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Binge Eating
- gte374f on 18-Oct-06 10:39 AM
I am new to the wesbite, but I am hoping to end my emotional eating. I was a very heavy child, slimmed down in high school and was a healthy 135lbs. at my wedding in 2003. Since then I have gained 20 pounds..I know why I gain weight..I eat..enormous quantities. When I was depressed after I got married and moved to a new town and couldn't find a job I ate..a whole bag of dorito's, a dozen krispy kreme's..I have kept this behavior unfortunately..I eat healthy when I think about it..but at night after the baby is down..I eat..2 large bowls of cereal..a whole large bag of candy corn..what is wrong with me? I have got to break this cycle. I have tried distracting myself with herbal tea...exercise (I am so tired it is hard to get motivated, but I do work out 2x's a week for 2 hours)..but nothing seems to help..any suggestions? I have ballooned up to 155lbs..can't fit into any of my clothes anymore..I am depserate..

hollybelle on 21-Oct-06 12:53 PM
It is hard to understand our own behavior sometimes. You have taken the fist step in that you have identified that your eating habits are hurtful to you and that you want to understand why you do what you do with regard to food. I know that when I overeat - (mindlessly, it seems sometimes) that it usually because I am trying to avoid something. Now, what I am trying to avoid varies. It may be that I am trying to avoid a thought that is too painful, a feeling that is too uncomfortable, a sitaution that I need to deal with but am just not ready to YET. The other reason I have identified why I overeat is when I am trying to GIVE myself something that I have a need for (emotional) that I am not getting. In other words, I am using food to try to do something for me that food cannot possibly do for me! Food is an enjoyable experience (and I do believe we should enjoy what we eat) but food is primarily fuel for our body and assigning it a role in our lives much beyond that will only lead to disappointment in one way or another. Can you identify what you are trying to "get" out of food that is not working for you? Can you relegate food back to it's proper place in your life - as an enjoyable fuel? It also sounds like this got started when you used food to "cheer" yourself up when you were depressed. Perhaps you got some false sense of reward at that time and it has just continued. You also said you benefit from paying attention to what you eat - can you try to stay more conscience of it and identify when you don't? To me it sounds like you are on the right track - see where you can go from here. Good work on the exercise. That combats depression. If you feel you are still in a rut in a reasonable amount of time do you think you could benefit from the help of a professional to jump-start your journey into self-discovery? It helped me.

gte374f on 23-Oct-06 08:09 AM
I agree with you. I think I do think of food as an emotional crutch. For the past week (really only 5 days), I have been putting food in its proper place, and it feels better. I pray I won't slip up again, although I am sure at some point I might. I am trying to take it one day at a time..I know that is the mantra from AA, but for me eating is addictive. I appreciate your words of understanding, at least I know I am not alone. I am doing well right now on my own, but if I falter again I may very well seek professional help!

biscottibody59 on 23-Oct-06 09:01 AM
Ask yourself if you're eating out of boredom. Or that you're taking care of everyone else during the day and you resent it just a little and this is your time to spend on YOU and this is just the way you're spending it now--eating! You can change. Start by cutting back. Eat only half of what you normally eat. I became a nighttime eater out of necessity, began making poorer and poorer choices and then it snowballed into a nighttime food fest at various points. I've worked my way the other direction, but the temptation is always there, depending on what kind of food I have around. I can't keep certain things in the house. Feeling even more miserable in the morning didn't sink in the next night. It's a tough thing to conquer. I wasn't always like that, so I think it's fixable. But it is still a struggle.

gonnabe30 on 08-Nov-06 12:47 AM
WOW! I just read your post, and I can't believe it! I could have written that myself. I do the same thing! Massive quantities of food. It's amazing really. I've been trying to get my binging under control and when I discovered the fact that the average human stomach is about the size of a fist, I realized that I was actually quite extraordinary... shoving all that food into such a small space! :) It had gotten so bad at one point that I could eat an entire box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's in one sitting.

I'm a new member, as of today, and I have to say that reading your post gives me new insight. I'M NOT ALONE! Why do we do this? I can't figure it out, but I know I can get it under control. I too am pushing 157 pounds and need to be 130. I was always slim and athletic, but the binging did me in. Keep me posted. :) xo gonnabe30!

gonnabe30 on 08-Nov-06 04:59 PM
Hi all. I just found this and I think it contains some interesting information. Binge eating is moving up in the world... it has a name! LOL http://www.ahealthyme.com/topic/binge

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