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Title Topic Author Last Post or Reply
Lori's Hummus (No Added Fat/Oil) biscottibody59 22-Nov-14   10:33 AM
French Onion Soup museumgirl 04-Nov-14   08:39 AM
Okonomiyaki niftyjack 24-Mar-13   02:15 PM
Curried Lentil Stew getmebackto150 27-Feb-13   01:41 PM
Soothies hollybelle 30-Dec-12   05:43 PM
Chicken Wings Mole V 28-May-12   06:09 AM
Basic curry recipe grannyannie 27-Apr-12   03:29 PM
Cinnamon berry granola bars grannyannie 20-Apr-12   08:15 AM
Canned Tuna Consumption Recommendations biscottibody59 25-Mar-12   08:15 PM
mint chocolate fudge moogy 20-Mar-12   02:30 PM
Wholemeal scones grannyannie 17-Mar-12   08:52 AM
Cooking Light's Beef and Guinness Stew sweetpea1977 15-Mar-12   12:16 PM
Pancake Day nomoreforme 21-Feb-12   08:14 AM
Turkey Chili sweetpea1977 13-Feb-12   10:30 AM
Chocolate Chip Blondies Umpqua 03-Feb-12   09:06 AM
Creamy Pumpkin Oatmeal (Crockpot) biscottibody59 27-Jan-12   08:53 PM
Clean Eating Pumpkin Spice Protein Bars Umpqua 27-Jan-12   08:52 PM
Creamy Cherry Oatmeal (Crockpot) biscottibody59 27-Jan-12   08:51 PM
Cook This, Not That! Dr. Pepper Ribs sweetpea1977 24-Jan-12   02:39 PM
Vegan Lazy Lasagna getmebackto150 20-Jan-12   05:57 AM
WeightTraining Protein Supplement Recipe Kati 18-Jan-12   12:01 PM
Key Lime Protein Bars Umpqua 18-Jan-12   11:59 AM
Gingerbread Cupcakes (vegan) Umpqua 15-Jan-12   05:55 AM
Eggplant Mushroom Curry (vegan) Kati 13-Jan-12   06:17 AM
Avocado Pesto Pasta (vegan) getmebackto150 11-Jan-12   05:35 PM
Substitute for Heavy Cream or H&H? supercheese 21-Dec-11   10:54 PM
Recipes from Veria (cable/sat channel) biscottibody59 09-Dec-11   10:59 AM
English Marinade for Lamb Shanks moogy 28-Nov-11   07:42 AM
BBQ Sauce Marinade moogy 27-Nov-11   09:56 PM
Sweet and Sour Marinade moogy 27-Nov-11   09:55 PM
Italian Marinade moogy 27-Nov-11   09:54 PM
Old-Fashioned Cranberry Sauce Umpqua 22-Nov-11   09:03 AM
Parmesan-Coated Potato Wedges Umpqua 21-Nov-11   03:51 PM
Rice Cake Pizza ~WI~ 19-Nov-11   09:19 AM
Crockpot Blueberry Bread ~WI~ 04-Nov-11   10:44 AM
Crockpot Banana Bread ~WI~ 04-Nov-11   08:30 AM
Crockpot Banana Bread ~WI~ 03-Nov-11   12:50 PM
Barley and peach salad getmebackto150 25-Oct-11   06:16 PM
Pork Medallions with Balsamic Reduction sweetpea1977 19-Oct-11   08:33 AM
Warm Quinoa Salad with Edamame getmebackto150 18-Oct-11   07:10 PM
Hungry Girl Chocolate Chip Softies ~WI~ 07-Oct-11   07:04 AM
Flat Out Pizza ~WI~ 06-Oct-11   09:26 AM
Newsflash: Aspartame in Sushi Ginger biscottibody59 04-Oct-11   05:55 AM
Hungry Girl Pumpkin Pie ~WI~ 28-Sep-11   10:30 AM
Tofu Whipped Cream moogy 28-Sep-11   07:42 AM
Fruit Cobbler Umpqua 14-Sep-11   09:53 AM
Maple Pumpkin Pie Baked oatmeal V 12-Sep-11   08:00 PM
TURKEY RECALL (Was "Tainted Grd Turkey") biscottibody59 04-Aug-11   11:08 AM
Spiced Eggplant-Lentil Salad with Mango getmebackto150 13-Jul-11   09:32 AM
Turkey Burgers just42day 12-Jul-11   09:32 AM
The New Rules of Hydration sweetpea1977 09-Jul-11   08:19 AM
Chickpea Burgers Umpqua 07-Jul-11   02:42 AM
Hummus legcramps 05-Jul-11   10:58 AM
Watermelon Salad with Jalapeno and lime Umpqua 22-Jun-11   09:56 AM
Cream of Cauliflower Soup w/ Salmon Roe KathyBlue 16-Jun-11   06:26 AM
Get the Grinder, Summer is Here! KathyBlue 06-Jun-11   09:11 PM
Rich Chocolate Pudding Pie Umpqua 31-May-11   07:13 AM
Curried Potato Salad Umpqua 31-May-11   07:11 AM
tomato turkey sandwich shaunnac 22-May-11   12:29 PM
Oat Bran pancake ShaunnaC 21-May-11   05:56 PM
Peanut Tofu Power Smoothie moogy 20-May-11   08:00 PM
Jude's Chicken Curry Judles 15-May-11   06:32 AM
CAMP Muesli Bars moogy 30-Apr-11   09:24 PM
Food Portions in U.S. vs. Europe KathyBlue 29-Apr-11   05:08 PM
Olive Oil spread nemogirl 27-Mar-11   09:58 AM
Chocolate Banana Peanut Cookie Balls Umpqua 25-Mar-11   06:01 AM
Fusilli with Broccoli and Peanut Sauce getmebackto150 21-Mar-11   05:10 PM
Butternut Squash Soup  By Hollybell hollybelle 04-Mar-11   05:56 PM
Sag Harbor Vegetarian Chili getmebackto150 01-Mar-11   10:28 AM
Buttermilk Pumpkin Walnut Muffins Umpqua 23-Feb-11   12:00 PM
Buckwheat pancakes KathyBlue 14-Feb-11   11:44 AM
Whole Wheat Pizza Crust Umpqua 13-Feb-11   04:36 PM
Salmon (loveray style) loveray 13-Feb-11   10:00 AM
Dieting Causes Brain Damage KathyBlue 11-Feb-11   06:37 AM
Onion Rings--No Fat Added biscottibody59 04-Feb-11   10:17 PM
Fat Free Oat Bran Muffins sweetpea1977 01-Feb-11   01:38 PM
Happy Vegan Chocolate Chip Bars Umpqua 23-Jan-11   06:52 PM
Banana oat date ball V 23-Jan-11   06:32 PM
Endive Recipes Anyone? Umpqua 13-Jan-11   01:16 PM
Blackeyed Peas (from dried) biscottibody59 07-Jan-11   01:58 PM
Warm Apple Crisp just42day 02-Jan-11   09:52 PM
Orange Chicken just42day 28-Dec-10   09:01 PM
Pumpkin-Cranberry Bread sweetpea1977 23-Dec-10   07:36 AM
Peppermint Meringues sweetpea1977 19-Dec-10   09:59 AM
Easy "Baked" Apple Sofia 15-Dec-10   09:20 PM
Museli Bars moogy 14-Dec-10   06:55 AM
Rice Milk biscottibody59 06-Dec-10   03:06 PM
Help to make this recipe healthier! KathyBlue 27-Nov-10   07:46 PM
Blue Cheese & Chive Straws Umpqua 26-Nov-10   07:07 AM
Lowfat Cranberry Swirl Cheesecake Umpqua 26-Nov-10   06:58 AM
Hungarian Tomato Soup KathyBlue 18-Nov-10   08:31 AM
Chocolate Soufffle Cake moogy 17-Nov-10   10:27 AM
Spiced Pork Chops w/Sweet & Sour Glaze just42day 16-Nov-10   08:40 PM
A Soup That Makes Itself biscottibody59 16-Nov-10   08:32 PM
~Pumpkin Pie Shake~ *lighter version lifestylechange 16-Nov-10   05:20 PM
Cooking Light's Classic Beef Pot Roast sweetpea1977 12-Nov-10   06:26 AM
100 Healthy Snacks Under 200 kcal KathyBlue 11-Nov-10   03:01 PM
Light Chinese Chicken and Broccoli hopingforhealth 08-Nov-10   08:01 AM
Chicken Pot Pie just42day 06-Nov-10   08:59 AM
Chicken Enchillada Casserole just42day 02-Nov-10   05:26 PM
Green Smoothies (a la loveray) loveray 02-Nov-10   10:06 AM
Broccol/Raisin Salad - Healthy Version hollybelle 27-Oct-10   09:47 AM
Sweet Potato Risotto hopingforhealth 12-Oct-10   03:26 PM
Cannellini Bean Soup skinnygrlwithin 11-Oct-10   02:22 PM
Eggplant with Crispy Polenta Umpqua 06-Oct-10   09:52 AM
Carrot Soup with Tomatillo Relish Umpqua 04-Oct-10   04:16 PM
(Mostly) Healthy Trail Mix hollybelle 04-Oct-10   09:23 AM
Honey Chicken Stir Fry just42day 30-Sep-10   09:16 AM
Peanut Butter-Banana Muffins just42day 30-Sep-10   03:28 AM
Chilli Calamari with Bok Choy & Oyster S moogy 22-Sep-10   11:21 AM
Lemon Cheesecake moogy 17-Sep-10   03:05 PM
What's your favorite yogurt? loveray 16-Sep-10   05:46 PM
Honey Citrus Marinated Salmon just42day 16-Aug-10   05:44 AM
Buttermilk Chocolate Cake moogy 10-Aug-10   06:36 AM
Kathy's Anniversary Carrot Cake KathyBlue 10-Aug-10   06:33 AM
Mushroom Cheese Chicken just42day 08-Aug-10   02:55 PM
Guacamole Chicken Tostada hollybelle 08-Aug-10   02:07 PM
Buttery Shrimp & Eggplant kabobs w/basil just42day 08-Aug-10   04:14 AM
Chicken w/Hoisin Sauce just42day 07-Aug-10   06:54 PM
Zesty Grilled Chicken just42day 28-Jul-10   12:27 PM
Low-Carb Chocolate Cake Umpqua 27-Jul-10   09:19 PM
Chicken Continental (w/mrooms) just42day 26-Jul-10   04:59 PM
CBS Sunday Morning: Food For Thought biscottibody59 24-Jul-10   04:07 PM
Vegetarian Brown Rice Casserole legcramps 15-Jul-10   09:57 AM
Broccoli and Cauliflower Soup Trophster 29-Jun-10   09:56 PM
What to Eat Before & After Your Workouts sweetpea1977 28-Jun-10   06:01 PM
Broiled "fried" fish just42day 23-Jun-10   01:12 PM
Chicken in Mushroom Sauce just42day 15-Jun-10   10:44 AM
Low Carb Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins Umpqua 15-Jun-10   08:39 AM
Low Carb Perfect Protein Pancakes Umpqua 15-Jun-10   08:39 AM
Low-Carb Sour Cream Coffee Cake Umpqua 14-Jun-10   07:28 AM
Low-Carb Heroin Wings Umpqua 14-Jun-10   07:23 AM
Standing Ovation Onion Rings minea 22-May-10   12:26 PM
Pumpkin Oatmeal Bars or Cake thinnside40 14-May-10   06:53 AM
yummy muffin recipe carexo 12-May-10   09:56 PM
Foods Bad for Thyroid Function loveray 11-May-10   11:34 AM
High Mercury Levels in Top Tuna Brands biscottibody59 09-Feb-10   08:49 AM
Healthy (REALLY !!) Mac & Cheese hollybelle 22-Oct-09   10:05 AM
Eat that Melon! Its good for you. mskitty 12-Aug-09   03:19 PM
Single Serving PB and Jelly Websites! WI3 29-Jan-09   07:12 PM
America's Worst Breakfast Foods WI3 27-Jan-09   06:51 PM
America's Ten Healthiest Supermarkets WI3 27-Jan-09   06:50 PM
11 Worst 'Healthy' Foods WI3 27-Jan-09   06:49 PM
America's Worst Salads WI3 27-Jan-09   06:47 PM
The 20 Worst Foods for Women WI3 27-Jan-09   06:47 PM
20 Most Sugar Packed Foods In America WI3 27-Jan-09   06:46 PM
The 20 Unhealthiest Drinks in America WI3 27-Jan-09   06:45 PM
The 20 Worst Foods of 2009 WI3 27-Jan-09   06:44 PM
LoW Carb Snacks see_maw 06-Jan-09   06:55 AM
Guilt free peanut butter?!!? loveray 04-Jan-09   06:44 PM
Recipe: Orange Hummus biscottibody59 03-Jan-09   05:43 AM
If you eat lean cuisine... grumpy 19-Nov-08   01:14 PM
New Food Tidbits loveray 02-Nov-08   09:09 PM
Why food is addictive WI3 21-Oct-08   09:24 PM
Fat Calories vs Carb Calories sweetpea1977 16-Jul-08   02:31 AM
DD Cook Book rlovell 08-Jul-08   07:55 AM
Budget Friendly Grocery Shopping sweetpea1977 01-Jul-08   06:03 PM
Yummy Stir Fry Combo's? WI3 22-Jun-08   01:14 PM
Favorite snacks and food tricks rlovell 09-Jun-08   11:33 AM
For those DQ lovers out there!! rlovell 04-Jun-08   10:01 AM
Misleading calorie counts at restaurants WI3 30-May-08   11:21 PM
Best snack bars EVER!!! rlovell 30-May-08   08:14 PM
Lasagna recipies under 300 cals!! rlovell 06-Mar-08   07:24 PM
Banana Bread Heaven rlovell 23-Feb-08   07:29 AM
Favorite Food maria777 23-Feb-08   07:00 AM
Popeye was pretty smart after all. MsKitty 18-Feb-08   10:07 AM
Fun website rlovell 18-Feb-08   09:52 AM
Angel Food Ministries workingit2 30-Jan-08   04:51 PM
Make Your Own Dried Cranberries workingit2 17-Jan-08   08:12 AM
Chicken/turkey burgers on the grill ad_vitam 10-Dec-07   11:35 AM
The Worst Foods In America workingit2 01-Dec-07   05:08 PM
Low Calorie Gatorade! Workingit2 08-Sep-07   06:27 AM
Potato And Bacon Pie Workingit2 02-Sep-07   08:35 PM
Recipe: stuffed cabbage rolls ad_vitam 20-Aug-07   01:20 PM
Eat Healthy Cereal After Workouts sweetpea1977 08-Jun-07   07:34 AM
Some low-cal foods dingbatprincess 26-May-07   06:15 AM
Diabetic Friendly Recipes Jmarie60 15-May-07   09:39 AM
Menus From Popular Restaurants sweetpea1977 02-May-07   05:18 AM
Lunchbox Ideas? hellparadiso 30-Apr-07   12:39 PM
The Myths of eggs, carbs, water, etc. WorkingIt2 05-Apr-07   01:54 PM
100 Calorie Treats WorkingIt 20-Feb-07   02:09 PM
Garbanzo Salad Sandwich biscottibody59 19-Feb-07   04:23 PM
Ratatouille Salad GG 11-Feb-07   10:16 AM
Low Carb, Low Fat Turkey Vegetable Soup maria7 10-Feb-07   08:10 PM
Negative Calories ~*natalie*~ 10-Feb-07   08:05 PM
Protein Bars (ATTN: BTC) biscottibody59 06-Feb-07   05:16 AM
PROTEIN for Vegetarians Jmarie60 22-Jan-07   06:36 PM
Salad Spritzers ginger72 07-Jan-07   07:38 AM
Gotta try this if you like sweet stuff girlryan 04-Aug-06   06:56 PM
Online Recipe Sites WorkingIt 28-Jul-06   07:37 AM
Sweet-Craving Emergency WorkingIt 27-Jul-06   11:34 AM
Say NO To The Ziploc Omlet WorkingIt 26-Jul-06   07:01 PM
Frothy Coffee Shake nicole3550 22-Jul-06   10:47 PM
Black Bean Garbonzo Salsa kates 26-Jun-06   04:06 PM
WW Diet coke bar-b-que chicken littlelady 18-Sep-03   01:15 PM
Vegetarian Taco Salad pollyanna 13-Apr-03   06:38 PM
Almond-Orange Chicken pollyanna 13-Apr-03   06:28 PM
Crockpot Chicken in Italian Cream Sauce pollyanna 13-Apr-03   06:25 PM
Chicken Florentine pollyanna 13-Apr-03   06:13 PM
Some Good Food tigger 22-Jan-03   01:46 PM
Bacon-Potato Casserole Bread kyrin 09-Nov-02   05:40 AM
Pumpkin-Spice Cookies kyrin 02-Nov-02   09:42 AM
Basic Biscotti Recipe ** with variations kyrin 17-Oct-02   01:40 PM
SPEEDY SHEPHERDS PIE Baylee 12-Oct-02   10:24 PM
Banana-Apricot-Currant Nut Bread kyrin 07-Oct-02   11:30 AM
fast food's final fix dingbatprincess 04-May-02   06:25 PM
Parmesan-Black Pepper Bread kyrin 01-May-02   12:40 PM
Really Strange Chicken kljesmer 11-Mar-02   08:30 PM
Crispy Chicken Breasts kljesmer 11-Mar-02   08:26 PM
Cheese Soup kljesmer 11-Mar-02   08:21 PM
Meatless Spicy Salsa Soup girlryan 08-Mar-02   10:28 AM
Apple Pumpkin Muffins girlryan 07-Mar-02   05:03 PM
Salsa-Chicken Puffs girlryan 07-Mar-02   04:45 PM
Chocolate Pie girlryan 07-Mar-02   04:38 PM
Tuna Pasta Salad girlryan 07-Mar-02   04:33 PM
Some good-for-you recipes I love girlryan 07-Mar-02   04:26 PM
Banana Ice Cream muggs 05-Jan-02   12:47 AM
Chinese braised Anise chicken SAS 22-Aug-01   06:38 AM
Kevin's Black Chicken Sauce SAS 22-Aug-01   06:29 AM
Tagines SAS 22-Aug-01   06:19 AM
Kevin's Beef Casserole SAS 22-Aug-01   06:09 AM
Coconut Beer Batter Shrimp muggg 30-Jul-01   05:53 PM
Peaches Eudora muggg 19-Jun-01   10:03 PM
WW Pineapple Cake Soon2BThin 14-May-01   02:42 PM
Sure are yummy! Koko 06-May-01   12:47 PM
Yummy potatoes pinkus 22-Apr-01   08:52 PM
Butterscotch-Pecan Ice Cream Sauce Kyrin 19-Apr-01   03:38 PM
Chicken & Black Bean Wrap ABrown6794 11-Apr-01   04:17 PM
Carrot-Curry Soup Southerner 10-Apr-01   12:48 PM
Chicken Breasts with Creamy Shells ABrown6794 07-Apr-01   11:04 PM
Maria's Yummy Meatloaf maria7 30-Mar-01   07:09 PM
Italian Wedding Soup pinkus 30-Mar-01   04:59 PM
Muggg's Mexican Salsa muggg 21-Feb-01   12:26 PM
GOOFED ON THE RECIPE! READ! mostlyidle 17-Feb-01   12:25 PM
Muggg's Magic Chocolate Sauce muggg 14-Feb-01   04:00 PM
Another Vegy/Beef recipe mostlyidle 11-Feb-01   01:24 AM
Cavatini muggg 01-Feb-01   06:52 PM
The Best That I have Found gary 16-Jan-01   02:08 AM
Homemade Salsa pastagal 28-Oct-00   04:24 PM
Yummy Chili Beans pastagal 28-Oct-00   04:19 PM
Chicken Rice soup pastagal 28-Oct-00   04:10 PM
Vegetable Beef soup pastagal 28-Oct-00   03:59 PM
Points for WW wanda-belle 02-Sep-00   12:15 PM
Better FF Choices adam 04-Mar-00   01:16 AM
Mixing Bowl Salad adam 04-Mar-00   12:56 AM

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