost so far, only 53 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/14/2009:
you are doing good, thinking positive. one thing at a time. i need that when i am anxious it's like the ground has fallen that i stand on. i know what you feel like to some degree at least.

yup, you spotted my "shtuff" haha

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/14/2009:

Maria7 on 05/14/2009:
HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, THIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a beautiful photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is so sweet about planning on helping your Mom get back into her dolls and sewing while spending time with her. I know that will mean a lot to her. I've been trying to get my Mom back into her drawing with colored pencils.

The cake sounded nice. As you know, Daughter baked me a Mother's Day cake, which I finally finished off today...Hubby said he only ate one piece that was not big...and the cake was EXTRA BIG...so now I'm GAINING again!!! (IT WAS GOOD!)

Have a nice evening!!!

selina on 05/15/2009:
Happy Birthday to you!!! I hope you had a great day, despite so much going on in your life right now. Hang in there, we are on this together and although we take detours, we will ultimately get there, i like to think!

i love that photo of you! you are looking great!

grumpy on 05/15/2009:
Happy birthday Jerri! All the best to you, even though I am a day late! You look great in your pic! Xoxoxo

mcwoo40 on 05/16/2009:
Belated birthday wishes to you.Your about the same age as me are'nt you 21 i wish.Hope you had a great day,Jue.

thinnside40 - Monday May 11, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 208.0

apple trees in full bloom up the road from us

Saturday = An afternoon & evening of visiting with my parents. Meg & I decorated a cake @ a grocery store for my mom and we had a BBQ supper.... Suprised my dad, cause he thought I meant we would eat supper @ home, then come over...Got home @ 9:00 p.m...No walk that day.....

Sunday = After church, Paul & kids mowed the neighbor ladies yard & I got a little nap in. Took off for a 4.3 mile walk towards the church house...It is 5 miles exactly to the church, but I didn't start early enough to make it the whole way....

Today = Hating the fact that I have a Dr. appointment @ 4:30, but know that it is needed to check my Vitamin D levels and talk about other things in a follow-up... Taking my kids with me & we will do some WalMart shopping afterwards.... Plan is to take a 2 mile walk with the baby as soon as R gets on the bus @ 12:15...

Menu & Activities

FF Yogurt, Mixed Fresh Fruit, Sprouted Grains Toast, Coffee

Water = 100 ~ 120 oz.


Progress as of today: 29 lbs lost so far, only 53 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 05/11/2009:
Hoping you're having a good day, Thin!

New blog (as you know) is at:


The photo of the apple trees is beautiful! :-)

selina on 05/12/2009:
Hi thin!!! glad you had a wonderful mother's day weekend, seeing your mom and dad. you are so lucky to have your parents so close by. f

I love those apple trees!

Maria7 on 05/12/2009:
Thank you for your comment to my new blog. I changed some of the colors to hopefully make it more readable...please let me know if it is or isn't.

I hope you and your family are having a wonderful day today.

The barbeque supper with your Mom and Dad sounds real nice. Bet the cake was good, too. Hubby and I finished off over HALF of Daughter's cake yesterday (I had 4 pieces yesterday and 3 the day before) so last nite, I put the rest of it in the freezer for another time, lest I finish it off today!

CritterMom on 05/13/2009:
Is the apple orchard the kind where you can go pick your own? There are a few like that near us, and it's lots of fun to go get them right off the trees.

selina on 05/14/2009:
Hope you are doing well, thinny!

Maria7 on 05/14/2009:
Hope you're having a nice day, Thin!

thinnside40 - Friday May 08, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 208.0

Friday at last......  Hubby got called to work @ 1:30 a.m., came home @ 5:00 a.m. and now back to work @ 9:15 a.m... Supper @ neighbors tonight @ 5:30 p.m. and I have plenty to keep me busy til then....

Came in contact on facebook with another high school friend last night..This has been one tremendoud 4-5 weeks of re-connection with people... Amazing how names have escaped me, then as I ponder through other friends list as I add, there is another name... Very good for me & my spirits... Not being a social person really to get out and meet new people..A connection to good memories of the past are just what I have been needing I think to counteract the "down".... This friend last night is like another of mine here on DD (**wink**), as being flip side of the coin of myself, but have a "connection" undescribable..Had some great times in school too.... She exclaimed she had been wanting to find me, but couldn't remember my married name..Funny thing is I couldn't remember her's either tilI googled her first name, then her last known place of residence..She is back there! 35 miles from me again & looks to have been like me in the weight battle...We usually were neck & neck in size... Very pretty woman & salon manager..May just have to take a drive on a free day & suprise her in needing some pampering........ I encourage you to look up people that you may have lost contact with over the years... Facebook is a great place to start & unlike other sights in the fact you have to "add"/"approve" a friend before they can get on your page, etc.... FUN!!!!!! Makes me want to shed these #"s to <200 quicker, so I can post a new photo.....

Got up this morning and first thing on my mind was walking again today.... The struggle to have the want is over for the moment and it feels so good to be back in that place... Made another call to the Dr. office today and made my follow-up appointment for Monday afternoon...Glad I got in soon and don't have to wait a couple weeks... The aprehension of just having to go about kills me each time in between making the appointment and the actual day of... Nothing major this time, just blood work, talk & I've been tracking my b.p. to show her that it has been normal for the last 2-3 weeks... Whew!

Best be shuttin' my yap and get-with....Good Day!!!

Menu & Activities


Egg/Egg Whites,Whole Grain Flax EM,G.F. Juice, Coffee

NF Yogurt

(saw these pretties on our walk)

(My allium popped open today)

(Solomon's Seal in the backdrop)

(volunteer Johnny-Jump-Ups)

Ready to go with the babyjogger when the bus came to pick up R today and took off for 2 miles.... Very beautiful day....Got home to hubby pulling into the driveway to settle in for the day...Phone rang...He's gone again...Able to stick close to home on the jobs for today at least...There are advantages to having your service truck @ home... I'm not far from that 1,000 mark and if my plan all pans out I will have made it by moonrise... Plan is to walk to where we are going to eat supper & get filled in on Ben's job for a few weeks...It will be a little over 2.5 mile round trip by the time all is said & done.... Now just of the kid's mom gets here before 5:00 p.m. (finger crossing)

PBJ,Apple,Strawberry,Few more dem Spicy Baked Chips

No Sauce BBQ Burger, 1/2 c. Bake Beans,Jell-O Pecan Salad, few Fritos

Water= Plenty (100-120 oz.)

 1,000.5 MILES


Progress as of today: 29 lbs lost so far, only 53 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 05/08/2009:
That's wonderful you are reconnecting with old friends!

Today, for the first time in a very long time, I talked w a friend who called me and I invited her to ride w me to a thrift store in the next town over and she said yes, so I am picking her up in about 10 minutes and we are going to ride over there and see what we can find...this is something I havne't done in a long time... spend time with a friend I'm not kin to, cause usually it's been only Hubby, Mom, or occassionally, Aunt. I have a new update on the other journal...today's update...and thanks for your sweet comment, Friend!!! :-)

grumpy on 05/08/2009:
Awww, you're the best. sorry I havent been spending as much time here reading and commenting. But you guys and you especially are always on my thoughts!

omahagrl on 05/08/2009:
:-) I know how you feel about facebook as I also have connected with not only old but new friends. I think how blessed we are to see technology and how it has changed our lives. My dad passed away in 1992 and in just those 17 years life as we know has changed. Hope your hubby will get some rest time or if I remember correctly is this his busiest time of year? Hope your day is wonderful and you are meeting your daily goal!

selina on 05/08/2009:
Hi Thinny! I reconnected with someone I knew in university the other day and was looking at her present photos... she looks very pretty still but she does look her age (mid 40's,like me) So, after that I sorta became self concious about my own looks because I do look my age, too, LOL. oh well. It's nice to reconnect, isn't it. the problem with facebook is that I end up spending (wasting?) too much time on it!

Hope your hubby gets enough rest tonight!

selina on 05/10/2009:
i love those new photos you posted! happy mother's day!

mcwoo40 on 05/10/2009:
Hellooo,Still stickin' at it.Those flowers in the last picture are like the violas(sp)in my hanging baskets.I did them myself this year they are doing well considering i normally kill everything.Ta Ta for now oh by the way my nephew was diagnosed with Aspergers i think he has come on well with his speech mainly.Bye

loveray on 05/11/2009:
beautiful photos! love you so much and miss you. happy mothers day!

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