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Public Diary page change
- ddwebmaster on 01-Jul-06 01:58 PM
I've updated the format of the Public Diary page today. Please let me know if something's not working correctly.

The new public diaries page has the original entry and comments listed on the same page. It also has a box to leave a comment listed below the entry or last comment left.

I think the new format provides a more streamlined process instead of having to click through multiple pages to read comments and leave your own comment.

You do have to be logged in to leave comments still. If you're reading the public diary pages without being logged in, the text box to leave your own comment will not be available.

smiley2 on 02-Jul-06 10:12 AM
I like the new look of the public diaries, it creates a much more organized look and feel. Thanks for changing it, it looks great. Will let you know if i experience any problems when i post tommorow.

maria777 on 02-Jul-06 12:30 PM
I like it, too! Thanks!

smiley2 on 02-Jul-06 03:22 PM
I dont know if you are already planning of doing this at a later stage, but it would be really cool if the "Your Diary" page could have the same format.

ddwebmaster on 02-Jul-06 03:59 PM
I haven't decided yet, but I'm leaning towards not adding the comments inline on the "Your Diary" page. The reason is that some have expressed that they like to re-read their own diaries without the comments.

I haven't decided yet, but I may even remove all comment options from the "Your Diary" page.

Doing this might be able to keep both sides happy. If you wanted to read or leave comments, you'd go to the "Public Diaries" page. And if you didn't want to see comments on your own diary, you could just read your entries in the "Your Diary" page.

Like I said, I haven't made any decisions yet, so any more opinions?

sweet_tooth on 02-Jul-06 10:04 PM
A Child's riddle: Question - What is the largest room in the world? Answer - It's the "room for improvement".

Thanks for the improvement.

Sweet Tooth

biscottibody59 on 04-Jul-06 09:56 AM
I vote to leave the public diary as is. I like to read my entries AND have the option of clicking on the comments to open in another page. Thanks!

borntocry on 05-Jul-06 05:59 AM
Yeah, this is a good compromise. In fact in a way it's the best of both worlds because we no longer need to go through the effort of clicking on a separate link to read everyone else's comments but we can still view our own past entries with or without comments. Thanks!

gigi43 on 10-Jul-06 10:20 AM
For some reason my page does not have the new format. I still have the "No comments" and "Make comments" boxes. Not a big deal, but it'd be nice to be modern like everyone else, so if you have a chance to look at it I'd appreciate it! Thanks.

ddwebmaster on 10-Jul-06 11:01 PM
Gigi43, you might be accessing the wrong page. The "your diary" section will still show "no comments" and "make comment". It's the public diaries section that has changed to show the comments inline with the posts.

If you have a bookmark set to the old public diary page you might still be seeing the old version. The new format has a new page name. You can access it by clicking on the "Public Diaries" link at the top of the page.

jolt on 12-Jul-06 04:29 PM
The changes are great! thanks so much for always putting in the extra effort for all of us! I know we may not say it often, but we appriciate all the work you put into Diet Diaries for us!




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