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Cannot edit entries :( horn_of_plenty 27-May-20   01:16 PM
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Heart Attack and Stroke Risk Calculator biscottibody59 28-Oct-12   05:51 PM
Alzheimer's risk increased by poor diet grannyannie 11-Sep-12   05:08 AM
Patients at risk for sleep apnea . . . biscottibody59 24-Aug-12   09:51 AM
What's the deal with SOY? glycrina 02-Aug-12   04:34 PM
After starting, theres no stopping supercheese 02-Jul-12   01:39 PM
Study Article: Dehydration LeakingLife 12-Jun-12   10:30 AM
TIME SENSITIVE: Women's Sleep Issues biscottibody59 13-Mar-12   10:53 AM
Some advice (not related to dieting lol) supercheese 08-Feb-12   07:23 AM
Article: Exercise--Lean vs Obese Women biscottibody59 29-Jan-12   03:58 PM
10% more calories grumpy 23-Jan-12   07:31 AM
Shocking!!!! Kati 22-Jan-12   11:53 AM
Eating Well Diet supercheese 21-Jan-12   06:13 AM
2012diet buddy rockingrobyn 05-Jan-12   09:47 AM
Goals for happy 2012? grannyannie 31-Dec-11   05:25 PM
Yonana's Ice Cream Maker ~WI~ 15-Nov-11   01:24 PM
Candy for the Troops! Supercheese 01-Nov-11   07:08 PM
Maintenance grannyannie 16-Oct-11   08:18 AM
Uninsured with Pre-Existing Condition biscottibody59 12-Oct-11   11:56 AM
Eating out grannyannie 11-Oct-11   06:16 AM
DD Retreat! loveray 21-Jul-11   12:53 PM
***!!!***Add this to your Email***!!!*** biscottibody59 15-Jul-11   10:14 AM
Where is Sweetpea? moogy 16-Jun-11   02:35 PM
10 Dumb Things . . . at the Doctor's biscottibody59 27-May-11   08:16 AM
Where is Thininside??? loveray 27-May-11   07:45 AM
when is the best time to weigh in krizzy 04-May-11   04:54 AM
When is enough enough? Supercheese 02-May-11   08:47 PM
BMI Calc--Children and Teens (ages 2-19) biscottibody59 28-Mar-11   10:41 AM
LEAN CUISINE Spaghetti Dinners Recalled Umpqua 15-Mar-11   07:11 PM
How Eating At Home Can Save Your Life sweetpea1977 12-Jan-11   07:37 AM
Good Vitamin Recommendation loveray 05-Jan-11   12:56 PM
Podcast: Nightmares & Sleep Disorders biscottibody59 07-Dec-10   09:14 AM
While Warning abt Fat US Pushes . . . biscottibody59 22-Nov-10   09:43 AM
Spam erased diet-tips 20-Nov-10   03:01 PM
sensa carexo 14-Nov-10   10:58 AM
Who here is Hypothyroid? WI_HashiHypo 02-Nov-10   01:22 PM
DD Retreat???? loveray 10-Oct-10   07:44 AM
Engaging in Healthy Behaviors teensybikini 17-Sep-10   07:25 AM
Will I know when to stop? willbe110lbs 10-Sep-10   10:28 AM
Binge Eating Disorder Horn_Of_Plenty 06-Sep-10   08:34 PM
Just So You All Know biscottibody59 14-Aug-10   11:23 AM
walking in Ft.Worth don'tstoptrying 11-Aug-10   12:26 PM
help me krizzy 20-Jul-10   04:40 PM
Birth Control Shot . . . biscottibody59 07-Jun-10   11:57 AM
Avoid alcohol WorkingIt 23-Apr-10   11:40 AM
Brain Death by a Thousand Hypoxic . . . biscottibody59 10-Apr-10   07:16 PM
What EXACTLY is regarded as high intensi girlnearsixteen 19-Mar-10   02:29 PM
Another Newbie chidogs 11-Jan-10   10:39 AM
A big Thanks underpreshur 11-Jan-10   02:13 AM
help jenex98520 28-Oct-09   02:31 AM
>>>>>Curves<<<<<< ; ) or : ( mskitty 12-Aug-09   02:39 AM
Gail50/Journal/Linda Williams Gail50 02-May-09   08:44 AM
Don't believe everything you read.... ddwebmaster 30-Mar-09   08:05 AM
haha_love2laugh's mother MomOfSome1UKnew 05-Mar-09   06:25 PM
Merchandise for Big People & NAAFA biscottibody59 18-Feb-09   02:09 PM
Get the calorie count 4 restaurant foods haha_love2laugh 17-Feb-09   02:46 PM
Diagnosed/Undiagnosed Eating Disorder biscottibody59 12-Feb-09   03:11 PM
Only takes a minute to help save a life! WI3 30-Jan-09   05:02 PM
ONE A DAY WEIGHT SMART grumpy 08-Jan-09   10:43 PM
Hello Everyone~!! rjf 11-Jan-07   11:33 AM
TIPS TO SHARE? sasyredneckgirl 09-Jan-07   08:13 AM
Promoting Anorexia, Bulimia WorkingIt 08-Jan-07   12:05 PM
Don't reach for diet pills WorkingIt 06-Jan-07   07:47 AM
Binge, Over-Eating, Anorexia, ED's WorkingIt 05-Jan-07   11:37 AM
Keep Off The Weight You Lose! WorkingIt 05-Jan-07   08:22 AM
Are you DYING to be thin? WorkingIt 05-Jan-07   03:36 AM
Binge Eating Disorder WorkingIt 05-Jan-07   03:32 AM
Why snacking is good for you! WorkingIt 03-Jan-07   09:55 AM
Hi vineela 03-Jan-07   07:07 AM
OOPPS!!! SillyIdiotRJF 15-Dec-06   08:16 PM
Weight Loss Myths WorkingIt 30-Nov-06   10:10 AM
Some inspiration, please! borntocry 26-Nov-06   08:05 AM
Pace while you're on the phone WorkingIt 17-Oct-06   09:46 AM
Eat more bananas WorkingIt 17-Oct-06   09:46 AM
Break up your workouts WorkingIt 17-Oct-06   09:45 AM
Don't eat too much protein! WorkingIt 17-Oct-06   09:44 AM
Body Blueprinting Quiz WorkingIt 12-Oct-06   08:41 AM
Little handfuls of food add up!! WorkingIt 11-Oct-06   01:29 PM
Metabolism needs water! WorkingIt 10-Oct-06   12:53 PM
Proof that food can be an addiction WorkingIt 06-Oct-06   09:21 AM
Quick Fix Myths WorkingIt 19-Sep-06   11:36 AM
My computer filter! And thanks to all! rjf 09-Sep-06   07:28 PM
"I had a bad day; I might as well quit!" WorkingIt 06-Sep-06   08:28 PM
I'm not losing weight fast enough WorkingIt 04-Sep-06   05:43 PM
"Fattitudes" WorkingIt 04-Sep-06   12:51 PM
I'm not being rude!! rjf 31-Aug-06   03:00 PM
Excess skin after large weightloss? graindart 08-Aug-06   06:49 AM
Makeover Surgery WorkingIt 31-Jul-06   12:06 PM
The FTC And Weight Loss Claims WorkingIt 28-Jul-06   11:19 AM
Myths About Weight Loss WorkingIt 28-Jul-06   11:13 AM
Binge Eating Disorder WorkingIt 28-Jul-06   11:10 AM
Understanding Adult Obesity WorkingIt 28-Jul-06   11:06 AM
Losing Inches - Cool Information WorkingIt 27-Jul-06   07:19 PM
Heavy Fast Food Eaters WorkingIt 27-Jul-06   03:49 PM
Journaling Daily Calories? WorkingIt 23-Jul-06   06:00 AM

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