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Google Ads at bottom of pages
- ddwebmaster on 01-Jul-06 02:43 PM
I'm just trying out a single bar of Google ads at the bottom of each page. I personally hate seeing ads on pages, so I placed it at the bottom. It's just on a trial basis, it may or may not stay.

There may not be ads on some pages, depending on if the google ad system finds any to place.

I can block specific ads on a one-by-one basis, so let me know if there are any inappopriate ads that appear.

sweet_tooth on 02-Jul-06 10:10 PM
I, too, dislike ads on pages. I haven't seen any so far, and hope I won't. Thanks.

ddwebmaster on 02-Jul-06 11:17 PM
I just stopped them again.

biscottibody59 on 04-Jul-06 09:49 AM
If you're getting some revenue from them, it's your call. I don't know if you've visited Fitday.com lately, but they're still a free site and the google ads appear on the side. Personally I didn't see the ads (on here) unless I scrolled down to the bottom--I keep my window small. So it's moot.

I have no problem with these--pretty benign IMO.

smiley2 on 04-Jul-06 01:23 PM
Hi there, if you keep the ads small i dont personally have a problem with it, especially if you get some revenue out of it, i think it would be great, since in the end all of us will benefit from additional features to this site. Thanks

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