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thinnside40 - Friday Jan 23, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 259.0

Wasn't able to get out of the house today. Did laundry, dishes, cooked beans (no salt- plenty of garlic, onion and smoke paprika) between resting yet again. Paul is working 4 10 hour days for this time of year, so he was home today.  He napped, I didn't.  Already take melatonin to get to sleep at a good time @ night. Night owlism is inherited from my mom. At least I now go to bed no later than midnight wheras just a few months back, it was nothing for me to be falling asleep around 3:00-4:00 a.m.... Eating uunhealthfully wasn't my only bad habbit gotten into. Rectifying some things faster than others. BUT, working on their improvement in each their own comfortable pace for me is progress. They do somewhat go hand in hand, as I've known all along.. Just ignored it....

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

2 sl. Ezekiel raisin cinnamon toast, 2 backyard eggs, 1 sl. turkey bacon, kiwi, grapes, O.J., decaf coffee

Popcorn, 8 oz. l.s. V-8

Gazelle = 47 minutes (3 miles)

Tostada salad (Ezekiel tortilla crisped w/little avocado oil topped w/ romaine, adzuki beans, chickpeas, ground turkey breast, avocado, l.f. mozarella, grape tomatoes, ranch), 4 oz. sweet red


H2o= 64+ oz., unfiltered vinegar drink = 8 oz.


Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 104 lbs to go!

biscottibody59 on 01/24/2015:
Hi! Hope you get to feeling better and congrats on your progress. Your routine (except for the ick/cold) seems to suit you--keep up the good work!

thinnside40 on 01/24/2015:
Thank you biscotti! This ick is not one shaken easily I'm finding out. Keeping as active as I can waiting for it to run course. Looking forward to the day I wake and at least maybe one symptom is gone... :)

museumgirl on 01/24/2015:
Feel better. I agree, you have to tackle one issue at a time, and each one seems to make it better. Have a good day.

thinnside40 on 01/24/2015:

thinnside40 - Thursday Jan 22, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 259.0

Hoping tomorrow will be on the more mending side of things. I'm ready to get out of the house for a spell if freezing rain goes away.

Wishes for you to stay healthy, feeling great in working towards your goal(s) and feeling/seeing your success fuels the fire within..... 

1 c. steel cut oats w/raisins, banana, drizzle of honey & 1/4 c. milk, decaf coffee, 1 c. o.j.

Gazelle - 47 minutes ( 3 miles)

1/2 Mariani sesame honey bar (seeds,nuts,raisins and honey- no oils,salt, etc.), Greek yogurt w/2 TBS. hemp hearts

Pork riblet (Meg took out steaks from the freezer instead), mixed grilled veggies, baked sweet potato

H2o= 64 oz....... unfiltered a.c. vinegar drink = 8 oz.


Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 104 lbs to go!

museumgirl on 01/23/2015:
Good day, hope you can get out for a bit

Maria7 on 01/23/2015:
Well, I hope you are 'on the mend' today. I went to Rite Aid and bought some Mucinex DM for Hubby, who takes it if he thinks he needs to head off a cold or rather, chase one away so it doesn't come...he already had some but he didn't want to run out...He is also a firm believer in Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup (the broth part) for colds, etc. Take good care of yourself. I personally recommend guaifenesin for coughs...especially bad coughs...it is a big help with coughs...can be got over the counter but have to watch out for other ingredients that are sometimes mixed in the same packets with it...I am praying for you...Prayer is always the best medicine (along with REST)...cause by Jesus' Stripes, we are healed.

thinnside40 on 01/23/2015:
I buy the Mucous Relief (guaifenisin)in industrial sized bottles. Even if we don't have congestion per say, it works real well for hubby's allergies and for qwelling a cough. Thins everything out. Today wasn't better, but eventually it'll go away... Patience isn't my strong point when it comes to being sick....

thinnside40 - Wednesday Jan 21, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 259.0

Thankful the piece of birthday cake last night didn't turn into cravings for more today. Weather has been super cold today, so staying under the blankets to get well isn't as dificult. Have done a couple loads of laundry, put supper on to simmer and plan to try a little bit later to go on the Gazelle.

Banana,decaf coffee

Albacore sandwich (Ezekiel bread), 10 oz. l.s. V-8

Mariani trail mix honey bar (mixed nuts, raisins, seeds and honey)

Gazelle = 33 minutes (2 miles)

Veggie straws

1.5 c. 15 bean soup (we don't use the ham flavoring packet in the pacakage. Just add garlic powder, onion powder,smoked paprika,1/4 tsp. salt to the whole pot) w/added barley & shredded chicken breast, bite of cornbread, shake of white cheese, 4 crackers.

NF Blackberry Greek yogurt w/ 2 TBS. hemp hearts

H2o = 64 oz., unfiltered a.c. vinegar drink = 8 oz. Lots of decaf coffee and tea throughout the day


Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 104 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/21/2015:
Congrats good job not having anymore cake. Have a great evening.

museumgirl on 01/22/2015:
Feel better soon!

Maria7 on 01/22/2015:
Hope you are feeling better and have a blessed day.

Umpqua on 01/22/2015:
That soup sounds really nice for a cold day. Hope you feel better!

thinnside40 - Tuesday Jan 20, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 259.0

Came about that I do have a nasty cold. 2nd day of not much activity. Need to work best at letting it take course. Doing what I know to get better ASAP. 

Today is our daughter's 15th birthday. Plans to go out for supper re-scheduled. She baked a chocolate cake yesterday, of which I plan to enjoy a piece. Saving the treats for special ocassions/holidays is something already planned in this journey.

Kinda wacky/off schedule menu. Appetite hasn't been one to give way to hunger much....


Albacore sandwich (Ezekiel bread)

Rice cake

Chicken & rice w/mixed veggies

Piece of chocolate cake

H2o = 60 oz.....unfiltered a.c. vinegar drink = 8 oz.

Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 104 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/20/2015:
Enjoy the birthday cake. Have a great day.

thinkpositive on 01/21/2015:
Hope you feel better soon.

museumgirl on 01/21/2015:
Get better soon, enjoy the cake and your family today.

Maria7 on 01/21/2015:
Happy Birthday to Daughter! :-D You stayed on track real good, including the piece of chocolate cake!

Umpqua on 01/21/2015:
Good idea getting some rest so you can feel better. I hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday!

thinnside40 - Monday Jan 19, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 259.0

Have been lazying around all day. Feeling a nasty cold coming on, unless the throat/chest irritation are just due to all the screaming/hollering during the Seahawk-Packer game yesterday. Could be one or the other. Probably find out tomorrow... XXXXXXX the cold ju-ju!  Got sucked into Lifetime movies no matter today. Wanted to ge out in the sunshine to walk, but set it back w/breeze and high humidity in the air :(

Banana, steel cut oats, chopped pecans, cranberries, hemp hearts, 1/4 c. milk, drizzle of honey....Decaf coffee.

Rice cake w/ 1 TBS. S.B. p.b., apple

Plain popcorn, 10 oz. l.s. V-8

Gazelle ~ 15 minutes (1 mile)

Pizza (Ezekiel tortilla, 2 TBS. tomato sauce, 2 sl. Canadian bacon, 1/4 chicken breast, 1/4 c. l.f. cheese, water canned artichoke hearts, fresh sliced tomato, fresh pineapple

H2o= 60 oz.... Non-filtered a.c. vinegar drink = 8 oz.

Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 104 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 01/20/2015:
Sending you healthy vibes, I hope you can avoid getting sick!

thinnside40 on 01/20/2015:
Thank You.

Maria7 on 01/20/2015:
Happy to see you also. Hope you feel better.

puddles on 01/20/2015:
Get well soon. Wishing you a better tomorrow. Rest up.

thinnside40 - Sunday Jan 18, 2015
(Healthy Eating and Exercise)
Weight: 259.0

There has been a change... No longer in the 260s. Now that's a wonderful feeling! I know it's due to not eating flourladen foods, cutting out almost all sugar (or artificial sweetners), stopping any/all soda pop, stopping the 2-3-4 times a week eating out and adding exercise from the get go. Body is going through major adjustment right out the shute. Not going to expect big drops every time I decide to step on the scale. Nor do I have a certain day/time planned to weigh in. Can feel a change in the waste/seat of the jeans. Bought my first pair of Levi's 2 weeks ago today. They were a "perfect fit" that day. Prefer to wear them as short amount a time possible before moving on along to a smaller size........

I will say calories were burnt today while watching the Seahawks/Packer game. Besides taking a Gazelle stride ride, there was some hollering, jumping up n down, screaming and whooping going on.... Super Bowl bound are the Seahawks... Wearing a 12th (wo)man badge with happiness right now. Not much of a sports fan, but when it comes to our State's teams, I'll get a lil excited :)

Went to church service before kick-off and now time for a nap before evening service. My turn to play piano.

Hope your weekend has been everything you anticipated.


Breakfast: steel cut oats w/walnuts, raisins, 1 sl. turkey bacon, 1 tsp. raw local honey and 1/4 c. n.f. milk........... 6 oz. l.s. V-8...decaf coffee

Snack: banana, 1 tsp. Smart Balance p.b.

Gazelle: 31 minutes (2 miles)

Dinner: Saturday supper left-overs (veggies n salmon w/ 2 TBS. hemp hearts)


Supper: Healthy Request chicken w/ wild rice soup, grilled cheese sandwich (Ezekiel bread, l.f. cheese)

Snack: apple, orange, green grapes

H2o = 60 oz. a.c. mother vinegar~lemon juice~honey~hot water = 8 oz.

Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 104 lbs to go!

museumgirl on 01/18/2015:
congrats on getting out of the 60s!

thinnside40 on 01/18/2015:
Thank You!

puddles on 01/18/2015:
Great job. Very true when you say you do have to eliminate some stuff and add some exercise. Have a great evening

thinnside40 on 01/19/2015:
Thank you!

Jezebel on 01/19/2015:
Congratulations !!! Six pounds :) Not too shabby :). Good for you !!!

thinnside40 on 01/19/2015:
Thank you!

Umpqua on 01/19/2015:
Fantastic!! <whistles> ;) I hope you have a fantastic week!

thinnside40 on 01/19/2015:
Thank you!

thinnside40 - Saturday Jan 17, 2015
(Healthy Lifestyle and Excercise)
Weight: 265.0

Rainy, grey, cold, dreery, foggy....Blahzae! At my now closer to 50 than to the 40 mark, tis the season for "old lady syndrome" as I call it... Just in a "mood" hard to shake and can't wait until the usual 2 days it takes to snap out of it to pass. Last Sunday was the 3rd anniversary of dad's passing and in 12 days it will be g'mas (same amount of time). Emotional rollercoaster gets a good boost when hormones are kattywhampass. I found a bag FULL of chocolate goodness I'd misplaced for the kids at Christmastime. I wanted to take it to the bedroom, hide and eat every morsel. BUT, I did not. Been a day of do a little, go hide a little, do a little, go hide a little.... Hubby is still somewhat sick. Has been since he got home last week from CA. So he's crabby (totally not his nature) and now Ben is coming down w/it seems like. Sis and I better not get it!!!!!!

Breakfast (brunch more like it): 2 sl. Ezekiel raisin toast w/ 1/2 tsp. butter, 2 scrambled eggs,  10 oz. l.s. V-8, decaf coffee

Snack: Grumpy/ 0 hunger

Dinner: Crabby/ 0 hunger

Snack: n.f. blackberry Greek yogurt w/ 2 TBS. hemp, veggie straws

Supper: grilled salmon, brown rice, mixed veggies (asparagus, edamame, brocolli, green beans, cauliflower, brussel sprouts (ick-not favorite), waterchestnuts)

Gazelle: 15 minutes (1 mile), 30 wall pushes

Snack/Treat: Banana, Orange 

H2o= 48 0z...... hot water~a.c. mother vinegar~honey~lemonjuice = 10 oz.

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 110 lbs to go!

puddles on 01/17/2015:
Have a great evening.

museumgirl on 01/18/2015:
Sorry your'e experience a bad time. Kudos on not eating all the chocolate!

Jezebel on 01/18/2015:
Sorry for your loss. My dad died in Nov '13. Those next few months I saw the unfiltered ugly side of his second wife, which intensified my grief and anger ten fold. It gets better. I promise. Part of my reason for doing this now is to show myself that I've walked through that time. And there's something about loosing my last living parent that makes me want to LIVE. Grieve all you must, but after a time, when you KNOW it's time, choose life. It's a great motivator to do what has to be done. Hugs. Jen

thinnside40 on 01/18/2015:
Thanks Jen. My dad & I were very close. G'ma was a best friend. We had 5 family members pass in a 6 month period. I became mom's caregiver (she passed 6 months after dad) and we moved to my childhood home with one phone call one day at work when dad needed to start cancer treatment before they even got a pathology report back from a biopsy.... I'd left that morning to never go back to our home of 18 years to live. Then 14 friends (of the family) also passed before 2012 was over. So, now in my 40's living a life thought would happen in another 15 years at least. An adjustment to have just one major death they say, son graduating high school that same year (kept both kids in same school district 17 miles away until school year was over), moving, caregiving, etc. just left me to not have anything left to care for "me".. Now, the grief life seems to be giving me more of a break... It's time! DD was such a help in 2009, even if only to post what I need to keep track. Not about getting "comments", just a self accountability to stay on track. I'm missing some that used to be faithful here, but getting to know new people who are great support and "common folk" is perfect! THANK YOU again.....

thinnside40 - Friday Jan 16, 2015
(Healthy Lifestyle and Excercise)
Weight: 265.0

It came some snow and ice overnight. First of it to stick and stay for this Winter. Want to stay holed up in the house around the wood stove, holding a nice hot cup of coffee... Can't though. Well, can... but..... Hubby was planning on taking Meg a treat at lunch time, then he wound up having to work. So, mom's going to surprise her in saying "I'll do it"... May get some caloric burn just trying to stay upright walking through that parking lot..

Craving for oatmeal breakfast is over... Fixed them overnight. So creamy n delishious!

 Today is a day of finishing errand duty that didn't get done yesterday for all the inpromptu shopping that was done when sis-friend lured me to Target/The Avenue/Kroger

Keep safe & warm wherever you are..... Keep on target, so I can give you a "WHOOPWHOOP" when reading about your successes.. Good Day!

Breakfast ~ 1 c. Packin' O' Protein Punch Oatmeal (steel cut oats w/ raisins, chopped walnuts, 1 TBS. hemp hearts, drizzle of local honey, 1 sl. uncured turkey bacon (not mechanically seperated ~ Target carries it), 1/4 c. n.f. milk ), decaf coffee

Snack ~ 8 oz. l.s. V-8   planned on buying while I was running errands. Went open it and the regular & l.s. look exactly the same... Pooohey. Checking the nutritional facts (just habit) and saw the 900+ mg of sodium. That would of sent me into a fit.  Glad I'd bought a 'Naked' smoothie.. 1/2 bottle (1 serv.) Red Machine (to buy again- yummmmmmy)

Dinner ~ O

Snack ~ caramel rice cake w/1 TBS. Smart Balance chunky p.b.

Gazelle ~ 29 minutes (2 miles)

Supper ~ pizza (Ezekiel tortilla, n.s. tomato sauce w/garlic powder~onion powder~parsley, l.f. mozarella, 2 slices Canadian bacon diced,  sliced artichoke hearts (canned in water), fresh pineapple, sliced tomato)

Treat/Dessert/Snack ~ plain popcorn sprinkled w/garlic powder (found me a Orville Redenbocker microwave popper), orange

H2o = 48 oz. honey~lemon juice~a.c. mother vinegar~hot water = 8 oz.

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 110 lbs to go!

museumgirl on 01/16/2015:
Sounds like a great plan for the day. It's cold and snowy here, too. Stay warm!

thinnside40 on 01/16/2015:
Oh some nasty fog out there today. Now at home and can't see anything outside. Was sunny early day. Stoked the fire!

puddles on 01/16/2015:
A well planned day wishing you all the best.

thinnside40 on 01/16/2015:
Thank you!

getmebackto150 on 01/16/2015:
I hear you on wanting to stay inside for the winter!!!!!

Regarding your zumba comment, I did jump right in for my first class and felt a little like an idiot, but I took dance lessons for about 14 years growing up and also taught aerobics classes in college, so I tend to feel a little more comfortable jumping into dance like routines than most... I've also found that some instructors are more "user friendly" than others, so sometimes its a matter of trying several classes until you find one that fits well with you...

thinnside40 on 01/16/2015:
Well, I've NEVER followed a dance/arobic routine. Probably never will. LOL I'll stick to my own moves at home. I can wiggle n jiggle up a perty good sweat no matter if it's in step or on beat. LOL

museumgirl on 01/16/2015:
Can't do zumba. Someone will end up in emergency - possibly me - if I try that again! Soooo uncoordinated!

thinnside40 on 01/16/2015:
Me too...Me too.

thinkpositive on 01/16/2015:
Have a good weekend,

thinnside40 on 01/16/2015:

nenak on 01/17/2015:
I go to zumba mainly for the laughs and at myself at that I'm sure I loose pounds giggling x lol

thinnside40 - Thursday Jan 15, 2015
(Healthy Lifestyle and Excercise)
Weight: 265.0

O.K., so bought a Fitbit Flex. I can't remember what all it measures, but it's what I was leaning towards when researching. Now to decide whether to keep it or not. It was $135 dollars by the time I bought extra color bands and taxes. AND I bought new memory foam Skechers AND I bought work out clothes AND I bought groceries... I keep on thinking what new clothes that $135 could buy eventually if I ttake it back. Then again the tracker may help me get down in size sooner. Fickle woman!

I did not eat much all day long. My friend and I had plans to meet for coffee tomorrow. I changed that when a craving for oats wasn't going past today...Called her and told her going to town today instead of tomorrow. Made some yogurt to eat, but ran out of time to sit & eat it. Walked a lot shopping in the wrong shoes. They are comfy, but not good for all day after getting back into exercising. Legs/feet/knees are a bit swelled. Still got on the Gazelle after eating supper just to stay in habit at least.

Was a good day. Felt good to know things are going in the right direction. Both in physical sense and attitude. Knowing when talked myself out of stopping to get supper at the drive-thru as it was getting late, that I'd made some progress this week. "steak and salad, steak and salad, steak and salad" all the way home to self.... Was good too. hehehehehehe

4 bites yogurt (plain Greek, frozen peaches, mango, honey, hemp seeds), banana, S.F.,N.F.,decaf latte

Odwalla Citrus C Monster Smoothie (juice of 2 1/2 oranges, 3/4 peach, 1/4 apple, 1/2 guava, 1/3 pineapple slice)

Salad (romaine mix, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, ranch, ball tip steak slices), 1 bagette crouton

H2o = 40 oz., honey~a.c. vinegar~lemon juice~hot water = 8 oz.,

Gazelle = 7 minutes (.50 mile)

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 110 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 01/16/2015:
Excellent work on avoiding the drive-thru. You'll have to report back to us on how you like the Fitbit!

thinnside40 on 01/16/2015:
It wasn't easy, but it will get easier each time it's done. Not to say I won't ever have take-out or drive-thru ever again, but... Wise decision making in the beginning of this journey is a must especially.

museumgirl on 01/16/2015:
Glad you had a good day.

thinnside40 on 01/16/2015:
Thank you!

mcwoo40 on 01/16/2015:
Hiya,Do you mean skechers go walk.I've got a couple of pairs of those very comfy,best thing I've bought for my feet.Send some of your positive vibes to even start this healthy eating plan,keep going :-)

thinnside40 on 01/16/2015:
Yes, walking shoes. My feet don't like anything else. As you mentioned before they are pricey little things, but..... I got mine on sale for $69. Normally $75. I remember days of going through 4 pair of tennis shoes in a year... Shall see if this brand holds out any longer. Been wearing them (the brand) for 2 years now. The memory foam? Ahhhhhhh!!!

thinkpositive on 01/16/2015:
Glad that you're feeling good about yourself & making good decisions.

thinnside40 on 01/16/2015:
Thank you!

thinnside40 - Wednesday Jan 14, 2015
(Healthy Lifestyle and Excercise)
Weight: 265.0

Was up and ate before 9:30 a.m. That's a first in a very long time! Craving some nice hot ceral on a chilly morning, went to fix the last 1/3 c. steel cut oats, got them to boiling and saw what was thought to be an oat hull...Dag nab weevil!!!!!!!! Out the oatmeal went and fresh added to the grocery list. I'll get my protein elsewise thank you.

Kitchen cleaning/organizing on agend today. Hope Meg wants to go to Zumba class tonight so I can walk the gym during the class time, if not the Gazelle will have to suffice.

B ~ Malt-O-Meal w/raisins n smashed banana (no sugar or sweetner), 1/2 c. 1% and 1.5 TBS. hemp hearts,  grapefruit, decaf coffee

Snack ~ l.s. V-8

D ~ albacore tuna sandwich (Ezekiel bread)w/ 1/2 avocado.... apple

Snack ~ apple w/ peanut butter, l.s. V-8 ( day got away from me and my anger (little bit, more disappointment) got in the way of hunger.

S ~ grilled cheese sandwich (Ezekiel bread, 2 thin slices monteray jack- no butter to brown, just some no stick o.o. spray), 1.5 c. Healthy Request Homestyle chicken noodle soup

Caramel rice cake

H2o ~50 oz. ..... 10 oz. honey/lemon/mother vinegar/hot water ... daily total decaf coffee 24 oz.

30 min. (1.7 mile) Gazelle

Hemp Heart (seed) Information and reason doc suggested it for me... Love the mild nutty taste!

"Forty-four percent of the hemp seed is edible oils, and they’re chock full of essential fatty acids like Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential fatty acids that have heart health and anti inflammatory benefits.With its soft, sesame seed-like appearance and nutty flavor, you can sprinkle hemp seeds into cereals, salads, breads, casseroles, and desserts.”)The protein and fiber in hemp combine to slow digestion, which prevents spikes in blood sugar and therefore sustains your body’s energy. A diet rich in hemp promotes digestive regularity.
When sprinkled on your cereal or fruit at breakfast, hemp protein and fiber also help aid in satiety, which will prevent you from snacking and keep you fuller longer.
The Omega-3 fatty acids in hemp reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure, and may even ward off Alzheimer’s disease. Hemp seeds are one of the few Omega-3 sources found in plants.
The Omega-6 fatty acids in hemp stimulate skin and hair growth, maintain bone health, regulate metabolism, and help the brain function.
Hemp seeds contain essential amino acids, which improves muscle control, mental function, and normal body maintenance of cells, muscle, tissues, and organs."

Not a good day emotionally.... When supporting a friend and paying them to have your daughter take the Zumba class and offered to pay the fee even though just walking the gym during that class time yourself.... The instructor (a longtime friend) includes daughter's friend who's been going with and a whole list of others (who don't come) in a post on facebook about the current classes, but leaves your daughter out of the list... Momma bear isn't so happy! (Even brother called and asked me why Meg's name wouldn't be there). I initially asked Meg if she wanted to try Zumba out with me on January 5th. That turned into "can I ask so n so to come too".. Sure, not a problem. Between today, the instructor leaving Meg out and the friend working out at the gym, now wanting Meg to join in.. Zumba is M-W one place and Tue-Thur another, but same instructor. Momma's disappointed.... Girl-friend's dad works out, takes her with will pick Meg up on the way (I wanted to gym walk tonight, but friend decides to work-out and ask Meg to instead of dancing)...So it would be awkward for me to go try out gym equipment at the same time- attend same church, etc.). So much for finding the one thing besides manicures that sis & I do together. She's 15, so to find anything we can do together is a bit of a struggle as she's a daddy's girl.. She's not happy she got left out either (she can see she wasn't "on the list"), so Zumba may be over for her and that means my gym walking is too. Nothing like initiating something that will benefit your healthiness and then getting left in the dust........ Not Meg's fault. :(

Off to Gazelle stride a spell.............

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 110 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/14/2015:
Wow, breakfast sounds tasty! (I love decaf coffee since it doesn't have any of those after-effects of caffeinated drinks!)...and so does lunch. lately I am having tons of avocado too :) healthy stuff!

thinnside40 on 01/14/2015:
I quit "leaded" a year ago due to the high b.p. It never was about the caffeine for me anyway, I just like the flavor of coffee. Some people would say taste is different.. I don't care. Avocado? yum yum... Learning to mix ranch dressing w/mashed to reduce the calories.

thinkpositive on 01/14/2015:
What is Malt-O-Meal ?

thinnside40 on 01/14/2015:
Original : http://malt-o-meal.com/hot-cereals/

thinnside40 on 01/14/2015:
It's kinda like Cream of Wheat.

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