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thinnside40 - Tuesday Apr 21, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 210.0

(HUGE bullfrog @ the ponds we came across last year)

(Winding to the left and following to the top single dk. green tree is the incline hill I take sometimes and just above the yesterday's photo spot.)

(ALL the way to the end  is the 3 mile turn around for the 6 mile days)

(Young Fuji apple orchard alongside the 1 mile patch of pavement)

(That yellow sign with the black arrow is for me to remember how to get home (hahahaha)... The incline hill is up top...I have taken that a few times with the baby jogger...UGH!!! So sometimes I take the high road & sometimes I take the low)

Not the greatest of clarity, but you can see the pretty bright yellow spots of wild flowers in the top photo amongst the sage brush I got to see yesterday... These other photos were taken over the last year...

Today is suppose to get up in the 80's.... Very pleasant and welcoming... Dipping down to the 50's/60's late week is forecast. Freezing temps of a night....  I have the 2 boys today. A walk will have to come early evening... I need to find a double jogger!

A massive H/A is on the brain, but that I'm sure is due to sinus' pressure (allergy season), b.p. may be elevated a tad (too much salt this last couple weeks)& some sugar withdrawls....What I have done to myself in such a short amount of time is ridiculous, reckless & un-excuseable! I will forgive myself & will work through it. Getting busy washing windows & doing laundry before heading outside with the boys....

Menu & Activities


2 Eggs, WGEM, G.F. Juice, Coffee (Black)

Water = Plenty


Progress as of today: 27 lbs lost so far, only 55 lbs to go!

grumpy on 04/21/2009:
Girl, we are in the same boat. I am up too, and struggling. I'd like to think it's a normal part of the process, but I guess we need to start from zero. I will think of how to do that, maybe putting my weight now as a starting weight and look back to my entries when i started and try to eat and exercise the same way. lets go back on track! xo

loveray on 04/21/2009:
love you, hang in there- you can and will succeed as you have before. xoxo

kzirkle on 04/21/2009:
Thanks so much! I HAD to come back. Gained some weight back! EEK!

Maria7 on 04/21/2009:
Thanks for sharing all these nice pictures with us. Pretty mountains in the backgroud, too! Looks like y'all are enjoying NICE WEATHER, too!

Maria7 on 04/21/2009:
I've been working outside in the flower garden and I am SNEEZING!!!!!!!!!

biscottibody59 on 04/21/2009:
Nice pics you've included here! Hope the headache is improving!

omahagrl on 04/22/2009:
I love the pictures. It would be awesome to have that scenery to walk with. Here we may have a bluff but it is all pretty flat. I do think I will try to find some trails to start going to. My goal is to back away from the casino on Saturdays and spend that time hiking. Hope your day is sunshiny!

thinnside40 - Monday Apr 20, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 210.0

Grabbing hold to pull up out of the bottom of the


Early A.M. )Banana

Breakfast ) Grits, Whole Grain Flax EM, Grapefruit Juice, Coffee

Snack ) Stretch Island Fruit Strip

Weather is about 76 degrees, no wind, birds singing, crickets cricking, sprinklers ticking, baby barefoot & giggly... Dug the baby jogger out of the shed and off we went for a 2 mile walk. Reaching for 1,000 before I turn 41 next month....


Dinner ) Salad (The usual), sm. Xtra Lean Pork Loin Steak

Hubby got home & looked at me sitting in the recliner resting..Been moving furniture around, cause we bought Meg a loft bed (craigslist) & a solid oak entertainment center (much needed & a great yard sale price).... My messed up shoulder from 3 weeks back still isn't right and when it acts up, I get a H/A on the top of my head, accompanied by a tingly feeling through my neck..... Will ask the Dr. about it when I go in one of these days soon...I was resting in peace while my kids were outside playing baseball...(I LOVE the NICER WEATHER!!!) ..All the while thinking when hubby got home, I would ask him to go on  a pleasant stroll with me.. The kids went too!!! 2 miles.. Yay!

Snack ) Banana

Supper ) Hot Cereal, 1 sl. Health Nut Toast

Water ) Plenty

Progress as of today: 27 lbs lost so far, only 55 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 04/20/2009:
Just had some grits, myself. Ate them outside and drunk some more coffee.

As for bad habits, I sure do know what you mean. Even at the beach, after having been 'CAREFUL' all day long...ie: making sure I ate salads to reduce amount of calories as well as to eat healthily... I STILL did the nite-time eating after supper!!!! ERRRRR!!! It is JUST a BAD HABIT. Not a hunger...just a habit... just a consolement, sort of...or a telling myself it's been a good day and time for a little reward...or just a little craving for sweets or something crunchy and giving in...either way, it's just a bad habit!!! Once we replace bad habits with good habits, we'll be doing a lot better! I think if we 'listen' to when we truly are hungry...and not the little voice that says, let's have a snack cause we want something crunchy or sweet...we'll find that we eat less and are a lot better off! I'm going to TRY to! Not gonna say I'm gonna DO it, cause have had that attitude before and rebelled against it...so I'm gonna TRY to. To replace a bad habit with a good one...now....what can I replace the bad habit of nite-time snacking or binging with?????????????? There's got to be something that when I 'think' I'm hungry late at nite, after haven eating supper that I can do to not give in to that bad habit.

loveray on 04/20/2009:
short and sweet. love this entry. it takes just one small move to try to break old yuckiness. xoxo

Maria7 on 04/20/2009:
I am pretty sure they do...but I buy the 5 min grits...not the kind that comes in envelopes, but the bag kind...and then I put water and a little salt in a bowl and add grits and I mic them... then I add a little margerine and they are SOOOO good!

I've started eating honey nut cheerios, too...they have LOTS of OATS and other good stuff in them. Your 2 mile walk outside sounds NICE!

nimony on 04/20/2009:
Changing old habits...did you read about the Marshmallow Test done in the '60's? They would seat kids at a table, one at a time, put 4 marshmallows on a plate, and tell the kids not to eat them and when the adult gets back, they kid will get 4 more marshmallows. Kids were left alone for 12 minutes alone with those marshmallows. Some kids couldn't stand it and ate the marshmallows before the 12 minutes were up. Many kids, however, created all sorts of diversions to keep from thinking about the sweet treat...singing, clapping, counting, etc. Amazingly, in their short lives, they learned all sorts of coping mechanisms to keep themselves from eating the marshmallows and earning the reward. Perhaps we adults can learn from those kids. We need to create our own diversions from food, such as redirecting ourselves to the faucet for water, or grabbing shoes and going out for a walk, etc. We can give ourselves non-food rewards for good behavior, such as a long, luxurious bath, or special coffee in the morning, and so on. I have been giving this a try and it's quite successful, though it does take persistence and discipline. If you give it a try, let us know how it works.

nimony on 04/20/2009:
Hi thin, thanks so much for your comments! The feeling about supporting and encouraging each other is mutual. WE WILL PREVAIL! Of that, I am sure. We just need to stay focused, keep trying different approaches until we find what works, and keep pressing onward and upward. As long as we keep in mind we are making lifestyle changes, and that this is NOT just a diet and exercise program, we will achieve our goals. Sure, we need to be patient, persistent, and disciplined, but when we reach our goal weight, we will need to continue with these behaviors to maintain it. I refuse, I refuse, I refuse to ever weigh this much again. As for your thoughts about treating ourselves like we do our kids, that's so true and it's actually a great idea. We need to be the voices in our own heads! The voice in my head is that of my mother whose mantra in life was, "Life is uncertain, honey, eat dessert first!" No wonder I have an eating disorder! :) At least I can laugh about it, and now I'm doing something about it, as are you. So I repeat, thin, WE WILL PREVAIL!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 04/21/2009:
hi there. sorry you are not feeling your best. haha, the one entry i picked, you are eating your famous, but healthy, carbs. even at dinner! so i just read your entry below. i disagree. you should have had the sweets. why not? it is the holiday. i know, i am the same way, it's not easy to get back on track. but sometimes it IS appropriate to have some.

as the nicer weather rolls around, i think that all of us are going to have an easier time. exercising outside. i may be one of the only ones thankful for the cold still. it prevents the pollen from increasing too fast. when pollen counts are at their heighest my best bet is to stay inside, at the gym! :)

have a good day. i will probably catch up frequently this week since i'm finally on vacation! :)

starfish on 04/21/2009:
Looks like you had a good day :-) Keep it up and thanks for the encouragement!

thinnside40 - Thursday Apr 16, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 210.0

Despite the 13 days of eating right & exercising before Easter, this week isn't as easy to get back on track as I thought it would be... SUGAR is not a friend or neccessity to live.... I should of never eaten the sweets on Sunday....

Grits,HNEM,Banana, Coffee


Salad & Salmon



Water = Plenty



Progress as of today: 27 lbs lost so far, only 55 lbs to go!

loveray on 04/16/2009:
sending love. xo

biscottibody59 on 04/17/2009:
I hope tomorrow is better--sometimes it's easy to put those days behind us and sometimes not.

Is it my imagination or is your weather much more brutal so far this year than last year at this time?

Have a good day!

Jen40 on 04/18/2009:
Hi Thin! I'm back. Just had to pop in and give a *hug*

Maria7 on 04/20/2009:
Where are you?

thinnside40 - Wednesday Apr 15, 2009

Weight: 0.0

hollybelle on 04/15/2009:
Hi Thin. Just checking in - I haven't been on here in a long time, but I'm still around. Don't worry about yesterday - today's a new day and so is tomorrow! You will succeed - YES, you will! Hang tough, girlfriend.

thinnside40 - Tuesday Apr 14, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 202.0

 Yesterday was a total failure & utter mess...Only chance for today is do better. Going through some emotional decision making of which used to be here in a ventilation rant, but I have deleted that since coming back to re-read it....I need to keep positive and on track.....


Hail rained down a long time yesterday. Now it is windy & snowing very hard.... Good day to get some inside chores done... Yoga ball workout, gazelling and/or biking will be a part of this day...

Menu & Activities

Coffee, Whole Grain Flax EM, Grits, O.J.

Fiber One Bar

Been weeding through paperwork and making follow-up phone calls with the finances getting 100% squared away.... Please press "1", "2" ,"3", "4", etc...Then I get a voicemail.. Ahhahhhaahaaaahaaaaa..All the boys are sleeping and the snow has stopped...It's a muddy mess out there.... Sunshining and time for me to warm up my dinner & enjoy an hour of quiet while laundering, making beds & maybe mopping a floor...

Progresso Light Chicken Wild Rice Soup, Apple




Water = Plenty


Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

loveray on 04/14/2009:
have a happy day!! xoxo

legcramps on 04/14/2009:
Have a great day! You need to focus on your own family and meeting their needs - if the child that is a walking bomb cannot be properly cared for, then you need to make some changes regardless of what the mother will think of you. Best to look after yourself first! Good luck!

Maria7 on 04/14/2009:
I had a mini-binge yesterday...just did. Back on track today. You have a good plan for today. It always makes one feel better when the sun shines through...glad you are experiencing that...today we've been having mostly rain and thunder.

Sorry you're going through a lot right now and hope it all gets better real, real soon. :-)

thinnside40 - Monday Apr 13, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 202.0

Made it throught the 13th day to complete my challenge on Saturday.. Yesterday was great..Busy, but time with family was enjoyable & church services were wonderful...

Not sure what next challenge will be, but hubby called to ask about walking in a "walk for life" marathon come the end of May, so best be getting some walking in to get primed...Going to stay on track EVERY DAY is main goal....

Today started off (I will say EARLY) on a sour note & I'm trying to get through something that was said to me/asked of me first thing this morning when the boys got here... Just not setting well still. Adrenaline/ tension is pretty high. I need to get some housework done to burn off some steam (and calories )...The boys are sleeping, so best go do it while I can....

Menu & Activities

Banana,Boiled Egg/Whites,Health Nut Toast,O.J., Coffee






H20 = No less than 120 oz.



Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

loveray on 04/13/2009:
thanks- it was amazing- i have been dreaming of times like this to come:) congrats to you on healthy success with easter weekend!! xoxo

the_good_fight on 04/13/2009:
WOMANNNNNNN, please tell me how you fit 120oz of water in to your day? I am a water-deficient dieter right now... a lot of people tell me to drink drink drink, but I stick to Diet Dr. Pepper, exclusively, really. I could use a tip on the water consumption, if you've got any! Glad you had a nice Easter, and I'm sorry you were sprinkled with sour-ness this morning. Hope the day got better!!!!

Maria7 on 04/13/2009:
You are doing so well, sticking to your plan!

Your marathon walk with your Hubby sounds fun and challenging. I've participated in a walk years ago and I took an orange or 2 with me and that really came in handy!

Sorry to hear your day started out on a sour note but I know you are an ASSERTIVE person and will not allow yourself to be taken advantage of!

Happy to hear you had a wonderful weekend with your family and hope your Grandma, Mom and Dad and Hubby and children are all doing well, as well as yourself.

selina on 04/14/2009:
Hey Thin! I hope your day was good after all the bumpy start in the am. Stay well and yes, that walk for life challenge may be just the thing you need to get inspired again. I'm thinking of joining a famous race at the end of the year, here in Geneva... maybe it could be beneficial to get me going seriously.... have a great day!

thinnside40 - Friday Apr 10, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 202.0

Rainy Day Friday... A little April showers to give the fresh smells of spring gets me in the mood to color eggs, arrange baskets, sip on tea & crack the door open a hair....BUT, can't do that just now...Too much other stuff to do, as I "played" too much yesterday... Hubby doesn't have to work tomorrow, so that will allow me a bit more free time than the last 5 weekends..... I shall get the whole family out for a walk maybe before the weekend is over........

I don't know about you, but I find myself laughing at myself a lot as I travel this journey....I'm not crazy, just goofy! This morning I was telling myself that I needed to come up with a way to bottle these feelings I am having every night I go to bed & every morning I wake up. Mentally uplifting as I add another day of achievement on my success chart...Physically charged when I can zip up those pants and not have to suck "it" in... WHY oh WHY do I make it so hard to feel this good? Does it really take that much effort to feel better? NO, not really!.... Or why do I slip up to make me feel so bad? Then I have to "wake" myself up that it is MY CHOICE in determination of how I feel....  Once I got past those first 2-3 days made it easy to be back in a natural routine of healthy choices & exercise of any kind. Something to remember, cause as we all know it can't be bottled. No regrets, just know that I often talk myself through the day and wind up laughing at my ridiculous & impossible thoughts. If they weren't impossible , I would be a millionaire by now with all the things I come up with in my head....

Menu & Activities

Scrambled Egg/Egg Whites, Health Nut EM, O.J., Coffee


Progresso Light Soup, Sandwich (PBAF), Orange

 Stretch Island Fruit Leather, Fiber One Bar

Hot Cereal

Micro-Popper Popcorn, Dove

Yoga Ball workout

H2o = No Less than 120 oz.

Day # 12...LOOK OUT!!!! Here I come

As of 11:01 p.m....... I MADE IT!!!!!




Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

Soon2BThin on 04/10/2009:
I know what you mean. I just don't know what I had been thinking all these months, eating wrong and gaining and gaining. And really, these days there are so many healthy things to eat that you can enjoy just as much as the junk foods. Yeah, wish I could bottle these feelings I have right now too to get through the hard times because I know they will be back some days. Keep up the great work.

the_good_fight on 04/11/2009:
I had to actually call out to my fiance in the other room to tell him about reading this... it is SO ON TRACK with my frame of mind. I am new to this site, and I see your progress tracker. WAY TO GO! That is AMAZING! It is a struggle, for certain, but you sound healthy about it. Taking responsibility for your thoughts and for your own struggle. At the end of the day, you make the choice to keep fighting, and that is the most important part. When it is truly FOR YOU and BECAUSE of YOU, and not some outside motive, and the only one you will let down by failing is yourself, then the success is just THAT much sweeter...and no candy, cookie, or pie can touch that kind of reward. GOOD LUCK!!!!

nimony on 04/11/2009:
You have REALLY motivated me, thin! You've really been an inspiration to me. I echo exactly everything the_good_fight says above too. THANK YOU! A couple of ladies at work are on Weight Watchers, and they were talking about WW's suggestions for behavioral change. So I pulled out my old WW materials and reviewed Mental Rehearsing (practicing success), Anchoring (drawing inspiration from past successes), Reframing (analyzing why we get off track and what changes we are willing to try to overcome it), Motivating Strategies (visualizing yourself at goal and focusing on feelings), and Positive Self-Talk (you are what you repeat). These tools have helped me when I question myself like you described in your post. Well, CONGRATULATIONS on your SUCCESSES, thin, and thank you once again for being such an inspiration!

selina on 04/11/2009:
Hi Thin! You are looking good - very motivated! Keep it up!

mama_nurse on 04/12/2009:

Maria7 on 04/12/2009:
Sounds like you're doing wonderful! Happy for ya!

selina on 04/13/2009:
Hey Thin! I did check out your blogspot and enjoyed reading it! Have a great day!

thinnside40 - Thursday Apr 09, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 202.0

Stayed up way too late last night and now I'm paying for it... Fell asleep in the recliner til 3:00 a.m., then went to bed to fall asleep "hard" and not wanting to hear it was 6:00 a.m.when that time came....

This last 10 days has been so good to me, as my jeans are feeling so much better a fit... Not wanting to undo the button when I get to mid-afternoon anymore.... The seat(most troublesome area) is starting to get baggy again too...I put in my blog & in comment to another yesterday that I'm not walking around feeling or looking like a lard injected twinkie at least..... Told VJ yesterday too that everytime I think about eating  an M&M, jelly bean,peep,robin egg, etc...I'm going to envision those things laying underneath my skin and looking all bumpy & lumpy...Just not attractive on me.. I haven't had the desire to dive into the partial bag of Dark Chocolate M&M's or the kid's basket candies.. Eating that tiny bit of Xtra Dark Chocolate satisfies me like a whole bar of regular strength would....Heart healthy to boot...My weakness is the malted chocolate eggs when I get down to brass tacks of Easter candy...I will have my treats come Easter day in moderation.....Come to think of it, I actually haven't had the urge to overeat or do the lil bit of this or lil bit of that all week... Feels so good to not be fighting myself all the time.....

Today is a day of gathering Easter clothing to iron, laundry & dishes.... Doing some Easter craft with the boys and getting their Easter bags ready... Walking is on the list as always and I hope/pray I can get some in.

Here's to me succeeding on Day #11!

Menu & Activities

Grits,Health Nut EM w/Honey,Grapefruit,Black Coffee


Been decorating while the boys take a nap..Off the  porch where I put a table before entering the door... Having fun and enjoying what sunlight there is...Didn't cost me anything either..Had all I needed...Got around to eating my dinner @ 3:00 p.m.  

 Smart Balance PB/All Fruit Sandwich, Orange

Fiber One Bar

S.F.F.F. Latte

Hot Cereal

Dove 71% (1/6th serv.)

Yoga Ball workout

H2o = No less than 120 oz.

Day # 11 = SUCCESS....YeeHaw!!!!!!!



Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

loveray on 04/09/2009:
im SO glad i have not gotten any easter candy presents!! i love those darned malted milk balls as well...good for you- let us feed with the sun, rather than candy! i love you.

nimony on 04/09/2009:
Congratulate and do something nice for yourself for doing so well this week! Beautiful flowers on your table. Crocuses are starting to blossom here in Michigan. Interesting you have "Live, Love, Laugh" on your table. I use that phrase all the time in my emails. Your 13 days of success is a GREAT idea. Kind of like teeny tiny mini goals. I may have to give that one a try. Do you really drink 120 oz of water a day? I usually get 64 oz in myself, but I didn't think more was all that good for you. I know too much is not good, but I don't know how much "too much" is. You are doing soooo well...you're getting me motivated! Thank you! Enjoy.

loveray on 04/10/2009:
CUTE easter set-up. you are adorable. happy weekend and happy easter to you. xo

thinnside40 - Wednesday Apr 08, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 202.0

Happy Wednesday! It has been a basket of weird elements this day so far...Woke to blustery wind, cold & dreary..Now, it's semi-sunny & no wind to turn to possible gusts of 35mph later. Been busy keeping peace between the boys. R is now is pre-school, T rolling play-dough and the baby sleeping... Gave me an opportune time to finally make an entry...

Easter is one of my favorite Holidays, but having a tough time this year in wishes that I would of worked harder towards the goal I've set of 155, so I could fit into a much prettier (smaller) outfit... I have'nt bought anything particularly feminine (shorter sleeve, etc) in so long, that I am anxious to see myself show a bit more arm, leg, maybe neckline (not cleavage necessarily )....BUT, not yet... I'm not sad or mad, just having a bit of regret.... Moving on to thinking about 4th of July and aiming towards at least the size "16" is the best I can do and I WILL.... Happy thoughts! Not taking away from what I have acheived. Customary routine for me by now I would of been way discouraged and probably about 250#"s+ in reversion, had I not stuck with the thought process of lifestyle change.. NOT DIETING.... It shows me that I am serious and in a much better routine in knowing this IS the rest of my life, not temporary fix(es). May be taking me some time,but I am proud that I have kept going amidst the speed bumps, ruts,potholes,mud puddles, grooves,soft shoulders giving way, cracks, etc.. Re-paving to a smooth ride on that road is a bit tough at times, but accomplishable with time & patience with myself... I am learning!  AND I'm on DAY #10 of my self-afflicted Easter countdown challenge... Doing good!!!!!

Best be getting to fixing my dinner & putting together a Mexican Lasagna in the crock-pot for my families supper, as it is a hair after 2:00 p.m & Prayer meeting is tonight....  Where has this day gone??? Oh ya,I had on my referee outfit this morning.

Menu & Activities

Scrambled Egg/Egg Whites,HNEM,O.J.,Banana,Coffee


Salad (like all the other chix ones before), W.W. with All Fruit....


Hot Cereal,Skim,Few Whole Dried Cranberries

Dove 71% Cocoa (1/6th serving ~ I thought all along I was eating 1/4..Not so....This is good!!!!)

Unable to walk tonight.....Prayer meeting in just a bit, so will do something when I get home & update the chart when I'm finished.....

15 minute workout on the yoga ball....This stretching has helped my aches/pain in the muscles so much....

 H2o = No less than 120 oz.



DAY #10 = SUCCESS......YeeHaw!!!!!!!!


Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

nimony on 04/08/2009:
You hit the nail on the head, change in "lifestyle" that will be a change for the rest of your life. That's exactly what I committed to one year ago. My motivation is like yours...health, longevity, feel better, look better. I'm giving myself 3 years to lose 90 pounds. I think you're doing a GREAT job! As we know, it's a challenge making changes and sticking to them, esp. when life throws curveballs at us so much of the time. That's a testimonial to your positive attitude about these being lifelong changes. KUDOS TO YOU, THIN!

grumpy on 04/08/2009:
hey girl, let's do a pact and lose 3 lbs? no deadline but let's start now and do it soon? what do you say?

Maria7 on 04/09/2009:
Glad to see you're doing well. Glad Meg is better, too. Pretty photo at top of page.

thinnside40 - Tuesday Apr 07, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 202.0

Excited to say that Meg is going to school today....She has a residue of a cough, but that is it...She is full of huhum & vinegar too... Back to her old self!

Have lots to get done today, amidst the caring for 3 little boys... . Figure out a plan for the kid's baskets, thumb through the cookbooks for tasty recipes (ones that I already have all the ingredients for I hope), get some fresh air in the near or at 70 degree weather, laundry, dishes & walking sometime this evening....

Best get with getting Day # 9 underway.. I am so happy!

Menu & Activities

Grits, Health Nut EM,Grapefruit, Black Coffee

Banana w/ 1 TBS. Smart Balance PB

Albacore Tuna Sandwich (dab of M.W. & Tiny Dills, 100% Whole Wheat Bread), Fiber One Bar

Micro-popper Popcorn

Hot Cereal, Skim, Bite of BBQ Chix (no sauce)

Dove Dark (1/4 serv. ~ like the other days)

Yoga Ball workout....Unable to walk..Not enough time to fit in after Easter basket goody shopping and getting Meg's inhaler for school..... Hubby was home and ready for supper...Me too! Need to work more veggies into Wedensday...Today was a hectic and busy afternoon...Everything was rushed or behind..BUT, I did not turn to foods that were unhealthy or overeat when I was finally able to sit to eat....

 H2o - No less than 120 oz.

Thoughts of Love ~ Happiness ~ Success for YOU!

Out of the single digit numbers towards goal...YeeHaw!!!!

Headed for that BIG #10 on Wednesday......YES!!!!!!


Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

legcramps on 04/07/2009:
Have a great day! Glad you are so happy!!!

starfish on 04/07/2009:
You are doing great with this challenge!!

nimony on 04/07/2009:
You're doing such a GREAT job achieving your goals, Thin! One step at a time, moving forward with one foot in front of the other. Most excellent! I'm glad Meg's feeling better and is back in school. I'm sure that's a great relief to you! You're a great mom!

MoodyMe on 04/07/2009:
Hope you had a great day!! Glad that Meg is feeling better..thats wonderful.

Hope you got a nice evening walk in! The weather here is crazy...it was 82* on Sunday..and today we had snow!!! goodgrief!

loveray on 04/08/2009:
i am SOOO lucky! its our family cabin and i have it for the weekend with my baby and another couple will come to join us for saturday night and sunday AM! cant wait. hope you have a lovely weekend and talk soon. xoxo

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