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FAQ - Search Engine Clarification
- ddwebmaster on 15-Jul-08 08:21 PM
I thought I should clarify a few things about internet search engines. There are literally thousands of search engines and web-crawling indexing programs, not just the big ones everyone is familiar with (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc). Everything that has ever been typed on this website and listed as "public" even for as little as a few hours is probably stored and indexed somewhere on the internet, never to be completely erased. The search engines not only record the webpage addresses, but they actually keep cached versions of each page also. If you play around on Google and some of the others, you'll find that you can look at the way websites appeared years ago, before any site updates, etc. This is done because the search engines have cached images of those pages, even though they may not have even existed for years on their original servers / sites. Changing a post to "private" or even deleting it only gets rid of that instance on the DietDiaries.com website server, those pages still exist plenty of other places. This is typical of pretty much any internet site you have ever typed anything on. There is no completely anonymous way to post something that other "humans" can see, but not have it "seen" by the search engines also. If you're concerned with someone tracking you down on the internet, the only "safe" way to combat that is to not use the internet.

ddwebmaster on 15-Jul-08 08:25 PM
Another thought, when you start a new username (which is completely fine) and then post a message saying that you've changed your username from XXXXX to YYYYY, that post will also be cataloged in the search engines. This means that anyone searching for your original username on a search engine will also find the page where it says that you changed your username from XXXXX to YYYYY. Then they can just do another search using your new username.

thinnside40 on 15-Jul-08 08:45 PM
I totally understand all of this...I only changed my user name, cause there was really no other way unless I went back and searched/deleted what I was wanting to avoid being seen by someone who knew I used DD...and is on a rampage to "get me" (not literally speaking).... I have learned the lesson that no matter what I won't mention "detailed" information or incidents that may come back to bite me in the rear end.....I could care less if somebody finds me... That is easily done no matter how hard we all try to avoid it in this day/age..... I just wanted to keep all my entries under the previous user name, so I can one day that I reach goal look back @ EVERY day I have been here and know it was ALL worth it.... I surely did not mean to cause a surge of name changes due to fear of "being found".... User names won't be removed from any search engine once they have been published...private or not....Just the private can't be read...... This is one of the reasons I put a "clarification" on my post......

Good evening!

ddwebmaster on 15-Jul-08 08:56 PM
I hope no one is surprised by any of this, I just thought it was common knowledge. It has absolutely nothing to do with "Dietdiaries.com" or any other website, it has to do fully with the search engines. Also, websites are definitely not the only things being catalogged by search engines. Usenet groups, newsletters, chat sessions, etc are all being recorded and catalogged by different search engines / crawlers. Even your own personal e-mail you send and receive has to go through probably 5-20 different servers / points before completing the journey from sender to receiver. Mining programs at any of these spots could potentially be collecting and catalogging your personal e-mails. About the only way to get around these potential e-mail interceptions is by using encryption, and even then someone with enough "know-how" and the right software can even hack that. To be honest, there's a gazillion more ways for the unscrupulous to gain access to your private postings, including keyloggers, trojans, remote port accessing, etc. And I'm sure there's another gazillion ways that I'm not even aware of. So to finish my little "public service message".......don't type anything on your computer or the internet that you need kept secret. Personally I just use a certain username on most sites that most people wouldn't know was me, unless I specifically told them. Of course if I tell them, then they could concievably research most of my posts on any website for the past several years.

ddwebmaster on 15-Jul-08 08:59 PM
I just wanted to clarify that this forums post sequence was not directed at anyone, it's just put up for anyone and everyone's knowledge.

thinnside40 on 15-Jul-08 09:18 PM
Thank you for your time and considerations.... Even what we are typing now here is "out there"....

I certainly didn't take your "informational" thread as a personal "at ya" type thing...

Thanks for DD!

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