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Valentine's Day Kati 08-Feb-12   08:20 AM
Seasons Greetings from Kat Kati 24-Dec-11   03:32 PM
Thanksgiving eat out or cook & eat in? Maria7 24-Nov-11   03:38 AM
Secret Santa, anyone? :-) Kati 18-Nov-11   10:49 AM
Where is everyone from ginger72 07-Oct-11   01:18 PM
When you were 17. Em17 03-Oct-11   09:11 AM
What tools can't you live without? ~WI~ 28-Sep-11   01:08 PM
How Many Pounds Have You Lost? sweetpea1977 14-Sep-11   09:59 AM
Sick People!!! KayBee 11-Sep-11   05:58 AM
Cinco de Mayo biscottibody59 07-May-11   03:09 AM
Favorite Fruit and Veggie Maria7 28-Apr-11   06:55 PM
WANNA BE SLIM OR MEDIUM? maria777 16-Apr-11   09:32 AM
Favorite Exercise maria777 15-Apr-11   10:32 PM
Favorite Meat Maria7 15-Apr-11   10:30 PM
So funny lyrics from Owl City KathyBlue 13-Apr-11   03:39 AM
Just For Fun maria777 15-Jan-11   07:44 AM
Funny Food Facts (Joke!) KathyBlue 25-Nov-10   08:20 AM
Health & Fitness Promo on Play.com KathyBlue 03-Oct-10   01:10 PM
The Swimming Suit Photo... KathyBlue 19-Aug-10   02:51 AM
Lick your lips smileygirlmp 28-Jul-10   08:56 PM
NOM NOM NOMS!!!! mskitty 05-Jun-10   05:59 AM
Who is your biggest inspiration? WI3 11-Oct-09   04:48 AM
One Word WI3 03-Sep-09   12:16 AM
Ah, Sensibility! biscottibody59 22-Jan-09   10:25 AM
Poeple From Atlanta skinnyfatgirl 08-Jan-09   10:57 AM
less than 40 grams of carbs for one day Bleste 07-Jan-09   07:18 PM
How hungry are you? skinnyjeans 06-Jan-09   02:50 PM
what's everyone's favorite healthy snack normajean 06-Jan-09   02:48 PM
Meet yourself WI3 15-Oct-08   10:39 PM
Twisted Sister Now Willing to Take It grumpy 08-Oct-08   10:49 AM
230 + Club! mylifechanges 24-Sep-08   11:03 AM
Birthday List kyrin 24-Sep-08   10:52 AM
When does food become fat? A great quiz WI3 20-Aug-08   09:27 AM
Manu is grumpy! grumpy 15-Jul-08   02:07 PM
Umpqua's pregnancy blog workingit2 17-Jun-08   09:32 AM
Who all is turning 40 this year? Workingit2 16-Jun-08   06:20 AM
Do You Weigh At Night? maria777 08-Apr-08   11:44 PM
Are you Between 160 - 190 lbs? Tourguidebarbie 08-Apr-08   04:57 PM
Charitable Donations: Before You Give!!! biscottibody59 17-Mar-08   03:21 PM
Water, Water, Water Weighlon 04-Feb-08   10:01 AM
Can we vent about the men in our lives ? justgonnadoit 03-Feb-08   10:48 PM
Meltdown to Spring and a new size crategrl 01-Feb-08   09:15 PM
Sweetpea? workingit2 03-Jan-08   04:30 AM
Operation Christmas Weight Loss tourguidebarbie 02-Dec-07   04:10 PM
Operation Thanksgiving Day Weight Loss tourguidebarbie 27-Nov-07   02:04 PM
Operation Halloween Weight Loss tourguidebarbie 01-Nov-07   06:41 AM
Favorite Destinations maria777 22-Oct-07   08:32 AM
products you shouldn't use! Horn_Of_Plenty 19-Sep-07   04:13 AM
choosing walking shoes Horn_Of_Plenty 15-Sep-07   06:18 PM
choosing walking shoes Horn_Of_Plenty 15-Sep-07   06:18 PM
tips on exercise Horn_Of_Plenty 15-Sep-07   06:17 PM
Exercise Bulimia :: New Eating Disorder biscottibody59 23-Feb-07   01:14 PM
Fun with words tourguidebarbie 13-Feb-07   06:42 AM
Challenge Points Totals WorkingIt2 22-Jan-07   11:37 AM
Rubber Band Men - Hey Moody! WorkingIt2 11-Jan-07   11:36 AM
Our Journals At DD Maria7 08-Jun-06   05:28 PM
Being human newfbabe 28-Feb-04   09:03 PM
Abbreviations, keystrokes & emotions. Beth 201 29-Dec-02   01:30 AM
DietDiariesChat kyrin 27-Sep-02   10:11 AM
uncharted terrain dingbatprincess 02-May-02   05:53 PM
How to do the animations muggg 09-May-01   01:51 PM
It's a challenge! Page 22-Nov-00   03:20 PM
Dieting is whatever you want it to be! missy 30-Dec-99   04:47 PM

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