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January 2007 Challenge - Sign up!
- WorkingIt on 16-Dec-06 09:19 AM
would like to propose a challenge for the month of January. But one that is geared towards everyone trying to accomplish the same thing. Learning healthy habits (or re-learning) from the ground up. Getting back to basics or for the new folks, starting with the basics.

My suggestion is this:

Goals for January:

Regular points(1 point each)

Exercise for at least 10 minutes

Stay 100 calories within daily total

Drink at least 6 glasses (8 oz) of water

Eat at least 3 servings of fruits or veggies

Bonus points (2 points each)

Exercising for greater than 10 minutes

Stay within calorie limits, not going over

Drink more than 6 glasses of water

Eating more than 3 servings of fruits or veggies

So, if you drink 20 glasses of water, you would give yourself 2 points for that, etc.

If you'd like to participate, please sign up here so I can keep track of everyone who is participating so I can read your diaries for the points.

I'm looking forward to meeting my daily goals with everyone here!

borntocry on 16-Dec-06 09:49 AM
Oh, sounds like a great idea! Count me in!

I will never be able to drink 6 glasses of water a day, though, so I guess I'll just have to give those points a miss, hehe!

WorkingIt on 16-Dec-06 08:43 PM
Yay HornOfPlenty has also joined!

WorkingIt on 17-Dec-06 03:45 PM
Moody is in as well! YAY!!

Casi on 18-Dec-06 09:07 AM
Hey good idea and will help me learn how to eat right too! Count me in !! :)


WorkingIt on 18-Dec-06 12:40 PM
Welcome, Casi!

WorkingIt on 18-Dec-06 12:40 PM
YAY Geeve has joined in!

Casi on 18-Dec-06 01:42 PM
Way to go WorkingIt !!!! So glad you joined :)


rjf on 19-Dec-06 10:30 AM
I would like to join the challege, as of Jan 1st. And again, WorkingIt, I would like to say "thanks" for all you do to motivate us around here!! *smiles*

LilyV on 19-Dec-06 11:56 PM
I would love to joinn the challenge too - have been following the diaries now for nearly a year but haven't posted recently. Have a great Christmas everyone.

graindart on 20-Dec-06 08:15 AM

maryk on 20-Dec-06 11:11 PM
I'm in! I need so much help with eating fruits and veggies...it's pathetic.

tourguidebarbie on 21-Dec-06 07:57 AM
Ok i'm in... and planning on winning... Just so you all know... haha. ~*Renee*~

WorkingIt on 26-Dec-06 08:08 AM
WELCOME TO EVERYONE!!! Some are going to start on 1/1 others are going to start a couple of days later. Feel free to join whenever you like for this month!

greengirl on 26-Dec-06 04:40 PM
I think I will join up and try to update evry day. I'll make it my project for January!!

sad on 26-Dec-06 08:38 PM
I'm in


hollybelle on 27-Dec-06 08:11 AM
OK-I'm going to do this! I previously said I was already counting everything I could find it in me to count, but after reviewing the set-up, I like what I see - no weight loss goal - just lifestyle benchmarks. Good idea.

WorkingIt on 27-Dec-06 07:02 PM
Welcome GreenGirl, Sad and Holly!

Starveil7 on 28-Dec-06 02:45 AM
I'm in unless I have to be gone spontanously for work :)

Soon2BThin on 28-Dec-06 04:06 PM
Wow, looks like everyone is in! So I am too! Soonie loves a challenge. I'll put my goals in my next entry, I hope. Thanks, WorkingIt!

WorkingIt on 30-Dec-06 04:14 PM
Welcome Starveil and Soonie!!

toady on 31-Dec-06 06:43 AM
I would like to be included in this also!

Moody on 31-Dec-06 07:46 AM
I know I told you in your journal a couple weeks that I was going to join you in the challenge but didn't know if I was supposed to sign up here too..so here I am, signing on the dotted line!! I'm in!!

sam1109 on 01-Jan-07 08:56 AM
Alright, nothing to lose, I am in!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 01-Jan-07 09:09 AM
Ready, Set, Go!!!!! Today is day 1!

WorkingIt on 01-Jan-07 10:24 AM
Today is day one!!! Good luck everyone!! Make sure and post your daily points in your diary entries so I can keep track!

stringbean on 01-Jan-07 12:52 PM
Sounds good- count me in! Love that it's a "re-learning" healthy habits thing instead of a challenge that jumps right into huge changes. I'll do my best! Just to clarify- you either get the regular points, or the bonus points, right? Not both- and doing an hour of exercise won't get you extra bonus points, right?

GoGirl on 01-Jan-07 02:08 PM
well i WOULD sign up.. but ill never remember the stuff to get points for. so i shall wish you all good luck in the challenge but shall just do my own thing for a while. i shall read the progress reports though!

mattscat3295 on 01-Jan-07 04:57 PM
I would love to sign up this sounds like sooooo much fun, I am definately in!!!!!

ginger72 on 01-Jan-07 06:44 PM
Ginger72 on board!!! As someone who has just joined...I would like to participate...could help me get off on the right foot.

WorkingIt on 01-Jan-07 07:30 PM
Welcome String, Mattscat and Ginger! Ginger..I tried to find your name on the list but I can't locate your diary...you can either post your diary public with your points or post them to me on my diary...don't want to miss them!

GoGirl on 04-Jan-07 10:27 AM
Right - having checked it out it doesn apper to be too tricky for me! just one thing - the max points you can get in a day is 8 - right? so if i drink lots of water i dont get 1 point PLUS 2 do i .. i get just 2? sorry to be such a numpty!!

destiny on 04-Jan-07 01:00 PM
I'm in, no time like the present.

WorkingIt on 04-Jan-07 06:00 PM
Welcome to the challenge Destiny! Make sure you record your points on your daily entries so I can pick them up and record them for you! Thanks and good luck!

WorkingIt on 04-Jan-07 06:00 PM
Hy GoGirl! Yes the max is 8 and no you can't combine points! Let me know if you are joining and please post your daily points in your journal..thanks and good luck!

missingsmokes on 04-Jan-07 06:56 PM
Would love to sign up ....count me in...new to site

GoGirl on 05-Jan-07 01:58 AM
Yep im in! starting from today. 3/4 litre of water on my desk at the ready (just gotta remember to drink it)...

WorkingIt on 06-Jan-07 07:49 AM
Welcome Missingsmokes and GoGirl!

crategrl on 08-Jan-07 01:53 PM
If it is not too late I would also like to get in on the challenge.

WorkingIt2 on 11-Jan-07 11:33 AM
Welcome Crategirl!!! Never too late...just make sure to post your points with the date on your journal entry! I'll be looking for 'em!

gogirl on 15-Jan-07 03:57 AM
Hi Working It.. can you take me off the chellenge. im too disorganised to do the points (well to log on every day anyway) and i dont thinkits fair for you to have to rummage around to try to find mine!! so ill just try and be good and keep my journal going.. thanks!

gogirl on 15-Jan-07 03:57 AM
Hi Working It.. can you take me off the chellenge. im too disorganised to do the points (well to log on every day anyway) and i dont thinkits fair for you to have to rummage around to try to find mine!! so ill just try and be good and keep my journal going.. thanks!

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