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Paying attention
- DVDMon on 08-Jan-00 09:58 PM
I think many people who are overweight simply love food and can obsess about it like myself. It would seem like we should be very consious of what we're eating most of the time, but what I've experienced is that a lot of times I go ahead an eat out of some unconscious urge. It's something I obviously haven't mastered, but I think part of the key to staying on track is to think and really THINK about what you are eating or are about to eat. Ask yourself if you are really hungry, or if it's something you are doing out of nervousness or depression or whatever. If you don't feel really hungry try telling yourself that there's absolutely no good reason to eat. Also when I'm offered something that's obviously not good for me, though perhaps good-tasting, I realize there's a choice - I have to choose long-term happiness/healthiness over short-term satisfaction (probably followed shortly by feeling bloated, guilty, etc.). If you think about that choice, really THINK about it (and not just go with your instinct which many of us have trained to want anything and everything in front of us), this may help a lot...

jaimy_sella on 28-Sep-00 07:21 PM
I know exactly what your'e talking about! It's like you ignore your eating. you shut off your thought and just open your mouth and you can't stop. From now on i'm going to count to 30 before i eat anythng. I'm going to ask myself what good is this food going to do for my body. is this food going to hurt my diet?will it just make me hungier? I think it will really help.

dingbatprincess on 28-Apr-02 06:01 PM
there are 4 reasons you eat.





Yell their acronym to your stomach whenever you are about to go on an emotional eating spree...


sacfatcity on 11-May-02 04:44 PM
In the HALT acronym, you could interchange tired with THIRSTY too.

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