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The Top Ten List (As seen in WW Magazine
- workingit2 on 22-Jan-08 09:17 AM
"Straight from the experts: ten proven success strategies you can't lose without"

I'll post one per day, enjoy!

workingit2 on 22-Jan-08 09:24 AM

Get An Attitude Adjustment.


Once you make the decision to lose weight, you have to change your thinking. Success starts with a healthy dose of self-belief. In fact, researchers in the Netherlands found that people who had confidence in their ability to control their weight, lost more than those who didn't. Here's how to put your new attitude into action!


a. Picture It

Make sure you have a vision of yourself at your goal weight in your mind at all times. That way you can channel it whenever you need to - for example when you're tempted at a buffet or dining out.

b. Think In Small Bites

Aim to view your goal weight in small, manageable increments - say blocks of 5 or ten pounds. You'll stay on track and be more focused if you strive for an achievable goal.

**experts for these tips are: Gabrielle Goddard, author of "Gulp: The Seven-Day Crash Course to Master Fear and Break Through Any Challenge" (tip one)

and Lori Herr, a WW leader in Missouri (tip two)

workingit2 on 24-Jan-08 07:31 AM
2. Renovate Your Kitchen

We're not talking Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. It's as simple as stocking your shelves with healthy ingredients and using them. "We foun that the kitchens of healthy-weight participants had more fruits and veggies and less junk food than the kitchens of overweight people." says Suzanne Phelan, Ph.D., co-investigator at the NWCR. Try these makeover ideas:


a. Create A Dinner Deck

Choose ten healthy recipes and write them on separate index cards. Bring five cards at a time to the grocery store to shop for the ingredients. That way you'll have a collection of healthy recipes to rotate from week to week.


b. Set Aside A Safe Zone

Designate one area in your kitchen that is strictly for your healthy items. "If your husband or children want treats, stash them out of sight, where they aren't as accessible." says Martha Murano, a WW leader in California.


c. Label It

Before putting your groceries away, write the POINTS value right on the package with a marker so you'll know exactly what you're eating, says Jena Hedding, a WW leader in Oregon.


Expert advice for suggestion 'a.': Dawn Jackson Blatnet, R.D., a spokesperson for the ADA.

workingit2 on 24-Jan-08 07:33 AM
3. Make Some Friends!

A University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine study found that friends who joined a group weight-loss program together lost more weight than people who went at it alone. Here's how to find the right support:


a. Find Doers and Listners

Identify two to three active friends who will do healthy things with you, such as exercise or share recipes. Then, line up two or three friends who'll be there to listen when you have a tough time or when you want to brag about your success.


No experts listed for this tip other than the U of Pitt. =)

workingit2 on 25-Jan-08 05:41 AM
4. Move More!

Research shows that people who move more lose more. In fact, 94 percent of NWCR participants increased their physical activity in some way. Plus, the feel-good benefits of exercise are undisputed. Now get moving:


a. Do What You Love

Find an activity you'll be passionate about and you'll be more likely to stik with it, says Michele Olson Ph.D., professor of exercise science at Auburn University in Alabama. "Try an activity once, "she says. "Give it a chance, but if it's not for you, move on."


b. Schedule It

If you schedule an activity on your calendar, you're more likely to do it. Instead of booking yet another dinner with friends, sign up for a comunity walk or plan an active date with a friend (try a yoga class or a tennis clinic). You'll be more likely to stick with a routine if someone is holding you accountable.


c. Multitask

Aim to do three random acts of fitness each day: Take two steps at a time, do lunges while emptying the dishwasher, and squat while folding laundry.

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