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thinnside40 - Wednesday Oct 15, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 199.0


Beautiful sunny day outside thus far... Too cold and frosty to go out there yet though....... Woke up this morning so happy that I was able to fit in a good amount of exercise, plus a bit of walking yesterday.... Breaking the day up felt good....... Don't sweat walking, but when indoors I sweat a lot and that does feel different for sure..... Hubby watched me last night on the ball again... As exercise progressed, he sat a bit puzzled...He is probably in shock that I am continuing to be creative after 8 months... Both food & exercise wise.. Have picked up the pace again this week as for the exercise part.... Should have been doing that all along.... Should of can't be dwelt upon and I have to start where I am now...... Every day is a new beginning for us all to change those things which we see fit to make ours and other peoples lives better. Thus making this world a bit healthier/happier 1 person at a time..Like this journey is 1 day at a time. Progress in staying where you are/lowering your number is better than regressing....


Pulled out the Gazelle and did 30 minutes before showering and getting dressed for the day... Equaled 2.10 miles..A bit slower than yesterday, but shooting for the 15 minute mile mark at the slowest....

BREAKFAST ~ Nature's Path Pomegranate/Acai/Apple Cereal, Skim Milk, Glass of Cider & Coffee

SNACK ~ Yogurt & Honey... Few of those chips like yesterday (threw the bag away, cant remember what they are called)

DINNER ~ Hard Boiled Egg White, � Avocado, Tuna, Tomato & Cucumber.....Apple

Have done 3 loads of laundry and tended to the kids...Got them down for nap....Did an hour of workout...30 minutes of Gazelle (2.2 miles) and 30 minutes of exercise balling with 5 lb. weights (30 sit-ups, 30 push-ups, 30 tucking the hands under the ball and doing as high a hand (head) stand that I could get with my legs together in the air & 60 squats) then 30 knee push-ups (3 sets of 10)......Now getting ready to get supper going and make beds before hubby gets home...Bible study tonight too.........

SNACK ~ Baby Carrots & 1 Tbs. Smart Balance PB

Boys went home...Put in another load of washing, started supper...Left Ben to tend both when Meg & I went on a 2 mile walk... Ran across a bull in the middle of the road.... Found who owned it and headed home...... Going to eat, then go feed the neighbor's cow on our way to church......Air is chilly and hubby is working late....

SUPPER ~ Xtra Lean Pork Tenderloin & Stir-Fry Veggies (Cauliflower, Brocolli, Carrots, Edamame, Snap Peas & Waterchestnuts) with a little dash of LS Soy Sauce.....

DESSERT ~ 1/2 c. Pumpkin, lil Brown Sugar & Ground Flax (cooked in the micro) ~ Eating this to ward off wanting something sweet and in the event that there are goodies @ women's meeting...

Walked since 02/01/08 = 819.5 miles

October miles = 19.0


Progress as of today: 38 lbs lost so far, only 44 lbs to go!

skinnyjeans on 10/15/2008:
I like your 1 day at a time attitude. Focus on the now and make good decisions daily. :) Have a wonderful day!

grumpy on 10/15/2008:
Yes, I agree, good attitude, Jerri! Can't wait to see your number go down again as i know it will. xoxox

loveray on 10/15/2008:
i think honestly i need a little bit of both. i know what i did was so wrong. it just took the flip of the switch and that was it. if i had thought for just a couple minutes longer, it would not have happened. very sad that i would sabotage myself. cheers to a new day and thoughts ahead. hope you are well!

starfish on 10/15/2008:
Hi! Great job on all that exercise!!!

glycrina on 10/15/2008:
Re: it is hard to hear that I am not perfect but at least a pokerface is something I can work on . . . like eating better and exercising.

sweetpea1977 on 10/15/2008:
Ooooh! I loved working out on both the Gazelle and exercise ball (way back in 2005 and 2006!). Both were very effective workouts for me, especially in the winter months. Thanks for the reminder (and inspiration!) of what I will need to do when it is too cold to go outside! :o)

Have a lovely evening and rest of the week!

Jen40 on 10/15/2008:
Thank you sooo much for all your support. I can't tell you how much it means and how much it helps. *HUGS*

sweetpea1977 on 10/15/2008:
LOL, you are so funny!

YAZ on 10/15/2008:
you're menu looks awesome! it kicks butt!! I tried playing around with that ball and let me tell you, it is no joke. I gave up after an attempt but it's something not very easy to master. props to you my friend! attack that ball as well as you can! I have faith you'll get down a few lbs soon!

WI3 on 10/15/2008:
LOL how cool that your husband was staring at you with that puzzled look. I think it is great!! You are really doing very good with the exercise. I LOVE the exercise ball and I can guess which move you were doing LOL. Take care!

biscottibody59 on 10/15/2008:
"Balling"--now that cracked me right up:-) Thanks for your comments!

There was someone here recently who mentioned that they were sure they would never count calories--well that was me. I didn't know how I was going to lose weight in the beginning, but it sure wasn't going to be counting ANYTHING. I guess the joke's on me:-)

Have a good one!

selina on 10/16/2008:
Great exercising and living, Thin! You are always an inspiration to me! Have a wonderful day! And, yes, I did sleep very well last night.

kzirkle on 10/16/2008:
The gazelle sounds fun! :) Have a great day today.

thinnside40 - Tuesday Oct 14, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 199.0


Monday was a good day... Despite the energy level being super low late afternoon/early evening.. Supper gave me a bit of energy to go ahead and play around on the exercise ball for a little over 30 minutes... I would describe what I did, but it would probably not make a very good visualization. I will spare you..... It was bad enough that I had to do it in the living room in front of hubby... Let's just say that I am feeling it this morning.... Once you get going with one of those things, you can do a lot of stretching and utilize it to an advantage using weights, etc........ Great for those who have bad backs..... I am one!

Stepped on the scale this morning.. Still no change... I will accept that in thankfulness of the needle not moving >200.... Get to moving some more and make myself work harder to burn more calories........ Starting with the boys & I cutting corn stalks, cutting off the rest of our pumpkins, then decorating the front porch... Need to make a scarecrow too.......

Do you know that we are just 44 days from Thanksgiving and 70 days from Christmas?????? Just realized looking at the calendar that our 16th anniversary is on Thanksgiving this year..... We were married the day after Thanksgiving. Ben was born a week before our first anniversary..... For those who want to make a real notice in looking healthier/slimmer for the holidays, we best start counting down and get moving..... Couldn't hurt anytime of the year, but I know that the holidays are always the time of year when I vow that I will look different the next year....... Meaning not larger of course, but fitter, healthier, prettier, happier and just overall a better person...... I have made it this year thus far and am grateful that I have stuck with it....... How good will it feel to be able to sit amongst family/friends this year for all of us? Renig on the promise you made to yourself or have you pressed on and making this �your� success story? Still have plenty time to make noticeable changes.... Not saying this as an �aha� that I have made it these 38 down, just want EVERYBODY to know that if this �obese� �stuck in the mud�, �downright lazy at times�, �feeling worthless�, �depressed�, �self-conscious� and �pitiful woman� can make it...Oh and "40" year old, cant forget that!..... You sure can too!...BTW ~ I don't feel those ways most of the time anymore either.... Have my moments, but the good days/moments far out-weigh the bad anymore..... Countdown begins! Your worth the effort you put into yourself....... Believe that!


BREAKFAST ~ Scrambled Egg/Egg White, � Avocado, Whole Grain & Flax English Muffin (reduced sodium), Glass of Cider & Coffee

SNACK ~ 10 Baby Carrots & Garlic Hummus

Chopped down several corn stalks, cut off 6 pumpkins, decorated the wagon (more to do) and worked outside a bit before coming in to fix boy's dinner.....

DINNER ~ Oatmeal with � c. Pumpkin, Walnuts, Skim Milk and lil Brown Sugar.... Few Potato Chips (Corazonas Heart Healthy Italian 4 Cheese ~ www.corazonas.com)

Ate my dinner, got the boys down for nap...Set out to do a 1 hour exercise session.... Did 30 minutes of 5# weight stuff/ push-up/sit-up type things on the exercise ball & 30 minutes on the Gazelle..Went 2.20 miles...

SNACK ~ Chai Vanilla Spice Tea (plain..cancelled the skim & honey) & Apple

Went on a 3 mile walk with Meg.. She rode her bike..I took some photos of the beautiful full moon over the orchards on our way home... If I can get a good download, I will share......

SUPPER ~ Salmon Chunk & Spring Mixed Green Salad with Cucumber, Tomato, WW Mexican Cheese Blend ~ good!, Chickpeas & Lite Ranch Dressing.... Didn't eat all the salad I fixed... I could not choke down the leather textured lettuces... Gag reflux was bad.... I'm horrible!

DESSERT ~ 1 c. Concord Grape Juice & 1 S.F. Tootsie Pop (serving is 3 ~ they are tiny)

Did another 30 minute exercise ball workout like the afternoon one.....While watching/listening to Biggest Loser.... Now, off to read a magazine/watch T.V./fall asleep and stay asleep the whole night through (hopefully).....

Walked since 02/01/08 = 813.2 miles

October miles = 12.7 (plain ole' pitiful, but am aiming for a higher #)


Progress as of today: 38 lbs lost so far, only 44 lbs to go!

skinnyjeans on 10/14/2008:
Thanks for the encouraging words! I enjoyed reading your post!!!

glycrina on 10/14/2008:
You are so right; I would love this year to be the year where I can say to myself I am going to "keep it up" instead of "start it up"!!!!

selina on 10/14/2008:
Great post, Thin! Let's start the countdown!

selina on 10/14/2008:
I love your food, too! I like the idea of having oatmeal in the middle of the day. Super healthy foods you have in today's list!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/14/2008:
lovely day. and yes, i'm getting back into tea myself. i think i was sick of it for awhile. any type, didn't matter. but in an attempt to regain my health, i am also looking to include more lower cal options. so tea it is. a favorite is licorice tea.

yaz on 10/14/2008:
You reminded me that xmas isn't too far off - and I LOVE xmas :) oh but yes the blood rushes through my head and reminds me to keep it moving and burn those calories to look better for the holidays lol. Decorating the house and pulling corn - those things can make you workout alot, more than you'd normally think. and the weight, yes as long as it's not going up then we all settle for it just staying where it is. Don't worry though, soon enough it will go down, you doing a great job at the menu choices so keep it up!

kzirkle on 10/15/2008:
Thanks so much! I really feel like I'm being smart about it now instead of just doing an extreme diet. Hope all is well with you. Have a great day today!

biscottibody59 on 10/15/2008:
Great job getting in your exercise--keep up the good work!

thinnside40 - Monday Oct 13, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 199.0


Whew!!!!! .....It is Monday... Thank goodness!..Our weekend was packed full of activity...Missed DD al together yesterday... Home very little til about 5:00 .... Between the things we got to do and the things we had to do.... Pressed about 5 gallons of cider here @ home to test drive the chopper/press and make sure it works o.k. for the 25th....... It works good!.... Now the cider is working good on me... UGH!!! It is a good thing as Martha would say....

Went after church yesterday to buy �the list� plus some things I added to it.... Had to renew our Costco card (ouch!)..... So today is the day to get things back in order on the homefront..... Did pretty good in avoiding any altercation or really talking with who I vented about on Saturday... My nerves are better and I have calmed way down... My mood is one to get in and clean clean clean.... Nothing pressing to do today, except for take the apples to the church after the boys have went home..... Boy that feels good! Free time to do what I want or what I know I should..... Exercise tonight is on the list...... Eating this weekend was pretty good, just didn't get to walk.... Did a lot of calorie burning activities though......

Forgot to mention that I finally went and got my hair layered on Friday evening...Ben was staying with a friend and hubby was working late.. Went to Super Cuts with Meg. I was the only person in the place to be waited on.... I will have someone take a photo soon.. Haven't had much time to play around with it yet and not sure how I want to really wear it..... I think I could of truly lost another pound with all the hair she took off...Just 1/2 inch off the length....But, it was all one length. Scept for the bangs..... Not sure when I will weigh next... Will make it before the weekend is here....

Daily Menu & Activities

Breakfast ;-) Oatmeal, Pumpkin, lil Brown Sugar, Skim Milk.. Coffee & Mulled Cider

Gathered all the canned juices...Took them to the basement..Cleaned off kitchen table..... Got laundry washing & drying......

Snack ; - ) 10 Baby Carrots w/ Garlic Hummus....Chai Spice Tea (decaf) with 1/4 c. Skim Milk & Honey

Dinner ; - ) Smoothie (WW Yogurt, Grape Juice, Ground Flax, Honey and Frozen Blackberries) & an Apple

Snack ; - )Mini Bag Popcorn & Sweet/Spicy Tea

Have been worthless this afternoon.... The weekend grabbed me and slammed me to the couch..... Energy is a minus factor..... Fixing supper and hoping to get some energy from the food to make me do BIG ball exercising and a bit of Gazelle glidary....... Wanted to get the carpet shampooed, but the boys left late and not enough time left in this day....

Supper ; - )Spaghetti (Barolla Plus Angel Hair & 1/2 homeade 1/2 jarred sauce (Low Sodium & Low Sugar) & Ground Turkey Breast) 1 sl. Whole Wheat Toast

Water Consumption = No less than 120 oz.

Walked since 02/01/08 = 808.0 miles

October miles = 7.5


Progress as of today: 38 lbs lost so far, only 44 lbs to go!

greengirl on 10/13/2008:
Have a good week, thinnside40 !!!

loveray on 10/13/2008:
happy monday my friend. nice smoothie making!!

skinnyjeans on 10/13/2008:
Sounds like you had a busy weekend! And your diet looks super healthy! Keep it up. :) The cider sounds yummy...I love fall!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/13/2008:
glad you accomplished a lot this weekend! :)

it's nice to see you tracking your miles. i used to track hours exercised and it really helped me to reach goals.

as for the cheesecake lollipops, they were definitely mostly cheesecake with a think a very thin chocolate coating, excellent! :)

glycrina on 10/13/2008:
Hey thanks. I have taken a bit of chill pill and it is nice to a goal again. Even if I don't lose weight, I still would like to be able run a few miles and meet my goal.

selina on 10/14/2008:
I'd love to see your new hair! I like to see changes once in a while.... I like to cut my own hair, though. Weird, huh?

thinnside40 - Saturday Oct 11, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 199.0


Red font is for the redness in my face and blood boiling through my veins right now..........Fair warning.... I am here to vent...It is either that or I am going to literally break something or start throwing things or go eat (not a good thing)... I am building up steam by the seconds..... Do you ever have that ONE person that asks you if you want then to do something and ask you more than once.. You STILL give them the same answer "NO" I WILL DO IT!!!!!!!....Then turn around and they have done it...... GRRRRRR... Yesterday I was asked by someone who's job it IS NOT to make sure these things are taken care of......"would you like for me to start a list of things that ware needed?"... I say "no thank you! I will do it...It has been my plan and I will make a list to go buy those things before the next time they may be needed, cause it is my job and I don't mind".... Nuff said "right"?.. NOT!!!!!!!!!!! Get to this place this evening and low an behold there sits a "list".... For Pete's sake!!!!!!!! How much clearer could I of said I was taking care of it?????.... So today, before this "list" was found... Something else came up and I had already had an intention of showing appreciation for someone else for them providing help for a project/task.. They didn't want money, so I had ALREADY gotten the name/address to send a "Thank You".... I told this same "list" person when they mentioned to me that a "thank you" should be sent that I had ALREADY got the information I needed..Nope!!!!! NOT GOOD ENOUGH... Had to right in front of me "trump" my intention and asked blatently for the same information I had already secretly gotten.....I have a brain enough to look at the mailbox and NOT ask ~ how tacky!....This person did help and I understand they want to say "thank you" as well, but let me do MY JOB and they can sign the card..It isn't like my name appears any bolder than theirs does...Geeze...... Then to find this "list" just frosted me.... I am not an angry person, but dog gone it..This really has me worked up... I shouldn't be, but this person SHOULD know me and trust that I am not some STUPID UNTHANKFUL BIMBO..... I have NEVER not been polite enough or thankful enough to give them any reason to not think I would already do these things... I HATE MICRO-MANAGEMENT....Let alone it is NOT this person's place to step into my job(s)...I should be the one to send the "THANK YOU" for this.....This project entails what I pour my heart into doing when there is a task/project/function like this one to be done...Nothing to do with this person's job description....... So peeved at this point, I actually would hope, like some Dear Abby writers that this person would maybe read this and GET OFF MY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... I am that point of saying something and do something that cannot be undone and I don't like feeling such... This IS NOT good... To just not make this sound like a petty day between me and this person...There are A LOT of other situations that have been similar and I HAVE HAD IT!!!! Just when I think things are ALL better..WHACK!!!!! (about like the 1x4x6 on Monday) up side the head, there it is AGAIN!!!!!!!

O.K. so now the blue font is for cool-down mode.... Today was good for the most part...... Apples are picked, b.d. party is over and remainder of cleaning job is done...It is almost a possibilty that I can put some pajamas on.....Thinking about going and buying a "THANK YOU" card tonight, so I can beat someone else to it...May even have one already..Will have to go see and if I do I will have it addressed, stamped, signed and ready to be sealed after it is signed by the other "thankful" ones....... Ugh... O.K. I said cool down mode right?.... Up bright & early this a.m.... Knew it was going to be a day for eating things usually not eaten... Didn't eat breakfast..Had a cup of coffee and a Chai Tea (with honey) and snacked on a slice of Whole Wheat Bread before the b.d. party.... Pressed some cider, visited and then had a BBQ beef Sandwich, Little Caesar Salad & 1/4 Baked Potato (dry)...Drank lots of cider (tummy will let me know tomorrow exactly how much too much).May eat a bowl of cereal or something light if I get hungry... Need to eat a little something before taking vitamins/meds at any rate.... Going to go steep me a cup of tea and a BIG glass of cold water.... Not, til after I check the card inventory though... O.K.... Enough!.....

I would not of typed this truthfully if I HONESTLY thought this person would read it...May not make sense, but trust me I HAVE to keep the waters as smooth for just a bit longer (til November probably), due to something we are involved in together and that will be ending end of this month...Then, we will be freed up to even exit a place we are as a family and get out from under a lot of unmentioned stresses...... I doubt that this person could even care about attempting to find DD anymore as it is..... Just have to hang tight a little while longer is what I keep telling myself...... It will go by fast.... Whew... Sorry about this, but I just could not talk myself out of feeling so icky, til I got it all out there........ Now, I am more relaxed and my face is cooling.... Now, I need a blanket along with my flannel jammies!... That's too funny... I am being for real.. It is COLD!!!!!! I am suprised I didn't have the whole car steamed up on the way home..... Doing this actually DID make me also feel like I wasn't going to go drag everything possible from the cupboard and shove it into my face for no other reason than sheer feeling out of control in my anger..........Feel like I should ask for forgiveness now that I have been this angry... Haven't been this way for a LONG time.. Takes A LOT and that quota had been filled I guess....This person is lucky I got it out here, cause I was about to serve (as my mother used to say to my dad when she was mad) "Hot tongue & cold shoulder". Still may give it to them.... I will sleep on it, along with praying A LOT!!!!!!! I and them are going to need it....


Progress as of today: 38 lbs lost so far, only 44 lbs to go!

WI3 on 10/11/2008:
I am going to buy some of that Chai tea..I have a feeling i might like it. I also don't like micro managers. the only person I want micromanaging my life/world, is me! You are doing good hanging in there!!

grumpy on 10/11/2008:
whoa... she's back! hahaha. j/k, sorry you were so irritated! it happens though, some people just get on our nerves! but venting is a good way to deal with it and we're here for you. I missed you, and glad to hear from you again! I haven't been great on the commenting, but I have been reading and cheering. xoxo

skinnyjeans on 10/11/2008:
I enjoyed reading your post...glad you could do some good venting!!! Good place to get out your frustrations!

loveray on 10/12/2008:
hmm isnt it interesting- just when we think we have it all "solved" the same old issue shows up for us in life. my advice for you is to try to see what this means in the grander scheme of things: are you letting this get to you so much for a particular reason that may have nothing to do with this actual situation? you are such a wonderful woman: it is time to start setting some boundaries in your life to make your life the peaceful haven it should be. thanks for your comment- and yes, saltines are the devil! i took 5 on purpose and was looking for the package for the entire rest of the night. white flour and salt=bad. xxoo

selina on 10/12/2008:
Isn't that special??? (SNL, get it?) Hang in there, Thin, the DD gang seem to have very good advice for you and I don't think I can have said it better. Try to relax and have a good weekend. HUGS

mcwoo40 on 10/13/2008:
Happy Monday 'Thinny' hope all is well,Julie

biscottibody59 on 10/13/2008:
Hope you have a good day!

thinnside40 - Friday Oct 10, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 199.0


Good morning so far.... Weather is falling in temperature and pleasantness.... It is sunny, but windy/crisp....Been sitting out on the front porch eating my breakfast, drinking coffee, resting my eyes a bit and soaking up what sun I could til Tayt got here.. Suppose to be 24 degrees tonight with a RF of 12 degrees... Brrrrrrrrr... And I have to go pick apples @ 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning... Ahhhhhhhh!!!!...Tomorrow is gone before it even gets here... Shall be fun though.....

Tayt and I are headed to clean the church in a few minutes.... Not sure where the other 2 boys are, but not going to wait around much longer... Tried calling work/home with no answers, so not sure whats up...... Lots to get done and need to take advantage of every moment I can..... Going to try and do the same exercise routine tonight as I did last night before going to bed.... Little sore this morning, but that will fade as I get used to using different muscles..... Head and shoulder feels almost normal again too.... I have taken the 20th off from watching kids, so I can go to my Dr. appointment and take care of the �ticket� all the same day.... Payment is due the 21st, so that worked out perfect.. Surely didn't want to take 3 boys to the municipal court with me.... ; o ) Thought I might stop by the drug store and spend my certificate I got that day too.... Get a nice coffee mug and candle to commemorate the �occasion�....lol! Like I REALLY want to remember that day... NOT! I just like coffee mugs (BIG handled ones) and candles...Off and running, burning lots of calories to boot!.... Good Day!....Ope, the boys just showed up...JUST IN TIME!!!!!

Daily Menu & Activities

Breakfast ;-) Banana, Oatmeal, Pumpkin,Skim Milk, Lil Brown Sugar.... Coffee

Snack ; - )SOBE Lean

Did 3 hours of custodial work..Came home, got dinner for the boys, fed the baby and getting ready to figure out my dinner....Have to go finish cleaning tonight or tomorrow in spare time... Going b.d. gift shopping as soon as I am freed up today... We have been invited to an annual party, but it is much smaller than previous years...One of Meg's classmates family has had a whole church b.d./harvest gathering the last 3 years and invite some of their daughter's classmate families... We were privilaged to accept an invite this year..... Maybe get to know some new families while enjoying cider pressing, bbq sandwiches, baked potatoes, games & music..... Our church cider pressing isn't until the 25th....Shhhhhh..baby is asleep, I better go eat......

Dinner ; - ) PB (Smart Balance) Lite Jam, 1 sl. Whole Wheat Bread....Apple..1/2 Avocado (weird combo, but I need to eat the other 1/2 of this from yesterday)

Snack ; - )

Supper ; - )

Water Consumption = No less than 120 oz.

Walked since 02/01/08 = 808.0 miles

October miles = 7.5

Upon Rising B.P. = 108/68


Progress as of today: 38 lbs lost so far, only 44 lbs to go!

skinnyjeans on 10/10/2008:
WOW you have walked a lot this year! Congrats! What an accomplishment! And it is a nice fall day today, isn't it? :)

selina on 10/10/2008:
What a beautiful photo! Enjoy your weekend!

omahagrl on 10/10/2008:
Hey there! Thanks for checking in and hope to chat more next week!

cybermom4 on 10/10/2008:
Wow - you've had quite a 'whirl wind' yourself - Sounds nice sitting on the porch and having breakfast :) ~ thanks for checking in - you just know how to brighten the day!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/10/2008:
here's to a lovely weekend! the pic you posted is my favorite october pic so far!

Maria7 on 10/10/2008:
Sorry to hear all you went through the other day...hope you are feeling better! I collect coffee mugs, too! And I like candles!

Enjoy your apple picking tomorrow morning! Nice, delicious, fresh apples! Yum!

Pretty picture at the top! Hope you're having a real nice evening! Smile!

leeumom on 10/11/2008:
Yea.... your back down below that 200 marker! I was beside myself when I read about you getting whacked witht he board. The guy should have to pay for you to get that ticket fixed, then you wouldn't have any points toward your insurance or record. Hope you are feeling better.

starfish on 10/11/2008:
You've been busy! Beautiful picture :-) I love Fall!

thinnside40 - Thursday Oct 09, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 199.0


Feeling better than yesterday and yesterday was better than the day before that. That means I am definitely better compared to Monday..... Weather again is beautiful and I am longing to walk so badly I can hardly stand it...... Having 3 boys and only the single baby jogger just ain't gunna work.. Darnit!... Did do yard work yesterday, so that was better than nothing... Didn't get the treadmill.. Hubby had to work late. They are harvesting in the vineyards here. When the weather gets too cold, the wind machines HAVE to be running to keep the grapes from freezing... Therefore; hubby works on whatever may break down.... I may be able to get it tonight though, even if he does work late again.. Ben will be home to help me.... Just not enough time in a day to get done all I want to.....

Scale this morning was teasing me with going between the 198 & 199.... Maybe in a few days it will be �set� on the 198 or even less.. Pending the �monthly dread� coming any day.......... This time it is not as obvious with the lack in symptoms of horrible mood swings/anger/bawling my eyes out for no reason... I think the meds Doc put me on are going to work... Thank You Lord!....

Put some peppy kid Bible story music on for the boys and I to enjoy..... May get in a little dancing with the baby.... Need to get plenty done today.... Weekend is full of plans already and I want to get a couple very important things done in this house before Saturday rolls around..... With that I best be off and getting' busy....

Daily Menu & Activities

Breakfast ;-) 8:00 ~ Banana & Coffee..... 10:15 ~ Egg/Egg White, Whole Grain & Flax LS English Muffin.... Coffee

Snack ; - ) Few Italian Prunes

Dinner ; - ) � Avocado, Tomatoes, Cucumber & Chicken Breast..... Apple

Cooked some pumpkin and prepared it for freezing.... Will be doing a lot more in the near future..Very simple!... Did some laundry, vacuuming & dusting.....

Snack ; - ) Smoothie (Cancelled ~ wasn't hungry) Vanilla Chai Tea with honey and a splash of skim milk

Boys went home and I was contemplating going to town to look for more boxes for apples we pick on Saturday and go to the bank.....Dawned on me that it was still daylight, not too cold yet (suppose to be 30 with a RF of 20 tonight) and I was being stupid in not thinking about a walk... Changed clothes, got my socks/shoes/sweatshirt on and headed out.... Went 2 miles...Took my lil' man Opie (toy poodle)..Now he's pooped out! Didn't get the treadmill (AGAIN), cause neighbor isn't home......Try again...

Supper ; - ) Cube Steak, Brown Rice & Peas

Dessert ; - ) 1/2 c. Pumpkin, lil brown sugar and few chopped walnuts (missed tasting my pumpkin oatmeal this morning)

Went a mile on the Gazelle in 14.3 minutes...30 push-ups (on knees) 3 sets of 10...Ben informed me to NOT hold my breath, because I needed the inhale/exhale to give me more energy... He said he'd be my trainer!.... HA HA!....NOT!....30 push-ups in succession touching my nose to the floor, balancing on the exercise ball.....30 backward stretches/sit-ups balancing on the exercise ball while holding a 5 lb. weight with hands together and my feet flat on the floor.... Goal is to eventually reach the floor when I arch/stretch back... Limbering up! This ole' dog is going to learn some new tricks finally... Winter is coming and I can't hibernate or freeze up......

Water Consumption = No less than 120 oz.

Walked since 02/01/08 = 808.0 miles

October miles = 7.5


Progress as of today: 38 lbs lost so far, only 44 lbs to go!

selina on 10/09/2008:
So glad to hear you are feeling better, Thin! I'm so excited to see that scale going down, yayy! Have a great day!

anewhb on 10/09/2008:
Well, the scales is waivering - that's something! You'll be down to 198 any minute now. Just let "the time of the Month" pass on by and it will be amazin' what the scales says. Re: Medicine for moods - YUP - I should have gone on them WAY before I did. I was Evil Holly for about 7 days every month. Take heart, too because now I only have "that time" about once every 3 months - it's not bad at all (usually) and the moods are much less high and low!!!! Time really does heal all. God bless. Holly

starfish on 10/09/2008:
I love your positive energy!!!! Hooray for being in the 100's!

lafemme_loca on 10/09/2008:
You crack me up !!! This morning the scale was nice to me and I saw 176.2 for a MNW... so maybe the scale and you know something that I don't ;-) Thank you so much for being YOU ! *hugs* You are still so amazing !

mcwoo40 on 10/10/2008:
Hiya 'Thinny',won't be long until you see 198,get some dance music on and shake that butt,and touch your toes too.Have a funfilled friday whatever you do,Julie

thinnside40 - Wednesday Oct 08, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 199.0


Feeling better today.... Head isn't nearly as throbby and I slept a bit more last night than the night before....... Did have our first fire in the wood stove last night... I had a chill that I couldn't shake and boy did that heat feel good!.... Meg went to school today.. She still isn't 100% better, but way improved and probably would of drove me nuts today had she stayed home... Of course for me to go nutty doesn't take very much sometimes..

Weather is beautiful this morning..... Daylight is changing though... Started having to keep the light on in the chicken house most of the time to keep egg production going... I am gathering 4 brown eggs a day now...... They all use the same box to lay in, even though I have boxes for each one... I watch them take their turns.. Kinda comical... They all sit on the pole beside the box. As 1 hen is laying they all watch, then switch spots..... Make a little racket and that is when I know they are laying...

Have lots to get done today..... As usual!..... I now have the 5 year old all day. The preschool made it clear that they do not want him in attendance, until he has been clinically diagnosed and then maybe not let him return.. They don't have any programs for a child with Asperger's syndrome or any other problems..... My life is a bit topsy tervy with this right now.... I have great difficulty in knowing how to treat him in discipline/no discipline... I do realize he isn't able to make sense of what we do or how we do it most of the time.... His mom is in denial and not being very communicative at all with me about getting him into a program to help us all out.....

My days have been such that to eat at regular times isn't happening.. Like yesterday morning.. Things kept popping up and I didn't get breakfast til 11:30 (normally about 7:30/8)..... Been eating dinner about 3:00 p.m. and supper about 7:30 p.m..... Need to get into a normal regime again... Walking is suffering as well with kids being here longer and the daylight lessening by the day...... Going to try and get the treadmill this evening before Bible study..... I need another solid 10-15#'s to be gone by the holidays... I must... I must... I must.... I just have to...I WANT TO BE IN 16's! Actually want to be in 10/12, but gotta hit the 16's first on my way down.....Holding @ 199

Breakfast ;-) 7:30 ~ Banana & Coffee..... 8:45 ~ Oatmeal w/ Pumpkin, Spices, Lil Brown Sugar & Skim Milk.... Coffee

Snack ; - ) Apple

Boys and I have been outside...They have been playing in a dirt pile, as I have been fall cleaning..... Decided to figure out my wagon frame...Remember the wagon wheels I got a couple months back... Ha!..Today I got it moved and assembled... I felt like a mule pulling a wagon without the cover or seating...Sure that the neighbor lady up behind me got a show and maybe a laugh or two as I was working on this project... I consider what I have done some good exercise...BOy does that feel good! My plan is to build a box or platform to set pumpkins, corn stalks & some straw bales on it somehow...Use it as seasonal decor... But not today!...That is a weekend job....The baby was sleeping and there was no way we were going to stay inside to possibly wake him..He is so crabby..... Came in to fix some dinner and get the boys settled for nap...Looks like I may get dinner on time today....

Dinner ; - ) 1/2 Avocado, Tomatoes, Cucumber & Tuna....Few prunes

Snack ; - ) Smoothie (like yesterday)

Supper ; - )

Walked since 02/01/08 = 805.0 miles

October miles = 4.5


Progress as of today: 38 lbs lost so far, only 44 lbs to go!

selina on 10/08/2008:
Hi Thin, you are so busy and it's not easy to be health/exercise conscious when you have so many other things going on. Considering the circumstances, you are doing wonderfully! Keep it up and you'll see results, I know. Take care and stay well.

greengirl on 10/08/2008:
I have noticed here in the UK, that the days are getting shorter. Unfortunately we have been having awful weather too. Sometimes you feel as though you have not seen any proper daylight at all :( so I am jealous of your lovely weather !

sweetpea1977 on 10/08/2008:
Your chicken story made me chuckle. I used to work for the USDA and my job involved talking to the poultry and egg industry exchanging supply, demand, market strength, and price information. The best parts of the job were talking about the seasonal changes the hens go through and having hands on experience with the birds.

We've had beautiful weather for the past few weeks...not too hot, not too cold. The air is crisp and cool, there is a slight breeze, and nothing but blue sky. Perfect for a long stroll in the woods. Today, is a different story. Dark and stormy...oh well, at least my lawn will appreciate all the rain!

Menu looks good, especially dinner! YUM!

greengirl on 10/08/2008:
Lol Just read Sweetpea's comment above and thought she meant her job involved talking to the poultry, as in speaking to the chickens !! Had to read it again til it actually made sense to me. Ha , that's what I get for speed reading !

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/08/2008:
CUTE pumpkin (and it DOESN'T say Halloween haha).

you're eating sounds like it's getting even healthier. with the avocado (so good!) and breakfast ideas. sorry you've got the kid all day when he should be in some sort of program! hopefully he'll get the help he needs soon!

madreof6 on 10/08/2008:
Good luck with the 5 year old. We got my nephew a year ago and he has specail needs too. It is hard to know what to do. My best advice is just love him, the rest will come. And his mom will get there. The weather the last two days in Wa has been nice, it's not what they prodicted, but I won't complain.

madreof6 on 10/08/2008:
Good luck with the 5 year old. We got my nephew a year ago and he has specail needs too. It is hard to know what to do. My best advice is just love him, the rest will come. And his mom will get there. The weather the last two days in Wa has been nice, it's not what they prodicted, but I won't complain.

madreof6 on 10/08/2008:
How do you get the cute pictures on and color change in your writing?

skinnyjeans on 10/09/2008:
Sounds like you have been busy! But great job making excellent food choices!! Keep up the good work.

thinnside40 - Tuesday Oct 07, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 199.0


Had a horrible night... Lack of comfort in sleeping.... Head wouldn't stop throbbing and my shoulder was tender to sleep on..Usually sleep on my right side, in not being able to on my left.. Dislocated it years ago and never been the same.... Anyways, upon rising this morning and taking a shower...When I shampooed my hair, my scalp was too tender to touch almost... Looked the best I could on top of my head...BINGO!.... I do have a whacked over the head hickey spot where the skin has been broken by the board impact..... Decided to make a couple phone calls to get some sort of ball rolling in the event I do seek medical attention.... E-mailed a report, along with pictures of my head, shoulder marks & the board to get a claim opened with the roofing company....... I called the drug store where this happened and she told me to check my mailbox upon mail arriving today, cause she had MADE the foreman buy me a $20 gift certificate to their store.... I love their little pretties (hehe)..... Too funny!..... He did call me this morning too, after I called the main office.... He offered to pay for my car being detailed, me to go to the chiropractor, to have my clothing professionally cleaned, etc........ I told him that they needed to mark off the whole alleyway in order to prevent anybody else from possibly a more serious injury.... The �danger zone� tape perimeter wouldn't of been close to being sufficient to prevent me from being hit.... Hubby said that it was a good 40-45 feet from the roof to where I was parked... He drove by there this morning to get the phone # off the side of their truck and to just see how in the world the guy overshot the dumpster.... He had to of heaved it pretty hard.... So, shall see what transpires and make sure to not ignore any signs of me needing medical attention... I know I will be sore for a bit and expect it... I made sure to put in the report that I would not of been driving in the area I got the ticket in at that time if this hadn't happened in the first place.... Hate to gripe, but it made me mad!....

Meg is home sick today (again) with chills/fever/gut ache.... The baby was sick @ home yesterday, along with his mom.. He has been clingy today...... I got around to eating my breakfast @ 11:30, due to phone calls, child tending and typing a report......... Boys are all asleep right now and I took a couple Advil... I wanna nap!!!!

The remainder of the day will be trying to get the chill off.. Cold weather is moving in with 35-40 mph wind gusts.... May have our first fire this season in the wood stove tonight...... Or toss a couple more blankets on the bed... We'll see....... Going to mark my canning, so I can take it to the basement... Fixed 18 quarts of concord grape juice & 18 pints of tomato juice on Friday afternoon.... I will be doing more of each soon......May make some applesauce... Have a couple loads of laundry to do and then call it a day when the boys go home.

Breakfast ;-) Banana & Coffee

Snack ; - ) Oatmeal, Ground Flax, Splash of Skim Milk & lil' Brown Sugar

Dinner ; - ) Left-Over Enchilada Pie (loaded with home cooked black beans, diced cabbage & tomatoes)... Apple & 6 Italian Prunes

Snack ; - ) Smoothie (WW Yogurt, Frozen Blackberries, Ground Flax, Honey & 1/2 c. Cranberry Juice)

Supper ; - ) Stir-Fry (Diced Cabbage, LS Kidney Beans, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Waterchestnuts, Edamame, Carrots and Roasted Almonds..Sauteed in minimal EVOO)

Dessert ; - ) 1 Hershey's Miniature Mr. Goodbar

Walked since 02/01/08 = 805.0 miles

October miles = 4.5


Progress as of today: 38 lbs lost so far, only 44 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 10/07/2008:
I just left you a comment on your previous entry.

Im so glad that those folks are trying to make up for what happened to you yesterday. At least they are making an effort to right a big wrong!!

Please take care of yourself and that head wound. I'll keep ya in my thoughts and hope you get better soon.

loveray on 10/07/2008:
so glad to see you are back! hope your day is better than yesterday and that we ALL get some well-needed sleep tonight. xoxo

selina on 10/07/2008:
Hi Thin! I'm so sorry you are having so much trouble with this accident. Hopefully all will be well sooner than later. Hope Meg gets well soon. I was wondering how your grandma is doing... Take care and stay warm!

anewhb on 10/08/2008:
You are MUCH nicer than I would be about the accident. You are right - that alley should have been blocked off and a man standing on the ground to re-route people away from there because of the danger on both ends. If you need an xray - go get one. They will gladly pay for it. A $20 gift certificate is a nice apology, but if you need medical care - they will have to pay for it-eventually, at least. The liability will most likely lie with the roofer, not the store, unless the roofer actually is an employee of the store. Also - so sorry about the traffic ticket. What a day you had. I am notorious for speeding tickets. Known once for getting 3 in one week! Yup! I've been to traffic school 3 times. I have recently slowed down alot though. Before you think I'm just a speed demon - let me also say that I travelled for my job for 20 years and was on the road more than most people so there was more opportunity tickets than most people, too.

thinnside40 - Monday Oct 06, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 199.0


Sunday was a good day.... Went to church... Came home.... Ate a bite... Headed out to pick apples for an old-fashioned cider pressing I am heading up in a couple weeks.... Hubby dropped me off 4.5 miles from home and I walked..... Found a couple more boxes... Fixed supper and headed out for more apples.. We picked about 2/3 bin worth of galas/fujis

Today I got whacked over the head/shoulder with a 1X4X6 board.. Literally Did!.... Got some sense knocked into me... Being soooooo sarcastic!!!!!..... That could never happen.. I am too bull headed for that to EVER happen! : o ), but have to think that things happen for a reason too.... So the story goes... I went to a family owned drug store to get boxes for apples... They were having some roof work done and one of the dudes threw a board and TOTALLY missed the dumpster truck.. Some kind of thin boarding landed on my car and the board hit me in the head & shoulder.. I went blank for a minute, then it dawned on me what happened... I was a filthy mess of dried tar adhesive and junk.... Headed into the store as I was (dirt & all~ how embarrassing!) to talk with the manager about telling the roof company to be more careful.... I said to her �you ARE having roof work done..Yes?�..As she looked at me in my messy state, it dawned on her what happened and she gasped in sheer disbelief... She took my name, address & phone #...The head manager was out of town.... Went next door to Goodwill to catch my breath and make sure I was calmed down before driving home with Tayt (who was buckled in his car seat as this all happened- Thank Goodness!)....... Got � way home and thought I should of brought that board home for evidence of what DID hit me, in case I remain sore or my H/A does not relieve in a decent amount of time..... Turned around and got ALMOST to the alleyway where this happened.... 20mph zone.... COP!!!!! Oh crap!.... I was going 30mph in my fury to get to that board, before it got picked up....... Told him where I was headed and why..... Gave him my license, registration and my expired insurance card.. Hadn't put this months in my wallet yet..... Not good!..... Sat there for 10 minutes and by that time I knew I was as good as a ship with a fast leaking hole in the bottom of it, while out to sea with no land in sight to speak of........ He sited me a 30 in 20 (actually said he saved me some $$$, cause I was REALLY going 31)...Then proceeded to tell me that this would be almost painless in the fact that I needed to go to the municipal court with a current insurance card and that ticket, then they would reduce the fine from $550 to only $25... I told him I was already in enough pain as it was... He so kindly asked me if I needed medical attention! GRRRRRRRR.... BUT, the speeding ticket will remain $127, due within 15 days...... Proceeded to the alley.... They had danger zoned a portion off around their truck by then... But, the board landed WAY further out than that tape was and it wouldn't of prevented me getting hit, even if it had happened with that tape in place..... Drove by, opened my door and grabbed it, as they stood eating their lunch along the roof edge...... There are 4 nails in that board!...Whew!......

Now.....I did not post this entry to get sympathy... Just figured it would be a good time to come to DD and start over a bit and on as light a note as I possibly could (being sarcastic that is), even though absence has been short lived.... I am coming with strict expectations of myself and for self- accountability reasons.... Going �private� is not an option for me mentality wise in order to succeed and be strict with myself.... Waivered food wise on Friday/Saturday, but that was it......

I am coming �as is�..Without expectations from anybody, but myself....... Will limit myself on time and not allow my mind to be consumed every available moment on wondering (worrying) about DD.... Not meaning to sound rude or anything, but I would REALLY appreciate it if there isn't any �I knew you wouldn't be gone long or I knew you would be backs� This was hard enough as it was (self inflicted)...... I have already been hit up side the head enough for today (sarcasm again)

Breakfast ;-) 2 Fresh Eggs from my chickiechickie boomboom babes, Whole Wheat Flax LS English Muffin, 1 c. Pom/Cran Juice & Coffee

Snack ; - ) FF SF Vanilla Latte (needed this after my morning)

Dinner ; - ) Left-Over Enchilada Pie

Sorted & boxed apples, then went to get some more and sorted those... Headed to the church to unload them..... That was the extent of exercise for today.... Getting a treadmill (not manual) from the neighbor lady sometime this week.....

Snack ; - ) Few Italian Prunes & Apple

Supper ; - ) Oatmeal w/ Pumpkin, Little Brown Sugar & Skim Milk

Walked since 02/01/08 = 805.0 miles

October miles = 4.5


Progress as of today: 38 lbs lost so far, only 44 lbs to go!

Jen40 on 10/06/2008:
Oh my gosh!!!! Poor you! I know you aren't looking for sypathy, but I can't help myself, I feel so bad that it happened to you! * big hugs* you are taking it all so much better than I would have. I would have been a mess of tears and goopy tissues, gone home and bawled some more.

biscottibody59 on 10/07/2008:
I would think if you went to court, brought the board with you, take some pictures of your bruises (if you haven't already) and bring them to court, go to the emergency room ASAP (so there's a record of your injuries and your near loss of consciousness) the ticket would be thrown out for extenuating circumstances.

I'd sue for getting checked out at the ER for sure for this if they don't offer you compensation or whatever else you may want/need. Sometimes these accidents have a tendency to come back to haunt us later. I hope it doesn't for your sake and I'm sure you'll confer with your husband, etc to see if it's worth it! Hope you're not too sore!

lafemme_loca on 10/07/2008:
oooh you made pumpkin oatmeal... :-) isn't it so delicious ?!!?! ;-) I am so glad that you are okay with your board incident. I am sorry about the policeman. :-( Your menu looks like my typical days :-) I love it !! :-) *hugs*

selina on 10/07/2008:
Hi Thin! Love your healthy menu! So sorry to hear about the board hitting your head and the police incident. Uggg! Sounds like some days the best thing is to stay home safe, if one can help it! Take care!

mcwoo40 on 10/07/2008:
Hello 'Thinny' well day 1 nearly over for me and i have been in control that's a great feeling, and not feeling bloated cos i have stuffed my face with too much bread.Hope there where no too many after effects from the incident.Be good,Julie

sweetpea1977 on 10/07/2008:
Wow, Im so glad you are ok! Im so annoyed that the cop just didnt let you go!!

Anyway, I hope you aren't feeling too sore today. If so, please take it easy until you recover.

thinnside40 - Thursday Oct 02, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 199.0


Wednesday was a good day...Had to type a statement for someone, which took the better part of my afternoon while the boy's napped..Not much else got done...Got to visit g'ma a bit..She may get out of ICU today...

Today, I will be doing some church cleaning before going to the pre-school... Need to do some sort of exercise...Weather has turned grey & cloudy...Threats of thunderstorms later today....That puts me in the mood to light a few candles and sip tea all day...

As I was getting off the elevator yesterday @ the hospital, there were my parent's...Hadn't seen them for 2 weeks, due to all the g'ma stuff and other things....Talk to them everyday...But, as my mom looked at me she said "Honey, you losing weight?"...Dad said "You been walkin' or somethin'?"... Which of course they were being funny, but it sure felt good to have them recognize the change..Which, there must be some more difference in my apperance since the last change I really noticed, cause it seems though people are saying something again....My g'ma is still the one that says "you cain't ford to lose anymer weight, cause you won't look the same or be the same person"...I tell her that is so not true..I will always be the same, just WILL look different..It is called "healthy"...She just says that I won't be her little girl anymore.. Oh yes I will! I think she fears my attitude changing. That I may become stuck on myself or not as giving person..Who knows why she doesn't like it, but I know that I am going to do the best I can to avoid what she is going through right now....

Menu & Activities

BREAKFAST~ Oatmeal w/pumpkin & Skim Milk...Coffee

Just been told the news that the oldest boy I babysit has been diagnosed as having a form of autism.... The statement I typed yesterday was about his behavioural changes since infancy to now. Along with his preschool teacher's statements and an in-home study done last night by a psychologist....After the Dr. & I telling the mom that he needed counseling or something with someone who has never been around him before to be able to see something we weren't....She sought out a psychologist in hopes of getting him anger management help and from what she told me this morning had been wondering about autism this last few weeks herself.... Not sure how to feel... He is like my son and that will never change... We have been trying so hard to work with him, thinking that his troubles were all divorce oriented anger, lack of consistency of discipline (mom, dad, g'ma & aunt NEVER agreed upon this),etc..... The pediatricians have missed it as well as his preschool for the last 3 years.... I am not a professional to have picked up on the signs, but cannot help but feel somewhat stupid to not of thought of there being something medically wrong.... Now, that I go back and re-live in my mind this last 5 years, maybe can see some signs, but not really educated on the different forms/stages of autism... I will be now! His baby brother laying here in the playpen asleep so peacefully... Will have to watch for the signs in him as he gets older.... Cram session in educating myself and praying for lots of patience.... Not really a very patient person, but will have faith that this is going to be something that God has allowed in my life that will better me as a person overall....Have'nt eaten breakfast yet, as I have been sitting in a bit of a daze... Shall go get it out of the microwave now....

SNACK ~ Cancel Breakfast!!!.... Phone call after phone call, feeling numb a bit, not really hungry and outa time.... It is still in the micro now @ 12:30 p.m.... Stopped @ the espresso on the way home from pre-school and got a 24oz. Chai Tea fixed with Honey & Skim Milk.... Getting a bit hungry now....

DINNER ~ Good Sized Salad (Lettuce, Spinach, Tomatoes, 1/2 Avocado, Cucumber, Grate of Cheese, Chickpeas & Lite Ranch Dressing)




WATER CONSUMPTION ~ No less than 120 oz.

Upon Rising B.P. = 109/70

Miles walked since February 1 = 800.5

October miles = Nada

I know I can..I know I will..I know I can..I know I will...


Progress as of today: 38 lbs lost so far, only 44 lbs to go!

biscottibody59 on 10/02/2008:
Good to see you're doing well and that your grandma is too--probably will be a relief when she's out of ICU, but unless she's going directly home--they won't watch her as well on a regular floor--hope someone in the family will be with her at all times!

Have a good one!

skinnyjeans on 10/02/2008:
That is great about the compliments from your parents! And I'm sure your grandma will love you as you get healthier! Keep up the good work on your diet and excercise plan! :)

selina on 10/02/2008:
So glad your grandma is well. It's interesting to read how she fears losing the old you because of your weight loss. It was very nice of you to reassure her you are always the same little girl for her. That's so sweet. I think many people feel that way, including ourselves - the fear of change. We shouldn't, though.

So disconcerting to hear about the boy under your care... good luck to you all.

I was wondering what had happened to you missing in action with your diaries marked private - glad all is well.

Last, but not least, Congratulations on your 199 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, SO HAPPY FOR YOU!

anewhb on 10/02/2008:
Hey - posted today for first time in a week. Working on house stuff, but wanted to say hi. I had to laugh at the comment about the what have you done with your hair comment - I find that I think it's their hair when someone has lost weight! Sorry about the dx of autism for the boy.....maybe all will be well, with that, though. I am lookiing for you to hit 198......it's coming, like you said! G'ma's comments are so funny, too - older folks don't like changes - even in other people - sometimes, do they. Keep up the good work. God bless 'ya!

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