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thinnside40 - Wednesday Aug 20, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 202.0


Tuesday was a good day....... Got several things accomplished in the house..... Eating was good and like it was in the beginning days.. Trying to get that structure back!.... Fit my walking in behind a lawnmower at the neighbor ladies house... Not 6 miles, but worked some different muscles in the process..... Ben used the riding mower as I did the edges and weedy areas.... Meg sat on the stock gate and fed the cows grass clippings (she would love to live on the 3.5 acres there)... She had went in the house to get a drink of water and came back out asking where Pat's cat was..... I told her she didn't have a cat anymore, cause she let go of it the day after her husband died..... Hmmmmm. �then do ya think we could ask her about the scratching post in the spare bedroom for our new cat?� We came home with it and the neighbor was more than happy to get it out of her way.... It's a nice one with the 2 levels and circled perch for the cat to hide/sleep in....

Read a magazine last night... I have 3 titles that I buy and need to habit myself into reading more often.. I have a huge stack unread.....Anyways, an article I read mentions the foods that have the highest water content and how they are great for a dieter (I prefer to say healthy lifestyler)....It says �Filling up on water-rich produce does more than keep you healthy- it can slim your waistline too.. .Found by a Penn State study.� Low calorie options are with the water %: Shows how we should incorporate more fruits/veggies in where we can, cause I bet we may notice a difference... I am trying to only eat 1 preserved/packaged food a day (i.e. Khashi for snack maybe)

Canteloupe (� c. cubed) = 27 calories @ 90%

Carrots (� c. raw, chopped) = 26 calories @ 88%

Clementine = 35 calories @ 87%

Cucumber (� c. w/skin) = 8 calories @ 95% ~ Happen to be a favorite of mine

Red Peppers (� c. raw/sliced) = 14 calories @ 92%

Spinach ( 1 c. fresh) = 7 calories @ 91%

I joined facebook last week to appease by niece (25)/nephews (23 & 22).... I had been e-mailing them wanting to get updates, etc... They informed me that if I joined facebook, I would get pretty much daily updates on their happenings.... My niece asked me last night if I was doing something called �Flylady�.. She said it sounded like I was...What the heck is �Flylady�???????? I decided to Google it... Ha Ha Ha Ha....Yep sounds like I have been incorporating the tactics and changes this last few weeks they mention on the web site @ flylady.net... I am going to frequent it a bit more now and maybe join it, not sure yet.. I love therway they say that �FLY� stands for �finally love yourself� and �CHAOS� stands for �can't have anybody over syndrome�....That has been me for the last 2 years!....Til now... My house is almost 100% back in order and I am already planning on having BOTH kid's birthday parties this year like I used to ALWAYS do...Well, Ben's is this Nov. & Meg's is next Jan.. Like I have said before, I have had a clean house, just disorganized, chaotic, etc..... Things everywhere and who cared!...With that being said... These lazybones got out of bed @ 5:00 a.m. this morning and trying to keep at getting up early from here on out.... This will allow me to do DD, without any interruptions (well maybe not ANY.... the cat has figured he needs to jump in the middle of the keyboard as I type)... Get breakfast eaten before 9:30-10:00 a.m.... Get a good start to my day and not feel pushed for time so much... and now I must get with it....


Breakfast ~ 1 Egg/2 Egg Whites, Tomato & 1 sl. Thin Whole Wheat Bread w/Honey, Banana ~ Coffee

Snack ~ Grapefruit & Few Black Grapes/ S.F. Vanilla Coffee

Dinner ~ Smart Balance P B & Lite Jam Sadwich on Thin Whole Wheat Bread....Khashi Bar & Cucumber

Took Meg to the Goodwill to find some school shirts... Bought a black blouse for me, Volcom shirt for Ben, HUGE Mary Engelbreit Cloth bag (adorable!), 12 shirts for Meg, 1 pair of skorts for Meg & 2 toys for $43....I scored with 1/2 off tickets!.... Yea Momma!!!!!!Have a walk scheduled @ 3:45 p.m. for 6 miles....Going to go put something in the oven for supper and get my shoes on...

Snack ~ Nothin' ~ Ate dinner @ 2:45 p.m.

Got in the 6 miles walk. Got rained on a bit, but tolerable and without lightning/thunder..... Probably will walk another couple miles after supper with the family...Hubby has been talking about missing the walk and how his legs/feet can tell he hasn't went in a while..Good opportunity to see if there are anymore blackberries to be picked.....Earlier when we passed by the orchards, the apples were so beautiful... So plentiful & turning red/pinks/yellows..Can't wait til picking is over, so we can glean the trees....Several orchardists have went organic....We have constant "banging" and bottle rockets going off around the clock to combat the birds.....Scareecrows set up with longjohns and pvc pipe looking like they are surfing in mid-air when the wind blows...Body twisting...Very fun to stand and watch! Fake harmed bird sounds on tape recorders. You name it, they have it and we see/hear it....

Supper ~ Small Piece of Steak, Brown Rice & Peas

Dessert ~ WW Yogurt w/ Honey

Water Consumption ~ No less than 120 oz.

Every bite counts !.....

Eat the last kid's chicken nugget = 50 calories

Eating a couple cubes of sample cheeses @ the supermarket = 100 calories

Eat the last Oreo in the package = 45 calories

Eat a couple forks full of kids mac-n-cheese = 54 calories ( I do this sometimes AHHH)

Drink the last few swigs of apple juice from the bottle = 30 calories

Eat a handful of jellybeans from co-worker's candy jar = 60 calories


Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

omahagrl on 08/20/2008:
How I wish I had you or someone like you that I could sit down and talk to!!! I have my sis and may even call her tonight to see if she wants to join me for a walk. You made me smile!

hollybelle on 08/20/2008:
Oh I caught that - "like in the beginning days" I so understand that. that is what keeps running thru my mind - when I had those days when mostly it just wasn't even a struggle. I want to get to that. I will keep working on it - it's my attitude, I know - til I get there. I have been in this stage - whatever that stage is for LONG ENOUGH! I love the water-rich foods. That helps so much. Filling, healthy and NOT calorie - dense! YAY! Good time of year for it too with all the vegetables and fruit around!

omahagrl on 08/20/2008:
Just an update that my dark clouds are starting to part and again thank you for the positive thoughts. I think our tea time worked. :-)

loveray on 08/20/2008:
this is a GREAT entry. i know we all need the reminders of the olden days when we were truly committed to our nutritional healing! as a matter of fact, i just went to the library to get some new reading material on natural healing via foods, meditation and yoga...brings me back home. so happy for you! much love

Jen40 on 08/20/2008:
I've been "FLYing" off and on for about 5 years and I just love the habits I've learned. There seems to be an overload of emails at first, but once you get the hang of it, you really can delete many of them and use the ones that suit you. I've been eating fresh & whole foods since starting this diet and can say I love them so much more than packaged foods that I suspect sapped my energy for many years. Fresh is best! :O)

selina on 08/20/2008:
i love waterrich produce! Thanks for the cool entry!

What are you guys going to do after apple picking is over? Glean the trees, you mean clean? how/why? I have one apple tree in the backyard which is loaded, can't wait for picking season. Our cherry tree didn't do well but the prunes were ok...(2 trees, one seems to be about 100 years old, kidding, very old, anyway)

selina on 08/21/2008:
And you are absolutely right: my weight loss, however small is exciting! Thanks!

thinnside40 - Tuesday Aug 19, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 202.0


Apple (Gala) harvest here has started ~ Yummy!

Monday was a good day...Got some house chores done, got the kid's chore lists & daily expectations all posted on their bulletin boards (preparing them for when school starts)...Had them in bed by 8:30 last night and they read until 9:00...Was easier than I thought it was going to be.....YEA!... I got to walk for 5 of the 6 miles I set out to go (read yesterday at the bottom to read why ~ Ahhh!)....

Received a phone call last night from the mom of the boys I was to watch this June, but fell through due to the parent's getting a divorce (sad)...I offered to watch both boys for the price I was getting for the one boy, before the baby came along....Not sure if I am shooting myself in the foot or not. Some things have happened, causing me and their mother to fear for the boy's safety/well being in their current childcare setting. It isn't costing her anything right now, due to her financial status being such, but her sister has offered to help her until she can get back on her feet and stabalized....... I cannot allow something to happen if I can be those boy's safe haven....Have watched the 5 year old since he was 3 months old, so he is like my own child....I never saw that extra money and have prayed. God is leading me to accept what I am used to getting per month and not dwell upon the "could of been's".. I will be picking the older boy up @ pre-school 5 days a week, instead of 3.....Things will be ironed out over the next couple weeks and I have until Sept 2nd to prepare (again) for a baby... I'm excited! He is a good baby and the older boy is acting more like a little boy, now that "dad" isn't around much..He used to be a very angry child and could never figure out why...Now we know why, cause dad was making him keep secrets and putting him in situations that kids just SHOULD NOT be put in!...GRRRRR...Makes me sick to my stomach to think this man was in my house 5 days a week and had ALL the answers we have been looking for for so long...It was HIM and he knew it!!!!! Had conversed with him many time trying to figure out what was the cause of the behavioural problems...Last night when I heard that little boy in the bathtub, he sounded like a little boy should..Just having fun and he told his mom " I miss my JerJer, Paul, Ben, Meg, Tayt..I miss them ALL...I miss them ALL!!!!!" and just sounding so cute..... My heart leaped for him to know how free he must feel now and can just be a little boy..If you knew the struggles I have had with this, you would totally understand how relieved I am to see him just happy... He has been sad for so long....

Today the weather is suppose to be in the 80's.Talk about a drastic change!.Humidity is much lower too..Whew!....So, I am off to put a load of laundry in the wash, make my bed & get to preparing things to shampoo carpets sometime this week.... Have to finish cleaning my kitchen too...Want to walk later on...Going to go mow the neighbor ladies lawn if the weather holds out til about 3:30....She doesn't get out of bed before 1:30-2:00 p.m. (stays up all night), so morning mowing is "out"....Ben will do it, just I like to be there and can help go along the edges....

Holding @ 202 still and going to work super hard to adhere to a strict regime of eating moderately and walking/gazelling EVERY DAY again.........


Breakfast ~ Rice/Wheat Flakes with Strawberries, Skim Milk, Coffee

Snack ~ Cucumber & an Apple

Dinner ~ Salmon Patty, Cauliflower, Carrots, Brocolli & Peas (dash of LS Soy Sauce).....Grapefruit

Snack ~ Khashi Bar

Went to neighbor's and got some walking in behind a lawnmower.....Ben helped...It took us a couple hours...Came home with a bag of homegrown beef..... She INSISTS on us taking a little each time we go to her house to do anything.... She doesn't even eat beef hardly anymore and STILL going to butcher a cow this fall.....Habits are hard to break I guess....Her husband used to do it and so she is hanging onto how things have always been done.....She only likes the porterhouse cut....So we got sirloin, stew meat, hamburger and a couple t-bones.....Not all this time, but that is what is in the freezer from the last 4 times we have went to her house...We have 1/2 beef of our own coming this fall too..... Need chicken, but can't bring myself to ring necks and pluck feathers...

Supper ~ Pork Riblets, Salad (Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber * Lite Ranch), 1 Ear of Corn

Dessert ~ WW Yogurt w/ Honey

H2O ~ Plenty


Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 08/19/2008:
Oh - some evil people!!! People who misuse/mistreat children! And so many of them look so NORMAL! They fool so many people. GRRR! At least there is a stop to it now. I hope the dad isn't getting custody or any visiting rights. That gets so ugly. Friend of mine went thru some similar stuff with her ex-husband and her daughter. Let me just say that now, years later, they are SO much better off and he's the one who is alone and has no one.

I came on your diary to say thanks for the wise words regarding bible verse and reminding myself that God is with me through it all. I know that, but I really need to focus on it. I just realized yesterday that I really haven't PRAYED about the house repairs much at all. I THANKED God that no one was hurt and TRUSTED Him to see us through it all, but I really haven't PRAYED with regard to the process. I started to do that this morning. I am praying for the contractor and for our family and for wisdom to see opportunity in unxpected places in the process. So far, I really haven't conducted myself as a believer, with regard to the rebuilding of our home - sometimes quite the opposite. I have had very little patience and am driving everyone (including myself) nuts over it. No doubt it is frustrating, but there are ways to help myself and family through it better, if I will just see them. Thanks for the comments and God bless.

selina on 08/19/2008:
Oh! I love those apples! I remember passing through Yakima once when it was harvest season - the air smelt like apples, heavenly!

Maria7 on 08/19/2008:
Don't forget to box us up a few of those fresh apples and send them to us!!! Sure do sound REAL GOOD!!!

How sweet of y'all to help your neighbor!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

loveray on 08/19/2008:
thanks so much for your comment! it went really well...i have my final interview on friday of this week, so fingers crossed! how are things with you? hope all is well

abdab74 on 08/19/2008:
Those boys are lucky to have you in their lives. It sounds like you are lucky to have them as well. What a great entry. Enjoy your day!

lafemme_loca on 08/19/2008:
God is so good and faithful ! I pray that He blesses you for your obedience. I pray that His love and peace comes upon this entire situation. Enjoy the cooler weather and less humidity. :-)

sweetpea1977 on 08/19/2008:
Wow, that story about the little boy is so sad. Im glad he has finally been given the chance to be a little boy again. He's so lucky to have you in his life.

Enjoy those apples!

WI3 on 08/19/2008:
Awww that poor little guy. So happy that you are there for him and his family. I give you a lot of credit for not just babysitting the kids, but for taking care of them. You have a big heart and I think it is fantastic. Have a wonderful evening!

Maria7 on 08/19/2008:
Those little boys are blessed to have you in their lives. You are a wonderful person!!!

cybermom4 on 08/19/2008:
yummy - Gala apples are my favorite :) - Wow - your post makes me say WOW - you are amazing! Your dedication to the boys must mean the world to the mom. For her to be able to count on you is such a blessing for her. {{hugs}} thanks for your note to me - you are one encouraging person and I didn't realize I was almost at the 1/2 way point -- Cheers to you and to your success, with the children and with your diet goals!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/19/2008:
healthy day!

you must be sooo good with the kids! i can tell!

Maria7 on 08/19/2008:
Ring necks????????????????????? Do you not have a small hatchet????

I grew up tending chickens...My Grandma, who lived next door, had a GIANT chicken house with about 40 chickens she kept in it...She sold eggs and sometimes she would have me to catch the chicken she'd pick out, and then I helped her while she slowly, meticulously, so as not to upset the chicken, would hold its head leaned over onto a cement block and she would simply (do what needed to be done, in order to have fried chicken)...after this, we'd take the chicken into her kitchen and soak it in a big tub of hot water and then we'd both pluck the feathers.....since I was real young, she did all of the cleaning of the chicken, herself...Of course, I helped eat the fried chicken...my favorite part was the gizzard...

HOWEVER...my Mom was different from her Mother, and Mom did the 'wring neck' deal with her chickens...and as a child, being told to stay inside the house while this was accomplished, I peeped out the window and saw the upset chickens after their delemmas...I ALWAYS thought Grandma's method was BEST and still do. BUT...to each their own, huh?

selina on 08/20/2008:
I visited someone last spring in Washington State, on Orcas Island, who had chickens that she named Henrietta, Ethel, Irene and Mabel! I loved the names! Daughter was SO delighted to feed cottage cheese to them!

Jen40 on 08/20/2008:
I think you are just SO WONDERFUL for saving that little boy from more heartache, pain, and fear. So many people think of themselves first and formost, don't want to get involved, but you're not going to be one of them. Just awesome.

Jen40 on 08/20/2008:
Foggy morning brain here, by the way, so if I don't make sense you know why, lol. Oh and that picture at the top is beautiful!

thinnside40 - Monday Aug 18, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 202.0


Sunday was a good day.....Got in a afternoon nap and just spent the day @ home after church.....Weather was so hot.....Today upon waking it was so humid...Not suppose to be as hot, but humidity makes up for the difference.......I'm getting ready to shut the doors and turn on the A/C already @ 8:30 a.m.... Just heard that we are continuing to be under "red flag" warnings for lightning strikes and explosive fire conditions with the humidity & 25-35 mph winds starting anytime...Winds last night were bad too....

Have plenty to do today...Being sick most of the week last week put me behind of where I wanted to be by now....Laundry room will be finished and then set into just deep cleaning. Setting up school paper storage, bulletin boards, chore lists, etc....

Today I am going back to the menu/schedule I had in the beginning..Try to jump start again I guess......Hidden goal is to be <200 by Labor Day.....

Breakfast ~ Oatmeal w/ walnuts,whole dried cranberries & skim milk....Coffee

Gettin my living room back in order....Lit a couple candles..Temps are 84 outside....Wind came up and packing a punch with some rain....Dark enough at times to have to turn lights on in the house...Meg is worried about our corn being blown over...Will need to check damages later...Humidity & I do not get along very well...A/C is on, but I am still sweating and makes me feel weak/tired...Best get back to work and vacuuming....

Snack ~ WW Yogurt w/ Honey

Dinner ~ Turkey Patty with Lettuce, Tomato & Cucumber...Grapefruit

Snack ~ Khashi x 2 (ate one before walking)

Set out to take a 6 mile walk about 4:00 p.m... Received a phone call from the neighbor lady about a mile into it....Stopped by and arranged to mow her yard tomorrow and talked a bit..Stepped outside to go the remaining 4 miles.... Got near the turn around point and here came the lightning/thunder and rain......Lightning was close enough to make the power lines "zzzzzaaaaapppp" as I walked underneath them..... I prayed for the Lord to protect me until I could get ahold of hubby (on way home from work) to come get me...He was close to home when I talked to him, so he kept going West til he found me....I made it 5 miles....Whew!...BTW ! I DID jog a bit to try to beat the storm...Didn't work!

Supper ~ Revised ~ Spaghetti (Xtra Lean Burger, LS Sauce, Barolla Plus Angel Hair)

Dessert ~ Slice of Banana Bundt Cake I made from a "made up as I went" recipe...Bananas, Applesauce, Oatmeal, Cranberries, Minimal Flour, Baking Soda & Vanilla

H2O ~ Copious Amount


Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

omahagrl on 08/18/2008:
WOW your weather is so hot and we actually have not had to turn our AC on since Thursday. Glad to hear things are getting somewhat normal for you. Have a great day and I hope your weather starts to improve!

grumpy on 08/18/2008:
I like that goal and I am sure you will be there. I am thinking of setting an ambitious goal for myself... hmmm

Jen40 on 08/18/2008:
Ugh, humidity and heat kill me too. I AM the person AC was invented for. I can't live without it. Your breakfast made me hungry. :O)

Maria7 on 08/18/2008:
Please stay safe!!! Let us know how you are!!! I looked at the radar for your area on the weather channel on tv and saw what you were talking about!!!

Hope you are feeling better...when is Labor Day? (I know it is soon.)

Maria7 on 08/18/2008:
PS...I am now ~Maria~.

Maria7 on 08/18/2008:
WOWWWWWW!!!! Glad you were safe! You were a LOT BRAVER than I would have been! I'd have been knocking on someone's door asking for shelter, for real! Glad your Hubby was able to get you and you were okay!

Maria7 on 08/18/2008:
PS...please send me some of that cake over this way! YUM!!!

loveray on 08/18/2008:
missed you! more tomorrow...xoxo

WI3 on 08/18/2008:
Ohhhh MY! You are having some rough weather! Send some rain our way! I hope you are feeling better and have been able to get some rest and build up your strength really good. Take care!

Agent_Guber on 08/18/2008:
I just wanted to respond to the comment you left for me

I am sorry, I know what you are going through I use to weigh 230 pounds. I dont understand why people have to see weight, I wish the world wasnt so one minded with women and their bodies, I wish we could all be seen for who we are regardless of how thin or overweight a person is. It is a frustrating battle not only with weight but with emotional issues!

selina on 08/18/2008:
Hi Thin! I'm so glad you are ok and the storm did not stop you from your fitness goal! Yayy for the <200 by Labor Day! I hope the corn is ok, can you imagine all that work and to have a storm destroy the corn? I hope you get cooler wheather after the storm!

omahagrl on 08/19/2008:
BTW I forgot to do the happy dance for 202. Comeon 201 you know you want to be there!!!! Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thinnside40 - Sunday Aug 17, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 202.0

Got home from church a bit ago.... Eating some dinner, then going to go take a nap... Temperature is suppose to possibly reach record high of 103+ this afternoon.. Currently we are under �red flag alert� in preparation for dry lightning/thunder storm... There is a lot of dry areas around and even controlled burns have been haulted.... Not sure about walking this evening.... I really am leaning towards going 3 miles on the Gazelle instead... Work some different muscles and stay out of the heat.... I forgot to mention yesterday that I also got a bike....for $1.....I was looking at it and the woman said, make ya a good deal..... I told her that I usually walk, but had been keeping and eye out for a bike too.... She asked how far I walk.. I told her usually try for 6 miles a day (when I go).... The bike needs new tires, so she said �you can have it!...If somebody with as much gumption you have to walk that many miles wants it and are losing weight, I want to help you out..... Take it!�...I told her I would give her a buck for the bike.... She jumped out of her seat and grabbed my hand wishing me good luck to continue......Put it in the trunk and will get tires on payday... I also stopped by the espresso stand for my usual 32oz. Iced tea whenever I am closeby...i hadn't been there in a couple weeks... The gal looked at me and said � You sure are looking good these days!�...I told her I was down by 35...She was amazed!.... Told her I have just shy of 50 to go and she shook her head in kind of a �no you don't�.....I have had that reaction from many people when they ask how much further to go..... I tell them I will weigh what I did when I got married... Then they realize I know what I am doing....

The cat is doing well. He won't leave ya alone.... You pet him and he reaches out his paws to grab your hand to hold tightly..... Slept at my feet all night.... He has let the dogs know already this is his place too.. They are adjusting fairly well... Of course they are �needy� right now more so than usual.... Our outdoor kitty hasn't met him yet.. We will wait til the end of the week for that.....

O.K. So eating today started out real well with the oatmeal/blackberries....Took it to church even, cause I was running behind....We (Ben & I are there 1.5 hours ealry for practiceing music).Ate @ 10:15..... Got home from church @ 12:30 and lost it, just simply lost it. I was munchy hungry and before I knew it I had eaten 1 & � pbj sandwich, handful of soynuts, handful of fake pecans, few tortilla chips and drank a glass of 100% cranberry juice.....BAD!!!!!.. Plan is to not eat until supper and have a nice salad......Off to nap for a bit, then get up and do some constructive housework, then get on the Gazelle after supper........

Took a nice long nap....Weather reached 103 and now the house is hot as can be on the west side..Have an air conditioner, but when it gets this hot, just can't cool the whole house...We'll put a mist sprinkler outside our bedroom window before retiring for the night... Getting ready to eat chicken taco salad (like all the ones before) and watch "Grumpy Old Men".... Tomorrow night starts the school regime to get the kids primed for the 26th.....


Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

maria777 on 08/17/2008:
What color is your new cat??? I LOVE cats!

Good deal on the bike!!! YAyyyyyy!!!

Hope you're having a fantastic day!!!

grumpy on 08/17/2008:
hey, cool about the bike!! my mom stays for another week, leaves next monday. xo

Jen40 on 08/17/2008:
Hooray on the new bike! That's fabulous. I can feel that I am on the verge of 'losing it' myself. I am so so so wanting something BAD. Tomorrow might just be the day I crack.

selina on 08/18/2008:
Yayy!! You will love biking around!

You are so lucky to have such friednly cat! Enjoy! And enjoy the last few days of the kids being home on vacation!

thinnside40 - Saturday Aug 16, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 202.0

Howdy!..... I am running so behind this day....Hectic! Hectic! Hectic!.... Good Hectic..Actually Excellente' Hectic!....I am feeling fine, just tired....Been running around for one reason or another today and have to leave the house ONE MORE TIME before coming home to stay....When I get home, I will update on all the happenings of this day...I spent some of my money!!!!! Kinda sad, but all good!

Eating could be better, but could be a lot worse too...Been munching through the day, but on healthy choices...Paul and Ben headed to the car races & Meg & I stopped by Subway for supper.....

O.K. headed to finish my custodial job...I'll be back in about 2.5-3 hours...

Late night update ~ Just got home from my job...Got sidetracked by a neighbor who saw I was at the church...She came in and talked for an hour...It was a good conversation....O.K...so today, Paul and Ben went early morning to get a riding lawnmower my dad gave us..Just needed a tire and a little tweeking done to it...He bought him a new J.D. tractor mower for his birthday present.....so, we got the old one....I woke Meg up and we went to a few Yard Sales....Bought a couple little things & 1 BIG thing......The BIG thing was something we have NEEDED for a while and just been waiting to find what we wanted....I bought me a Sealy Posture Pedic Queen Matress & Boxsprings (like new)....Our set we had was 16 years old...Bought it at a rent-to-own shop when we got married...Springs were starting to poke through and it was simply wore out....When hubby/Ben got home, we set out to get it (they had the ElCamino to haul).....Came home and cleaned it (not dirty, but Lysoled and Vacuumed it anyways) When we got there, we overheard conversation about cats and how the lady was a "Cat Rescuer". She had a very nice set-up where the cats are kept..She had a fan going and ice water in their bowls..(It was 101 today btw)....Big building with plenty of room for the cats to roam (not in her house)...Cleaned daily too.... Just nice! We have talked about getting another cat, cause ours is 15 years old and we would like another...These cats she has were all spayed/neutered & up to date on shots..... YES!...We got the best 4 year old male, named Spookie.. Don't ask me why he is called that, cause I call him "Loverboy". He would not leave us alone..She has had him for the 4 years and never fealt the right person had come along...Til today!....YEA!!!!!!!!! We gave her $25 and told her we would bring her litter/food as winter comes closer to help her out too....So, got home and Ben had talked with his great-uncle the other night about going to the car races. My Uncle/Cousin drive tow truck every weekend for the local race track.....Ben has been talking about going in the tow truck down in the pits for the last 2 years...It was all cleared this afternoon. Paul would have to sign a waiver, cause Ben is under 18 then he could be with the "big boys"...The "boys" took off, so Meg and & I are home alone after cleaning.....Meg is formally introducing the dogs to the new cat now and I must go help her now I think.....


Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

grumpy on 08/16/2008:
Hope you had a good day. I have been busy with mom and didn't comment till now. I too could have eaten better, but i had a big lunch. hugs.

WI3 on 08/16/2008:
Subway...yummmmmy! Your day sounds faster paced than mine was and I was running around crazy LOL. Hope everything went well with you today!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/16/2008:
yes, the computer takes time, doesn't it!? i hate when i don't have time to come on here!

selina on 08/17/2008:
Hi Thin! I LOVE your entry and the fact that you got a new CAT! I love them! You must tell us more about how the older cat and the dogs reacted to the newcomer. That's because my Inky - a girl - NEVER accepted one of the other two cats (Selina) that I got later, and they still have fights - one year later. She seems to be OK with Tartine - maybe because he is a boy....

Congrats on the mattress purchase!

WOW, you are having such awful temperatures! We are having awful temperatures, too. except that here it's too cold - 50's.

Have a good sunday!

WI3 on 08/17/2008:
YAY on getting a new bed! I had a bed for a really long time and it was like heaven to get a new one...I hope you slept really well! And how cool about the cat. AND what a refreshing story to read about the cat lady. Not some sad story about how the cats are all sickly and living in horrid conditions. Good for that lady! Take care!

balloonlady on 08/17/2008:
I love good hectic type days!! sounds like your doing great... oh.. and to answer your question... I can't do laundry, ironing without causing more wrinkiles is beyond me,,, and I cant swallow a sword, Dustin can and I am too scared to try.... thats about all i can't do..... : )

thinnside40 - Friday Aug 15, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 202.0



In the far background is the neighbor's house/field...The garden now has zinnias in full bloom and the plants are a bit bigger...Corn is about a week from being ready.....This was taken 07/29. Trying to dowload a couple more photos..Will post when they make it to photobucket..I HATE DIAL-UP!

Thursday was a good day...Did not walk, but the weather was 99 degrees and with my stomach the way it has been, I didn't want to feel any worse....I did stay active most of the day...Doing laundry, cleaning & misc......Took about an hour nap mid-day.....

Today I do have to get my custodial job done... Tayt got here super late yesterday and that knocked me out of doing it....Hubby has 3 more Fridays off, then back to 5 days a week of work.... No Yard Sales closeby today....Weather today is suppose to be 100 with a RF of 104.....Suppose to be record breaking highs on Sunday.....UGH.. Doesn't seem like a week ago today I was at my grandma's house...Glad that is all behind...I still have most of my money too....YEA!

Went ahead and changed the official weight to 202 this morning.....I keep invisioning myself at Thanksgiving/Christmas... Time has went by so fast and the 35#'s seem so much, then I realize that possibly I could be another 25-30#'s more being gone within this next 3-4 months...I know it won't come off as easily in the beginning, but I sure can give it a good shot...I want a family photo (with me MUCH thinner) for Christmas so badly..That would be the greatest gift I could give myself.


Breakfast : )

Cereal (130) Skim Milk (45) Banana (85) Coffee (0) 260

Snack : )

Kudo (100) 360

Dinner/Lunch : )

Tuna Sandwich (225) Tomato (10) Pickle (5) 600

Tayt's mom called late this morning and asked if I had anywhere to go...I didn't but, I went to get the boy after he spent some time with his big brother's....We wound up going to a couple Yard Sales then (Ben too)...Bought a couple items and resisted several I REALLY wanted... Colored glassware I collect, but I don't want to let go of my money yet THAT bad...She had them priced a bit high for "yard sale" prices..... Bought an old piece of convex (bubble) glass for my dad to make a picture frame..He has some old pictures of his granparent's & parent's he wants to make frames for and is tickled I found this (9.5" x 13.5").... It is hotter 'en blue blazes outside. I just made my bed and folded a load of laundry...working on making an old storage room into a laundry room (minus washer/dryer ~ they are in the bathroom) put a table in there for folding and going to go to the hardware store to buy some brackets for a rod to hang hangers & clothes as they are being sorted....We are all going to be responsible for our own "putting away" and have our own clothes hamper...So nice to be organized!....First time in my life I think...Whew!....Headed to the eye glass place in a couple minutes..Hubby dropped his glasses a few minutes ago and the fishline broke..Went ahead and made him an eye exam appointment for next Friday too.....May go take the glass to my dad while we're out n about..I don't want to chance it getting broken.....I am feeling much better this afternoon....

Snack : )


Supper : )


Snack/Dessert : )


Water ~ 120 oz. or more

J 235, F 228, M 219, A 212, M 210, J 206, J 203...


Progress as of today: 35 lbs lost so far, only 47 lbs to go!

abdab74 on 08/15/2008:
Congrats on finally claiming that lower number. Hope you start feeling better soon. The garden is lovely!

grumpy on 08/15/2008:
202 is great! i wonder if you weight in every week again you won't be more motivated to lower your numbers? but maybe not, you've been doing really constantly well. beautiful garden too!

selina on 08/15/2008:
I love your garden Thin! I'm so envious of you, I wish I had a garden like that! I only have 3 potted tomatoes and a few planters of basil, mint and oregano - they look good, though.

Thanks much for the color thing. Got it, great instructions! Have a great weekend!

Last but not least, Congratulations on the weight loss! You are an inspiration to all of us!

WI3 on 08/15/2008:
Congratulations on the weight loss! YAY! Smart idea to plant veggies with the price of them going through the roof!

leeumom on 08/15/2008:
Hey hey hey...... Another number down. Boy, can't wait to see that 199 and lower!! I noticed sense I've been gone that there does not seem to have the profile on each member.... how come? I liked it to see where they were from and age. Nosey me!!! and yes, Shirlee....... is back!

maria777 on 08/15/2008:
Beautiful photo of your garden! Showed it to Hubby and it said it is nice.

Glad you are feeling much better!!!

Yard sales=temptation...You did good!

Hope you have a nice evening!

Jen40 on 08/15/2008:
WOOHOOOO!!!!! CLAP CLAP CLAP!!! I'm so happy to see that lower number. :O) I'm in love with your garden, too. I miss having a vegetable garden. The soil here is all clay and the one attempt we made here with a veggie garden failed miserably. Used to have a lovely one many years ago when we rented a cottage and the landlord was a bigtime gardener, so she always gave us half to grow whatever we wanted and gave the kids tractor rides and had them help water. Here the ground just cracks and has moles throughout the entire property, and nothing ever kills them.

BEAUTIFUL GARDEN PHOTO, I really enjoyed that. :O)

Agent_Guber on 08/16/2008:
SOOO close to your 190's! That is SO AWESOME!!!!

maria777 on 08/16/2008:
WHERE is our Thin today?????????????? Hope she's okay!

thinnside40 - Thursday Aug 14, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 203.0

Wednesday was a fair day..... Felt better, but not 100%... Got a couple loads of laundry done & went to a family supper..... I ate the same foods as everyone else, but in moderation... Baked Chicken Breast, Melon Salad, � c. Potato Salad, � c/ Baked Beans & thin slice French Bread... Then a couple bites of chocolate cake... Figured it probably wasn't going to hurt me as anything/everything I eat right now goes straight through me... By the time I got home and laid in bed... Sure enough, made a mad dash!....So this morning, I feel more rested, but stomach is STILL feeling �off�.....Ben & I went to WalMart and got home late as it was.... Bought Meg a couple packs of socks/anklets & a pack of undies.... She was elated when she saw them when I got home.... Wanted to look at a couple other things for me, but Ben wasn't in a patient mood... Buying undies & socks for sis was enough for him.... I will go shopping when it is just me, myself & I.....

Today is custodial cleaning, more laundry, walking and writing out school supply shopping list.... I have several left-overs from last year, so shouldn't need much.. Kids start school on the 26th...Ben has orientation the 21st.......I stepped on the scale this morning and it said 201....So, I will maybe claim that 202 from yesterday at least and see how things appear when my stomach straightens out and is back to being normal.... I just fear once my system is back to where it should be that I will go back to the 203.......Shall see I guess huh? Fingers/toes & whatever else possible kept crossed, cause that <200 is looking so mighty breath-taking possible very soon..... I don't know what I will do with myself when that happens..... As it is now, my heart almost stops when I see each lower number... I gasp and well up with tears.... Look at myself in the mirror and get back on the scale, then do it again, until I realize it isn't lying to me...


Breakfast : )

Oatmeal (140) Blackberries (40) � banana (50) Coffee (0) 230

Snack : )

WW Yogurt (100) Honey (45) 375

Gotten 2 loads of laundry done, scheduled my blood tests (cholestrol, thyroid, etc) for September 18th and physical for September 22nd.... I shall surely ((((SUPRISE)))) her (the doctor) this year...WhooHoo!!!! No preaching to me this time.....WhooHoo!!!! I will most likely be headed to the lower part of the 190's by then...WhooHoo!!!!!I cannot say that "WhooHoo" too much..... Relief for a change when I go for that dreaded appointment...."WhooHoo"...Now, I am off to fix the kid's lunch and maybe take a 30 minute rest...Feeling a bit stronger, but having waves of weakness and sweaty.....Stomach isn't so rumbly.....Weather is super hot today, suppose to be near 100 and only getting hotter each day for a while at least...Picked a small bucket of cherry tomatoes this morning for salad sometime today...Kids are pitching in to tidy the house..Need to get a school routine going again, before it begins...Chore lists and such are on the agenda to begin by Monday....

Dinner/Lunch : )

Lettuce Mix (20) Cherry Tomatoes (15) Swiss (60) Chickpeas (45) Cucumber (10) Lite Ranch (40) Fake Pecans (gotta find out the name of those) (40) Cute Very Little Apple (40) Tiny Bite Chocolate Cake (15) 660

Snack : )


Supper : )


Snack/Dessert : )


Water ~ 120 oz. or more

J 235, F 228, M 219, A 212, M 210, J 206, J 203...


Progress as of today: 34 lbs lost so far, only 48 lbs to go!

omahagrl on 08/14/2008:
Schools here in Omaha started yesterday. How I use to love going shopping for school supplies. I still go this time so I can load up on notebooks as I use them at work at home. Hope you start feeling better!!!

selina on 08/14/2008:
Hi Thin! I am so proud of you, too! Take care of your tummy!

loveray on 08/14/2008:
thank you so much. i will be missing you while in colorado! be well and talk soon. xoxo

Jen40 on 08/14/2008:
Hey!!! I think I understand now. I couldn't read it the way I was meant to unless I visited my diary like a public diary. Sometimes I make the simplest things complicated, I'm telling ya. Heh

Aww *hugs* I really really REALLY want that lower number for you too. You've been so incredibly supportive to me, and I get all weepy reading how much you want it, so I want that too!

kopsman on 08/14/2008:
Thanks for the encouragement.I haven't kept in touch with other members in the past but may try to do so this time. At Tops we have to keep a food journal on paper so I may not food journal online this time. Leeumom and I both had large gains but were lucky we did not gain even more. I think we have the right frame of mind to do something now.

leeumom on 08/14/2008:
Well look at you girlfriend!!! Almost at that new number range. I have been watching you, but did not sign in. So glad to see you still at it. I miss (mur), what happened? You can email me if you want. I'm just concerned. I thought of you yesterday when Kopsman and I went for our walk. Some day maybe. Keep it up, you are doing great. Leeumom

leeumom on 08/14/2008:
I just figured it out, Grumpy!! Feel better now. We are all here again. Talk later.

maria777 on 08/14/2008:
Sounds like you are beginning to feel a little better! (yayyyy!)

Congratulations on 201!!!! Double yayyyyy!!! SMILE!

Big smile to you!!!!!

WI3 on 08/14/2008:
Ohhhh I have my fingers crossed for you!! I hope you feel better!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/14/2008:
i am VERY interested in the fake pecans and i thank you for letting me know about them..

Beth201P on 08/14/2008:
I hope your tummy is feeling 100% real soon. I know how hard that is. Congrat on reaching that 201. I AM PROUD OF YOU!! Keep it up. Have a blessed Friday. ((HUGS))

maria777 on 08/14/2008:
Hope you've had/are having a good day and feeling much better!!!

selina on 08/15/2008:
hi thin! thanks for the tips on making one's entry more colorful at jen's entry! i've been using it, too!

hollybelle on 08/15/2008:
Hi there. Started commenting on your diary yesterday and somehow ERASED IT! So here I go again. Hope you are feeling better today. You are SO CLOSE to under 200 - I'm rooting for ya! Hang in there - all thins in good time. It is going to HAPPEN - I believe it's going to happen! God bless.....Holly

thinnside40 - Wednesday Aug 13, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 203.0

Tuesday was an icky day..... Not much accomplished.. I did go on a 6 mile walk in the evening... By the time I was on the last mile, my stomach was in an uproar and I just did not feel well, as had been the case all day.... Hubby went to get me some Hansen's diet gingerale & ice.... By the time he got home, I was chilling and felt the worst I have felt in a very long time...... Broke down and took 2 Advil, ate some unsalted top crackers and pineapple... Drank plenty water to keep hydrated.... About an hour later I broke out in a sweat and felt much better overall... So, my suspicion was right, I had a fever.... Stomach isn't right still this morning, but I do feel better......

Today I need to do a few loads of laundry, clean the livingroom, maybe go do some church cleaning, rest a bit & go to our family gathering this evening... Weather is suppose to be in the upper 90's and remain there the rest of the week.....Got on the scale this morning and it says 202, but I am not counting it just yet, due to me being sick and I want to make sure it is a true pound gone before claiming it.....


Breakfast : )

Cereal (110) Skim Milk (40) Banana (85) Coffee (0) 235

Snack : )

WW Yogurt (100) Honey (45) 380

Dinner/Lunch : )

Salmon Burger (120) Lettuce (15) Cucumber (10) Cherry Tomatoes (15) Fake Pecans (25) Lite Ranch Dressing (40) 1/2 Kudo Bar (50) 655

Snack : )

Nothin' ~ Saving calories for Supper @ Aunt's house

Supper : )


Snack/Dessert : )


Water ~ 120 oz. or more

J 235, F 228, M 219, A 212, M 210, J 206, J 203...


Progress as of today: 34 lbs lost so far, only 48 lbs to go!

grumpy on 08/13/2008:
yay, looks like a true pound to me! glad you feel better.

grumpy on 08/13/2008:
makes me feel sad when you say people who DO love me... we women have to accept that when a man doesn't love us the way we want them to (in my case, as a girlfriend) it doesn't mean theyre bad people or that they don't love us otherwise. honestly, even though its not how i wish it was J loves me way more than most of my friends do. anyway, sorry, i didnt mean to get riled up, it's just that i am so tired of hearing everyone bashing him just for the simple fact he didn't get into me enough. happens to everyone and he wasn't 'leading me on' either, he was clear about not committing and that things werent 100% figured out for him. we went and tried as much as he could and it didnt work for him. thats all. i don't think thats a huge crime. anyway, like i said, i am just venting over what i have been hearing about this all week long, when people don't know who he is, how he treats me, etc etc.... uff.... can be tougher to deal with everyone's opinions at times than with the sadness of it not working out the way i wish it would... hope you have a great day. xoxo

abdab74 on 08/13/2008:
If I were you I would totally claim that 1 pound. Thanks for the comment. I am trying to be more religious about DD land...

loveray on 08/13/2008:
i hope you are feeling all better soon. hopefully when i return from colorado i will be in the spirit to write some daily affirmations and get real about all my sadness of this job transition and other transitions that are occurring. i am not doing so well, and it sucks. i am going to read some old books that have helped and take a long long walk to see if things can clear up from there. i am just not allowing myself to rest. its horrible. love and miss you!

Agent_Guber on 08/13/2008:
I am glad you are feeling better!! Yikes, I bet that wasnt fun at all!!


selina on 08/13/2008:
Glad you are feeling better. 202, yayyy!!!!

photo: the red roof is the first thing everyone notices because red/green are complementary colors. In a professional photo these two colors should be the focal point or near the focal point, unfortunately it doesn't work that way in this photo.... that's ok. If I were ever to go pro, I might use photoshop to change that color to something more neutral and chance the roof of the church to red, haha

grumpy on 08/13/2008:
hey sweet, in any way you added to my grief, I was just saying how i feel in general about the issue. thanks for your comment. and answering to you, no, i didnt know what he was doing and neither did he, that clearly. i dont even think he was trying to fall for me, he was just confused, had some feelings but not strong enough and wanted to stick around and see what those feelings really were. anyway, yea, i am glad we will talk also. even though i may just hear what he has to say and respond with my take on it. i dont really have much to tell him right now, i think i said it all. xoxo

maria777 on 08/13/2008:
Now you have GOT to start feeling better! THAT IS AN ORDER!!! (not)....I hope you do feel better, though. Please take good care of yourself and get as much rest as you can...I know...sometimes easier said than done...

Congratulations on the 202 (YES, CLAIM IT!!!)! Happy Dance! Happy Dance! YAYYYYY!!!! Love ya! ~Maria

maria777 on 08/13/2008:
'Get thyself in the bed, little Sister, and REST!!!' Forget about what has to be done and take time out for yourself...you need some rest...think about what all you have been doing lately...a lot of going...and a lot of work...

WI3 on 08/13/2008:
Hope you are feeling 100% SOON! Good luck with that weight loss!

sweetpea1977 on 08/13/2008:
Sorry to hear about your illness. Im glad you are on the mend now. Take it easy until you are feeling 100% better!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/13/2008:
my eyes noticed "fake pecans." WHAT!?!?!? is that!

Jen40 on 08/14/2008:
Hey, congrats on the lb lost~ that's fabulous! Poor you with the nasty tummy bug, that stinks. I hope you're feeling better today. *hugs*

Jen40 on 08/14/2008:
Oh I still don't understand about the adding color to entries. Sometimes I am so thick, I just don't get it. But it sure makes your entries interesting to read. So even if I can't figure it out for myself, I can enjoy yours, ROFL!!!

weighthate on 08/14/2008:
Thank you for the encouragement! Gook luck to you too!

thinnside40 - Tuesday Aug 12, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 203.0


Monday was a good day... Didn't get much rest.... The plan was to run the errands, then come home to relax..... Plans got changed and we got home about 10:15 p.m...Have a family supper tonight to go to, so will make my WalMart shopping fall in there somewhere, as supper is about a mile from the store..... I am planning to take a chicken salad to eat... Not sure what is on the menu, but don't want to chance temptation and not stay on track... Had a good day calorie wise yesterday (1375)...added a small bowl of cereal last night......

I am not feeling so well today... Yesterday afternoon was actually when my stomach started rumbling and carrying on..... Had to make a couple mad dashes to the ladies room.... This morning I have a H/A, just feel blah and have made one mad dash..... I was so glad last night when we found out we were eating supper @ my parent's that mom fixed something that I would normally eat... I don't doubt I am just worn out and my system is getting back into routine after the 4 day weekend..... I want to walk sometime today so badly and will do my best to at least go 2-4 miles......


Breakfast : )

Yogurt Cheerios (120) Skim Milk (45) Banana (85) 250

Snack : )

WW Yogurt (100) Honey (45) 395

Dinner/Lunch : )

Bread (80) Smart Balance P.B. (100) Jelly (10) Cucumber (not on the pbj) (10) Soynuts (50) 600

Been trying to rest a bit, but to no avail....Between my kids keeping busy and me not liking to sleep when the neighbor boy is here makes it difficult...Still have a H/A and may take a couple Advil...Stomach is the same too....It isn't effecting my hunger or making me nauseus, just is a nuiscance... Supper plans have changed to tomorrow night (yes!).....The out of towners wanted to go to Mt.Rainier today instead of tomorrow, cause the weather is suppose to be super hot starting tomorrow.....

Snack : )

Pink Grapefruit (70) bread (55) 725

Got in a little nap after Tayt went home..Fell asleep @ 4:15 & woke up @ 5:45..... Stomach is a roarin'...

#2 ~ Pre-walk snack (6:15) Khashi Trail Mix Cookie

Just got in from walking 6 miles.... I am so thirsty, but not hungry at all...Feel so yucky..... I asked hubby to go to the store to buy me some ice & Diet Hansen's Gingerale....Need to eat at least some saltines, cause when I drink anything on an empty stomach, I feel faint & so sick (been that way for years).. Walking was great. My body has missed it...Even though I was active and got plenty exercise, nothing like a walk....

Supper : )


Snack/Dessert : )


Water ~ 120 oz. or more

J 235, F 228, M 219, A 212, M 210, J 206, J 203...


Progress as of today: 34 lbs lost so far, only 48 lbs to go!

selina on 08/12/2008:
Hi Thin! Sounds like you had a super sale over the weekend. I'm glad all went well! Take care of that tummy and stay well.....

maria777 on 08/12/2008:
Hope you feel better! Get some rest and take good care of yourself.

omahagrl on 08/12/2008:
Hubby and I both despise all fish which I wish we didn't as it is so good for you. we have even tried roughy, tuna, salmon and others but we can still taste the fish no matter how we have cooked it. So see this is where I am limited on my menus. OH yea and I do not eat any type of pasta or eggs. hehehehe

maria777 on 08/12/2008:
Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement (also please see my update and let me know what you think of that)...I hope you are feeling better as the day progresses...You are a wonderful person! Big smile to you!

Jen40 on 08/12/2008:
Oh, you need some sleep! Good planning ahead to bring the chicken salad. Hope you got your walk, but you really do need to rest too after such a busy weekend.

Jen40 on 08/12/2008:
How do you get colors into your entries? I always enjoy reading them so much!

loveray on 08/12/2008:
yikes, thats never fun!! drink lotsa water and rest up, ok?! love to you. thanks so much for the encouragement. i am feeling a million times better today. xoxo

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/12/2008:
good eating thinn. i hope you do get some walking in today! :)

thinnside40 - Monday Aug 11, 2008
(Healthy Eating/Food Logging/Walking since 2/1)
Weight: 203.0

Back home & into the swing of things..... Catching up on everyone's happenings..... I am tired, but will rest to catch up on much needed sleep... Feels strange to walk in my house and have it so much emptier... I am saving back some of my earning for paint... Our bedroom, hallway & Ben's room need freshened up with a couple coats of color... I have wallpaper and paint for Meg's room already (have had it for 2 years)...Hubby was (((schocked))) that I sent everything away and didn't bring anything home... Usually I would of saved back anything that had potential of being sold at another sale stamped on it and stored it.... No more storing!......

In a few minutes, I am headed to the bank to deposit 3 checks I took over the weekend.. My Aunt took 3 of them too to make it fair game if any may come back no good.... Never have had any come back, but always hesitate to take them.... Need to straighten the house and get things in a settled place now that I have more room... Laundry to do, beds to make, walk to take.... Weather is super nice so far...... Beans need picked too.....

Still holding 203..... Today will be back on track with eating, keeping a log of menu & activities..... Reading & commenting as I catch up when I have time.......

The kids spent their money on new school shoes yesterday...Meg got an adorable pair of Etnies (white/pink)...They were on sale for $21 (regularly $45)..She wants to be like big brother and wear �skate shoes� that have a name brand to them.....It was hilarious when she gave me her $10 bill and I put it in my purse... She thought that I was keeping her money, when actually I had just given the cashier a $20 & $5 instead...She said �Hey mom..give me my $10 back please?�..I explained to her that I had given the cashier her $10 in that $25..... Ben bought a brand of skate shoe @ a �going out of business� skate shop yard sale about 4 months ago and wanted to find the same brand, cause they have lasted a good amount of time...Went to a �skate shop� and he found a pair for $69...... They are nice hi-tops in royal blue with suede trim.... I made them pay for �, beings they wanted certain brand names (usually out of my budget range)..Meg was set to find a toy to spend her money on, until she found the shoes..... Ben had shoes on the brain the whole time.... He loves shoes and doesn't like when his start looking ratty or worn out... I haven't bought anything yet and probably won't for a while.... I am waiting to see when we may be able to go out of town...Plus like to hang onto my money a bit longer than the kids do.... I spent the afternoon yesterday just looking for shoes with them... They had been so good & patient with me Thur-Sun and helped A LOT at the sale, so if figured I could return the favor... I needed to get groceries and such, but can do that today/tomorrow.... Hubby took the left-overs to the St. Vincent DePaul store while we shopped... He told me to not go there for a while, cause he doesn't want be buying back anything I donated.... Too funny!

Breakfast~ Oatmeal (150) SKim Milk (40) Cranberries (45) Coffee (0) 235

Snack ~ Nothin' - Ate breakfast super late...235

Dinner ~ Salmon Burger (170) Sourdough Bread (110) Tomato (20) Pickle Chips (5) Mustard (0) Apple (80) Diet Dr. Pepper (0) 620

It is 1:10 p.m. and I am getting ready to eat my dinner....I have been walking around the house doing little things here and there. I feel like I am walking in circles, not getting very much accomplished....Rummy without the booze....I plan to take a 30 minute nap to see if that makes me feel better...Didn't go to the bank, cause Tayt got here late...He needs a nap too!...I will go run errands after he goes home.....

Snack ~ Khashi Trail Mix Cookie (130) 750

Supper ~ Turkey Patty Burger (200) Bun (110) Pickle (5) Mustard (0) Cucumber (15) Few Baked Fries (50) Lettuce (5) Fresh Corn on the cob (110) Total Calories = 1245

As I was getting into town to run errands, my phone rang....It was my mom telling us that the out of town family was here and told us to "come on out".....I just wanted to get my shopping done and come home for supper..Hitting the hay early....Well, she was fixin' supper when we got there....Hubby met me & the kids out there.....Ben & my dad played guitars together after supper and that was nice.... I didn't get a nap today, cause Tayt was not cooperative....So, here it is 10:17 and I am just getting home.....Guess what????...While I was at my parent's, my phone rang again and it was my Aunt telling me that supper is Tuesday night at her house....This will make it the 7th day straight on the go for one reason or another.......Needless to say.....I am not bored! All I can think of is the Willie Nelson song "On the Road Again!"....We live 12-15 miles out from town (depends what store we are going to) and try to make our trips worth the while..Guess tomorrow night will be the WalMart stop...My Aunt lives just a mile from it....

Snack ~ Nothin'

Water ~ Plenty


Progress as of today: 34 lbs lost so far, only 48 lbs to go!

grumpy on 08/11/2008:
ah, i said thats great you saw the same 203 so far! we'll see a loss soon. i was telling you also to see that i am back to weight loss mode, like the manu you met months ago! yay!

balloonlady on 08/11/2008:
always good to catch up on that sleep!!

Jen40 on 08/11/2008:
Sounds like a good day, and a good day for a nap too! How did I miss the Yard Sale update? I'll have to go back and read. :O)

Jen40 on 08/11/2008:
Oh you did REALLY GOOD!!!!! Glad it went off so well. Like I said before I admire anyone who can make a decent profit from a sale, mine always bomb out.. like $80 the first day and $2 the second, rofl...

MattsGirl16 on 08/11/2008:
Thanks for the comment you left on my diary. Ya'll are encouraging me and I appreciate it.

maria777 on 08/11/2008:
Hope you got some rest and had a good day.

loveray on 08/11/2008:
good job today. thank you so much for your kind words, and the reality that i could really shoot back up to 190 at any time. that is what scares the hell out of me. but i know what to do! i love you.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 08/11/2008:
yeah, ice. and LOTS of it! so dangerous and scary. weird this time of year for sure.

cranberries. yum. i used to eat those very often! a whole cup is soooo LOW in calories. they are the best! i like them microwaved.

WI3 on 08/11/2008:
LOL at the skate shoes...I think it is hilarious watching kids skate around in those things. You need a nice couple of relaxing days to recover from all that fun! LOL Have a great evening!

lafemme_loca on 08/11/2008:
:-) Just thinking of you !!! :-) I hope the kids enjoy all the new things.

grumpy on 08/12/2008:
Well, i understand, these things are hard and feelings are not exact. I do believe him when he says that he really tried and he wished he could offer me all i want. Because were perfect together, but like i said, feelings arent exact or rational, so whatever will be will be.

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