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Question for anybody who can help!!
- luv2luvu on 01-May-01 07:56 PM
I have searched before and after pictures of people who have lost over 100 pounds, and I have noticed that even though some people might have been my weight, I was smaller in some areas of my body, and larger in other areas. I am exercising everyday and I want to know will I ever firm up again?? I know I am still very overweight, but I need somebody who has lost over 100 lbs or close to tell me what they did to firm up? Sorry for the novel *smile*

J on 09-Jul-02 04:32 PM
I have lost 100lbs and now fluctuate from 5-15lbs within my target weight range. For me, firming up was one of the benefits of the lifestyle change. I am not a hardbody but remain active and fairly muscular (I am no longer loking for the *perfect* body either, just a healthy one) HOWEVER... I have found no remedy to be rid of the excess skin that accompanies this feat.... I have heard of surgical options. Alas, I am not an advocate of cosmetic surgery and refuse to have it done. I choose to live with the damage that I have done to my outsides while I work on making my insides healthier to stop the cycle. I think I am learning about self acceptance (one blemish at a time, he, he, he...)

cinygirl2004 on 05-Sep-04 05:55 PM
I havent lost that much but plan too ,, but my mother has ,, and she tells me the key to firming up the belly is crunches.. she does 150 per day even when shes not dieting she does this. So I have been doing crunches just cant do 150 yet ,, some day hopefully lol

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