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New backgrounds feature added.
- ddwebmaster on 16-Dec-06 11:49 AM
There are many potential problems with copying code from other websites and pasting it into your dietdiaries posts. There are many security type problems that can occur from certain code.

Other problems deal with layout, server processing time, and general appearance. One of the problems with adding style type code to each entry occurs when someone views multiple days or all of your entries at once. Then the server spends a lot of time trying to figure out how to display things. If viewing 30+ entries on 1 page, the server could have 30 different backgrounds, scroll bars, etc that it's trying to figure out which one it's supposed to display (only 1 background can be set at a time). If multiple people were viewing these type entries at the same time, the server could run out of processing power.

I've messed with a few site pages this morning and have come up with a way for you to add backgrounds to each individual entry. This will allow you to personalize things a little, not tax the server, and preserve the general layout of the site.

To upload a background picture from your computer, first rename the picture something unique and include your username in the filename. Then go to "Your Diary" and click "new picture" - follow the steps to upload a picture. This will create a new entry and show the picture. Once this has occurred, you can feel free to erase the picture entry if you like.

Next, "add new entry". Just below the text box is a new entry box labeled "background picture file:". Just type in the exact file name of the picture that you uploaded. Don't forget the file extension.

Once you've uploaded the background picture once, you don't need to upload it ever again. You can just type in the background file name (with extension) whenever you want to use it as a background picture.

Before uploading the picture, please make sure the name is unique and includes your username in it. If the file name isn't unique, the server will automatically change the file name and you won't be able to find it. For example one of my filenames might be called: ddwebmasterbluelines.gif

If you want to leave the background white, just leave the background entry blank.

I've uploaded a few basic backgrounds that you can use right away without having to upload your own. When you go to make a new entry you will see a list of them, with samples, just below the text box.

casi on 16-Dec-06 03:18 PM
Ok, I do not understand the uploading and all of that...but I do know how to use the ones that you were kind enough to give me. I really like them.

Now just to make sure I understand ...can I use a background with every entry if I want? and it be the same one ?

I am so sorry to keep bothering you, I do not mean to be a bother to you...I am just trying to understand is all.

Thanks a bunch Casi

ddwebmaster on 16-Dec-06 03:24 PM
You can change the backgrounds from post to post, use the same one daily, or just have a white background. You will have to enter a background picture file name in the blank below the text box each time you start a new entry. If your browser is like mine, it remembers the filename / word after I type a key or two.

jolt on 28-Dec-06 10:46 AM
Thank you :) as always you are striving forward and thinking of us! What would we do with out you! I really appriciate the effort you put in!

Huggles N Love Pat

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