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My First time! mommieof4 07-Mar-18   06:19 PM
Your Body Mass Index biscottibody59 06-May-13   04:26 PM
Movie: Forks Over Knives biscottibody59 27-Apr-13   10:16 AM
About old clothes... Kati 03-Jul-12   07:11 AM
Before & After Photos Umpqua 08-Mar-12   10:30 AM
NO MORE EXCUSES! Kati 05-Mar-12   05:57 PM
3 week long holiday grannyannie 24-Nov-11   04:58 AM
Have a guilt-free Thanksgiving ~WI~ 21-Nov-11   11:54 AM
Pay attention to your sleep patterns WI3 08-Nov-11   09:07 PM
Getting rid of 'fat' clothes grannyannie 24-Oct-11   05:45 AM
It IS NOT EASY to lose weight ~WI~ 02-Oct-11   02:44 PM
The Deathbed Exercise KayBee 22-Sep-11   03:07 PM
moogy's secret (-: KayBee 13-Sep-11   04:55 PM
Happiness Diary Experiment KayBee 13-Sep-11   01:07 PM
A Simple Meditation for Mindful Eating loveray 05-Sep-11   03:58 AM
HEAVY series on Bio. KayBee 28-Aug-11   02:51 PM
A little hopeless need inspiration Tbell1389 13-Jul-11   09:01 AM
Willpower vs. Imagination KathyBlue 31-May-11   08:10 AM
3 Major Roadblocks to WeightLoss Success KathyBlue 26-May-11   07:00 AM
Weight Loss & Exercise Success Mindset KathyBlue 25-May-11   06:27 AM
What is Your Tactics for a Buffet Meal? YellowDress 30-Apr-11   04:25 PM
Marathon Challenge: INSPIRING! KathyBlue 30-Apr-11   07:57 AM
Documentaries Online about Food KathyBlue 30-Apr-11   07:46 AM
BBC film 10 things U need Losing Weight KathyBlue 30-Apr-11   07:45 AM
Food Inc. Supercheese 26-Apr-11   09:12 AM
How to Manage Your Feelings sweetpea1977 01-Apr-11   03:27 PM
Motivation: Metabolism 1. KathyBlue 10-Feb-11   03:33 AM
Motivation: Clarify Your Priorities KathyBlue 08-Feb-11   12:16 PM
My journey to 150 lbs V 05-Feb-11   01:42 AM
Help Me Curb Hunger OpenMyWings 19-Jan-11   12:39 PM
Healthy Weight Week Jan 16 - 22, 2011 sweetpea1977 13-Jan-11   08:21 AM
100 lbs lost KathyBlue 13-Oct-10   12:43 PM
The External Validation Demon Umpqua 28-Sep-10   11:45 AM
Favorite Mini-Goal/On Track Reward Maria7 17-Sep-10   07:22 AM
A New Look at Weight Loss Plateaus sweetpea1977 18-May-10   06:37 AM
Plateau's..causes, solutions workingit2 17-May-10   12:07 PM
new to the site,needs support coolfeb 06-Jan-10   12:28 PM
NewGal Cookie278 02-Jan-10   02:00 AM
Did You "Just Say No" to anything today? WorkingIt 29-Dec-09   01:16 PM
Atlanta-Area DD'ers loveray 28-Dec-09   12:29 PM
Let it rub off! mandy_harman 21-Dec-09   08:31 PM
WHAT INSPIRES YOU TO STAY ON TRACK? maria777 20-Dec-09   08:04 PM
Dedicate Your Day To Another Member WI3 04-Jun-09   03:10 AM
When hunger strikes... Sparkle 08-Feb-09   12:19 PM
Water Retention WI3 21-Jan-09   08:35 PM
Losing Weight Too Quickly? Llogan 17-Jan-09   01:01 PM
Plateau because of 'Postman's Syndrome'? WI3 02-Jan-09   06:58 AM
Guys with Success Stories katysd 27-Oct-08   02:34 PM
What is your official weigh-in day? WI3 01-Sep-08   03:26 PM
Video on Weight Loss weighthate 14-Aug-08   09:49 AM
Here's to us ALL!! CutyPie 10-Jul-08   01:52 PM
Shout Outs! WI3 07-Jul-08   03:54 PM
6 babies, a heart attack, and a marathon WI3 19-Jun-08   09:01 AM
Staying Motivated Maura_girl 17-Jun-08   02:26 PM
ichat rlovell 07-Jun-08   06:29 PM
100 Tips sweetpea1977 03-Jun-08   01:10 PM
7 years old and 400 lbs WorkingIt2 31-May-08   12:34 AM
Being Overweight and Dating mmuraro 27-Feb-08   10:26 PM
cancel starlight 22-Feb-08   04:37 AM
Detox Help! rlovell 17-Feb-08   09:08 AM
The Last Lecture workingit2 17-Feb-08   09:04 AM
Body Image & Self-Esteem biscottibody59 03-Feb-08   09:04 PM
. sv2833 02-Feb-08   10:30 PM
Man loses 600lbs w/Diet & Exercise workingit2 01-Feb-08   01:14 PM
Success Story - She Lost 110lbs! workingit2 25-Jan-08   03:04 PM
The Top Ten List (As seen in WW Magazine workingit2 25-Jan-08   05:41 AM
Why women lose weight, or don't..... workingit2 20-Jan-08   12:34 PM
How it feels to be newly thin workingit2 08-Dec-07   10:23 PM
Say hello to the bugs in your gut workingit2 06-Dec-07   11:28 AM
86 Days until Christmas workingit2 03-Dec-07   07:41 PM
Hello everyone,newbie here cowcollector6 03-Dec-07   01:59 AM
New Here :) Please Help gracie38 22-Nov-07   03:12 PM
Online Editable Calendar workingit2 22-Sep-07   08:40 PM
Rewards For Motivation? Trying_Again_41 02-Sep-07   06:15 PM
Weight watchers Points Weetabix simmy 08-Aug-07   08:33 AM
hey im new help me whatagirlwants 07-Aug-07   04:26 AM
Our Deepest Fear WorkingIt 27-Jul-07   09:34 PM
What Motivates You? tourguidebarbie 27-Jul-07   09:31 PM
Diet Diaries Yahoo Group sweetpea1977 11-Jul-07   07:21 AM
How to ward off a binge? borntocry 30-May-07   08:45 PM
April Challenge? WorkingIt2 22-Apr-07   08:45 AM
March Challenge Point Totals! WorkingIt2 04-Apr-07   05:49 AM
Favorites bits of inspiration tourguidebarbie 23-Mar-07   05:21 AM
February Challenge Totals! WorkingIt2 05-Mar-07   03:54 PM
AM I REALLY HUNGRY? One more Time 04-Mar-07   04:14 PM
When you Binge justgonnadoit 04-Mar-07   12:18 PM
Right Now! WorkingIt2 03-Mar-07   08:54 AM
Change justgonnadoit 02-Mar-07   09:04 PM
I'm new here and wanted to say hello amyskins 28-Feb-07   11:50 AM
Is your diet making/keeping you fat? WorkingIt2 26-Feb-07   05:39 AM
Why its worth the effort sharklover 20-Feb-07   02:07 PM
Hi I'm New bubblybeks 08-Feb-07   01:33 PM
**February Challenge** WorkingIt2 05-Feb-07   09:13 AM
January Challenge Final Scores!! WorkingIt2 02-Feb-07   03:40 PM
Peanut butter is good for you! WorkingIt 17-Jan-07   03:44 PM
My Dearest Daughter WorkingIt 15-Jan-07   12:18 PM
January 2007 Challenge - Sign up! WorkingIt 15-Jan-07   03:57 AM
Surround yourself with the positive! WorkingIt 26-Dec-06   08:06 AM
Motivated to move! WorkingIt 26-Dec-06   08:05 AM
Dieting with a positive twist! WorkingIt 26-Dec-06   08:04 AM
How To Reward Good Behavior WorkingIt 26-Dec-06   08:03 AM
Binge Eating gte374f 08-Nov-06   04:59 PM
Hello ! Lady 05-Nov-06   12:03 PM
Passing Thoughts & Habits WorkingIt 02-Nov-06   05:38 AM
The Journey WorkingIt 19-Oct-06   06:38 AM
New Member BeachBunny 29-Sep-06   02:27 PM
How do you resist temptation? rachypoo 03-Sep-06   11:22 AM
New Site Helping Me Tony 03-Sep-06   11:20 AM
All my "before" pictures adam 10-Aug-06   08:00 PM
Started Diet babygirl112 19-Jul-06   07:01 PM
My Virtual Model StartledFurby 29-Apr-04   06:44 PM
i know exactly what you mean!! littlelizzie 06-Jan-04   06:04 PM
BE GOOD AND BETTER WHEN YOU CAN Pamadoo 21-Dec-03   11:36 AM
Good question!! Amethyst 13-Dec-03   12:39 AM
A hot tip of motivation: Smiley2 18-May-03   07:11 PM
Here Here ! X princess20 05-May-03   06:06 PM
almost ladybug20 17-Jan-03   01:33 AM
Hey gordita 26-Aug-02   11:24 AM
why do i see myself so fat! Adorableredhead 20-Aug-02   08:38 PM
I am curious about the same thing chubbyknees 22-May-02   03:44 PM
sweet challenge II...june 9, 2002 dingbatprincess 10-May-02   09:54 PM
Newbie Here.... MamaLambSC 12-Apr-02   09:43 AM
TAKE THE TIME....WE ARE WORTH IT!! rasco 07-Apr-02   04:04 PM
Courage kljesmer 28-Feb-02   08:52 PM
healthy eating in a dorm callysto 10-Feb-02   05:03 PM
The trying teen years Yarnus 04-Jan-02   01:31 AM
Re:how to start a successful weight-loss fitnessfriend 06-Nov-01   05:09 PM
Just had to say... Firebabe 16-May-01   04:25 PM
Question for anybody who can help!! luv2luvu 01-May-01   07:56 PM
Re: Tape it to the fridge Maria7 10-Apr-01   10:00 PM
Could use some help here monkeytoe 21-Feb-01   06:02 PM
Tape it to the Fridge monkeytoe 21-Feb-01   06:00 PM
FRESH STARTS forme01 06-Jan-01   03:06 PM
It's hard to change bad habits TQUILA 04-Jan-01   07:18 PM
I count to 10 real slow. Big B Gone 28-Nov-00   01:54 AM
A sence of knowing it will be o.k. Big B Gone 28-Nov-00   01:50 AM
Paying attention DVDMon 08-Jan-00   09:58 PM
How do u start a sucessful weight-loss? DVDMon 08-Jan-00   09:50 PM

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