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low calorie snacks?
- kzirkle on 16-Oct-08 09:48 AM
Any suggestions on low calorie snacks, other than the 100 calorie packs from the grocery store?

skinnyjeans on 16-Oct-08 08:13 PM
Light Kettle Corn popcorn is great! And it comes out of the microwave warm and makes your house smell yummy. I like that it has a touch of sweetness, too.

kzirkle on 17-Oct-08 11:39 AM
That sounds yummy! Good idea!

biscottibody59 on 18-Oct-08 08:41 AM
Pickles, canned whole beets, canned whole stewed tomatoes, ff milk (8 oz or less with a little chocolate syrup), snack packs of fruits--no sugar added, tomatoes, raw carrots, celery, sugar snap peas, edamame, apples, oranges, pears, grapes, kiwi fruit, whatever fresh fruit is in season.

Use fitday.com (free) or another calorie counting software and a scale and make your own 100 cal snack bags with whatever chips or nut/snack mix from a bulk package.

Plus that may be a good exercise to see just how little it takes to make 100 calories of something like cheetos or potato chips.

wyzgirl514 on 20-Oct-08 03:51 PM
I've just lost 51 pounds so far on my own and my daily snacks are Welch's fruit snacks, Kashi granola bars, Yoplait Light and Creamy yogurt, Quaker Rice Cakes (many flavors), reduced-fat CheeseNips, and any type of healthy cracker.

kzirkle on 23-Oct-08 03:01 PM
Rice cakes! YUM!

KatrinaDawn on 06-Jan-10 12:42 PM
I love the smart pop popcorn. It comes in the mini bags and 1 serving size is the whole bag. At a 100 calories for a serving it's fantastic!! If I go to the movies I will pop one and grab a sugar-free drink throw it in my purse and I don't feel at all tempted for yucky movie snacks!!

loveray on 06-Jan-10 04:07 PM
carrots and hummus, apple with a little light cheese (laughing cow is great) or PB (there are many controlled PB snack packs and lower cal nut butters, jolly time kettle corn, greek yogurt with a little bit of fiber one cereal, kashi go lean cereal in a bag or with a little bit of light yogurt or almond milk, skinny cow truffle bars (100 cals and have fiber, protein and calcium!)

teensybikini on 05-Sep-10 12:04 PM
I love apples with cinnamon sprinkled ontop! Like everyone else the Smartpop is one of my favs as well.

nomoreforme on 05-Jul-11 01:40 PM
Home-made soup, milkshakes and smoothies, bananas

midnight_sky on 04-Jan-21 09:30 AM

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