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Are You Having Ad Popups?
- Maria7 on 31-Oct-08 07:28 AM
Is it just me, or is anyone else having ad popups on your entry and entries of others promoting chemicals to lose weight? Maria

ddwebmaster on 31-Oct-08 07:42 AM
Sorry, I'm messing around with stuff right now. They're actually not "popups", they're banner ads that I'm having problems with the placement of.

ddwebmaster on 31-Oct-08 07:49 AM
Eventually when I get it figured out properly, it'll probably be showing one Google banner ad at the very BOTTOM of each page. When I get it setup properly, it shouldn't be too invasive. I'm purposely setting them at the bottom of the page so that it shouldn't get in anyone's way. They're Google generated advertisements and I'm sure they'll be trying to sell every type of snake oil / fast fix you can think of. Unfortunately money's tight right now, so I'm hoping that the ads will help pay for the website hosting fees.

WI3 on 31-Oct-08 02:22 PM
I wouldn't mind donating towards the cost of keeping this site open. If you have paypal?

ddwebmaster on 31-Oct-08 03:30 PM
Thanks for the offer. The thought crossed my mind, but in theory the simple banner ads at the bottom of the pages should cover the monthly fees. I've been messing with setting them up today, so should be able to get them up and running fairly soon. I don't think they'll be in the way at the bottom. If I do decide they're in the way, I'll probably just remove them. The site's not in any danger of shutting down.

biscottibody59 on 01-Nov-08 07:28 AM
I guess that's why the spacing in our entries/comments is messed up as well--hope you can fix it!

Thanks DDW, for all your effort!

Just curious--can you give a number on how many regular "private" DD posters there may be?

ddwebmaster on 01-Nov-08 08:31 AM
Some of the changes I've needed to make have messed with spacing / margins. I'll try to clean stuff up after I get functionality of the bottom of the page banner-ads. As for the number of regular private users, I'm not really sure.

WI3 on 01-Nov-08 08:48 AM
I understand =) thanks for keeping it free! Much appreciated!

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