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thinnside40 - Thursday Feb 12, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 202.0

Feel a bit better this morning...Meg is MUCH better... My sinus' aren't so painful & I'm able to breath at least...Meg is working on her Valentines..If she would of been sick still, she would of had off 6 days, cause no school tomorrow (teacher day) & Monday being a holiday....

Today will be a job of stripping bed linens and giving them a good washing.... Brothers are here today, so 3 lil' boys will keep me occupied as well.....

I can feel a change in my body since getting back on track this week...The eating healthier & end of "my time"... It feels so much better... Of course we always know that it does feel better, but get to a point at times we go through getting off track and become sluggish,lifeless,worn down, etc & just feel "blah".... Easier said that done to just get back up and get to it, but I'm so glad that I have... Whew!... I look for this to last longer than the last "try again" streek did for sure.....At least I didn't give up & I caught myself without going back to 237 (or more)... Which is par for the course for this woman and my track record proves it.... Life may toss me another curve, but I will try to react in a more healthy manner... I believe my sickness now is due to letting my guard down and my body letting me know it's disapproval....

Cereal, 2/3 Banana,Coffee,8 oz. LS V-8 & Emergen-C

Fiber One Oat/Strawberry/Almond Bar, Cran/Pom Juice

Chicken Breast Sandwich (lil' Mustard & Lite M.W.) - Got busy at sorting & looking through old photos of our kids & my M-I-L box of old photos.... Framed some to display.. Some I have never seen before that she had... I had a smile on my face all afternoon... Very relaxing & joyful..... Lost total track of time as the boys were all sleeping... FInally ate my dinner @ 3:45 p.m.


No Snack - All the kids were gone by 3:45 (I was SHOCKED, cause I didn't have any previous knowledge of this going to happen).... Decided to go to the bank... Headed out the door, then Ben came running out with the phone... Sat in the driveway for 30 minutes talking to the attorney's office that I e-mailed yesterday... The office manager!..... long story short...The second offer (50% off) they sent was being called a "clerical error" and they wouldn't of honored it, even if I hadn't already made the previous arrangements. (bunch of whoeeeeee). AND the $85 process service fee was taken off.. YIPPPPPEEEE!!!! Persistance pays! (most of the time).... In the conversaton, she messed up an let it slip who it is they are contracted with here in town to "serve my papers"....... My wheels are turning!... I asked her why he told me he was an officer of the SUPERIOR COURT.. He had written down that it looked like him serving papers to me was going to turn into an altercation and he needed to get my attention... He committed FRAUD!.. Altercation?!?!?!?!?! HE had the cigarette in hand, yelling at ME from the road & up my driveway and pushing his way past T's dad & T to get to my front door when I had asked politely to wait until they were gone & I could get my shoes on to come outside to talk.. I even left my door AND screen door open.... GEEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nuff of that!

I did go to Goodwill and found some really cute tops for me that may as well been new (actually 1 does still have the store tag on it)...One is a spring sweater in pastel pink and has pastel colored flowers with bees buzzing around embroidered..The neck and sleeves are pastel yellow... I can't wait to wear it come Easter time...$3.99..Bought another that is black with burgundy trim v-neckline & I'll wear it Sunday to church... ($3.99 with a 50% off tag color = $2 YES!)... Bought a couple books.. Not mcuch of a book reader, but now these 2 are ones I WANT to read... Have to give each an equal amount of time each time I read, as both sound like something I won't want to put down once I get started.. ... "DIETS Still DON'T WORK" by Bob Schwartz and "Rick & Bubba's Expert Guide to GOD, COUNTRY & FAMILY" with a CD included....It sounds very good, being promoted by Sean Hannity & a few other's I trust.......  Got home late  and ate my supper (below) along with a bite of MeMe's Happy Meal burger & about 10 fries.... I WAS hungry!!!!!!!!

Oatmeal, Skim Milk, Banana

Jell-O SF Pudding Cup

H20 = No less than 120 oz.




Walk } Jan-66 miles/ Feb-17 miles

Bike } Jan- 25 miles/Feb- 2 miles

Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

mama_nurse on 02/12/2009:
glad you guys are feeling better:)) hugs!

skinnyfatgirl on 02/12/2009:
Thank you for your concern. I am relying on God right now, I will be ok. If my disease starts to tune God out I know what the next step is. I am seeing a doctor right now.

I am doing good right now.. just the war in my head.. good food, bad food..

it's noisey

Maria* on 02/12/2009:
Glad to hear you're feeling better and Meg, too! I keyed a whole entry and it disappeared!!!!! :-(

selina on 02/13/2009:
Hey Thin, great to hear you are feeling better.... love those tickers - pawprints are so cute... GREAT bargains! Puts my latest "bargain" shopping to shame, wow! Have a great day!

loveray on 02/13/2009:
looks like a crazzzyyy day! so glad we are both getting well...whatever is going around is nasty and i hope it is my sick-share for the year! love you.

thinnside40 - Wednesday Feb 11, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 202.0

Was awakened @ 2:30 this morning by a sick daughter...She has a touch of the flu I think.... Then phone range @ 6:45 letting me know that the brothers weren't coming, cause the oldest "has the flu".... or symptoms of.... Tayt had been sick over the weekend with the same symptoms.... I DON'T like getting the flu... I am a HUGE baby when it comes to that stuff.. I'll stick with my sinus pressure/achy face/cold....Meg was wanting a popscicle, but didn't like the flavors we had... I remembered she had put her Capri Juice Pouches in the freezer (for lunchbox ice pack).... Whala..Just what the lil' queen liked. I cut off the top and wrapped it in a towel.... I'll have to remember to keep some on hand now.... I'm outa gingerale

A nice blanket of snow has remained... Lots of accidents this morning... Looking for ice to cover tonight... I plan on staying home with Meg tonight, as P & B go to prayer meeting.... Need to go run a couple errands, but will have to see how Meg is when Ben gets home....

Sipping on my coffee, as I type this and thinking about what all I want to get accomplished today in a quiet house..T is a great lil' helper and loves to be incorporated in what I do.... Reminds me of Ben when he was 3..... I want to doze a minute in the recliner, but know the minute I do the phone will ring, Meg will holler for a bucket or T will show up.... Best get movin... The sooner the better and the more calories I burn.....I am sooooo behind in getting this ball rolling.... Ugh!!! No more though, I'm off and going..... to 155!!!!!!!!!

Menu & Activities

Hot Grape Nuts (Skim Milk & lil' Brown Sugar), Apple Cinnamon WG English Muffin, 8 oz. LS V-8, Coffee

Yogurt, Handful of Pistachios, Almonds & Raisins (mixed, not a handful of each)

Meg isn't feeling any better....She is in the bathtub & I have clean jammies set out for her... She wants to get her Valentines done for tomorrow's party.... I myself have such a face ache setteled across the cheeks & nose I can hardly open my eyes..Thinking about just shoving the Puffs Vick's tissues up my nose. (I love those things during colds)... T's mom came in thinking about going to work for just a bit to do her paperwork, then come home to bed..She was up all night sick, so it's in the "air" around here for sure.... T is still in his jammies and not wanting to budge out of them anytime soon... I don't personally care if he stays in them all day, nor does his mom/dad... I will get him cleaned up before time for him to get picked up.....He has been making playdough pies... (yum).. I did go 1 mile on the bike and washed my hair... Sinuses let loose a bit & am renigging to taking a Sudafed next.... Coffee & Tea, plus plain ole water are definitley part of the fluids today... Going to the store A.S.A.P. to stock up on gingerale, saltines & am fixing a pot of chicken soup.....  Keeping on the move or I'm going to collapse and crash if I sit much longer... I will rest when I get home from the store..NO doubt about it...This is a time I cannot deny myself rest.. I need to heal...

Wacky Macky (veggie) Pasta Tuna Salad (not sure what all I'll put in it yet, but sounds delish for a change.. I'll make it lite)

T went home, I decided it was time to e-mail the attorney's office with demands for my settlement agreement that was suppose to have been mailed on the 28th of January and still have yet to receive them.. I have received other mail from them offering me other settlements, but not the papers I am after.... Funny how now I have a "due date" that they are MIA and noone will give me an answer....I have called the parlegal EVERY DAY letting her know & asking her about the $85... Told them in the e-mail, unless they certify mail (on their dime) me the agreement & give me an answer on the $85 process service fee being dropped, due to the harrasment I received when being served...That I was considering them refusing my payment.... I have documented every time I have called and talked or left messages with their office... I'm tired after 2 weeks of not having this settled and the $$$$ being in hand to get the cashier's check.... They actually sent another offer due by the 30th of March for a 50% off... I asked her which of the 2 was the least.. I wanted the best of the 2 offers.... Shall see what the attorney e-mails me back huh?.... Those papers I was served were no more legit than I am at my 155 goal weight... LOL... I was advised that they COULD NOT e-mail me the agreement, but they offered to fax it to Paul's work office.. I told them that his employer has no business knowing our business & that was pretty unethical I thought..... I thought there was some kind of "privacy act" unless they have your permission in writing.. Convenience on their part I feel...Told them I DEMANDED an answer on my questions PROMPTLY and thanked them in advance....ALso told them that I wasn't going to "turn over" , allowing them sweeping anything under their lil' carpet... After unanswered voicemails and being told "I dont have an answer yet" after almost 3 weeks doesn't set well with this chickadee.... Told them if they were after more money by stalling and making me miss that "due date" that they would have better luck getting blood out of a turnip... If I don't get answers tomorrow, I will be contacting an attorney (I have the info) on Friday....I still may contact them anyways, just because of all the "hokey" I've dealt with so far.. I am liable for the debt I accrued I feel that for sure, but not to deal with the run-around in getting this resolved...

Oatmeal (double), Skim Milk, Few Raisins, 1 sl. Sprouted Grains Toast....Diet Pepsi

Onto a better subject (ha)... Meg is still icky & I didn't make it to the grocery store...Went to the lil' convenience store down the road and paid bookoo bucks for some soda pop...... It was worth it though... I didn't feel like going anywhere and hubby wasn't answering his cell to be asked to pick up some things on his way home.... I am fearful that I have a sinus infection... I took some Sudafed about 30 minutes ago and will take a Percogesic in another 30 minutes to let me sleep for tonight and see how I am in the morning..... I haven't had an infection in years, but this is reminding me of how it feels..Not good!.... Simmering a pot of Eucaltyptus water to inhale...... Man, aren't we just a mess of germs around here... I have brown bottle lysoled & bleached things I needed to and smells like a infermary around here, especially the bathroom... I feel fortunate thought that we haven't been any sicker this season... We have gotten away pretty well without catching a lot of things, compared to years past..... O.K. I'm rambling..The Sudafed & Diet Pepsi are taking my mind over... I best go lay down on the couch and relax like I suppose to be doing....

H20= No less than 120 oz.




Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

Donkey on 02/11/2009:
OK, stop it with the 4-letter words or I'm going to have to report you to the Moderator: SNOW, SICK, FLU -- ok, that last one isn't 4 letters, but it's just as nasty, if not more so ;-)

I hope you don't get sick!!!

glycrina on 02/11/2009:
I was looking over your entries and I know exactly what you mean about things you did not even realize were bothering you, are actually holding you back. It is good to realize this now so that you CAN do something NOW before you have sabotaged yourself and have gotten into bad habits which are hard to fix. The only thing I want to offer as advice is to forgive yourself; I know it is easier said that done. Forgiving yourself will help you to forgive others like the prayer we say at dinner time "forgive us our trespassess . . . "

YepItsMe~ on 02/11/2009:
Sounds like you have your hands full~I hope that everyone, including yourself, gets to feeling better very soon..thats tough.

Good for you for working out even tho you didn't feel good~just be careful!!!

hopinforachange on 02/11/2009:
I hope that you and your daughter are feeling better. Take care!

Maria* on 02/11/2009:
Hope you feel better (and your family and those you take care of, too). Try to get some rest when you can. Will be praying for y'all.

omahagrl on 02/11/2009:
I hope Meg feels better soon and that you do not catch it. Viruses have been going around like crazy here and it seems it takes 2 weeks to get back to normal. I hope I don't get it but pray MJ does not especially with his trip to Arizona in a few weeks. I loved your hearts that you made. I want to learn how to crochet but never do it. Have a good night!

panda22 on 02/11/2009:
Thanks for the advice! You're definitely right! I'm just being weird about all the little stuff since I've never done this before lol. Anyway, sorry to hear about your house full of lil sick ones! Hope Meg feels better for her party! Mmmm pistachios! I've been munching on those throughout the day today lol. Your Wacky Macky sounds yummy! Have a great evening! =D Great job on getting on the bike today as well!

loveray on 02/11/2009:
i hope you feel better soon! i love you. xoxo

mama_nurse on 02/11/2009:

Jen40 on 02/12/2009:
Feel better soon, you, Meg, everyone!!

thinnside40 - Tuesday Feb 10, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 202.0

Entry for Tuesday, February 10, 2009- Take #2

Begin evening update:

This is the lil' guy I babysit 5 days a week

My project for today:

After the boys were gone, I got out the yarn to attempt making one of those crocheted hearts, like the ones in the picture of the green hutch with chinaware I posted last week... I have never followed a pattern before, but I MADE IT...... Took about 30 minutes....Now, I want to go find all the other colors I have and make more... I feel so proud to have FINALLY read a pattern directions and have it come out like it was suppose to..... I tweeked the end directions to make a lil' ruffle edge.....

Sorry about the "fuzz"... When I re-size photos they get blurry....

Made 2 more......Hearts.... The quilt in the backgraound is one that my mom made us 3 years ago..9 patch made with the denim squares being my dad's old worn out jeans over the years....

End Update..I won't ad  anymore...

I owe an apology in my being a negative poop-on life.... I have been one to make positive out of all things and I have been failing miserably in that area the last few days....

I looked outside to see the beautiful white snow falling..Yes, sunshiny & ability to clean outside yesterday, now snow....

As I was watching it fall so gracefully, giving us moisture we desire to add to the bounty of irrigation water come spring and necessary for watering our garden(s), but not really liking it due to the inconvenience of slippery roads & need for more wood in the stove..... It dawned on me that my problem may be lying in something that I tried to help another DDer with a while back... I feel lack of control overall in areas I have no control over, thus giving in to saying I can't control my eating,etc.... That is not the right thought process.... I have to take back the control over those things I can and let go of those things I have no control over.....

Things at this stage of my life I can't change are : #1- The fact that my mom has dimentia (I'm not dealing with that as well as I thought I was... crying at the thought of it proves that to me.. I'm at a break down point if I allow my mind to wander @ the end result of her disease), #2- The debt solution of asking my parent's for $$$ (hard to let go of that, even though I know it was God's will), #3- The loss of the things I loved to do (hostess, custodian, piano player) at the church we left in November. They were a casualty as a result of the move we made (for now obvious reasons that have came about)...#4 -   The fact that my G'ma @ 90 years old has a mind sharp as a tack & is getting ready to live alone again when her lifeline alert system is set up...Thankful for her ability to live independently again, but feel my mom should be as good @ 64 years old.... #5 - The fact that I have been a horrible daughter I have been in feeling more compassionate towards my dad than I ever have for my mom all of my life.. (that is horrible).... Ganging up on her in time I should of held her hand or hugged her neck instead.... #6- The negative  thoughts that those we left behind @ the previous church may have towards us for leaving, not knowing the EXACT reasons why we did. The list could go on and on.

I REALLY did not realize til looking outside, seeing that snow and reading DD entries this morning, getting comments already that I want to change so many things that I just cannot, but I can control my reaction... It is called a "choice" of how to deal with what life tosses in your basket.... I will let those things which I cannot control fall out of the cracks between the weave in my basket. In the same token, I will do my darndest to cinch up & tighten the weave to so I can hang onto those things I do have control over, not letting them turn into something they aren't.... 1 bad apple CAN & WILL ruin the whole basket of bounty if it is not tossed out immediately...

I will strive my best to become that inspiration again...Far & near....  I promise... I need that for myself...If nothing else...I need it for me... I'm being selfish, but also I get such reward in being able to SCREAM at that screen and cheer you all on...By being in the place I have been lately, I haven't been able to cheer you on appropriately.. That is by action, not just words.... I LOVE YOU ALL and I am going to give this 110% for ME first... That allows me to be the BEST I can be for all those around me.....It feels a lot better too..... Losing the self-accountablility factor has happened in the process of me getting "comfortable" and not caring what my menu says....

My chest feels lighter, my outlook looks much better and I'm not sure that I can explain the "relief" in just being able to list a few things that I didn't realize were setting so heavily on my mind and bogging my whole appearance down.... It is like feeling those 40#"s lighter physically felt so good to be rid of... Mental weight is (was) just as heavy....It is easy to put on the face (appearance) of everything being hunky dory, but when reality is faced, isn't so pleasant..... I don't want to be a "fake" or seem I can deal so well with things seeming negative, but have to realize to be human is o.k. in the same token.... I can deal with things according to how God sees fit and sometime weakness befalls me, but that is o.k. too.... I will grow stronger in those weaknesses and persevere one day....... "airing" frustration/troubles is a dealing tool to strengthen me in my journey...It is for all of us....

Menu & Activities

WGEM, Scrambled Egg/Egg White, 1/2 Banana, Squirt of Ketchup on the Eggs (sorry for those of you who say "ewe") Coffee

SFSM Coffee, Fiber One Bar

8 oz. LS V-8

Salad (de-skinned Roasted Chicken Breast (bought a whole chicken last night @ Costco for this....yum), Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, 1/2 Avocado, Beans of some sort & Wishbone Lite Ranch)

Mini Bag Popcorn Attempted to pop 3 bags and all wouldn't....Had some Almonds instead....

Oatmeal, 1 sl. Sourdough Toast

SF Jell-O Pudding Cup

H2o = No less than / an' plenty more than 120 oz.

Walking since 02-01-08 = 963.5 Miles

Walking in 2009 = Jan ~ 66 Miles/Feb ~ 17 Miles

Biking in 2009 = Jan ~ 25 Miles/Feb ~ 2 Miles


I hear the rest of you too... THANK YOU!

Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

biscottibody59 on 02/10/2009:
Hey there, I saw you comment to another about your anti-depressant. If you haven't heard of these reports on the generic Wellbutrin, it might be worth reading. I don't know if the generic-drug-producing company/companies have resolved the issues. But maybe it will help to know, it may not be "you," but the drug!


This is a from a comment board: http://www.peoplespharmacy.com/archives/pharmacy_qa/side_effects_of_generic_wellbutrin.php

Those comments when you click on page 10 at the bottom are current.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/10/2009:
hello! healthy eating, very nice. i love ketchup...and it is tasty on eggs!

so i actually did for a fact weigh at least 142 a couple days ago. i don't weigh myself often. i prob weigh around that now. so my goal is pretty intense...but not overly far fetched. i figure if i do decide to go low carb for the first two weeks in april after i've been dieting/exercising, i can weigh around 120 or a little more by the end of april. but this means NO BINGING at all until mid april. and then of course, trying to stick with this in the months that follow!

it's funny...because i was ALWAYS thin till i turned 17...but then food became some kind of release for me. i managed my weight well from 21-25. and then, for reasons no other than stress/depression gave up on my weight for the past 1.5 years. so i'm trying to go back to a thinner weight of which my body does remember somewhat!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/10/2009:
no i enjoyed seeing the .3 figure lol. i don't care if you put that on my diary. i would have done the same (and usually would have ALREADY calculated it a long time ago...) but i'm just sooooo needing the loss....and perhaps i might be ahead of myself....but i'm gonna try.

haha_love2laugh on 02/10/2009:
good meal plan.

to your comment on mine, i weigh in the afternoon, because that uis the only time i have access to the same scale everyday, but maybe mornings would be better, because then i couldnt weigh myself EVERYday

mama_nurse on 02/10/2009:
AWWWWWWWW, you have a beautiful heart!!!!! :) I really appreciate that about you!

Maria* on 02/10/2009:
Hope you're feeling better as your day goes on.

cybermom4 on 02/10/2009:
{{{hugs}} This is not a verse but this came to me one night when I was really really down - "you may be humbled but you'll never be destitute" -- somehow, that really calmed me - it's as if all my thoughts and concerns were real and though they were dark and dreary - they had a purpose - being humbled through sorrow and cloudy moments are part of that purpose. I have always been a fairly good natured person so when 'clouds' hit me I get confused - which is really quite normal (I just didn't realize it) My journey is not at all like yours - but it's funny how we still share the same 'wrestling'. Your amazing Thininside40 - and you are a sweet encouragement to this cyber DD world - thank you for checking in on me from time to time - it means more than you know -- {{hugs}}

loveray on 02/10/2009:
cute cute baby! i hope you had a great day- thinking of you!! xoxo

happymommy2girl on 02/10/2009:
I am sorry that you are feeling so overwhelmed by things lately. Know that we are here for you and are thinking of you often! I loved the hearts that you made! They are so pretty

selina on 02/11/2009:
Hi Thinny! I had to drag myself out of my own meltdown to say that your entries, positive or otherwise, have helped me go through my tough times.... I guess we all react differently to what hit us. I'm glad you are the type that voices it out so that we can benefit from your insights into the issues. anyway, I just wanted to send you HUGS and to tell you how happy I am to see you seem to be dealing with your issues very well.

Maria* on 02/11/2009:
Cute photos and you are SOOOO TALENTED!!!!

thinnside40 - Tuesday Feb 10, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 202.0

I am going to rant a bit...... Fair Warning!

I am one to love to be able to help people out... I love to give, cause it is rewarding to see a smile on someones face and know that I could help them...... So, this morning upon the boys arrival... (I watch the 2 boys for the price of 1 ~ to help mom out financially) I am informed by "mom" that she has joined Weight Watchers..... What in tarnashion?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Griping all the time about not having enough money to pay me more (going rate is $40/day for 2... I get $18) and unable to afford things she needs..... I just don't get it...I just dont!... Mom had lost 50#'s after the divorce, but has put some back on..She looks nice, whereas before she looked way too thin and unhealthy....Very drawn face and hollow looking..... Ugh... I know that one person's weight at certain # can be as cumbersome as my 200#+ is to me, but come on.... Still here telling ME how hard it is to "lose weight".... I felt a bit ackward to say the least and miffed beyond words right now.. I have had a few naughty words fly through my thought process unfortunately.... Mostly miffed, due to the griping about NO $$$ and then tell me in the next breath "weight watchers"... I am talking lack of PRIORITIES here..... I know that she wants to feel better & I can give her that, but don't stand here telling ME on PAYDAY (which she didn't mention that & I DID NOT get paid) that you don't have $$$$$$ enough to take care of other things & then mention "joining" something that is going to cost $$$$$... Always saying... "well there is ONE more thing for me to worry about and not be able to afford" when something unexpected comes up..... My goodness...... I hate confrontation, but I can feel one coming on.... She needs to know that I'm not going to allow her to take advantage of me. I don't use that termanology very often and it is hard for me to say, but I'm saying it now "TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME"... There said it!.... Give Give Give & feel like I've been slapped in the face... I feel a bit "pity partyish", but dog gone it..I'm mad! Talking weight & $$$ with me first thing in the morning IS NOT a good idea! I need to learn to stand up for me for a change.... There! Said that too... I understand that most of the time people are going to take a mile, when you give them an inch.... I don't ask for, nor expect anything in return... But , mutual respect! There is a whole nother subject these days too.... Anyway, now to get over it for this day and move onto things more constructive than to gripe..... ..I have allowed it to happen and just needed to "vent" a bit of steam before I blew my top.. Mostly aggitated at myself for not standing stronger in the beginning with "mom"...

Shopping with the neighbor lady went well last night... She is a "time taker".. I felt so funny when walking beside her pushing the buggy....She is huntched over so badly and about 5' tall..People looked at me funny too... BUT, she insisted on holding onto the cart to support her. You don't argue with Pat!

I don't feel like I'm 100% on top of my game as far as eating/exercising/just being in the healthy lifestyle realm anymore.... Not sure what it is, but feel like I'm back @ square one.... Which in a way I guess I am, being at this stand still for so stinkin' long... Need to do a lot of serious thinking and figuring out "what" it is that has me really not pushing myself to get <200 to that 155 goal..... I believe part of it is called "comfortable"... I need to push myself to get uncomfortable in a good way again to see results and feel better about where I'm at in the moment, but wanting to do better.. I don't feel good t'all where I'm at right now as far as this journey of mine.... I know it is dependent upon me to get this done, cause nobody else can get it done for me... That "WANT" is something I desire to have again.... Fear? I  don't know why or what of maybe... Just need to REALLY think about it and find a solution AND FAST! I know I feel better physically & mentally..... Just can't put my finger on the "hang-up".... I feel sad, do cry & am very frustrated that I don't have that "want to" feeling, like I have for so many years before.....It is putting the words into action.... I DO WANT THIS BADLY, just am not proving it to myself very well lately.... I think about people who have been successful that I read about or see on T.V. and wonder how they did it from their highest weight to their goal and not have "hang-ups" or stand stills (or seems to be that way)...Having lost 100#s or even 80#'s in a year... Why can't I have done that???? Conclusion is that they have more drive than I do....I look at you here on DD who have that "want to" back or starting out and I am jealous of it... I have to want it, nobody else can make me want it.. Why isn't other's success/drive effecting me?... That is what is frustrating... I used to sit here and YELL at the screen when I would read about others having struggles, cause I wanted success for them so badly.... I need to SCREAM at me now..... I just don't get it.. Me that is!.. My strive in life is to be a good role model and I am failing miserably at it right now for sure... I am so sorry for the lack of inspiration I am offering these days... It sadens me that I have came back to a point as this in my life, when I hd been doing so well.....

This is another day to give it a whirl..... I DID do good yesterday I know.... Feeling like I am starting @ that 237 mark again, even though I'm not.... I need to realize what I HAVE done and NOT what I haven't done (yet)..... I HAVE made it this far (minus the recycled pounds) & will continue from each new day forward! I have to believe that....

 Menu & Activities

1/2 Banana, WGEM, Scrambled Egg/Egg Whites, Coffee


Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

legcramps on 02/10/2009:
I hate going through those times in life where you just can't seem to find the motivation or incentive to do anything to better your life. If that's what you're going through right now, i'm very sorry to hear it. And I know exactly what you mean about YELLING at the screen and wanting success for others here on diet diaries. I'm doing it right now!! But seriously, it sounds like you've been having a pretty rough time and that - if nothing else - is most likely the reason for the lack of motivation. What you need to do is remember that you're worth every ounce of effort you've put into weightloss, and you're worth every ounce you have YET to put into weightloss.

Stand up to that mother that you're giving a break to financially. She may not even react the way you think she will, she might just say "hey, you know what? you're absolutely right and i've been taking you for granted for way too long". And, if she doesn't say that, pretend she did and move on.

Have a good one today!

omahagrl on 02/10/2009:
I would be upset to and i would have said something. You also have a family to take care of so I would not feel bad about telling her you want more money. to me having someone that I could trust to take care of my most precious posessions would be worth more then losing a few pounds. Is this also the same person that does not call you when she is early or late? I think it is time to set some rules sista! Get mad, kick the dirt but make sure you do not feel bad about your feelings and asking for respect!

mama_nurse on 02/10/2009:
Oh my gosh!!! I pay $500; YES $500 dollars a month in childcare....(4 days a week for the 4 yr old -- my gram watches her one of the days because she loves to spend time with her) and 2 afternoons a week for my oldest (which is 3-5pm)....I can't believe that mom is ONLY paying $18/day for TWO kids!! I don't blame you for being frustrated....I think it is awesome that you are helping people out (I am the same way.....) but when she has money to join WW she should have money to pay you on "payday"....How would she feel if her work didn't pay her on her "payday" yet went and bought a big lunch for all of their employees right in front of her??? Same idea....sorry to sound "harsh" here but this is something I feel very strong about....I feel parent's will pay their child care provider what they feel their child is worth! We struggle financially big time--j & I are both full time grad students and work as much as we both can outside of school and projects just to make ends meet--but if I have to give up other needs/wants so that I can pay for great child care then that is most definitely a HUGE priority of mine.....Maybe you should talk with the mom....and clear the air....Ugh, ok, I'm ranting here and should just stop....LOL Hope you have a lovely day!!!

biscottibody59 on 02/10/2009:
You didn't ask for advice, so I won't give it--unless you ask. (See, I'm learning:-)

Hope you have a good day!

hopinforachange on 02/10/2009:
You have every right to rant. I think that the mother needs to wake up and see that she is being silly. I know that feeling you are talking about. A couple weeks ago I just didn't care less about eating right or excercising. It will pass. Just keep at it! I hope that the rest of your day goes well. Take care!

petaldew on 02/10/2009:
You should definitely have a talk with that mother. There are two things that I do not allow people do tome. One is take advantage of me, and the other is mess with my money.

thinnside40 - Monday Feb 09, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 202.0

Lots to get done today.... In a  "dont want to do anything" mood so far......

Menu & Activities

Oats, 3 Walnuts,Banana, 1.5 TBS. Ground Flax,EM, 1/2 c. Pom/Cran Juice, Coffee

8 oz. LS V-8, Acai Emergen-C

Just could not keep my eyes open when I was reading the newspaper...Gave up and just covered myself with it (paper) for a bit... Had about 15 minutes of off/on rest.... The brothers got here super early this morning (suprise!).That didn't start my day off on the right foot....They took naps immediately (they are so tired when they get here).... I am still sluggish to say the least, but functionable... Soon as R gets on the bus, T will go outside with me & clean off the front porch to soak up some Vitamin D...Sun is so bright.... Warmth coming through the windows makes me want to find a patch of sunny carpet, curl up in a ball on the floor & sleep.... Sleep/Rest is heavy on my mind if you couldn't tell.. Neighbor lady wants me to go to Costco with her after I am freed up today.....  Shall see my frame of mind when time comes.... Sorry to be a "downer", but I just can't seem to get with the program (whatever that is) today.... I have been lax in taking my vitamins/supplements faithfully this last couple weeks..I think it has caught up with me... I HAVE taken them today though.....

 SBPB, Simply Fruit, Healthy Way Bread, Carrots & Apple

T & I have been outside raking, pulling, sweeping & tossing.... Looks better off the front porch now.... Getting some fresh air & sun has given me a bit more energy.... Called the neighbor to tell her to plan on picking me up about 5:30ish.... Need to get some meat out of the freezer to put on cooking... Will have a nice supper ready for the other 3 of my family.... I plan on trying to eat my supper before going shopping... Going for 1 mile on the resistance bike right now....

1/2 cont.Yogurt

Salmon Chunk, Steamed Vegs, Roasted Pinenuts & Lil' Grated Mozarella (put on the veggies under the broiler)...

Getting ready to eat my supper (early, but may turn me onto doing something to switch up the routine... Will see how I do later on @ regular supper time)..... Neighbor is suppose to pick me up in a bit...Called her to let her know that the boys were gone (on time for a change)...She has been piddling around all afternoon and has to get ready...Look for her to be here around 6:00 probably (grrrrrrrrr)... I will make sure to let her know that if she wants me to go with her in the future, she will have to be ready when I have the time.... like NOW when I'm ready & I have given her a ballpark time well enough in advance....She stays up all night and sleeps all day... Totally backwards.... I'll read/comment later on those who I've missed today when I get back..... I'm going another mile on the bike now too.....

H2o= No less than 120 oz.

Walk :) 01-01-09 to present = 82 miles (Jan = 66/Feb = 17)

Bike:) 01-01-09 to present = 27 miles(Jan = 25/Feb = 2)

Walk :) 02-01-08 to present = 963.5 miles

Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 02/09/2009:
Well, our breakfast menus were very similar. Good luck today - think how accomplished you will feel if you get some of that stuff done.....or how rested you'll be if you don't - Ha!

omahagrl on 02/09/2009:
I had the same problem yesterday. In fact I did take some vitamin B just so I could wash clothes and the floor. We are going to go look at stationary bikes this week. i need to see how it affects my knees. I am hoping it won't as I would love to get one and change up my exercise. Have a wonderful day!

Donkey on 02/09/2009:
I didn't sleep for nothin' last night. Was that your problem too, or are you just feeling BLAH?

legcramps on 02/09/2009:
Hey, you're doing great so don't give up! I've been missing out on sleep for the past two weeks, too. I finally was able to sleep in on Sunday and it helped a great deal. I wish I would have bottled the magic that put me to sleep, though. I have the darndest feeling that it's not always going to be so easy... LOL.

Have a great day today!

Jen40 on 02/09/2009:
I wanted to stay in my hidey hole. But every day you kept creeping into my thoughts and I knew I had to post something, ANYTHING, just to say I am still in this fight. I have not given up. I am just treading water right now, but not sunk! Hugs!

haha_love2laugh on 02/09/2009:
i dont take vitamins although i should start, do they help weight loss?

starfish on 02/09/2009:
cute pic! Great job on the bike ride :-) Have a great evening.

mama_nurse on 02/09/2009:
I am barely able to keep my eyes open while typing this comment, lol.....I keep shutting them and re-opening them....hugs to you!!! hope you enjoy your night xo

panda22 on 02/10/2009:
Hey Thin! Hope your evening went well last night and have a fantastic Tuesday! **Sending some extra energy your way for the day** *hugs*

loveray on 02/10/2009:
sometimes the sleep we crave is overlooked due to our "do and go" society...sleep is SOO necessary for immunity and cellular growth- not to mention, fat loss! i commend you for honoring your body and getting the rest you need. :) love you!

Jen40 on 02/10/2009:
If your doc is okay with a generic he can call in the rx to Walmart and it will cost $4!!!! That's all I paid for fluoxetine (commonly known as Prozac). I've had Wellbutrin in the past, but had buzzing in my head from it and it was hard to wean off but that was probably from me rushing it, not the fault of the med itself. Ask if you can get a generic from Walmart, it's a huge help to get it cheap.

Jen40 on 02/10/2009:
Ahhhh!!!! I LOVE your short hair!!!! I had to go check it out after reading your post, and it's WONDERFUL!!!

Maria* on 02/10/2009:
Hope you're having a good day. That was sweet of you to help your neighbor.

thinnside40 - Sunday Feb 08, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 202.0

Woke to sunshine, but ice cold outside....... Suppose to get to 43 degrees today..... Going to clock the distance between our house & the church  house this morning.... Ben's music practice has now been changed to 4 p.m. on Sundays (church is @ 6), so either after morning service I will walk home or I'll take the time lag between 4 & 6 to walk... Going 8 miles yesterday afternoon has me a bit sore, but able to work out the kinks with stretching.... Ben came to give me hug/kiss before he retired to bed & I was "dozing"... He scared me with pecking me on the cheek & I jerked.. My hip pulled...Took a couple Percogesic to make me relax a bit and slept decent, but not the best..... Sleep wasn't poor, cause of the "scare", just over-tired I think.....

Time to finish eating my breakfast.... Meg is lalligaggin, so need to light a fire under her (figure of speech of course) to get moving.....

Look for this to be a good day all the way around..... I have asked the Lord to guide me in choices I make & for the strength to deal with whatever it is that makes me want to "eat"..... "the dread" has arrived!!!!!!!!... I'll be better now......

Menu & Activities

Banana, Apple Cinnamon EM, LS V-8, Coffee

Fiber One Oats & Strawberries w/ Almonds Chewy Bar

2 sl. Sourdough Bread

Banana & few Almonds

Home from church, put on housecoat to take a snooze.... Hubby & kids took off to get some firewood....Sun was shining so pretty & weather too perfect to lay down...... Got re-dressed & went for a 4 mile walk...... I arrived home in time to say goodbye, cause they were headed to Ben's music practice... Communion tonight & we aren't members of the church yet, so plans were to stay home tonight..... Communion is "open" for non-members, but we personally choose to not partake until we join a church body in membership..... Waiting to see who the new pastor is before taking that step...... I am hungry for that salad now... Off to fix it & relax in a quiet house.... Watch a movie if I can find a good one on t.v.....

Salad (Lettuce, 1/2 Avocado, Tomato, Olives, Taco Seasoned Pork Loin pieces, Grate of Natural Cheese,Wishbone  Lite Ranch, Few Crumbled Tortilla Chips)

H2o = No less than 120 oz.




Walk :) 01-01-09 to present = 82 miles (Jan = 66/Feb = 17)

Bike:) 01-01-09 to present = 25 miles(Jan = 25/Feb = 0)

Walk :) 02-01-08 to present = 963.5 miles

Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

mama_nurse on 02/08/2009:
Hope you have a great day with your family Thin!!!! :) Looks like your day is off to a wonderful start....xo

mcwoo40 on 02/08/2009:
Hiya Thin,Well done on that walking yesterday.I think i will have to get myself some decent walking shoes,my feet are aching right now.Make healthy choices today,and try and relax too,Julie

haha_love2laugh on 02/08/2009:
i have a question, but first i'll leave you a comment:

Thank youu!!!!! you really helped me through the rest of my day yesterday without slipping up and eating a creamsicle that my family bought for me, i almost took and said to myself, how much weight do i want to lose and why do i want to do it, and then i thought of you and how you have been trying to get it right since you were like eight. so thanks for your help!!!

QUESTION: why are you keeping track of two different walking things? thanks and good luckkk!!!

Donkey on 02/08/2009:
I've done the same thing with my church! It would make for a wonderful bike ride (kind of a long walk, but a totally doable bike ride) in the warmer weather, especially now that most of the bike trail path has been finished en route. There's only one small stretch of land that has no path and requires street riding.

Your menu sounds wonderful. Oh how I miss eating nuts. I'm just too vulnerable right now to have them in the house.

see_maw on 02/08/2009:
Have a great Sunday! Pray for me!

haha_love2laugh on 02/08/2009:
hey, umm, i'm almost 14 and heavily overweight, cant help that i got myself this way, just can help myself get out of it!

haha_love2laugh on 02/08/2009:
yeah i have talked to my doctor about everything and he tells me that since i need to lose weight to do anything i can that will help me do so, and i have asked my parents permission, actually my mom was the one who read keeping a journal on a site with other people DOUBLES your weight loss. so It's fine with everyone =]

thanks for being concerned ;]

panda22 on 02/09/2009:
Hey Thin! Glad to see you bounced back today and had such a great Sunday! Idk what it is that makes our bodies go into food mode every month, but kudos to you for realizing what happened on Saturday and turning it around yesterday! Hope you have a great week this week! Have a nice day! =)

Maria* on 02/09/2009:
Hope you're having a nice day!

thinnside40 - Saturday Feb 07, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 202.0

Thinnie is in damage control mode as of right now!... I mean RIGHT NOW!...... Crimanola...... I did great @ breakfast ~ 1 pc. plain French Toast, Fresh Strawberries, 1 link Sausage, sm. spoonful of Scrambled Eggs & Coffee...... Paul & I took off to the bakery outlet before coming home, then to buy a toilet handle... ..... HE IS NOT ANY HELP!!!!! At the bread store, bought these new Chocolate covered Sunflower/Oatmeal cookies..Before said/done, I had 3!..... Then stopped for a soda @ dinnertime....Diet Pepsi & Burrito smothered in ketchup & mustard is my fav and they had one almost too done (like I like them).....Not good!..... So, now home and putting away groceries, etc.... Dipped into the Sunbelt Chewy Oats/Honey Granolas.... So, I can say I have had a "binge" I guess...Never have been one to eat like that really and feel a bit strange...... Usually just overeat 1 item and not go for "what have ya that suits my fancy at the moment"...... UGH!!!!!! I need a good kick in the patoot....... Guys are outside cutting wood and I think I am going to finish putting away the groceries, crawl under the covers for a nap (got about 4 hours of sleep last night) and maybe watch a movie..... Plans for supper were to fix "mexican food" as customary the first Nascar night race of the pre-season (Bud shoot-out tonight).... It sounded good when I got out the ingredients to make it, but I think I will revise my plan for me to be a salad (on the light side)........ I am going to also see if I can find my yarn stash to see if I can follow the directions to make some of thos crocheted hearts (for coasters) like in the photo I posted a few days back.......

I have a good lashing coming if I can't get my "stuff" together to get this "challenge" going in my head for this month.... I CANNOT let myself down... I won't do it!!!!!.... Tell my hormones that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrr...... Does anyone know what "chemical" or whatever lack of one it is that causes this to happen every month..?. This last 5 months have been the worst.... I don't crave salt/sweets/anything in particular, just munchamunchamuncha too muchamuchamucha...

* Cancel the nap, cancel the putting away groceries (for right now at least)...Putting my clothes back on (had already put jammies on) and heading out for a looooooooong walk to get my head straightened out......*Thanks haha-love2laugh for the mention of "working it off"*I had renigged to calling it a "bad day"...Not now!.... Happy Feet is in action....*I should of started my day off with DD as usual.. I overslept though....

Menu & Activities

1 sl. French Toast, Fresh Strawberries, 1 link Sausage, Spoonful Scrambled Eggs, Lil Oatmeal, Coffee

3 Chocolate Dipped Sunflower Seed (cute lil' things) Oatmeal Cookies

32 oz. Diet Pepsi, Beef/Bean Burrito  (each bite dowsed w/mustard n ketchup)

1 sl. Garlic Sourdough Bread

2 Chewy Honey n Oats Granola Bars

Posted my Day so far

Changed into jammies, then got dressed to go on a walk after deciding I could still be active even though I was bummed about eating so much I should'nt of.........

Walked a complete circle path that I have never taken before... Took me a hair over 2 hours.... Asked Paul to take a ride with me to clock the distance...... I went 8 miles.... I knew I was going to take a loooooooooooooooooooong walk....... Now, ready to eat a lite supper, watch some of the race, maybe watch a movie in my bedroom & set out clothes for church tomorrow......Jammies are back on and I'm settled in for the night..... Oh ya, and maybe get a foot rub.....

H2o = So much I can't even begin to imagine the oz......

Walk :) 01-01-09 to present = 79 miles (Jan = 66/Feb = 13)

Bike:) 01-01-09 to present = 25 miles(Jan = 25/Feb = 0)

Walk :) 02-01-08 to present = 959.5 miles



Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

haha_love2laugh on 02/07/2009:
well,first of all I'm new to the site because my doctor recommended it. I am young and still in school, and apparently two years away from diabetes if i dont change my unhealthy habits so i came here to change them. and anyways, if you do end up hjave that salad good for you!!! and just try to exersize it all off(well some of it anyways)!!1 best wishes!!! Quel

mama_nurse on 02/07/2009:
HERE YOU ARE!!!! I always look for your entries when I sign on and I didn't see you this morning.......Glad you are here now! Hey, don't beat yourself up, it happens to the BEST of us!!! :) Go walk and feel better.....Talk to you soon. xo

Maria* on 02/07/2009:
Sounds like you had a nice day...I don't 'see' that you overdid cals or anything...maybe just allowed yourself a little 'room' for one day to relax and enjoy. If you think you overate your cals, you prob worked them off with that walk for sure!!! Hope you get caught up on your rest and have a good evening.

Donkey on 02/07/2009:
Let me tell you, the minute I saw "chocolate dipped" I was like, "Oh that's gotta be BAAAAAD." :-) I'm not sure what all you ate in total, but I'm not sure it was a binge. Just get back on track. Make healthy choices. Drink water to flush out the water retention. Just because we wobble a bit on the balance beam doesn't mean we have to fall off!

starfish on 02/07/2009:
Be nice to yourself :-) You'll get back on track! Have a good evening.

starfish on 02/07/2009:
and great job on that walk!

Maria* on 02/07/2009:
Wow...8 miles...bet that used up a lot of calories!!!

mama_nurse on 02/07/2009:
wow!!!! great job on the 8 miles!!!! you are so productive and great at turning negative energy into positive energy!!! YAY for you! Enjoy your night!

thinnside40 - Friday Feb 06, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 202.0


Looked outside, cause things just didn't feel right..It is pitch dark!....Fog is heavy & from what I hear on the newscast it is freezing fog... Ick!..... Rain in the forecast.... I can live with rain, not necessarily snow....

Cold is better, but I think Meg is coming down with it.... Doesn't suprise me.... Been going through the house for the last 2 weeks.... Boys, Paul, Me, now Meg.... We are living the "Zits" comic.... We usually are anyways..That cartoon hits so close to home sometimes, as well as Baby Blues.....

Quiet afternoon on the agenda..... Need to get on that Gazelle/Bike to log some mileage.... Tomorrow morning is a breakfast for the ladies of the church...Hubbies are "serving"... Menu is French Toast with Fresh Strawberries & a scoop of Ice Cream.... I asked about oatmeal...Yes, there will be that too...... Next Saturday (14th) the youth are providing a Valentine Supper.... Ben says he doesn't know the menu.....

Now, off to write that shopping list..Making sure to have plenty healthy choices on hand, as this is a short month...The Feb. challenge is starting out to be BAD on my part.... I HAVE TO GET WITH THE PROGRAM......


WGF E.Muffin, Banana, Coffee (295)

Yogurt, Almonds (164) 459

Have been looking at the longer/shorter haircuts over the last year... My hair grows fast and I tend to go to the "shorter" picture from when I cut most of the hair off a while back..... So compared to the pic I posted a couple days ago & a few months back... I went in the bathroom and cut off a bit more, cause I compared the first haircut to the lil' grow out and I like the shorter like in the beginning...... So "bathroom barbershop" was open for business as the baby slept.... Yes, H_O_P...I can't stand the same "do" for too long... LOL.... Next will be "frosting" come springtime..... Something is messed up with my entry and I can't add beyond the pics... Oh well.......     Not sure what to have for dinner, but going to rummage a bit to see what I can find healthy.......Then I have some hair to vacuum up...... This top pic was about Sept/Oct..


Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

mama_nurse on 02/06/2009:
Oh, that'll be nice having the hubby's serve the wives breakfast!!!! ENJOY!! Have a great day! I need to go grocery shopping myself....contemplating whether I want to do that now or nap now....LOL I should go shopping and get it done and over with....but I am EXHAUSTED! hmmmmmm.... Happy Friday.

Maria* on 02/06/2009:
I was reading and rereading your comment to me and something happened that has never happened in the almost 11 years I've been in this house...I heard a loud bang in the adjoining bathroom (I'm in the bedroom keying this) and went to see what it was and the top commode lid had fallen down! I checked it and it would have taken some 'doing' for it to simply fall down as it wasn't 'about' to fall and it sits firmly against the back of the commode, and stays there since I'm the only one that uses that commode! (Hubby uses the one in the other bathroom.)

Your church breakfast tomorrow sounds like FUN!!! We were scheduled to have a church supper Wed. nite...I was really looking forward to it, especially at this time, but it was called off because of the snow.

I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better. I'm supposed to take Mom out today...I'm beginning to feel a little better (took a tylenol, something I don't do unless I feel I REALLY need to for pain)...I know she will be very, very disappointed if I dont' come get her and take her away from the nursing home for a little while at least.

I'm so sorry you lost your Mother in law...and all y'all went through w that...finding her 2 days later, having just seen her and she sounded like a wonderful, caring, loving person. Sounds like you were very close to her. I had another friend I was close to years ago (but not as close as this friend) and when she passed right before that Christmas, I didn't even put up any Christmas decorations that year...just didn't feel 'right' to...but now looking back, I should have put up DOUBLE in honor of her being w the Lord...She loved Christmas....Instead, I didn't decorate and just didn't even allow myself to experience any joy, I remember...just didn't seem 'right' to....but now, looking back, I see that I was wrong. I should have celebrated ALL THE MORE!

Anyway, I'll check back in later...take care and you and yours have a happy, blessed day. Love BOTH the photos! I saved them!!! :-)

Maria* on 02/06/2009:
ps...I love that song!

omahagrl on 02/06/2009:
I was surprised to see your name on my facebook. Now you'll really get to know me...lol. Hold on tight it can be a bumpy ride. I am glad your feeling better and hope the sunshine stays with you.

mcwoo40 on 02/06/2009:
Hi Thin,love the poofy hairdo like something out of Dynasty.I must have pictures of me somewhere with the same poofy do.Enjoy the peace whilst you can.I've had a peaceful afternoon it's been great until they come in.I'm looking forward to my sleep-in's sat/sun no doubt i will be awake at the crack of dawn.Go and fill your trolley with healthy foods,although healthy is'nt always the cheapest is it!Ta Ta

YepItsMe~ on 02/06/2009:
Glad that you are feeling better but sorry to hear that Meg is coming down with it...Hopefully you will all be healthy very soon!

The breakfast sounds like fun!!! Enjoy!

Wishing you a wonderful day!

panda22 on 02/06/2009:
Lol yeah I work in a Physical Therapy office. It's pretty fun but always CRAZY busy! Mostly now since we are short staffed. One perk is there is a gym there for the patients to use to rehab on, and employees get to use the equipment for free whenever it's open =) Sounds like icky weather there! It's supposed to be in the 50's this weekend here so I'm looking forward to a break from the ice/snow we've had all week! Your church breakfast sounds fun! It's nice that they are having something healthy too....oatmeal and strawberries sounds yummy to me =D Have a great weekend!

starfish on 02/06/2009:
Waving hello! Have a great weekend!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/06/2009:
yes, i agree that you pull off the short hair really well! i like you in short hair! i am the complete opposite to you. when i was thinner, i looked great with short hair but now i pull off only longer hair. not sure why. lol. but you look great with it! i love short hair bc it's USUALLY a bit easier to manage!

loveray on 02/07/2009:
i hope you have a great breakfast- enjoy the husbands serving you and the yummy food! sounds like you have a good month ahead of planning and eating healthy. as the weather gets a bit warmer i always find it easier and my body wants to stay on track. as far as the haircut goes, you are beautiful no matter what!! i am SOO envious of your thick, shiny hair. xoxo

Maria* on 02/07/2009:
I like both do's!

Maria* on 02/07/2009:
Hope you're having a nice ladies breakfast at church w the Hubbies serving the ladies (how cool!)...big smile to ya!

selina on 02/07/2009:
hi thin! hugs to you! love those photos!

thinnside40 - Thursday Feb 05, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 202.0

Feeling a bit better today... Walking in the chilled air yesterday helped loosen everything up I think...... Slept on the couch again last night though..Very bad habit!.... After taking a hot bath this morning, I laid on the bed for a bit and slept so hard...Woke to Ben saying "MOM!!!!! the boys are here already" AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!....  They are both sleeping & I'm fighting the urge to snooze in the recliner for a bit myself..... My taste buds had troubles deciding a drink of choice this morning... I have a cup each  of SFSM Coffee, SF FF Irish Cream Coffee & Steeping my lil' chocolat pot full of Lemon Lift Tea.... I LOVE my new lil' teapot & Cioccolato Cup the neighbor lady gave me yesterday.... I feel so special!

Getting back on track yesterday felt so good... Walking, eating healthier & going to sleep knowing "I made it"... 2 more days and it will be "natural" feeling again I'm sure..... Then, time to fight the "monthly munchies"..Their coming!.... Going back to February of '08 & remembering how I would tell myself "OUT LOUD" that I didn't need it (foods)..... The crave was temporary..Knowing I would feel better if I resisted than if I gave into my temporary insanity in the long run..... Proving to myself how badly I want these next 47 pounds to be gone to reach that '155'..... (by year's end?!?!?!).. I was 1/2 way (41#'s down), but messed that up over Christmas...

Tayt is absent until next Monday, so the brothers are all I have for this whole week.... I have errands to run this evening when I'm freed up..... Now, time to do a couple loads of laundry, few dishes, vacuum & write out a shopping list.....


French Toast (2 Healthy Way Sprouted Grains Bread, Egg/Egg Whites, TBS. Smart Balance PB, 1 TBS. Lite Syrup)... SFFF Irish Cream Coffee, SFSM Coffee.....Banana

Yoplait Light n Fit Lemon Chiff....8 oz. LS V-8...Lemon Lift Tea (plain)

Been paying bills, changing some things, dropping some other..... It is amazing how much we have been spending and not realizing EXACTLY the "features", because of "bundle savings"..Which we don't use 1/2  or more of ..... Have came to the pre-conclusion that with all the changes & such, we will be saving about $175/mo..... That is with cancelling some things that will expire/increase to "upgrade" when expired.... This is great news to me!

Ham Sandwich (no coudaments), Orange, Green Grapes... 1/2 cup SFFF Irish Cream Coffee....

Mini Popcorn

Boys are to be gone about 4:30...... Haven't decided to go/not go to town today... Papers still haven't came that I've been waiting for and hate to waste gas when I can get banking, etc done all at the same time maybe tomorrow....Decisions Decisions Decisions......

Stayed home..Forgot about Ben's music practice...... Not in the mood to be in a hurry to get all I need to done in 1.5 hours....Meg & I stayed home to eat supper together & relax....

Homemade Fries (olive oil, then put in the oven to crisp & drain excess oil off).... Homemade Refried Beans (no lard, ~ Food Processored Pinto Beans, lil' grate of Mozarella & dab of Sour Cream) .... Need to grocery shop....Limited inventory.....

 H2o = No Less Than 120 oz.

Walk :) 01-01-09 to present = 71 miles (Jan = 66/Feb = 5)

Bike:) 01-01-09 to present = 25 miles(Jan = 25/Feb = 0)

Walk :) 02-01-08 to present = 951.5 miles

Omaha showed us her "150"...So here is a "155" of mine on an Easter Day....Pay no attention to the poofy "do".... I have this picture on my fridge to look at all the time.. Hubby has been cut-off, cause his look was sooooo goofy and hair was below the shoulders (mullet).....I don't look much better, but it is the "155" look ..I'm sure after 2 children it will fit me differently than I did those years ago, but gotta work with I  got when I get there...



Weight Chart


Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

YepItsMe~ on 02/05/2009:
I LOVE Irish Creme Coffee!!

I really hope you continue to feel better~keep taking care of yourself and don't over do anything~

Wishing you a peaceful day~

biscottibody59 on 02/05/2009:
Oh man, I'm soooo shocked I found this with the exact picture you had--woo-hoo!


And it's highly detailed with lots of pics. It's not the same one I used, it's been a few years and I didn't keep the link over time, but this one looks to be the "one."

I don't have the capability to do pics here--don't have a digital camera--believe it or not. I'm probably the last person on earth--haha! Believe me that they do come out just like the pic you put up! Something you can't always say about crochet patterns as I'm sure you know--haha!

Keep up the good work--hope the cold's getting better!

ps there are a zillion patterns out there--and the majority look quite ugly--hope yours turn out lovely and sweet!

Maria* on 02/05/2009:

mama_nurse on 02/05/2009:
Happy Thursday~ sounds like you have a busy day ahead....I used to "HATE" brussel sprouts and now I LOVE them! I think they are bit of an acquired taste....The hair in the pic is hilarious (redminds me of old pics of my mom, hehe) :) Great pic of you tho.....can't wait til you get to your goal!!! Have a wonderful day

omahagrl on 02/05/2009:
Is that a poofy dorothy hamill? Love it! And yes I had jeans just like your wearing. Past pictures are the best reminders of where our lives have led us. Thanks for sharing. BTW if you want to find me on face book do a search for our business name and sooner or later I will pull up.

starfish on 02/05/2009:
Thank you for your comment and kind words :-)

hopinforachange on 02/05/2009:
I am glad that you are feeling better. You are so pretty!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/05/2009:
i like that bottom pic of your very much! it seems every time you post a pic you have a new hairstyle! thanks for putting up with me lately. i'm no good for lots of feedback and really have been writing in my diary for me...as i've always done...to document what i eat, etc.

we can all reach our goals if we want them bad enough. and if we're not afraid of change.

mama_nurse on 02/05/2009:
yay on the savings!!

Donkey on 02/05/2009:
You know you're a beautiful woman when you can wear short hair and look great. (My hair is long(er).)

mama_nurse on 02/05/2009:
thanks for the KIND comment:) it is really encouraging and it's appreciated....I LOVE blue cheese!!!! WAYYY to much! LOL Sleep tight yourself....hugs

happymommy2girl on 02/05/2009:
Wow...great pics...I don't think I have any at all at my goal...I can't remember what it feels like to be at a decent weight and not so FAT!!

Anyway, I am glad you got some sleep...my couch is one of my favorite places to sleep or my reading chair...can't tell you the number of nights that I have done that.

panda22 on 02/06/2009:
HAPPY FRIDAY! Glad you are feeling much better and are back on track! Congrats! LOL @ your "limited inventory" haha, it's amazing what concoctions we come up with when the cupboards are bare! Hope you get to the grocery store soon! Nothing better than a house full of healthy food =). I think both your pictures are great! You can reach your goal, you are halfway there!! Keep your eye on the prize ((minus the 'do)), and you will be there in no time! Your numbers for exercise are amazing too! That's so cool that you've logged your walking for a year and it's added up like that! I wish I'd started my log with miles, it'd be a higher number than the hours! lol Have a great day today and since I'll be gone all weekend, enjoy your weekend and have fun!!!

loveray on 02/06/2009:
hi honey. i am SO glad to hear you are feeling better. sorry i havent been commenting much this week- just kind of been in my own emotionally challenged head (which is sometimes not the best place to hang out;) even though you didnt have much food "inventory" i love your menu for the day! i hope you have a peaceful and restful weekend- get fully charged for the week ahead. xoxo

thinnside40 - Wednesday Feb 04, 2009
(Food Log~Walk~Bike~Ball~Gazelle~Positive Thinking)
Weight: 202.0

For fun~ click on the link: http://www.humorsphere.com/fun/8787/colortest.swf 

See how you do!

First thing I read this morning was a "challenge" that VJ tossed out there... Ugh... I wasn't in the MOOD for a challenge, but after thinking about it, I am thankful for someone wanting to get things moving...I stepped on the scale to have a honest read-out on "day 1" ... I knew it would be higher than the 200.5, cause yesterday's eating went haywire after a couple days preceeding the same....So, here it is and ironically @ 202

Cold is progressing well.. Sinus pressure, cough, headache, the whole works...Just no fever.... Slept in bed last night for the first night since last Thursday... The couch has been where I fall asleep..Hubby knows better than to disturb me..Actually he is really nice about it, cause I AM NOT a nice person to wake.....

Today the kitchen will be cleaned, laundry will be worked on & fix the toilet handle that broke.... BTW~ house arrangements yesterday were a HIT with the kids/hubby.... I can now have a nice table to do my paperwork, bills, etc at too.... I love multi-purpose!

I reckon that now is as good a time to try a "menu change-up"..... Here we go!!!!!!!!!


Oatmeal, Scrambled Egg Whites, WGF English Muffin w/Honey, 8 oz. LS V-8...Coffee

Proposed,Tentative,Subject to Change, Maybe/Maybe Not ~ Planned, but may not happen

Banana & Apple

Called hubby this morning to see where the baby jogger was stored..I had been looking outside all morning thinking about taking a walk..Sun was so pretty & a hint of chill in the air... Tayt never showed up, so it was just me & baby J.... Got big brother on the bus, then we headed out for 3.5 miles.... Ran into a lil' mud problem as you can see on the jogger tires..My shoes are as caked with mud as they are....Felt like I had lead feet... Fresh air was marvelous...Sinus' are broke loose... I'm not feeling all that great physically, but having the pressure gone has released the H/A for sure.....My spirits are good... I told hubby that I'm not planning on going to prayer meeting tonight...Going to take a nice hot bath & relax in peace/quiet.. Baby is sleeping still, so off to turn over my salmon in the toaster oven and fix my salad... Sipping on a cup of SF (syrup) FF (milk) Irish Cream coffee.....

Salmon & Salad ~ Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato, 1/2 Avocado, Chickpeas or Kidney Beans, Wishbone Lite Ranch

Yogurt & 8 oz. LS V-8

Just got in from taking another 1.5 mile walk..Went for 3, butin talking with the neighbor lady, it was too dark to walk home... Hubby came to get me.... Went to tell her about some break-ins that I have learned about this afternoon in the neighborhood...A whole house was cleared out yesterday (15 antique guns included)...not even 2 miles from us... Then I heard a couple more today on the scanner where they were chasing suspects who were caught kicking in doors.... Anyway, Pat sent home a HUGE bag for me & a card too... Here is what I got :

Plus a slanket..... The card was a "THANK YOU" for being a friend to her... As these gifts are too..... I'm not much of a pottery person, but these things are gorgeous!.... I like them a lot!Casserole dishes... The slanket I like, but not sure how much hubby will........ We are running so late that none from this family is going to church.. Hubby got off work late too....The second walk felt good and allowed my sinus' to clear some more for a bit.Now I am plugged again.... H/A has insued... Ibuprofen/Sudafed will be a must to get some sleep...  Time for some oats...Hubby is fixing pancakes for the rest...

Banana #2 (Pat sent some home that were too ripe for her & I was hungry... I need my potassium anyway)

Oatmeal(1 pack Mom's & 1/2 Regular Oats)

H2o = No less than 120 oz.

MUCH Love ~ Happiness ~ Success to YOU!

Weight Chart

5#'s doesn't sound like a whole bunch, but when I saw it on this graph in a HUGE upswing of 5#'s... ZOINKS!!!!!!! What an eye opener......

Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

glycrina on 02/04/2009:
I need to weigh in today too. The truth shall set me free, right?

omahagrl on 02/04/2009:
I am so glad you are joining me in my challenge. I pray that I can stay as motivated as I have felt the last 2 days. If only I could bottle some to use on those downer days. Glad to hear you are feeling a little better. Was the picture on your Monday entry from your house? I would picture you having this in one of your rooms. Your menu looks healthy and we both will meet our work out goals today...Have a wonderful day.

omahagrl on 02/04/2009:
BTW I set up a chart at ticker factory so I can keep track that way as well.

skinnyjeans on 02/04/2009:
Hi Thin-in! I hope you are having a nice day and getting all your chores done! :) Your menu is looking super healthy!

selina on 02/04/2009:
Sounds like you are having a good day, despite of the cold... Stay well!

mama_nurse on 02/04/2009:
LOL thats soooo funny! "I like to post an entry on DD qd, but I update it qid".....and I need to be taking in a lot of fluids po....and I should not eat hs. :):):) We're a kick! Yes, the A&P classes were rough for me at first (with the cadavers) but I got used to it right away and just turned my mind to thinking "medically" and I got through it:) I love learning new things about people and I just learned something HUGE about you~beings you were a rx tech for so long.....yayyy! Hope you have a wonderful day thin!

legcramps on 02/04/2009:
Ooooh, good menu! It sounds like you've been in better spirits lately - that's great news. Keep it up and cheers to the new challenge. GOOD LUCK :)

Donkey on 02/04/2009:
Donkey was here, cheering you on!

selina on 02/05/2009:
I love those photos you posted, beautiful gifts! Cute baby!

biscottibody59 on 02/05/2009:
I've made a couple of those crocheted hearts from your previous entry--kinda fun!

Have a good day thinnie!

Maria* on 02/05/2009:
Thank you.

legcramps on 02/05/2009:
I'm sorry you're feeling so headachy, I hope your sinuses clear up soon, once and for all! What wonderful friends you have!

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