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Slim Fast
- MommaJ on 26-Oct-04 04:00 PM
Just wondering if any of you have had any success on the slim fast diet? It's a meal supplement diet that seems to be working for me (so far anyways). Just wondering though how long some people have been at it and how much weight they have lost. Thanks so much for the help!

fat_to_fit on 29-May-06 11:41 AM
I tried Slim-Fast, I did it religiously for 14 days and lost 0 pounds and di not feel different in my clothing either, but I know that not every diet works the same for everyone! Good Luckw ith your goals!!

SkinnyFatGirl on 06-Jan-09 07:48 AM
Slim fast doesn't work, drink protien shakes with soymilk instead

omahagrl on 06-Jan-09 10:53 AM
I enjoy slimfast however i drink it for one meal only usually breakfast. In the past I did the slimfast diet and lost 30lbs in 3 months and if I would have not had the same eating disorder I could have kept it off. Best advice is to deal with why we currently have the eating habits that cause the weight gain and deal with them as well as using a diet plan.

thinnside40 on 07-Jan-09 12:14 PM
If it is something you think you can live with doing the rest of your life... I have to look at this realisitcally and say "can I invision doing such & such for the REST of my life in order to maintain the weightloss"? O prefer the moderation mode, but that may not work for some.... I have done the slim-fast meal bars/shakes/etc in years past to haunt me when I started "eating" regular foods, even the healthy ones....

Best of luck!

grumpy on 07-Jan-09 03:12 PM
I like shakes at times, they're an easy way to have something good for you when you're in a hurry or on the go. Easy to take to work, etc. However I think any 'diet' that you can't follow for the rest of your life is a bad idea. First because it may make you lose weight now, but then when you go back to your normal routine (i.e. stop drinking the shakes and slim fast products) you will most likely gain it back, since you didn't learn to manage your weight with normal foods. Looking at the nutrition facts though, you can find better shakes than slim fast. There's an awesome pure protein shake at trader joe's, in a can, if you have trader joe's there. Very low in carbs and high in protein. If not, go to a healthy store and get someone to help you. Tip: these shakes are always better when it's vanilla. chocolate tends to taste bad. :)

skinnyfatgirl on 08-Jan-09 06:10 AM
I think that all the crap they put in the slim fast just isn't good for you.

Protien shakes are the way to go. I believe that slim fast actually makes you fat.

rockingrobyn on 19-Jan-09 08:17 PM
i like the bars.peanut butter or chocolate are my fav

Mom_of_Fred on 25-Jan-09 12:53 PM
I tries Slimfast once, years ago. I ended up passsing out on the boyfriend's bathroom floor. Not cool.

skinnyfatgirl on 26-Jan-09 01:31 PM
I love bars too.. but sometimes they have a lot of carbs

mommyturn on 04-Apr-09 06:16 PM
I am a newbie here but I wanted to add my .02 because I have a friend who lost 75 lbs with the slimfast plan and she's kept it off. She still has a shake once a day and sometimes for two meals if she's busy. She looks great and likes eating 6x a day. I use the shakes sometimes for a snack but admit that drinking a shake doesn't keep me full for more then a little bit so it works best as an afternoon snack when I'm on the go. But that is just me :)

rockingrobyn on 09-Aug-09 08:05 AM
I'm doing the slimfast program for the summer since it's fast and handy.Whould like to buddy up with others doing it.so far I lost 10 lbs

momster13 on 17-Aug-09 01:56 PM
I have tried the slim fast. The vanilla was yucky (the smell reminded me of baby formula) also the ones that come premixed with the milk already in it. Total yuck. The only flavor I could stand was the chocolate or strawberry that you mix yourself with skim milk. I would have it for breakfast and it did seem to keep me full almost until noon but not quite. I am thinking of having some of this on hand for when I am in a rush and don't have time for a decent breakfast.

catepillar on 19-Aug-09 06:46 AM
Sometimes the shakes are good when you can't make something but need to keep your energy levels up. I don't like slim fast though - it always tastes kind of yucky to me, I prefer Carnation Instant or even Boost. JMHO

gfryer on 02-Feb-10 06:30 AM
I have been on it for 3 weeks now and have lost 9lb so I think its good. It takes away the breakfast which I cant eat healthily, I usually have toast with butter/margerine and at the weekend I had a breakfast sandwich usually sausage and egg. I think you need to exercise with it though cos in the first 2 weeks Id lost 7lb and I was exercising but after the 3rd week I only lost 2lb, I think its cos I didnt exercise. You need to do both

maggie120 on 21-Feb-11 04:47 PM
I lost 3lbs in a week doing this diet... !!! now I am trying the 7 day diet....

Billy1974 on 02-May-11 11:46 AM
Slimfast is ok, I tried it for a month, but didn't have any weight loss, but I'm hypoglycemic. The sugar content in the regular slimfast really goofs with my blood sugar, so I had to stop using it. It is like any other diet plan it works for some and not others. Maybe it will work better for you. Good luck!

Lottie645 on 19-Dec-18 01:24 AM
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