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Title Topic Author Last Post or Reply
New Goal Format - Thank You Donkey 19-Apr-19   08:27 PM
DD Future - 2017 ddwebmaster 30-Apr-18   12:34 PM
Can't post replies to journal posts happy-1 17-Sep-17   02:14 PM
WEBMASTER: Replies to comments on diary biscottibody59 12-Jul-17   06:16 PM
DD Maintenance - 05/14/2015 ddwebmaster 25-Jul-16   02:52 AM
Webmaster - Weight Charts on my Diary Horn_Of_Plenty 09-Oct-15   07:42 AM
DD Maintenance ddwebmaster 06-Mar-15   08:26 PM
*** Webmaster Shoutout *** biscottibody59 09-Dec-14   04:39 PM
Server Hiccup ddwebmaster 31-Jan-14   10:24 AM
New homepage layout ddwebmaster 11-Jul-13   04:01 AM
Reply to Comments feature added ddwebmaster 08-May-13   06:14 PM
Commenting on Posts ddwebmaster 29-Jan-13   12:02 PM
server problems ddwebmaster 14-Nov-12   10:18 AM
DD site maintenance planned on 10/26 ddwebmaster 24-Oct-12   07:24 AM
Photos not uploading - possible fix ddwebmaster 09-Oct-12   02:53 PM
Favorites option added ddwebmaster 08-Jun-12   10:40 AM
Diet Diaries Facebook Group sweetpea1977 15-Mar-12   05:38 AM
Thank You, DD Webmaster! Maria7 28-Feb-12   04:25 AM
Rotation problem persists - for WEBMASTR Kati 19-Feb-12   09:08 AM
Hello DD Webmaster! Firstly, thank you f Horn_Of_Plenty 08-Jan-12   02:26 PM
to webmaster: images KathyBlue 01-Sep-11   10:46 AM
iphone, ipad, android ddwebmaster 02-Aug-11   04:45 AM
To DD Webmaster re: iphone Maria7 13-Jul-11   06:59 PM
Planned website maintenance ddwebmaster 31-May-11   10:31 PM
planned website downtime this afternoon ddwebmaster 22-May-11   06:47 PM
Thank You, DD Webmaster! Maria7 16-Jan-11   04:56 AM
for DDWM: error on trying2 comment KathyBlue 14-Jan-11   08:36 PM
for DDWM and all members KathyBlue 10-Jan-11   08:08 PM
For DDWMaster: no email alerts KathyBlue 10-Jan-11   02:39 AM
error message geevee 07-Jan-11   10:44 AM
Downtime ddwebmaster 02-Jan-11   07:57 PM
Trouble posting photos loveray 01-Dec-10   04:11 PM
Forum Spam to DD Webmaster Umpqua 20-Nov-10   02:02 PM
DDwebmaster:Not receiving notifications KathyBlue 03-Nov-10   06:25 AM
Sorry for the downtime & welcome back! ddwebmaster 26-Oct-10   06:46 PM
WEIGHT issue to DDwebmaster KathyBlue 26-Oct-10   09:47 AM
ERROR MESSAGE to DDwebmaster KathyBlue 26-Oct-10   03:34 AM
ATTN: DD WEBMASTER loveray 27-Sep-10   08:09 AM
serious bug KathyBlue 27-Sep-10   05:07 AM
Can't leave messages for some? WI3 09-Aug-10   09:02 AM
Site downtime this morning ddwebmaster 25-Jun-10   10:04 AM
somebody had to come up with this: FB? KathyBlue 30-May-10   03:32 PM
posting problems nita51 17-May-10   08:28 PM
Recent Site Changes ddwebmaster 18-Apr-10   09:42 PM
Server Problems ddwebmaster 21-Mar-10   03:06 AM
strange message notifications KathyBlue 08-Mar-10   02:23 PM
text editor problems KathyBlue 24-Feb-10   01:05 PM
Unplanned Server Downtime ddwebmaster 21-Feb-10   03:48 AM
homepage news links ddwebmaster 30-Dec-09   11:49 AM
My Two Cents On Adbrite Ads biscottibody59 09-Mar-09   02:07 PM
Server Transfer - List Any Problems ddwebmaster 06-Mar-09   04:44 PM
Possible site downtime ddwebmaster 27-Feb-09   01:39 PM
Google? mmuraro 08-Jan-09   08:05 AM
Cookie timeout ddwebmaster 03-Jan-09   02:31 PM
uploading photos - how to selina 29-Nov-08   01:11 AM
Forums Section Converted ddwebmaster 20-Nov-08   05:14 PM
My Diary page new editor ddwebmaster 12-Nov-08   06:26 PM
Planned Site Maintenance ddwebmaster 09-Nov-08   06:20 AM
Website structure & banners ddwebmaster 08-Nov-08   01:01 AM
To DD Webmaster Maria7 03-Nov-08   09:17 AM
Are You Having Ad Popups? Maria7 01-Nov-08   08:48 AM
ddwebmaster Bleste 25-Sep-08   07:02 AM
BIO page problems ddwebmaster 11-Sep-08   04:26 PM
FAQ - Search Engine Clarification ddwebmaster 15-Jul-08   09:18 PM
rlovell is loveray rlovell 15-Jul-08   03:27 PM
Before and After webmaster? mmuraro 01-Jul-08   10:11 PM
To DD Webmaster maria777 29-Jun-08   09:15 AM
If your Public Diaries is down... maria777 26-Jun-08   01:34 PM
Yahoo email accounts ddwebmaster 24-Jun-08   08:10 AM
DDWebMaster Casi 26-May-08   07:55 PM
Writing Back to a message??? wana_b_thin28 02-Apr-08   06:55 AM
When logging in :) Horn_Of_Plenty 27-Oct-07   08:54 PM
Change in comment posting ddwebmaster 01-Mar-07   10:33 AM
Bio popup / dropdown ddwebmaster 17-Feb-07   10:33 AM
Favorites? tourguidebarbie 31-Jan-07   08:02 AM
website outage ddwebmaster 30-Jan-07   11:16 PM
New Improvements!!!! Horn_Of_Plenty 24-Jan-07   02:12 PM
messing with public diary pages ddwebmaster 19-Jan-07   05:23 AM
New backgrounds feature added. ddwebmaster 28-Dec-06   10:46 AM
Picture file hosting / display. ddwebmaster 16-Dec-06   12:23 PM
no style sheets, please. ddwebmaster 16-Dec-06   09:15 AM
website down for an hour ddwebmaster 06-Sep-06   08:33 AM
website outage ddwebmaster 26-Aug-06   04:52 PM
advance warning - server change ddwebmaster 16-Aug-06   12:34 AM
Public Diary page change ddwebmaster 12-Jul-06   04:29 PM
Google Ads at bottom of pages ddwebmaster 04-Jul-06   01:23 PM
Bio page access change ddwebmaster 30-Jun-06   02:43 PM
Activated forums section ddwebmaster 29-May-06   10:53 AM

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