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thinnside40 - Friday Sep 19, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 199.0


Thursday was a good day..... Busy and not much done around the house.... Went to Meg's school open house in the evening and walked a little over 2 miles......Didn't sleep worth a darn last night, but my own fault for drinking coffee so late... Was worth it... Tasted good...

Thankful it is Friday..... I plan to go shoe shopping this morning, before preschool pick-up..... Try to rest a bit when the boys do..... Plan something for my family for supper and maybe a little to-do list for them to do in my absence this evening, so we don't have to do it tomorrow..... There is a tea party I will be going to tonight... Suppose to be from 6:30-9:00 and looks like only 5 of us...... Shall be fun & cozy!

Last night at the school...... There were a few people who saw me and made a b-line, with huge smiles on their faces.... I was wearing one of my new tops and khaki capris that I have struggled to wear, cause I am afraid that I am still not smaller enough to �look right�... I kept looking over and over and over in the full-length mirror to see if I �bulged� anywhere.. You know you sometimes see those people who try to �stuff� theirselves into smaller sizes and think they look good (NOT!).... I don't want to be like that!.... But, I thought I looked presentable and actually surprised everytime I caught a reflection of myself.... Reviews were �Honey, your shrinking... I am so proud of you!�.... �Oh, my gosh! You are looking wonderful!�.... �You stuck with it?!?!?!?!.... Oh my goodness, what an ispiration!�.... I am not one to be �proud� or self-boasting. May not sound like it when I am telling you this..... But, it is hard for me to accept compliments and so do not want to become a stuck-up b-word... I am learning with time to accept what people say as truth and not just them being nice, cause they know what I am doing......These people are ones who haven't seen me for 3-4 months... Wait til they see me @ the Christmas program!... I would love for EVERYONE that is �downsizing� to feel what I felt last night with those compliments... I thanked those people and when they asked how much more I was going to lose... I said that I was just shy of half-way... GASP!..... When asked how I felt... I told them happier,healthier, more energetic and like I had finally had a huge breakthrough of stopping the obese acceptance cycle of the generations before me that is going to last the remainder of my days on this earth..And that is EXACTLY how I feel! Couldn't of made it without DD either..THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!

Menu & Activities

Breakfast ~ Oatmeal w/ Peach,little Brown Sugar & Skim Milk.....Grapefruit Juice......HMFFSF Irish Cream Coffee

Snack ~ McDonalds SF Vanilla Coffee (craving coffee for some reason) & couple saltines (on the gooooooo)

Went and got some new walking shoes...Found a great pair of New Balance on clearance..YEA!!!!! I have bought more shoes in the last 8 months than I have in years.... Used to be a pair of tennis shoes would last me 3 years I swear...If I even had a pair..Was NEVER a tennis shoe person...Hated to spend that kid of money on me..Now, I dont really care as long as they are comfortable and I NEED them to continue my better health journey....This is my 4th or 5th pair since Feb 1st...

Dinner ~ Ball Park White Turkey Hot Dog (lot less sodium that regular hot dogs...Smoked & don't taste hot doggie) & 1/2 PBJ on 12 grain bread...Few Prunes & Apple

Snack ~ Nothin' ~ saving for Tea Party foods....

Supper ~ 2 Lil Smokie Wraps, 1 bite size Egg Salad w/ shrimp finger sandwich (had to swallow & not eat, cause I didn't realize it had shrimp,celery & onion, thought it was just deviled egg) 1 bite size Tuna finger sandwich, Chrysanthemum cupcake, Strawberry Orange Punch & Decaf Coffee...

Snack/Dessert ~ Slice of Pizza whenever it gets here.....& a diet W.C. Pepsi

Off day for eating, but not really a BIG amount of anything....

Water Consumption ~ No less than 120 oz.

Miles walked since February 1 = 784

September Miles Walked = 54


Progress as of today: 38 lbs lost so far, only 44 lbs to go!

liza36 on 09/19/2008:
Some of the best rewards of losing weight are the smaller clothes, and people noticing. Fantastic job! I love your energy and enthusiasm.

Thank you so much for your comments to me. I am worth it, and need to start believing that.

Agent_Guber on 09/19/2008:
Such great compliments!! I am glad you had such a nice evening :) enjoy your tea party tonight :) :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/19/2008:
congrats on all the compliments! so the work you do is worth it!

loveray on 09/19/2008:
have fun tonight miss one nineties!! xoxo

MattsGirl16 on 09/20/2008:
You are truly an inspiration! Keep up the good work and i hope you have a great time at your tea party!

Maria7 on 09/20/2008:
Congrats on 199!!! Hope you and yours are doing well!

kzirkle on 09/21/2008:
YAY for sugar free iced coffee!!! :)

Maria7 on 09/22/2008:
Hope to read another entry from you soon, Thin. Hope you and yours are doing well. So happy for you on you 199! Yayyyy!!!!!

cybermom4 on 09/22/2008:
"like I had finally had a huge breakthrough of stopping the obese acceptance cycle " Amen sister :) I'm still working on my 'breakthrough' to a new life style! Your post is awesome, encouraging, and uplifting! Congratulations to you ! I like your next goal - Christmas :)

thinnside40 - Thursday Sep 18, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 199.0

Hello!..... Made it through the blood draw without passing out... Went to see my grandma for a few minutes, beings the Dr. office is less than a mile from my Aunt's house...... Picked the boy up @ 11:30 and headed home..I was hungry without eating breakfast and getting a H/A from the no coffee & no food combination.....Stopped by the burger joint before coming home..... Got home and ate a quick jelly sandwich while fixing the boys lunch, then waited til 1:15 to eat my dinner.... I could of swore I was going to eat EVERY bite, but didn't..... I ate 1/2 burger, small fry & a few onion rings... The boys had some onion rings too....... Was missing some fresh foods, so here @ 3:45 I have eaten an apple and some prunes.....There is an Open House @ 6:00 p.m. tonight @ Meg's school... BBQ is on tap... Been told it is hot dogs, chips, pop & cake..... May eat a light something before going or when we get home.....Not much of a hot dog person.....

Kids are both on the mend...Went to school today.... The baby has an ear infection, but has been pretty quiet..... Hubby is feeling better too... Thus far, I have no signs of any of it..Still "crossing" that I don't come down with anything...

Looks like a walk this day will be slim to none..With the boys not going home til 5:00-5:30 and open house @ 6:00....May try to slip out of the school in time to give me 2 miles before getting too dark....

Boys just went home and I HAD to warm myself up a cup of coffee.... I missed my couple cups today... Not such a caffeine fix person, just like coffee flavor... Put a little Skim Milk & Sugar Free Irish Cream Syrup in it..... Ahhhhhhhh!!!!....Time to go feed cows, then come in and freshen up a bit before heading to school..... I forgot to mention earlier that I did get to get on the Dr. scales this morning @ 10:00 a.m., fully clothed... It was 1# heavier than mine @ home... I figured that was a pound due to clothing....I shall just tell the nurse next Monday what I weigh in the morning, cause my appointment isn't til 1:30 p.m...beings as they are the same..... YEA!!!!!!!!!!! When I asked nurse Andrea if I could check it, she said "Jerri!...Why would you want to do that?".... I told her "CAUSE!".. She told me "Yes, I can SEE why!"....YIPPEE!!!!!!

Well..I made it! Went to open house @ 6:00 and slipped away @ 6:45 to get in a little over 2 miles of walking.... NEED TO GET NEW SHOES!.... I walked in the dreaded Birki's, but really no other choice with my walking shoes totally out of commision now.... Tomorrow I shall go shoe shopping before picking Ryder up from preschool....Feet feel medioker with just going 2 miles....Not as bad as last Saturday's shopping in them all day...... Off to put the feets up and watch a bit of t.v.... Drinking my 2nd cup of coffee......


Progress as of today: 38 lbs lost so far, only 44 lbs to go!

kzirkle on 09/18/2008:
Your bear image on your last post was sooooooo cute!

WI3 on 09/18/2008:
CONGRATULATIONS YAY!!!!!! How exciting!!! Also glad to see that everyone is feeling better and on the mend.

loveray on 09/18/2008:
so glad everyone is feeling better. i couldnt get enough coffee today either! i had a huge one before work, one at work and one after lunch. yikes! i hope i can sleep tonight. love you!

thinnside40 - Wednesday Sep 17, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 199.0


Good Day to everyone!..... Tuesday was a good day for laundry, playing nurse to the sick & afflicted and not getting to walk. Walking was not an option with both kids sleeping at the time I was freed up to go......Watched BL and just not sure about the whole thing.. Shall see next week maybe...

Today Ben went to school, but Meg is still home..Her fever broke last night..She only ate 1/4c. Chicken Soup & a popsicle, plus drank lots of liquids yesterday..Need to make sure she can hold solids down today....Only have Tayt to babysit..Have a load of wash in the machine already and a to-do list of all laundry done (washed, folded & put away ~ I hate that last part for some stupid reason), cleaning the front porch, washing ALL dishes, stripping/making beds & fixing supper to scratch off by 5:00 p.m. hopefully... Bible study @ 6:30..May get a little church cleaning done before meetings start...Hubby (still not feeling great) will stay with Meg, while Ben & I are gone.....

So, officially I am 199.... Came to the conclusion that my hold up is probably that I had the first short-term goal of 40#'s by my 40th B.D. that I didn't reach....Which was perfectly fine, cause I gave it a pretty good shot at trying.... My mentality will most likely shake when I see 197, knowing that I hit that 40# mark.....Fasting lab tests are tomorrow @ 10:00 a.m.... I plan to jump on the scale if the nurse will let me to just see where they show me.... I have my physical on the 22nd and REALLY want to see <200 on the Dr. scale, so by seeing where I am the 18th, will allow me a few days to adjust if needs be...... Or not... I am trying to remember that the # thing isn't the most important.. It is my health!.... Easier to tell you all, than it is myself that the #'s don't mean sqwat, as long as the clothing is getting smaller in size & your physicals/Dr. appts are telling you that you are doing the right things....You have had a complete physical in the last year right? Very important, no matter how you feel about your size...DO IT!.....

BREAKFAST ~ Scrambled Egg/Egg White, 1 sl. 12 Grain Toast, Few Black Grapes & cup of Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice....SF/FF Irish Cream Coffee (home made)

Have done 4 loads of wash...2 to go!.... Meg is feeling much better..She requested a salami sandwich of all things... So far, so good!....Still pushing the fluids too.....Kitchen table is almost cleared of school paper/mail to sort debris....

Snack ~ Few Mixed Nuts (Roasted Raw Pistachios, Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews & Lightly Salted Soynuts) & 1/2 Banana

Getting ready to fix my dinner and take a break.... Tayt took an early nap..He is fighting the cold thing too..No fever..Whew!.... After dinner break, will be making Meg's & Ben's beds.....That is a workout! Tuck tight or they kick every stitch of bedding off the first night.....Weather is in the lower 90's and a tad humid... I have been sweating...Paul took the air conditioner out last week thinking the hot weather was done..... It is his fault for our Indian summer!!!! Ha Ha.... I have fans going in each room..Not too bad til about 4:00 when the West side of the house will be fully exposed to the sun....Love this nice weather..Thank you Lord!

Dinner ~ Salmon Patty, Small salad of Romaine Heart, Tomatoes, Sliced Dill Pickle Chips (don't have any cucumbers), Little Grate of Cheese & Lite Ranch Dressing.... Apple & Prunes

Last load of wash is in the dryer...Tayt has gone home...Thinking about trying to fit in a 4 mile walk and be freshened up before Bible Study @ 6:30....Need to fit eating supper in too, cause I cannot eat after 8 p.m......Going to put the meat in the oven and set the rest in a pan for Ben to turn on when I call him...

Snack ~ Khashi Trail Mix Cookie

O.K....SO I made it for a little over 2 miles..My mom called at the minute I was headed out the door and would not stop talking..I hinted SEVERAL times I was needing to skidaddle...Beings as I knew I couldn't go 4 miles now..I chose the route that has the "holy crap" 3-4/10th mile steep incline.... I am sweating like a stuck pig, but wanted to update and say I did make it...Now off to wash up, shovel in the supper and head out the door... I won't post tomorrow until early afternoon...I have my appointment @ 10:00 (need to leave @ 9:15) and will have 2 little ones @ 8:00 am. and to the office with me, plus have to be back in time to pick the other up @ preschool.... If I start typing on DD when I get up, I will surely be late.....

Supper ~ Small piece Cube Steak & Steamed Stir Fry Veggies (thought I had brown rice, but I don't)

Snack/Dessert ~ Not sure what they will have tonight..If it is good and I feel I can have some, I will..If not, then it will be nothing..

Water ~ No less than 120 oz.

Miles walked since February 1 = 782

September Miles Walked = 52


Progress as of today: 38 lbs lost so far, only 44 lbs to go!

Moody2 on 09/17/2008:
Wow you are one busy lady!! Sorry to hear bout the sick kidlets, thats never fun...You are very inspiring..so much to do and still get your walking in like you do!! How do you do it!?

Wishing you a wonderful day!!

MattsGirl16 on 09/17/2008:
It is incredible how much you get accomplished in one day! Great Job!

kzirkle on 09/17/2008:
Hi!! Good call on the physicals, very important.

Being on Sugar Busters, I'm pretty limited as far as fruits go because of all the natural sugar found in them, but that's ok with me. I was never really into whole fruits. I like the flavors though and can usually get that in a Sugar Free drink like Crystal Light. Veggies are somewhat limited although I'm definitely able to eat sweet potatoes (which I love), green beans, broccoli, chick peas, regular beans, spinach and salads. I'm supposed to stay away from carrots and regular potatoes. I miss french fries but usually when I'm craving them, I'll just cook up some sweet potato fries and be pretty satisfied. I LOVE LOVE LOVE sweets, so I definitely miss icecream. When I'm craving it really bad, I'll get the sugar free fudge sickles or low-sugar icecream though I'm not supposed to have too much of that stuff.

It's working for me and I highly recommend it to anyone with a bad sweet tooth and diabetes in their family. Plus, you'd be surprised how your mood improves when you remove sugar from your diet. I'm actually happier!

Keep up the great work, you're very inspiring!

grumpy on 09/17/2008:
YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I knew you couldn't stand my silence treatment! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Congrats! Can you believe this? Look back to February or March when we were just starting and it seemed far away! I am so proud of you and this is a great pre-LA treat for me! xoxoxoxoxox

kzirkle on 09/17/2008:
Isn't it funny how some things will work for some people but not others? Like what I'm on is perfect for me, but you hated it! And my friend did Weight Watchers and loves it and I hate it. LOL I guess we all just gotta do what makes sense for us.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/17/2008:
hmm, i'm seeing some new foods and snacks for you! i'm used to seeing a WW yogurt or bar...but now i see nuts! :) i think your menu here is great, very healthy. you will be sure to notice progress eating and exercising the way you've shown here!

omahagrl on 09/17/2008:
YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Way to go on posting that new weight. Could not be prouder! Will write more soon as I have been very busy. Take care!

anewhb on 09/17/2008:
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy - way to go way to go way to go! 199! Now don't get too hung up on the dr. scales. it's bound to be lower than the last time you were there and those things are so weird. There can be so much difference between scales. Go by yours....I'm so happy for you and proud of you!

biscottibody59 on 09/17/2008:
Congrats on getting below 200--keep up the good work!

lafemme_loca on 09/17/2008:
WooHoo on making it to Onderland !!! :-) I am sooooooo happy for you ! Sorry about the kids, great job on the walk. Enjoy the sun before it disappears for 8 months. :-)

thinnside40 - Tuesday Sep 16, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 200.0


Monday was a good day....Got 6 miles of walking in (read update before my supper of yesterday)..... Weather was terrific all day long and I did get several loads of laundry done....

Today is a day of playing nurse to both kids... Ben started coming down sick yesterday and Meg woke up @ 5 this morning with the same symptoms, plus a couple others....The little boy I pick up @ preschool has a horrible cold...He needs asthma medication when he gets a cold, like Meg sometimes....Hubby isn't doing so great either, but went to work.....I am keeping everything that can possibly be crossed crossed, in hopes of not coming down with any of this crud......Have O.J., Gingerale, Tea,Heating Pad, Tissue, Sudafed, Advil & Benadryl on tap!.. Plan on walking this evening sometime...Weather is giving us what we call an Indian Summer...Suppose to be in the 90's the rest of the week....

Looking forward to seeing what BL has to offer this season...It premiers tonight......Usually I have been encouraged by seeing people in my weight range doing good and downsizing...Telling myself how much better I would look and feel, just seeing them as they got smaller...This time... I am ahead of the game.. Doing things much slower than they do...BUT HEY!..They are on T.V., working for some major cashola and have trainers.... I like my realistic approach better for longer term results.......

BREAKFAST ~ First thing ~ Banana.... 2 hours later ~ Oatmeal w/ Peach, Little Brown Sugar & Skim Milk...COffee

SNACK ~ Splendad 32 oz. Iced Tea.....

Kids are resting......Before going to get the boy @ preshcool... Ben flashed his baby blues at me and had a rationalization with me about how a D.Q. flamethrower would help his sinuses release and that I was going to be only 6 blocks from a D.Q.... Sounds sick doesn't he?.. He really is, just nows how to "work me"... I caved and he is draining! : o ).... Got Meg something icee to nurse on too... She isn't doing so great.. Lethargic, pale and just not hungry at all..... Got the baby fed, changed & he is swinging to sleep.... Got some clothes folded.. Now to put them away, fix some dinner for me and start another round of laundry......

DINNER ~ Salad (Like last night's...A bit smaller, but more tomatoes) Apple & a few Fresh Prunes




WATER ~ No less than 120 oz.


Progress as of today: 37 lbs lost so far, only 45 lbs to go!

glycrina on 09/16/2008:
I always take Zinc lozenges when I am around sick people -- it may be just a fluke but I haven't been flu/cold sick in two years . . .

anewhb on 09/16/2008:
Re: colds - it's ragweed season here - can you say Kerzundheict? (spelling?) Daughter was ill yesterday - went to school but came home 2nd block. Slept the rest of the day/night - except for dinner and felt some better this a.m.

I loved what you said on Loveray's diary - about only now allowing yourself the joy of acomplishment......man, I am 54 years old and I am just now "getting" what it means to be loved by God. The fact that he does love us - unconditionally - we only need accept that love unconditionally before we can feel it. I knew this before, but, I think all my life I was waiting to feel "worthy" of His love and honey, that just ain't gonna happen in this lifetime - but to realize that isn't the way - we don't have to be "worthy" it's our NOW, - well, it has been quite an experience. What freedom I have now to really enjoy life - come what may! LaFemmeLoca was saying something about believing lies - whew! No more lies. Didn't mean to "preach" but what you said reminded me of this.... Congratulations on your new sizes! One more pound - 199! Here YOU come!

grumpy on 09/16/2008:
i will talk to you when i see a 199.999 on your weight. HAHAHAHA xoxo

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/16/2008:
you are having a great day!!! congrats on 6 mi yesterday! i miss it!

lafemme_loca on 09/16/2008:
I want to thank you so much for everything. Seriously, you encouraged me, you kicked my butt, you got me thinking again, and I have been set straight. ;-) Your words always mean a lot to me... so thanks for just being YOU ! *hugs* I hope you have a good day.

loveray on 09/17/2008:
i have never had a fresh prune before...i may have to check that out. i am headed up to the blue ridge mountains this weekend and this makes me think of you going to the farmers market- i hope i am able to get some great produce...some pumpkins, apples, squash and maybe some boiled peanuts...YAY. xoxo

thinnside40 - Monday Sep 15, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 200.0

Sunday was a good day....Did lots around the house, then crashed on the couch at the tail end of Castaway....Hubby kept nudging me so I could see the very end.....

Today is a day to do a few things this morning while it is just the baby & me, before going to get his big brother @ 11:30...

BREAKFAST ~ Oatmeal with Peach, SKim Milk & tad Brown Sugar....COffee

Went to town a bit early and shopped Goodwill..Found a couple fall tops for myself... I am having difficulties in "letting go" of the 20's & 18/20's... I pick them up and figure they will fit, but then realize they will be too big and I need a 18 or sometimes 16/18...My mind is still thinking "larger" than I am... It is a super good feeling to know that they are too big, but my mindset is off when shopping....Guess letting go of 10 years of a certain size will take a bit getting over....I am sure a couple of you can relate..Maybe???? Hopefully the 16's will come more natural feeling and each smaller size after that....I still catch myself looking twice in the mirrors, cause I don't look like I did 7 months ago... Smallest size I can remember being for the longest spell was the 14's (pre-teen/teenage years).... Once was a 10/12 (late 20's), but not very long..... I did buy a full length mirror the other day @ a Yard Sale for $1 and will be putting that up inside the closet door... Make myself look in it every day and realize I am living what seemed for so long just a dream....

Snack ~ Few fresh Prunes (you will be seeing me eat lots of these, as long as I can eat them fresh...my fave!) & SF/FF Iced Vanilla Latte

Dinner ~Very Small Bowl Left-Over Spaghetti & an Apple

Snack ~ WW Yogurt w/ Honey (like I need the honey with all the prunes..Just used to it!)

Did a few loads of laundry.... Fed the baby after he woke from nap...He has been fussy/clingy with teething... Felt better after eating, then he showered me with 1/2 or more of his formula..... Got cleaned up and soon his mom was here....Ben came home from school not feeling well... Trying to come down with a cold.... Gave him some meds and told myself I could at least walk 2 miles to allow me to stay close to home, cause that was better than not walking at all.. Got to the turn around point, kept going...I had been rationalizing the distance and figuring that each mile wans't really going to take that much longer, but with my thoughts being that I always want an even number to end with.... 2 IS better than none, 4 IS better than 2 & 6 IS WAY BETTER than 4.....So I went 6!.. Called home every 2 miles to check on the kids..All was well... I walked/jogged/walked several times.... NOw, I have found that my shoes have holes towards the heel, making the plastic stick out... OUCH!... I will wear my old shoes that are in a bit better shape and buy another new pair on payday...This will be the 4th or 5th, since Feb.... Gravel roads aren't very nice to soles, but sure are good for my spirit!

Supper ~ Salad (Lettuce, Tomatoes, Chickpeas, Peas, Little Grate of Cheese, Diced Chicken Breast & Lite Ranch)

Little bit of Peach Cobbler


Progress as of today: 37 lbs lost so far, only 45 lbs to go!

grumpy on 09/15/2008:
weight in, weight in, weight in, weight iN! hahahahahahahahaha

glycrina on 09/15/2008:
you are right. I think it hit me today that I stopped caring about myself. It is all about self-determination and I stopped thinking that it was possible for me to like myself at any weight so what was the point? But I can see how that is dangerous thinking and I need to believe that this possible!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/15/2008:
do you grow your own prunes!?

yeah, bad choices this weekend. it's sad bc some people will make bad choices until they actually make themselves sick and then there's no turning it around. i guess i shouldn't write "i will never binge again" or other phrases similiar. it's best to not give such definites when the future is full of uncertainty?

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/15/2008:
congrats on your diminishing size!!! :)

sweetpea1977 on 09/15/2008:
YAY! Im glad you went shopping for yourself. You deserve it!!

I can kinda understand your feelings of wanting to hang on to the larger sizes. Becoming smaller is a scary new concept after being comfortable at a larger size for so long. I remember feeling that way the first time I lost weight (before the baby was in the picture, I lost 60 pounds and kept it off for 1.5 years). The sizes will feel more natural as time passes, especially if you are liking the way you look and feel in smaller clothes.

I hope that made sense. Im running on fumes right now (didnt sleep well last night!!).

Have a great Tuesday!!

Jen40 on 09/16/2008:
Wonderful entry! So much of what you write is just like what I am experiencing, it makes me feel good to know I am not alone.

MCWOO:) on 09/16/2008:
Thanks for your message.I will be back asap.Keep up the good work,Julie

WI3 on 09/16/2008:
I know exactly what you are feeling with the smaller sizes and the disbelief. What a wonderful moment! Enjoy!

thinnside40 - Sunday Sep 14, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 200.0


Saturday was a good day...Was planning on running errands/shopping @ thrifty's alone, but Meg decided she wanted to go.... Paul & Ben were going to the car races and she had come to grips with it and decided going with me would be alright..... We bought a couple pair of jeans for her..She is getting so particular about the fit/style..It is hard to find for her "8" year old figure, but 13 year old mentality *SIGH*.....She has started early, due to listening to her brother's particulars anymore.... Thanks Ben!....Anyway..I did buy a couple tops for me as well... I LOVE CLOTHES!.... To be able to grab some off of the rack now, try them on and see the smaller sizes making me look somewhat attractive again, just helps me tremendously... Starting to shape up and not be "round" all over... I just look forward to the day that I can get a whole new wardrobe when I reach goal.... May have to win a jackpot of some sort first, but I will get a new wardrobe somehow! I am a shoe lover too, but with feet troubles, that isn't such an easy thing to just go buy waht I like the looks of....... When sis & I were in WalMart, neither of us had eaten since breakfast (now 6:30 p.m.) and had Subway on the agenda...She saw those golden arches with the clown waving her inside... Bought her a small fry, 50 cent cone & myself an unsweetened iced tea.... Headed back out the door, to have Meg point and say "MOM!!!!....LOOK!!!!!LOOK AT THE TOY FOR THE HAPPY MEAL".... &&&UGH&&&, Had to (YES.. HAD TO) go back in and buy 12 toys, no happy meals (don't charge full price).... The Madame Alexander Dolls (Wizard of Oz series) that I have collected since the first year and they had a whole set for me to buy....Showed 10, but there are 12.....

Set out to see g'ma after all the shopping...My feet, knees & back were hurting so bad from wearing my Birki's and I was looking forward to just sitting for a bit....They weren't home!...I knew they had taken g'ma home to shower and get fresh clothing, but figured they would be home by then... Headed to her house, hungry, tired and aching.... Ate 1/2 tuna sandwich with them and visited for a bit... We stopped by KFC on the way home... I bought a Chicken Tender Meal and ate the whole thing @ 9:30 p.m..... No walking, but I did get enough workout with shopping and walking behind carts....NO more Birki shopping..Must wear walking shoes!!!

Off to get ready for church...I don't have to play the piano for the next 3 weeks and can take my time this morning... Tidy the house a bit and just relax...... Busy week ahead, so best take it east now.... Will go walking though.......

Breakfast ~ 2 Eggs, 1 sl. Cinnamon Swirl Bread & Coffee

Snack ~ Nothin'

Dinner ~ 6 Fresh Prunes & Apple

Snack ~ 2 Fresh Prunes (I love these things)...Fought ought off the urge to eat a slice of cinnamon swirl bread, cause I was fixin' one heck of a supper.....

Wanted to take a nap, but talked myself out of it, so I could clean the kitchen while hubby rested and the kids were doing their thing..... Huh... I kept on seeing "peaches" everytime I turned around that needed tending to....Made a peach cobbler for Ben, which we will all have a bite of....It is his favorite and he wants to eat it for supper.....Cleaned a bit.... Figured I may need to make some cheesey breadsticks to go with the spaghetti planned for supper..... Feeling domestic & Suzy Homemaker today... The weather, the time of year, etc just feel so good and natural for to me to bake and have my apron on.....I used to do so much more of it..Since the lifestyle changes, just don't do it very often....Now I am super hungry and will eat slowly, savoring every bite....My feet, back. knees are still bothersome, but I haven't done anything to prevent it by standing on them all afternoon... No walking, but that is o.k..I may lift some weights instead for a change up......

Supper ~ Spaghetti (Barolla Plus Angel Hair, 1/2 jarred & 1/2 homemade LS sauce & a sprinkle of Parmesan)... & Breadstick

Snack/Dessert ~ Small bowl of Peach Cobbler (Crust rolled super thin....Peaches fixed with oatmeal, instead of tapioca or flour for thickener)

Water Intake ~ No less than 120 oz.


Progress as of today: 37 lbs lost so far, only 45 lbs to go!

omahagrl on 09/14/2008:
OOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGGOSH I read your entry from a few days ago and can I get a whoop whoop! I am soooo proud of you. I told MJ about your accomplishment and also the amount of walking that you do. His words "wow that is awesome" I know how you feel about not wanting to note anything but honey you have worked your booty off for that number!!!!! HUGS

grumpy on 09/14/2008:
My mom said the same thing MJ said about you, WOW! You are wow, sweetie! Hope you got some rest and are no longer hurting. xo

thinnside40 - Saturday Sep 13, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 200.0


Friday was a good day...No walking, but plenty of other activities to keep me active...

Today is a beautiful day thus far.... Going to town & get a few groceries...May go shopping at a couple "thrifty's".... Still irritated and having difficulties getting over the way I was spoken to last Sunday by my G'ma & Aunt.......But, G'ma will be having a stint put in her neck artery within the next 2 weeks....I will go see her sometime today....My other Aunt from Tulsa will be going back home this coming week.... I will fit in a walk on the Greenway, whether it be when I go see them, before or after...May walk the same again like the last 2 Sundays (on the greenway with the family) and just stand my ground with their tongue lashings...I'm not so emotional this weekend and they may get a bit shoveled back at them! Now I'm on my "hot temper" rotation....HA HA!


Breakfast ~ Oatmeal w/Peach & a little cream (out of milk)..1 Sl. Lite Whole Wheat Toast....COffee


Progress as of today: 37 lbs lost so far, only 45 lbs to go!

WI3 on 09/13/2008:
Hey congrats on seeing the 199!! YAY!!! What a great feeling!

loveray on 09/13/2008:
hot temper rotation...i love it!! you are a strong woman...love you!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/13/2008:
congrats on reaching the 100s! that is awesome! :)

your oatmeal must have been fabulous!

selina on 09/14/2008:
Thin!!!! I'm SO EXCITED for your 199! Congratulations! Don't worry about your being 'blasse' about it, it happens to the best of us. You are amazing, you did it and should be jumping of joy!

sweetpea1977 on 09/14/2008:
Wow, you saw 199? Thats awesome!!

Anyway, I love your graphic at the top of this entry!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Jen40 on 09/14/2008:
WHAT???!!!!!!! Hooray for 199!!!!!! HAPPY NAKED DANCE!!!!!

thinnside40 - Friday Sep 12, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 200.0


Galvaston/Houston Texas is bracing for "IKE"... Praying for the safety of all people in the path....

Thursday was a good day... Lots going on right now and that kept me hopping most of the day.... Set out on a 6 mile walk in the evening... Finding that it is hard to fit in 6 miles these days with having kids til 5:00 or a little after, hubby home @ 6:00 or a little after, kid's homework, supper & feeding cows for the neighbor (this I do on my walk @ the 4 mile marker).... Daylight is decreasing and quick! I shall continue as long as I can and hope for the best.... I don't want to use the Gazelle any sooner than necessary!

Plans for today got changed up a bit.... Don't have one of the boys today and the other 2 showed up early (I was still in my jammies and didn't care! ~ **LOL**)... The pre-schooler has a little stuffy nose, so she didn't want to take him to pre-school...... I had plans to go get a few groceries and do some custodial work before 11:30.... That's not gunna happen, cause now I don't want to get in the car and go anywhere! Ha Ha!!!!... I will get housework done instead and go run errands tomorrow.... Paul & Ben are going to the last car race with my Uncle Saturday night and ride in the tow truck and help...... Meg & I will do something fun, like maybe decorate the front porch in fall colors and clean her room. Cleaning her room is not as fun, but needs to be done.. I have wallpaper & paint to re-do it sometime soon......

O.K...... So grab your suspenders and put your hand over your mouth before you read this!... I MEAN IT.....DO IT!........ I weighed this morning and it says �199�...... I haven't had it settle in yet and not really all that excited.... Stupid huh?.... I have waited so long (10 years or more), but don't have the enthusiasm..... I think that is because I am in shock and want to see that number or lower for a few weigh-ins before I REALLY believe it.... I am stealing my own joy away, in being afraid that it is a fluke.... Can't explain it and a bit disappointed in my behavior to tell you the truth.... Maybe 195 will do it for me.... A great buffer zone of 5#'s.... Who knows??? Cause I certainly thought I would be screaming so loud that the whole world could here me..... I will change my official weight the next time I weigh-in (don't know when yet). Whether it be <200 , right @ 200 or 200>....... I am weird for feeling this way I guess. Need slapped, pinched or just plain ol' kicked in the patoot!

Menu & Activities

Breakfast ~ 2 sl. Lite Whole Wheat Toast, 2 Poached Eggs & H.M. FF/SF Irish Cream Coffee

Snack ~ Pear

I have been cleaning, moving furniture & seeing many other things that I need to get working on....Boys are sleeping and I am keeping tabs on CNN... Got a bit more to do before I eat dinner....

Dinner ~ Turkey Breast Patty, Tomatoes & Peas (out of cucumbers : o ( ).... Few Italian Prunes

Snack ~ WW Yogurt w/ Honey

The boys just went home & I'm going to do my custodial job...No walking the road for this day...Not enough daylight hours by the time I get done....Would go walking first, but to be @ the church after dark is scary all alone with noises and creekings. Especially when the wind is howling like it is now.... Shall try again tomorrow...Will get enough exercise for today in the 4 hours worth of mopping, vacuuming, wiping down tables, scrubbing toilets and waxing floors....plus what I did at home.... Still wanna walk..**BOO**HOO**...

Supper ~ Few Tortilla Chips, Shredded Cheese & Black Beans... Got home too late to want to fix anything with Chicken Breast

Watching CNN... Stories of IKE and the train collision in California are heartbreaking.....Wind is fierce here, but nothing to complain about compared.....Glad cleaning @ church is behind me and I can sleep in in the morning a bit.... Have lots to do here on the homefront...

Snack/Dessert ~ ?

Water Consumption ~ No less than 120 oz.


Miles walked since February 1 = 776

September Miles Walked = 46


Progress as of today: 37 lbs lost so far, only 45 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/12/2008:
:) i hope you can still continue on your 6 mi walks...i have been using the elliptical indoors lately. it's already getting cooler here on Long Island. hopefully you can still walk a little outside...try to break up your exercise so you don't have to go on the gazelle as long?

thinnside40 - Thursday Sep 11, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 200.0

Photobucket Image Hosting


Breakfast ~ Nature's Path Granola, Skim Milk...COffee

Snack ~ FF/SF Vanilla Latte

Dinner ~ Salmon Patty, Tomatoes & Cucumbers....Apple & Pear

Walked 6 miles & ate a fresh picked apple at the 3rd mile marker....

Supper~ Mahi Mahi Chunk, A little Wacky Macky(Veggie Pasta) & Corn

Dessert ~ S.F. Mochaccino Pudding Cup


Progress as of today: 37 lbs lost so far, only 45 lbs to go!

grumpy on 09/11/2008:
short and sweet huh? xoxo

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/11/2008:
i love what you said in my entry about chocolate! LOL

you're eating great! love all those fruits and veggies. much better than they day you lived on bars! i usually will have at least 2 bars during the week (breakfast and midmorning snack! yucko).

selina on 09/12/2008:
Hi Thin! Hugs to you! I'm so proud of your 6-mile walks, especially because I know how hard it is. I can never go quite that far... 5 mile seems to be my limit. Maybe, 6 miles in the future!

Lucky you, you can just pick up an apple as you go along your walk! We have apples, peaches, etc along my walks, but I can't pick up anything - I was told that it's a big NO NO in their culture, here, even off the ground. Oh well, when in Rome.... Have a great day!

loveray on 09/12/2008:
i had totally forgotten about sept 11 until i saw your post! you are always so thoughtful. i hope you have a fabulous weekend. love you!

Jen40 on 09/12/2008:
Your menu sounds sooooo good! The picture you chose for Sept 11th is lovely. I love it.

biscottibody59 on 09/12/2008:
Hope you have a good one--and can get your walk in!

Keep up the good work!

thinnside40 - Wednesday Sep 10, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 200.0



Tuesday was a good day..... Got to walk my 6 miles in the evening and enjoyed a fresh apple & pear right off the trees...... Weather was near perfect and got home before dark.......

Monday night as hubby & I were talking about how changes we have made are making us seem different from my family anymore in times we are together.... The healthy choices we choose & that exercise is something incorporated into even our children's lives.... That was never the case for either of us growing up and now we are choosing to break the cycle of the unhealthy living generations... When were were going back to when we were married (almost 16 years ago) and what we weighed (UGH)..... He so seriously said.. �Well aren't you now about where you were when we were married?�..... I jaw dropped and said �NO!�..... He jaw dropped when I told him I still had 45 pounds to go to get to that point... He didn't take me serious and said that was unbelievable... Well, believe it he does now, but still doesn't know what I weigh or weighed when we did get married.... He has not gained but maybe the same 15-20 and taken it back off through this time.... He works outdoors almost everyday for 10 hours and it entails climbing, walking, etc...... I chose to not do those things, cause I was a homemaker/mother/daycare provider and used that as excuses.....

Now, to reflect and be thankful for him not seeing me as a size, but just as his wife and for �who� I am to him..... He told me (finally) that he is proud of me as we were talking and how I haven't gone into a �I quit!� mode for the most part. Even when my family has tossed me a curve ball of disapproval of the kids walking/riding bikes (so far as 4 miles @ most) and just some comments made by them and sometimes encouragement to eat things I just simply choose not to anymore (basically testing my willpower).....My dad has been the one to lean on, cause he is doing the walking and eating healthier... My Aunt has went way the other direction again in eating, just cause she loves food.... My mom will always be a sweet tooth... She won't eat a meal, but put something sweet in front of her and she is all over it til gone.... My g'ma is having stroke symptoms, had high cholesterol, high B.P., etc.... and feeling worse by the day, but still talking of wanting to grocery shop for biscuits, sausage, ham, eggs and all those other things that should be avoided for when she may get to go home... Of course for her to change her ways now is mute point @ 90 and in her condition. According to the Dr. comments...Let her do as she pleases now, cause it isn't going to make things any worse.......

This last week, something inside me has become so overwhelmed with what success I have achieved so far... Last year at this time, I was hoping to �get started� on something to �lose weight� for the sake of saying I was �trying� to the Dr. when I talked with her during my physical, just 2-3 weeks after �getting started�... This year I am going to be able to walk into her office (22nd) and say �I AM� and I know I am going to make it..... I have never been excited to get my lab results back, like I am this year.....

So, if you think you just can't make it or are �trying� half-heartedly thinking that is going to work, you probably aren't going to make it..Sorry to say it that way, but the faith, trust, and belief that you are going to succeed are lacking.........I have read diaries that start off with something to the tune of (and I am not quoting anyone, just taking some from the top of my head I can remember).... �I am going to try and make this work, but I just don't think I can, cause I never do� or �I never have before, so might as well try and fail again probably, but at least I can say I tried�.... Stop!.... Just Stop for once and say �I AM going to make it this time, cause I AM worth feeling so accomplished... I so have faith that I CAN succeed... It is worth being healthy and adding months or years to my life�.. This is coming from a person who hasn't been <200 in 10 years, cause she never really believed she could before this time.... I am putting faith in my Heavenly Father to help me get through a lot of other things and this is the one time I have let Him help me in this area of my life, cause I realized it is important to Him, just as much..... Others of you have your faith & trust in things or higher powers you believe in as well and need to realize if it is important to you..It is simply important!..... There is no less/more value on how little/how much we all have to downsize by... A pound is a pound and not one is worth more or less than the other persons is to them.... I want that 10# overweight person to rid of it as much as I want that 20#, 30#, 40#, 50#, 60#, 70#, 80#, 90#, 100#, 110#, 120#, 130#,140#, ETC overweight person to rid of it.. Common goal is that of turning to each other for support, encouragement & sometimes disapproval for trying to go about it unhealthy is main point and for DD I am so THANKFUL!

Sorry about the length of this today, but it has been a long while since I wrote anything like this and felt that I needed to get some things out there..... Thanks for the patience!


Breakfast ~ Oatmeal w/ Peach, Lil' Brown Sugar, Splash O' Skim Milk & Coffee

Snack ~ McDonalds S.F. Vanilla Iced Coffee & 2 Italian Prunes

Getting home from preschool pick-up and picking a bag full of Italian prunes @ a friend's house... I am going to dehydrate some...They are one of my very favorite snack foods....Just received a phone call from the neighbor lady asking if I would take her to get lab work done this evening after the boys have gone home... She had a Dr. appt. yesterday for severe swelling of the legs, accompanied by lesions from too much fluid.... She has been tripling her diuretic and is now @ life-threatening low levels of potassium. They want to check it today and she doesn't feel like driving.. Bible study is tonight (just the second week)...Hubby will have to get supper (already will be fixed) on the table... The kids & him can go....People will just have to understand my reasons for absence....

Dinner ~ 3 Chicken Breast Tender Strips & a Few Mixed Nuts....

Things got so hectic this afternoon that my plans for a salad @ Dinner fell through and I was eating as I was feeding the baby and trying to make plans for my family after I rush out the door...........

Got out the door @ 4:30...Took neighbor to the lab, then headed to another place for her..Got there and they were closed...Then we went to wash the car... She wanted to go one more place, then changed her mind cause she had to go "potty" so bad, she was afraid to stand or walk......Home we came @ 5:40 (making good time to be back for Bible Study was the thought).... Helped her get some things taken in the house...Came out to the garage to see her stooped over & staying as still as possible. UGH!!!!!! She told me to leave that she was just waiting til she felt she could make a mad dash to the bathroom without peeing her pants... For crying out loud... I wanted to make her laugh, but didn't dare.... I didn't leave her til she did make it to the bathroom, then stood there for what seemed a lifetime before asking her if she was o.k..... "YEP!...Just changing clothes"....... I decided to leave then when I knew she was alright... Fed the cows and headed to Bible study...Made it 15 minutes late, but that was o.k.... They were starting off with a snack of banana breads & coffee.....I had taken a p.m. snack with me to town and just ate it at that time (7:00)....Needless to say no walk was accomplished today....

Snack ~ Khashi Trail Mix Bar

Supper ~ 1 small slice Cheese Pizza

Snack/Dessert ~ Nothin'

Water Consumption ~ No less than 120 oz.


Miles walked since February 1 = 770

September Miles Walked = 40


Progress as of today: 37 lbs lost so far, only 45 lbs to go!

Agent_Guber on 09/10/2008:
I love those moments of perfect clarity when you realize what you have done and you can just be happy with what you have accomplished, where you are at and where you are going. Cheers to you!

anewhb on 09/10/2008:
I loved this post. You are right. And I would add - its a mindset that we need to have for life - to moderate our eating always. We don't always have to be in "reduction" mode, when we have reached goal and, yes, EVEN, some times along the way we can eat whatever we want. SOMETIMES being the active word there - just not EVERY TIME because it isn't healthy. I had to "gaulwf" at the comments from your family about the kids riding bikes as being a bad thing! What in the world are they thinking? We have always included our daughter on hikes and bike rides and other physical activities since she was a baby and had to be carried in a backpack! It's good for them for heaven's sake! Don't they read or listen to the news? Childhood obesity is all over the news. Good habits are laid down early - I think. I have always been active. I just get "mired down in desserts" too often!! And get in a lazy mode sometimes for months! LOL! Now that I've been exercising a couple of weeks regularly again I can tell such a difference. I feel so good. I'm lucky, I think, too, because I have always been fit (I have gained weight more in my late 40's and early 50's - I'm 54 now) and realize how much better I feel when I work out and eat right.

Sorry to hear the news about g'ma. I guess at 90 she should do whatever she can that she wants to do. Can't say she's done real badly if she made to all the way to 90! And who knows - we never know what a day may bring forth - she just might make it to 95 or 100. None of us are promised the next 5 minutes, but none of us aren't, either! God bless.

liza36 on 09/10/2008:
This is a great post. You are recognizing how far you've come, and your changes are a family thing, which is the best lifestyle change that can happen.

I also love that you have put this in God's hands as well and let Him help you through it. I recognize I need to do the same. That's the only way I'll be truly successful.

Have a great day!

selina on 09/10/2008:
Hey, it's so nice that you've got such a wonderfully supportive Hubby when some members of the family are not so. Have a great day, Thin, and keep it up!

balloonlady on 09/10/2008:
thanks for sharing.... I think the good husbands do see it for more than our weight,,, You asked what my hubby thought about my weight loss....

The simple anwser is " he doesnt care" Which sounds unsupportive.... And I felt it was very unsupportative in the beginning.... I wanted someone to talk to about all of this... and I think after the first 40 pounds he seemed a little nervous,,, I thought he was unattracted to the new me... Recently we had 2 close girlfriend lose 100 pounds and they both divorced their husbands.... ( they were not great husbands to start off it ) But mine is wonderful, after I assured him that was not the case with us he has become a bit more accepting....

Animob on 09/10/2008:
This is a beautiful one! It makes me cry when you talk about your husband. That is so sweet! :) :) You really motivate me with this post you have here I am so touched! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Have a beautiful day! Cheers!

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