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- Casi on 02-Feb-07 07:28 AM
Good Morning,

I needed to ask you somethiing, in hopes that you can do this for me.

I was wondering if you could change my nick on here instead of me hving to lose everythiing tht I have by creating a new account. I have backgrounds and everything that you have been so kind to give me to use...and I do not want to lose them.

The reason fr the name change is hubby dos not want me using Casi any more because "Casi" is a big part of our last name, and he does not feel omfortable with me usiing it.

thanks casi

ddwebmaster on 02-Feb-07 08:21 AM
Sorry, I wish it were possible, but it's not. Because of the original database layout, the site's data is contained in a few hundred thousand lines and split into many (10+) different tables. I wish it were a simpler layout so that things like that were possible, but unfortunately it's not.

Casi on 03-Feb-07 03:11 AM
Ok, no problem. You said that I could still use my backgrounds. How would I be able to do this?

I do not know or understand how to set it all up so that it can be done. Sitting here thinking about it...I think that iswy you were so kind enough to give me some to pick and chose from.

Could you still do that, or move them over if I were to let you knaw what my new name was ?

Thanks so much !! Casi

Lillian on 03-Feb-07 03:52 AM
Hey I switchd names. My nick is Lillian. I posted an entry and fouond all of my backgrounds there waiting for me !! Just wanted to let cha know !! Thanks again for all your help !! :)


Horn_Of_Plenty on 21-May-08 04:55 AM
Hi Webmaster! Thanks for adding a horn background! I had to use it today when I noticed it was there! :)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 26-May-08 10:11 AM
Hello Webmaster! I was wondering why I do not recieve emails anymore when people comment on my diary. I still have it checked off that I want emails, but I haven't been getting them. It's no big deal, but I was curious! :)

ddwebmaster on 26-May-08 05:58 PM
Horn_of_plenty, The email notification for added replies is working correctly from the website's side. I just checked it by leaving a reply on my own account and it e-mailed me a notication within about 45 seconds. You might double-check that your DD account has the correct email address listed. You might also change your account to not notify you, save it, then go back and change it to notify you again. If I had to guess, the most probable reason you're not getting it is due to some sort of "spam" filter mistaking it for spam. If you've got a junk / spam e-mail folder or filtering program, you might want to check that. In the same program, you can usually add a email "sender" to a safe senders list. I use Outlook for my e-mail and the process for adding a safe sender is Tools, Options, Preferences tab, E-mail, Junk E-mail, Safe Senders tab, click Add. If you don't have any spam / junk mail folders, sometimes your ISP filters stuff at the server level.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 26-May-08 07:55 PM
hi again webmaster! thank you so much for your quick reply! You are right and for some reason the comment emails were sent to my spam! All is fixed! Thanks again for your advice!

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