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Title Topic Author Last Post or Reply
Shoes biscottibody59 19-Nov-15   04:55 PM
Too Much Exercise can Halt Weight Loss WI3 07-Jul-14   06:17 PM
Hoola Hoops? supercheese 15-Jul-13   06:30 PM
Truth Time: Toning / Shaping /Sculpting Kati 18-Nov-12   03:40 AM
Cardio v. Weights skinnygrlwithin 11-Nov-12   12:17 AM
Weight limit on exercise Machines butterflyness 15-Sep-12   07:49 PM
ANY IDEAS????? PLEASE???!!!!! sadeyes22 03-Sep-12   05:34 AM
Death of Ultramarathoner LeakingLife 20-Jun-12   09:03 AM
Motivation? elliekay47 06-Jun-12   08:53 PM
Kombucha Anyone? tyler 30-May-12   03:00 PM
Birth Control Makes It Harder To Lose? supercheese 23-Mar-12   08:00 AM
Beachbody Workout Programs legcramps 09-Mar-12   05:51 PM
Insanity vs P90x? supercheese 03-Feb-12   11:01 AM
Hot or Bikram Yoga grumpy 23-Jan-12   02:09 PM
Adolescent Obesity::Technology/Caffeine biscottibody59 19-Jan-12   08:41 PM
calories burnt at the gym Tangalyn~ 17-Jan-12   06:19 PM
Staying Trim When Fat Runs in the Family biscottibody59 26-Nov-11   02:53 PM
TIPS FOR WALKING FASTER Kati 08-Nov-11   03:09 PM
Snap Fitness tangalyn 24-May-11   02:46 PM
Weight Gain & Muscle Loss in Women biscottibody59 10-May-11   09:32 AM
Kettlebell Review loveray 02-May-11   12:15 PM
i hate giving up! ruth.a 02-May-11   12:05 PM
P90X Supercheese 02-May-11   11:53 AM
Body By Science quote KathyBlue 09-Feb-11   08:17 AM
NO MORE EXCUSES!!!! sweetpea1977 05-Feb-11   06:28 AM
kettlebell workouts mari D 26-Oct-10   08:51 AM
Slim in 6 DVD just42day 05-Sep-10   12:11 PM
The Lose Belly Fat Interval Workout sweetpea1977 17-May-10   12:05 PM
Gym Recommendations sweetpea1977 11-May-10   12:09 PM
Do You Eat Before A Workout? balloonlady 01-May-10   12:38 PM
FAVORITE EXERCISE? maria777 05-Apr-10   08:01 AM
Music for working out omahagrl 30-Mar-10   01:21 PM
pain killer before a workout selina 19-Mar-10   02:16 PM
Chair Yoga biscottibody59 23-Feb-10   12:57 PM
Why You Should Step Up Your Workout biscottibody59 06-Jan-10   08:37 AM
Muscles holograms 20-Aug-09   05:23 AM
Post-Exercise 'Glow' May Last 12 Hours biscottibody59 17-Aug-09   04:58 PM
Curves myrsinh 30-Mar-09   07:20 AM
Body Wraps skinnyfatgirl 16-Jan-09   08:11 AM
Low weights - high reps adam 06-Jan-09   12:20 PM
Amp UP Your Metabolism! WorkingIt 06-Jan-09   12:18 PM
Eating before or after a workout? WorkingIt 06-Jan-09   12:17 PM
Intensity during workouts katrn05 06-Jan-09   12:15 PM
Stacker 3? Hiphop Abs? yaz 06-Jan-09   07:53 AM
Low Back Pain::Study biscottibody59 26-Dec-08   08:35 AM
Poll: Gym or Home emmweb 01-Dec-08   05:58 AM
What's Your Favorite Exercise? maria777 19-Aug-08   05:31 PM
Calorie pics.very interesting...? MsKitty 02-Apr-08   10:41 AM
pray for Me and Tyler today! MsKitty 29-Mar-08   06:33 AM
Exercise and Weekly Amounts maria777 26-Feb-08   04:03 PM
Burning calories while rebounding? workingit2 01-Feb-08   09:04 PM
Leslie Sansone DVD Users? workingit2 22-Jan-08   04:09 PM
Exercising While Overweight biscottibody59 14-Jan-08   10:13 PM
anyone know of a good elliptical? shadetree 08-Oct-07   06:00 PM
NightLine on ABC Tonight 9.27.2007 biscottibody59 27-Sep-07   02:15 PM
**JULY TOTALS** tourguidebarbie 10-Aug-07   03:42 PM
JUNE CHALLENGE TOTALS tourguidebarbie 03-Jul-07   07:17 AM
May Challenge? tourguidebarbie 19-May-07   12:49 AM
Thin People May Be Fat Inside sweetpea1977 16-May-07   12:31 PM
April Challenge Results! WorkingIt2 01-May-07   05:04 PM
6 body-shaping exercises for him WorkingIt2 22-Mar-07   07:56 AM
5 Body-Shaping Exercises For Her WorkingIt2 22-Mar-07   07:55 AM
5 common "no-no" exercises WorkingIt2 22-Mar-07   07:52 AM
Strength Training Basics WorkingIt2 10-Mar-07   10:28 PM
March challenge anyone? WorkingIt2 08-Mar-07   08:44 PM
How many calories does exercise burn? WorkingIt2 26-Feb-07   05:37 AM
Too much exercise is counterproductive WorkingIt2 04-Feb-07   07:30 AM
I got a Curves gift certificate for Chri wrennie71 01-Feb-07   10:24 AM
Poll: Schedule of exercise AM or PM tababibe 30-Dec-06   12:17 PM
About Metabolism WorkingIt 12-Nov-06   09:20 AM
Leslie Sansone jmer 07-Nov-06   02:52 PM
Exercise during TOM? WorkingIt 17-Oct-06   09:43 AM
Why you should eat after working out WorkingIt 09-Oct-06   05:29 PM
Weighing In gordita 26-Aug-06   06:10 PM
The Walking Calculator WorkingIt 16-Aug-06   01:26 PM
Top Ten Fitness Time-Wasters WorkingIt 03-Aug-06   08:47 AM
What is your Resting Heart Rate WorkingIt 02-Aug-06   02:43 PM
Your BMR and Calories Needed WorkingIt 02-Aug-06   11:46 AM
Active At Any Size! WorkingIt 28-Jul-06   11:09 AM
Strength Training For Older Adults WorkingIt 28-Jul-06   11:01 AM
Prenatal Pilates WorkingIt 27-Jul-06   11:22 AM
Weight loss w/out exercise? WorkingIt 26-Jul-06   03:10 PM
Cardio before or after strength training WorkingIt 25-Jul-06   07:57 AM
Looking for a weight lifting buddy! WorkingIt 21-Jul-06   07:27 PM
reverse crunches? PetuniaPig 04-Jul-06   10:18 PM
Canadian Content queenie 25-Oct-04   07:13 PM
Link Lainey 03-Feb-03   01:49 PM
Which ones do you like? artemisartist 02-Dec-02   11:37 AM
HELP! vickster 19-Aug-02   05:46 PM
Best exercises ~*natalie*~ 01-Jun-02   09:00 PM
Pilates ~*natalie*~ 29-May-02   08:40 PM
kickbacks--butt exercise dingbatprincess 02-May-02   05:49 PM
What........... tearoze 20-Jan-02   12:51 PM
Canadian Content frogger 03-Jan-02   12:29 PM
Exercising with Billy Blanks chunkythighs 27-Aug-01   10:49 PM
Strength training at home (beginner) Towanda 13-May-01   03:06 PM
Horseback riding as excercise monkeytoe 09-Mar-01   12:19 PM
Bikini Workout hotgirl22 23-Feb-00   11:44 AM
How many sets? DVDMon 08-Jan-00   09:45 PM
Mall-walking missy 30-Dec-99   04:35 PM

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