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April Challenge?
- WorkingIt2 on 24-Mar-07 08:52 PM
Only seven more days until April! Can you believe it has gone by so quickly? And we've had three challenges? WOW!!

If no-one else has any ideas for an April challenge, I'd like to propose one..simple one.

Instead of counting points for anything, why don't we count our minutes spent doing exercise each day? Just post our total minutes of exercise for each day, and whomever has the most minutes at the end of the month will win the challenge. I thought this might motivate us to do a little more exercise so we can post some good minutes each day, but also to see at the end of the month, how MUCH we did exercise in the month of April.

That is all I can come up with for April..if someone has something else they'd like to try, I am totally open to it!

If you like this challenge idea and would like to join it for April, post here so I can start building the spread-sheet.

Have a good one! =)

mcwoo40 on 24-Mar-07 11:40 PM
This challenge will be a good motivator for me,so count me in.

DenasHope on 25-Mar-07 07:41 AM
I'm up for that! Sounds like fun! :D

Horn_Of_Plenty on 25-Mar-07 06:36 PM
i'm there...i know at least the first week i'll be good! i'm off that week!

GreekGirl on 27-Mar-07 01:31 PM
I'm totally game for this.... I'm new to this site, but think I'm really going to enjoy it :)

sugarmama on 27-Mar-07 06:52 PM
Looks like I joined just in time. Count me in! And, seriuosly if my minutes remain at '0' give me a swift kick in the ...

tourguidebarbie on 28-Mar-07 05:16 AM
This one i'm in for! I need to go to the gym more! Good challenge idea!

sharklover on 28-Mar-07 01:06 PM
I like this idea! count me in! :-)

Donkey on 29-Mar-07 11:45 AM
OK, sign me up for this one. At least it will get me posting on my diary more regularly!

greengirl on 30-Mar-07 01:16 PM
I will join up for this one. As well as my treadmill I do stomach crunches, use dumbells and the exercise bike. When you are using weights how do you count the minutes. Is it just when you are using them or do you include the gaps in between? I only use them for a very few minutes a day. Same goes with the crunches!

WorkingIt2 on 31-Mar-07 05:24 PM
Welcome welcome welcome!!! So happy to see so many people getting ready for the new month and the new challenge! The regulars AND the new challenge additions! YAY!

Please be sure to post your minutes every day or to post them by day, when you do have a chance to post in your diary. That way I can put them in the proper place on the spreadsheet.

Count ALL your exercise minutes..even if you only walk from the car and around the grocery store! Use the timer on your cell phone if you need to, or get a stopwatch or look at a clock or something. ALL exercise ALL movement counts! This is not only to get us focused on the 'dedicated' exercise, but on all the ways we can improve our movement throughout the day! Parking further away from the door, taking a little walk at lunchtime, doing some jumping jacks at our desk, etc.

Count what you like, but if it is movement, TAKE CREDIT FOR IT! You may amaze yourself at how much movement you DO have in your day!

Good Luck!!!

newbeginnings on 01-Apr-07 07:27 PM
can i still jump in on all of this? i think it sounds like fun!

3kidslater on 02-Apr-07 07:17 PM
Is it too late to join April Challenge? I'd love the motivation!

LilyV on 03-Apr-07 04:42 AM
Hi WI2 I�d love to join the April challenge - I will be a little late starting as I�m on holiday until the 13th but will try and do some swimming before then and then get serious when I get home.

Justine6Robert3 on 04-Apr-07 07:11 AM
I'd like to join this one also, sounds fun!!

hollybelle on 04-Apr-07 09:49 AM
I'm late - but I will do this one. WI2 I will check my time spent exercising since 4/1 and post it to you on your diary so I can get caught up. THANKS for doing this.

MzNuStart on 22-Apr-07 08:45 AM
I am extremely late in this challenge. But I have to start somewhere. Is this particular challenge of exercise minutes going on? I would like to join up if possible.

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