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~WI~ - Thursday Jan 12, 2012
(Weight Watchers & Exercise)
Weight: 192.7

 It seems my new phone doesn't have the TILDE symbol and so I cannot sign in with my phone. Since I don't have internet at home and because I don't have much time during work to post I decided to make a new nickname. This way I can be an active member and not just always posting my own LOL. Soooo...anyway, you'll know my new nickname when it arrives..it is WII...LOL


Progress as of today: 51.9 lbs lost so far, only 52.7 lbs to go!

V on 01/12/2012:

~WI~ - Wednesday Jan 11, 2012
(Weight Watchers & Exercise)
Weight: 192.7

 Down 2.4lbs this week! YAY!!!  A total of 51.9lbs lost with 36.1 of those from doing Weight Watchers. And.....I stopped drinking diet soda on Sunday! I still drink tea but only about 4 cups a day. I've already noticed my stomach bloating going down. My Endocrinologist also suggested that I do an electrolyte rebalance. It seems that folks who are have thyroid issues are susceptible to electrolyte imbalance. Partly because the thyroid function is never really regulated perfectly and also because the medicine for thryoid function does rob the body of calcium (hence the need to take extra calcium, magnesium and D) yadda yadda. This leads to fluid retention in the cells of course. Soooo long story short..she said two consecutive days a week, on both days drink 16oz plain Pedialyte with 48 oz of water. It is supposed to restore electrolyte balance and help expell excess fluid. I'm going to try it beginning on Friday. However, if anyone has ever tasted Pedialyte.it is NASTY to say the least. So I will be adding the MIO flavoring to the mixture in order to get it down. Dr said that is fine. I believe I've cut my caffeine intake by 80%. I had a really bad 'hat' headache on Monday and had to take motrin through out the day, yesterday was better, today I had another hat headache. My hope is that I can not drink diet soda ever again and eventually stick to plain water. 


Thank you to everyone who commented on my son's accident/injury. I will catch up with everyone later today, we just have a lot going on. Sorry! 


This is a picture of me at the gym the other day! 


Progress as of today: 51.9 lbs lost so far, only 52.7 lbs to go!

V on 01/11/2012:
Congrats to hitting 50 mark!! Yipee! You rock gorgeous ;)

liza36 on 01/11/2012:
Congrats on another successful week. You are on a roll. I really commend you for giving up diet soda. It's a struggle for me. I quit for about 3 months, then stress at work made me go back to it. I'd like to quit, but it's hard.

biscottibody59 on 01/11/2012:
I think pedialyte also has aspartame??? Not sure on that. But with anything, I guess you have to pick your poison to get to where you'd rather be:-)

Good job--keep up the good work!

h82bfat on 01/11/2012:
Congratulations! I'm excited for you... 50+ lbs! You go girl!

grannyannie on 01/11/2012:
Yeah! Congrats and well done!

~WI~ - Tuesday Jan 10, 2012
(Weight Watchers & Exercise)
Weight: 195.1

My 19 year old son that lives in Miami was in an accident on Sunday on his motorcycle. One of the riders caught it on his helmet camera and it is on YouTube. This is the link 



The only thing wrong with him is a huge hole in his arm...I am posting a picture of his arm below WARNING...THIS IS A VERY GRAPHIC PICTURE OF AN OPEN WOUND...DO NOT LOOK AT IT IF YOU ARE SICK AT THE SIGHT OF BLOOD OR INJURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is in a great deal of pain but I am hoping this is a life lesson for him and that he is more careful from now on! It also shows the power of prayer in my life. Take care out there everyone! 

















Progress as of today: 49.5 lbs lost so far, only 55.1 lbs to go!

legcramps on 01/10/2012:
Oh goodness, I hope he's doing okay. Very scary!

liza36 on 01/10/2012:
Wow, scary indeed! I hope he recovers well.

grannyannie on 01/10/2012:
OMG! How awful! Hope he recovers with no lasting pain or damage.

Umpqua on 01/10/2012:
I'm so sorry , I hope he's OK and makes a quick recovery!

Umpqua on 01/10/2012:
P.S. Just looked at the video and he is very lucky! Looks like he had on a helmet and the proper body armor so I'm sure that saved him from very serious injury. I'm a former rider and hope to ride again when my boys are older. I know how tricky negotiating a curve can be, never mind at high speed and when there is sand on the road like that.

hollybelle on 01/10/2012:
Oh dear! The body is miraculous, though, and it can heal this - along with a big dose of antibiotics, some sutures and excellent professional medical care, of course :o) I am happy it wasn't worse - but it is bad enough!

V on 01/10/2012:
OMG!! I am so sorry :( I am pondering getting a motorcycle but this is a sign that maybe I should think a little longer..I hope for a speedy recovery <3

~WI~ - Monday Jan 09, 2012
(Weight Watchers & Exercise)
Weight: 195.1

I tried getting online over the weekend but I can't find the ~ symbol on my new phone LOL! Anyway..thank you for all your kind words..y'all are the best!  

Progress as of today: 49.5 lbs lost so far, only 55.1 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 01/09/2012:
Wow! $500 earned for your weight loss! What a great idea! You look fab! 50 lbs - WTG!

grannyannie on 01/09/2012:
You have done fantastically! Way to go, girl!

V on 01/09/2012:
Girl I love this pic!! You are a machine!!

supercheese on 01/10/2012:
Lovely picture!!

~WI~ - Thursday Jan 05, 2012
(Weight Watchers & Exercise)
Weight: 195.1

 One year ago today 1/5/11..I started my diet. I was 244.6. This morning, I am 193.8. A total loss of...50.8lbs! Woooo Hooooo! I am totally happy! I'm not going to change my official weight yet because my weigh in's are on Wednesday, but I just wanted to mark the day! It has been so difficult to lose the weight and it has averaged out at just under a pound a week. Of course I did fall off the wagon for a couple months so I could have lost more. In addition, I've lost a lot of inches since 1/5/11.


Arms went from a 15” to currently at 12” total loss of 3” so far. Bust went from 49” to 42.5” currently, total loss of 6.5” so far. Chest went from 41” to 34.5” today, total loss of 6.5” so far. Waist went from 45” to 36” as of today, total loss of 9” so far. Hips went from 57.5” to 47” as of today, total loss of 10.5” so far. Thighs went from 30.5” to 22.5” as of today, total loss of 8” so far. So far I've lost a total of 43.5 inches overall so far.


Curves is going well, I have my weight and measurements coming up tomorrow. I'm enjoying it even though about halfway through the workout I want to go home LOL. The new Curves Smart tag is an awesome tool. It keeps you from lollygagging around.

 PS. my goal of wanting to 'pay' myself $10 for every pound lost..well, to date I have banked $500!!

My next goal, GET OUT OF THE 190'S!!!! Have a great week!  

Progress as of today: 49.5 lbs lost so far, only 55.1 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 01/05/2012:
You have accomplished so much in a year, you should be very proud! And I love your shades :D

moogy on 01/05/2012:
Oh yay! you did it!!! Well done WI, who is that movie star in the photo?????

NewBeginning on 01/05/2012:
Well done with your weight loss and thanks for the encouragement! :D

liza36 on 01/05/2012:
Your progress is phenomenal!! What a great year! It only gets better from here. Love the pic!

V on 01/05/2012:
OMG!! You so rock!! You were beautiful before but now you are glowin and showin!! You look like a kid <3

Maria7 on 01/05/2012:
Congrats to you! It isn't easy to accomplish what you have in losing that much weight but I am one who knows, too! Nice pic!

grannyannie on 01/05/2012:
Thanks! It was a very mild stay in Michigan this year. You are doing fantastically! I have faith you'll reach all your goals.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/07/2012:
Curves is a wonderful workout! i have never tried it, but i can tell it is mighty fine. there is nothing like good circuit training with little rest or no rest inbetween reps and sets. this is how i do my own weight workouts at the gym, in order to burn the most calories & get the biggest burn for my buck! :-)

nice photo and thank you for your comments on my diary. when i started on here years ago, I had a much different lifestyle/job. I was a teacher and had so much free time, even when i was in grad school also combined with teaching! but now, it seems i have less time than ever and cannot comment as much. but i still try to record my own progress, every day, because it helps me with losing weight and it's something i can't see myself stopping anytime soon! :-)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01/07/2012:
so you are paying yourself, what are you going to do with the $$$???? nice! my reward will be the cruise! i need to keep reminding myself...so i don't forget! a binge would soooo not be worth it right now!

h82bfat on 01/07/2012:
Yeah!! I am sooooooooo happy for you! What an accomplishment!

Donkey on 01/08/2012:
Wow, this was an amazing entry! You are very inspiring :-)

biscottibody59 on 01/09/2012:
Excellent! Keep up the good work!

~WI~ - Wednesday Dec 28, 2011
(Weight Watchers & Exercise)
Weight: 195.1

 SOOOOOOOOO Happy to have a loss especially after Christmas!

Can you believe it...only 1/2 a pound away from losing 50 this year LOL dangit!. I am soooo weighing in on Saturday just to see if I lost 50 this year! But Today was my last 'official' weigh in for the year under my WW plan. The last couple of weeks have been very busy at work, haven't had time to post. Last week I lost part of what I had 'gained' the week before and I was so bummed out. But I toughed it out, stuck to my plan and kept going to Curves. And this week it finally paid off. *WHEW* 

My next goal once I meet my 50lbs is to get to my true halfway point which will be at 192.3 (or 52.3lbs lost) ..and then my goal after that will be to get to 180. 

Curves is going well, I'm enjoying the workout. I still have issues with swollen abdomen but hey...after having had 7 surgeries to my abdomen over the years, there is bound to be a little trauma. Don't think I'll ever see that "6 pack" but that's ok. 

Family is doing great on their diets. My sister has lost 45lbs since beginning WW 25 weeks ago, my mother has lost 39 lbs, my brother 60 since May, my SIL has lost 12lbs in 5 weeks, my other brother has lost 8lbs in 5 weeks, and my dad has actually lost a little as well. And another brother has joined us last week and has already lost 4lbs. 


In other news. My brother that started all of this (the one who has lost 60lbs) bought me a beautiful red leather Ralph Lauren purse and the matching wallet for Christmas. It is sooooooo buttery soft and beautiful. He wanted to get me something really special for helping the rest of the family get started on WW. It was nice. 

My daughter is going along nicely in her pregnancy, she is on week 28. Unfortunately, her teeth are taking a beating. She has had 8 cavities and needs 2 root canals. Poor thing. She said she is sick of being pregnant LOL. Her exact words were "I thought it would be fun to be pregnant, it really isn't" lol poor kid. 

My darling man is doing just fine as well. He is buying us a house and should be closing on it in a couple more weeks. And the closer it is to my visiting him, the more excitement we both have and gosh I can't hardly stand it LOL. 

Well, ya'll take care and I will post again when I have a chance. Happy New Year!

Progress as of today: 49.5 lbs lost so far, only 55.1 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 12/28/2011:
THANK YOU for your kind words - going through this, believe it or not, I remembered you were doing the hospice work. I want to keep dad at home, but mom is determined to put him in the nursing home. I just don't think it's going to be what she envisions. But maybe it's going to be better than I think.....maybe I'm wrong. I am just picturing them calling us in the middle of the night and my mom not being able to drive over, me having to go and get her and both of us not making it in time, then Dad dying without us. I feel it would be better if he can stay at home. But I wonder if that's just me wanting my way.

grannyannie on 12/28/2011:
Awesome! You've done amazingly and so has your family!

thinkpositive on 12/28/2011:
Quite a remarkable story about you and your family. congratulations.

Umpqua on 12/28/2011:
Awesome job losing over the holidays, you have come such a long way this year!! And excellent news about your new house, how exciting :D Happy New Year!

xoxomadison on 12/28/2011:
You sound like you've done so well! You're very motivational :D

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/28/2011:
50 lbs is a HUGE accomplishment, to put it mildly! wow. I can't even imagine how good that must feel, especially on your body, joints, bones! you must feel fantastic!

V on 12/29/2011:
AMAZING work WI!! You should be very proud :)

Maria7 on 12/30/2011:
Congratulations to you! So happy for you! :-D

liza36 on 01/03/2012:
Congratulations on your loss! What an incredible milestone to achieve. I'm excited about the affect you've had on your whole family. Everyone is experiencing wonderful benefits.

sweetpea1977 on 01/03/2012:
Yaay! Congrats WI! I hope you are having a great start to 2012!!

biscottibody59 on 01/03/2012:
Good going--happy new year!

moogy on 01/04/2012:
The new year is starting of well for you. Congratulations on your weight loss, that really is a hug accomplishment! Nice Brother!! Sounds like you have both given some impetus to your whole family to get healthy!! Good for you! A new grandbaby and a new house, lucky lady!! :)

~WI~ - Wednesday Dec 14, 2011
(Weight Watchers & Exercise)
Weight: 197.3

 .9 gain this week..I ran out of my name brand Synthroid and was taking the Levothyroxine which is the generic and not always the exact amount. Well, it also caused constipation because the varying amounts of thyroid hormone affect the digestive system so anyway..despite going to Curves 5 days a week and eating carefully..a gain appeared. I am not worried though and not even bummed out, just aware LOL. Have a great week! 

Progress as of today: 47.3 lbs lost so far, only 57.3 lbs to go!

liza36 on 12/14/2011:
Medication switches can do that to you. I'm sure that little measly .9 will be lost soon!

V on 12/14/2011:
yep that's the spirit! don't even sweat it, i am sure once your constipation is resolved, the weight will be history.. take care, have a good evening :)

Maria7 on 12/14/2011:
Well...with what you have shared (re: what it caused), I wouldn't consider it a real gain at all. Hope you are having a good evening. :-)

hollybelle on 12/15/2011:
Well, you have lost so consistently. And it's not a whole pound even - so probably just a fluke. Hang in there.

supercheese on 12/15/2011:
Glad you're not bummed out. Gaining actually happens a lot for no reason (that Im aware of) but you're going in the right direction!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 12/17/2011:
that is hardly a gain. don't be hard on youself...if you keep up the exercise and eat moderately, even if a little more than you'd like, you will still lose weight. trust me! :-D girl, you will always accomplish your goals - YOU ALWAYS DO!!!

sweetpea1977 on 12/21/2011:
Just dropping by to say hi. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friend! xo

~WI~ - Thursday Dec 08, 2011
(Weight Watchers & Exercise)
Weight: 196.4

Lost 1.1lbs this week..getting closer to the 50lb mark! 

Progress as of today: 48.2 lbs lost so far, only 56.4 lbs to go!

glycrina on 12/08/2011:
YAY!! Losing is fun!

sweetpea1977 on 12/08/2011:

liza36 on 12/08/2011:

grannyannie on 12/08/2011:
Well done!!

V on 12/08/2011:
YES!!! Congrats!!

Umpqua on 12/08/2011:
Awesome job!!

thinkpositive on 12/09/2011:
Wow- I'm totally impressed and happy for you.

biscottibody59 on 12/09/2011:
Excellent--keep up the good work!

Maria7 on 12/11/2011:
Wow, congratulations! :-D

hollybelle on 12/11/2011:

hollybelle on 12/13/2011:
You doing OK? Busy - probably, but just checking on you!

~WI~ - Monday Dec 05, 2011
(Weight Watchers & Exercise)
Weight: 197.5

So...I joined CURVES on Saturday and am looking forward to the new program with the Curves Smart card. I am also going to try out the Zumba they offer, it is an extra $2 per class but they said I can do the first one free. I joined Curves back when I started getting sick and was regaining weight, well needless to say it went the way of the dinosaur LOL but I enjoyed it. So I'm going to go back. Well, not much time again today as usual..but thinking about ya'll and wishing you the best this week!

Progress as of today: 47.1 lbs lost so far, only 57.5 lbs to go!

glycrina on 12/05/2011:
glad things are going so well for you!

hollybelle on 12/05/2011:
Oh I LOVE ZUMBA, WI!!! I would go every day but the classes are not at convenient times. I am planning to join the gym I went to last winter after December. They have 3 month memberships for $90 and that includes all regularly scheduled classes. Sometimes they have Turkey Burn off or Cosmic Zumba classes where you have to pay $5 or $8 extra - they are kind of fun - the Cosmic Zumba - everyone is encouraged to wear something white and they turn the lights off and have black lights so everyone "glows" - funny! Have a good time at Curves - my friend goes here and likes it.

sweetpea1977 on 12/05/2011:
I was a member of Curves a few years ago. Loved it, especially when the smart program started. I eventually had to quit it because I moved further away from it and I got very demotivated when I had to sit in rush hour traffic to get there. Anyway, Im glad they will also be offering Zumba there. Mine talked about it, but never did. Anyway, Im excited to hear how it works for you!

grannyannie on 12/05/2011:
Well done on joining Curves. Zumba sounds fun but I haven't had a chance to try it.

V on 12/05/2011:
Congrats on joining Curves!! I am sure you will LOVE Zumba!! Have a good evening :)

Maria7 on 12/05/2011:
I've thought of joining Curves before. Congrats to you! :-D

biscottibody59 on 12/06/2011:
Congrats on your latest loss--bet it feels good to be going in the right direction! I hope you get good results and good feelings from your Curves excursion!

Have a good week!

liza36 on 12/06/2011:
Congrats on joining Curves. Hope you enjoy it.

~WI~ - Wednesday Nov 30, 2011
(Weight Watchers & Exercise)
Weight: 197.5

So, half a pound off today which is nice! Probably the first time in ohhhhh....ever, that I haven't GAINED on Thanksgiving. Even when I lost all the weight before, I still gained on Thanksgiving LOL.

Well, work is crazy busy and so I don't know if I will be able to get back on here the rest of the week. So, you all take good care of yourselves and have a lovely week and weekend!

Progress as of today: 47.1 lbs lost so far, only 57.5 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 11/30/2011:
Congratulations!! Losing weight during a food-filed holiday is awesome!!

Glad you had a wonderful holiday weekend!

glycrina on 11/30/2011:
I feel the same way. I lost weight during Thanksgiving as well! It feels good to know I have some control. LOL.

grannyannie on 11/30/2011:
Well done on not gaining on turkey day! Yes, I'm excited to be visiting family - we arrive 2 weeks from today. :-) Snow there yet?

V on 11/30/2011:
Girl you are doing such an amazing job!! Go on with your bad self!!

Maria7 on 11/30/2011:
Wow, that really is outstanding, to not gain on Thanksgiving...how many people can say that??? Congrats on your lower number. :-D

hollybelle on 12/01/2011:
A "losing" Thanksgiving ! How wonderful!

liza36 on 12/01/2011:
What a nice victory to have lost over Thanksgiving!

Maria7 on 12/04/2011:
Hope you are having a good day. :-)

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