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toady - Saturday Nov 03, 2007
(eating healthy/excercise)
Weight: 148.0

I am still doing pretty well. Could make some more healthy choices I guess with my eating but I would say I haven't been to bad about it. I need to work on upping my excercise time though. But I am getting there.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Progress as of today: 4.8 lbs lost so far, only 28 lbs to go!

fritters on 11/03/2007:
Sounds like you are headed in the right diriction. You seem to have a positive attitude and that really helps.

mylifechanges on 11/04/2007:
well than congrats! continue to focus on the positive and you'll see your goals come into fruition! Just keep going! :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/06/2007:
upping exercise is a good idea. just don't up it all at once or you may risk injury or burnout. that's how i am, anyway. i haven't read an entry by you in awhile...nice to read up on your diary~

greengirl on 11/10/2007:
Do your best Toady. You will get there!!!

toady - Thursday Nov 01, 2007
(eating healthy/excercise)
Weight: 148.0

I am not going to count calories. It makes me all crazy acting according to my boyfriend and best friend. I am just going to pay close attention to portion sizes of everything that I eat. I suppose that is just as good. I mean I know what is good for me and what isn't. It is just those stressful days at work that seem to get me down and I feel like eating all kinds of junk. I have been quite good this week though for the most part. I did have a little candy bar last night. But I stopped at just one.

I hope that you are all doing well. Please take care!

Progress as of today: 4.8 lbs lost so far, only 28 lbs to go!

fritters on 11/01/2007:
Thanks for the encouraging words. Stopping at just one candy bar is really good. I don't dare start because there are about one hundred little miniture candybars sitting in a bowl and if I eat one I will probably eat them all!!! I hope just being careful works for you. I need to write everything down and be very accountable or I CHEAT!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/02/2007:
size and moderation is key. to those of us that like to fill ourselves up completely, like me, calorie counting is essential. however, i just recommend good food choices. make sure you have a fruit and many vegetables each day.

toady - Tuesday Oct 30, 2007
(eating healthy/excercise)
Weight: 148.0

I think that I went over in my calories for the day. I don't think by much though. I had a stressful day at work and I had to have a little something to take the edge off. But at least I didn't sit down and eat a bag of chips or a whole bag of peanut M&M's. That is what I used to do. I am not going to stress out about eating a few crackers that put me over my calories for the day. I have done so well the last week that this one day isn't going to ruin it.

Have a good night!

Progress as of today: 4.8 lbs lost so far, only 28 lbs to go!

shadetree on 10/30/2007:
I thought you were spying on my husband with the bag of m&m's...he has such a sweet tooth that he can sit down and eat a half pound Hershey bar in one sitting...peanut m&m's are his favorite:) You are right to look at the positive - you didn't eat the bag of m&m's - YAY for you! keep moving forward, that's all you can do!

rae_regenbogen on 10/30/2007:
Good job choosing crackers over m&ms! That's a great choice! :)

fritters on 10/31/2007:
You have a great attitude! Happy Halloween!!! :~)

hollybelle on 10/31/2007:
Keep up the good work! Peanut M & Ms - YUM!!! No-no-no - maybe JUST a few!

toady - Monday Oct 29, 2007
(eating healthy/excercise)
Weight: 148.0

***Calories for the day are 1315. I am headed off to the treadmill in a little bit. I have to find some other excercises to do so that my body doesnt' get used to any one thing. I was thinking of maybe buying a jump rope. Does anyone think that would be worth my time to try?***

A quick update for this morning. I got on the scale this morning and I am now at 148 pounds. I am so excited. I know better than to expect these results every week but it is a start. I will update my calories later on for the day.

Progress as of today: 4.8 lbs lost so far, only 28 lbs to go!

jon'smom on 10/29/2007:
Congrats! Doing a great job. Keep up the great work!

hollybelle on 10/29/2007:
Good job. Hang in there.

fritters on 10/29/2007:
You are doing great - Keep it up!!

shadetree on 10/29/2007:
I was also considering a jump rope. It's a great workout and it's inexpensive...Worth a try!

workingit2 on 10/29/2007:
Well CHECK YOU OUT! You Go girl! WTG!! YAY! Jump rope isn't as easy as one would think but it is fantastic exercise. I bought one a while back at the height of my exercise and I plan on getting right back at it when doc releases me to regular activities after surgery whenever that may be. You burn a lot of calories and it really gets your heart pumping. You will be amazed at how little jumping you can do until you get used to it. I had to do it half a minute at a time and build up lol. Have a great day!

toady - Sunday Oct 28, 2007
(eating healthy/excercise)
Weight: 152.8

Calories 1372 for the day. A little higher than other days but still within my calorie range. So another good day. I can't wait to get on the scale tomorrow and see if my calorie counting has paid off this past week. I hope so. That will give me the reassurance that this will indeed pay off in the end. I hope that you all had good weekends.

Take care and have a good night.

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 32.8 lbs to go!

toady - Saturday Oct 27, 2007
(eating healthy/excercise)
Weight: 152.8

Calories 1339 for the day. Walked 2 miles on the treadmill. I didn't have too many problems either staying away from the bad foods today either. I am feeling good at the progress I have made this week so far. I hope I can continue on this good path.

Have a good night!

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 32.8 lbs to go!

workingit2 on 10/27/2007:
WOW that is fantastic! I miss my treadmill!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/27/2007:
congrats!! I have found that watching movies/going to the movies helps a lot with cravings! It totally takes my mind off food...especially at the movie theatre (except of course when you just arrive and see all that food, haha!)

rae_regenbogen on 10/27/2007:
I've been thinking about buying a treadmill. Do you feel like you walk more when you otherwise wouldn't? I'm just concerned that if I buy one it'll be a dust collector or an overpriced hanger.

toady - Friday Oct 26, 2007
(eating healthy/excercise)
Weight: 152.8

Calories for day 1266. I hope that I have a good weekend and continue to do well with the eating. It is hard for me to behave on weekends sometimes. I seem to get bored and then I eat food that I don't really need or want. So this is going to be a challenge. I am taking tonight off from excercise. I am going to start tomorrow morning with doing my excercise. I read that it helps you to do that first thing in the morning. So I thought maybe I would try that and see if it works for me. It would definently be a way to make sure I don't find any excuses at night to not do any.

Have a good night everyone!

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 32.8 lbs to go!

fritters on 10/26/2007:
Lists can really help you from getting bored and eating - even if some of the things are fun and optional. A list has saved me more that onec.

toady - Thursday Oct 25, 2007
(eating healthy/excercise)
Weight: 152.8

Calories for the day 1276. I went for dinner tonight and had grilled tilapia, mixed veggies, applesauce, and a biscuit. It was really good. I am headed to the treadmill right now. I did a half hour last night and I hope to do the same tonight. Have a good night everyone!

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 32.8 lbs to go!

fritters on 10/25/2007:
Congratulations!! You made some really good dinner choices - good for you :~)

workingit2 on 10/26/2007:
I wish I liked tilapia, actually wish I liked more fish..only fish that I like is salmon (yum) and albacore tuna. Fish is so good for you!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/26/2007:
sounds good. applesauce is different. yum.

toady - Wednesday Oct 24, 2007
(eating healthy/excercise)
Weight: 152.8

Calories for today are 1313. Another good day. I am planning on getting on my treadmill tonight at some point. I hope to get in at least a half hour. Tomorrow night I am going out for dinner with some friends. I am hoping that I can find something on the menu that isn't too bad for me. I have been doing so well this week. I don't want to ruin any of that. I am going to go online and see if I can get the menu so I can figure out before I get there what is good for me. I think that would be the smartest move for me.

I hope that you all have a nice night!

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 32.8 lbs to go!

fritters on 10/24/2007:
Checking the menu is a good idea. You can also ask if they will fix something (grilled chicken..) that is not on the menu. alot of resturants will. I hope what ever you have is very good!!!

shadetree on 10/25/2007:
Quite a few restauruants will have their menu available online. I almost always check now before I go out just to make sure there are options that will fit in with my needs.

workingit2 on 10/25/2007:
Go Toady!

toady - Tuesday Oct 23, 2007
(eating healthy/excercise)
Weight: 152.8

My calories for the day are 1279. I also went on the treadmill for twenty minutes tonight. I know that isn't much but it is a start I guess. I am hoping that I will continue to do well on my eating and up my excercise. It will be so worth it in the end of this journey.

Have a good night everyone.

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 32.8 lbs to go!

fritters on 10/23/2007:
You had a good day with eating and exercising - Congratulations!!!

workingit2 on 10/24/2007:
Way to go!

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