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low calorie snacks? kzirkle 04-Jan-21   09:31 AM
Wheres everyone from?? CoverGirl 08-Jul-13   12:22 PM
Biggest Temptation Time To Eat maria777 27-Jan-13   12:36 AM
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Poll: Overeat versus Overspend Maria7 14-Jan-12   02:41 PM
How Tall Are You? Maria7 14-Nov-11   09:50 PM
Poll: computer monitor resolution ddwebmaster 05-Jul-11   02:09 PM
What do you think of soy? KathyBlue 05-Jul-11   01:44 PM
Your monthly visitor (women only) copper 05-Jul-11   01:38 PM
Poll: Invitations to YOUR Graduation biscottibody59 10-Feb-11   12:25 PM
Newbie arrival! Hi to all! smileygirlmp 03-Nov-10   04:04 PM
Tips for getting to goal... maria777 27-Sep-10   01:40 PM
Sugar or No? maria777 11-Aug-10   07:08 AM
Poll: Shampoo & Conditioner biscottibody59 16-Oct-08   08:19 PM
Poll: What's your connection speed? ddwebmaster 16-Oct-08   09:39 AM
WHY????? Maria7 06-Sep-08   12:29 AM
STUCK!!! maria777 28-Apr-08   07:11 PM
Take the Dosha Quiz rlovell 07-Mar-08   01:58 PM
Who's Got Colds? maria777 20-Jan-08   12:35 PM
Poll: new comment display option ddwebmaster 21-Mar-07   09:57 AM

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