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Change in comment posting
- ddwebmaster on 05-Feb-07 09:48 AM
Comments are now displayed as plain text. If you try to use html formatting to change color, font, etc in the comments section, it won't display properly.

borntocry on 06-Feb-07 04:53 AM
But now we can't even put links or even use paragraphs in our comments! It shows up as one really long paragraph. What if one wants to address several different points? It's so illegible!

ddwebmaster on 06-Feb-07 08:43 AM
The problem with allowing HTML content in the comments is that the majority of people don't know how to correctly use them. There have been a lot of times where people have left comments and didn't "close" the HTML elements out. This then causes every single post after that comment to take on the characteristics of the unclosed comment.

Everytime something like that happens, I get an e-mail or message asking me to correct it. This means I have to remote desktop into the server, root around in the database and correct things. It's time and frustration that I've wasted way too many times over the past year. I need to have some type of solution that will take care of this problem.

There are a few HTML tags that don't require being closed out. One is for a line break, another is for a hard line, and another is for a link.

I'll see if I can get those allowed later, so that a comment can be formatted into what looks like paragraphs.

I'll see what I can do over the next couple of days. If you have a specific HTML command you're interested in, please reply to the public diary for ddwebmaster with the exact command and I'll let you know if it requires closing out or not.

ddwebmaster on 06-Feb-07 11:35 AM
Ok, I've changed it so that the paragraph breaks show correctly without having to use any html commands. All HTML tags are still inoperative for the comments section. For comments, hyperlinks can cause problems if they're not written correctly; so people will need to copy / paste them. Thanks for pointing out the problem with no line breaks, it does look a lot better with them. Thankfully I was able to find a work-around to allow the normal line breaks while still restricting the other HTML in the comments.

borntocry on 06-Feb-07 05:10 PM
Thanks a lot - that's great!

justgonnadoit on 01-Mar-07 10:33 AM
how do I post a new thread in the forums?

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