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- mmuraro on 06-Jul-08 07:56 AM
Hey webmaster, I googled my name + diet and yes, my DD link comes up. when i first signed in i didn't know that and i used my initial+lastname as my nick here. now i know i can't change it, but i also feel a little uncomfortable knowing that all i share here could be googled... is there anyway you guys can make out entries still public but not show up on google? thanks.

ddwebmaster on 06-Jul-08 08:18 AM
Sorry, there's several hundred search engines and they "crawl" the web all the time. Basically anything you post on any website will most likely end up on a search engine somewhere. If you make an entry "private" on dietdiaries.com then it shouldn't be accessable by any search engines, but it also won't be accessable by any other humans either. I wish I had a better solution, but the only suggestion I could make is to create a new username. Then you'd have to decide if you wanted to go back and make all of your previous entries "private" or not. Of course making an entry "private" on dietdiaries.com after it's already been public and on search engines won't remove the instances from the search engines.

mmuraro on 06-Jul-08 05:47 PM
That's alright, i'll live with the risk :) Thanks

Horn_Of_Plenty on 06-Jul-08 08:11 PM
same thing happened to me...so i changed my profile name a year or so ago! :)

biscottibody59 on 08-Jan-09 08:05 AM
This forum subject was posted awhile ago. It deserves to be repeated that PUBLIC means PUBLIC here on DDs. If you rag on your employer or family (for instance) it's conceivable, though improbable that you could be found through the use of your real name!

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